it is the best cartoon i have seen i think

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Hello! Do you know if Lance has an official last name? I've seen posts that mention how it's best not to use McClain since he's Cuban and I would like to respect their wishes, especially to the Cuban fans because it must pain them to see the last name McClain used for Lance. But if there's an official last name things could change! Sorry just wanted to ask since I haven't seen anything around, but still wanted to make sure 100%.

Lance does not have an official last name, but it was McClain in the old Voltron.

tbh I don’t really think they’ll give him a last name in this series.  Usually cartoons don’t reveal them! (at least from what I’ve seen)

i’ve seen the idea that tonight’s episode was disrespectful towards jasper so soon after what happened to her, but… to me, it felt more like confirmation that she isn’t gone? 

it’s kind of like when cartoon network made memes about her falling into the crack. if she really was “gone forever”, sure, this wouldn’t have been the best thing to do the next day… but i don’t think they would do that, and i think there’s pretty strong evidence suggesting she’ll be back

and next to the funny moments, a big part of this episode was showing that there ARE people who care about her! who admire her, who want her attention and would be sad if she were gone! this makes her seem less of a cold soldier and more of a homeworld hero. and amethyst now thought being “too messed up” to talk about pink diamond would be in-character for her.

the hero-worship also tells us more about her - how jasper’s praised in a way that might not leave room for vulnerability, further making sense of her not coping over the last five millennia. she’s a strong soldier, she’s an idolized figure, and she can’t let people see more than that. after all, she thinks homeworld despises weakness - at least from her

so again, like… she’s coming back. su is canonically acknowledging that she’s a person, she’s cared about, the rubies are determined to find her, and the show is comfortable having some fun with her, in a way i don’t think they would if she was really gone.