it is the first time since he met River



RIVER Song’s long and complicated life begins (for the Doctor) in Silence in the Library, and ends (for her) in the same adventure.
Since then, River has met both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors on television, and had a meeting with the Eighth Doctor on audio (although he doesn’t know it), in the first volume of The Diary of River Song.

River will cross encounters with another two incarnations off her list in the second series, to be released in January next year, when she meets the Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

Script editor Matt Fitton says: “We’ve got four stories again, written by Guy Adams, John Dorney, James Goss and myself. This time, we’ve got River alongside the Sixth and Seventh Doctors.
“There’s a mystery to be solved, which runs across the whole series. It begins as River investigates a strange phenomenon in Earth’s solar system – and ends with the two Doctors, together.
“I really enjoyed taking the last episode as I have to bring it all together, with a resolution to this space-time mystery.
“We’ve got four very exciting, very different stories: with a scary sci-fi tale from Guy, a rather lovely one from John and some madness from James. We have Sylvester in the first one and Colin in the third, and it all comes together in the fourth.
“Another interesting element we’ve got is in the second story, where we have Alex Kingston’s daughter Salome Haertel acting in a pivotal role. She’s really, really good, in a part that was specifically made for her.”
Matt adds: “It’s one of those things where we had a couple of months’ notice that Alex was going to be coming over for a few days and we went all hands to the pumps and powered through it, to make it happen. I’m really chuffed with the result – it sounded brilliant in studio.
“To be honest, one of my highlights in writing my episode was having scenes with the two Doctors together with River.”

Prompt from @mtkaswim: Headcannons with Sally and Poseidon? Like how they fall in love in a couple of months? And after he leaves, nine months later he shows up at the hospital to see Sally and Percy?

  • It started when Sally went to the docks when she needed a break from work. 
  • A man walked next to her and started fishing. He looked over at her and smiled and started making small talk.
  • Sally was a little timid at first but started talking back. 
  • She noticed that his spare fishing pole wasn’t a fishing pole but a trident. But she kept quiet, since she didn’t want this stranger to thing she was weird.
  • They talked about the sea mostly and how mysterious and wonderful it was all at the same time. That’s when she learned his name was Poseidon.
  • From then on, she met him there everyday for a month. 
  • They talked about everything. How he was fascinated with the sea and her dream of being a writer.
  • He took her out on a cruise on the Hudson River, where they had their first kiss.
  • He took her to Montauk, a lot. It’s the place where he told her the truth.
  • That evening they watched the most beautiful sunset over the Atlantic she has ever seen, even on the last week of summer before he had to go back to Olympus. 
  • That’s when she realized that she would never see him again. 
  • But she was wrong. 
  • She saw him again in November when she wanted to get away from the city so she went to Montauk.
  • He was there in the cabin that they rented for the summer. 
  • When she saw him, all the emotions from the summer came back.
  • They spent the day talking and catching up with on another.
  • That night they ended up doing more.
  • A month later Sally found out she was pregnant and she couldn’t be any happier and afraid. 
  • Eight months later she gave birth to a baby boy. 
  • Poseidon visited her while she was still in the hospital.
  • He told her that their son should have never been born and proceeded to tell her about the pact him, Zeus, and Hades made after World War II after the shocked look on her face.
  • She promised to keep him safe as much as she could. 
  • He told her about Camp Half Blood, where he should go right away.
  • But she refused. She wanted to keep him. She would do everything in her power to protect him from monsters.
  • Poseidon smiled at her bravery. But knew one day she couldn’t do that anymore. That he might change the world on his sixteenth birthday, if he survived that long.
  • But for now, he stayed with Sally to help her when he could.
  • Those visits became extremely rare after four months to non-existent.
  • He still sent her little notes time to time, to check in on her. But besides that, nothing.