it is the best cartoon i have seen i think

Ritsu’s point of view about “fiction vs. reality” is so deep. I think its one of the best aspects of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I have never seen anything like that. And as a person who has seen a lot of what fiction can show (be it in books, tv series, soap operas, fanfiction, anime, manga, cartoons, movies,…), I would say…

Onodera Ritsu is one of the most realistic characters I have ever seen.

It’s not just the way he tries to separate manga and his life, but also his worries. Working with someone he is in a relationship with, how family can be a pain no matter how old are you, being scared of the future and your decisions for it. Its clear how he suffers with anxiety, and I don’t think this is pointed enough. And the amount of pain he feels all the time by not loving An the way she would like him to? Wtf, in his place I would feel the same way, and it’s something mostly forgotten by authors. The “good rival” and the protagonist come into terms and it’s like it never happened, usually. I can see parts of myself on him, something I hardly see in any fictional work.

I may have said a few things that are dumb or wrong for some people, but that’s what I think.

I love this character so much.

(and I will protect him, haitani stay away from my baby)

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Uncle Mod, help! I really want to love the new Ducktales, but the designs are so very different from what I'm used to- and I'm worried their version of Gladstone will be without the depth he's developed in the comics I've read as a European. I don't want to be 'one of those' fans though, I really do want to like the new show. How can I see the new Ducktales like you do, with such enthusiasm?

Oh gosh anon that’s a toughie, and I really do understand, but the way I come at it is this- all adaptations of the duck family and their stories are exactly that; adaptations and interpretations. Different visions of similar themes- or, as I like to think of it, different realities of a cartoon multiverse, aka AUs!

Even if they have a lot of similarities, the original Carl Barks-style Scrooge is quite different from the old Ducktales cartoon version of Scrooge, in both design and character. Neither is invalid, but they come from worlds apart and can therefore be seen as two separate characters.

Donald is perhaps the best example of all: you have the original animated screwball-type Donald, the old comics version, the modern comics version, a freaking secret super hero persona version, and do I need to mention KH?

You said it, Donald.

Anyway, I think approaching the new take on Ducktales in a similar way to this is the best method, so while we might be used to this version of Gladstone-

we have to remember it all started with this version!

I know. Wow.

So yes, the Ducktales take on the characters is different, and always has been, but that doesn’t make it bad, and it in no way replaces or invalidates the comics! In terms of Gladstone’s new design I think they really built from the old Ducktales cartoon design more than anything; so perhaps seeing him as a hybrid of the old Barks personality and that cartoon’s visual is what to expect.

But whatever the case, it’s a stand alone adaptation! A separate dimension from what has come before, which will neither replace nor delete what we’ve known- nobody can take what you see as the ‘true’ duck universe away from you, that’s something unique and special to every fan. I think it’s both very brave and wise of them to go their own way with the look of this show, partly for this very reason, because it makes it easier to see it as an Alternate Universe, and accept it for what it is- something new, but grounded in something timeless and beloved by the people making it. If you like, see it as the duck world making a TV show based on their local celeb, Scrooge, and the new characters as duck actors representing the characters you know and love!

That was…


Everything Gravity Falls does better than anyone else was on display today. It took a straightforward, done-to-death plot and made it fascinating. The humor leaned a lot more on absurdist slapstick than usual but this was the best implementation of absurdist slapstick that I have ever seen in my life. The characters remain impeccably written, and the interactions of Bill, Dipper, Wendy, and Gideon were interesting and at the same time not at all unreasonable. And Wendy in particular put in the most astonishing performance of any cartoon character I can think of. It was the same Wendy we’ve come to know and love, but she was finally given a time to shine and she fucking hit it out the park. 

This felt like an old-school, episodic-style cartoon episode. All the long-term continuity stuff was crammed into the beginning and end of it, almost as an afterthought. And this was the best I have ever seen an episodic story told. Bar none. Not even close. 

My bar for 11/10, if I had to put it into words, is that my expectations are surpassed in ways that I never even thought possible. The archetype for that, Alone Together, covers territory that I never would have expected to see in a million years from its medium. Weirdmageddon Part 1 is an oddball on the list, as it broke my expectations in a different way from the rest, through the flawless execution of a very old concept. Wendy/10 doesn’t quite work, so this one goes to 11.

Gravity Falls has already surpassed Steven Universe as the TV series I have most enjoyed watching. If the finale continues on its current level of excellence, then it will no longer even be close.

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I have a question about Max's skin tone. I don't ever want to white wash him when I'm drawing, but I also don't want to draw him the colour of cheddar cheese because I'm not sure if that's actually a skin tone people have. Is his skin tone exaggerated or is it really a thing for people to have skin that colour? (This question isn't meant to be offensive or anything I'm legitimately curious about it)

Okay, this is coming from a white person and my knowledge on whether his skin tone is appropriately colored or not is limited and I apologize if I say anything out of line, but I’ve definitely seen plenty of people with skin tones similar to Max’s. Granted it is a bit exaggerated, given that Camp Camp is a cartoon and they tend to do that, and the issue of whether or not his skin tone is too exaggerated to the point where it could be considered offensive might be a thing. Because that would definitely be bad and changing the color would probably be better if that turned out to be the case.

But at the same time, I’ve seen more people draw his skin too pale or washed out, so unless someone (preferably someone of Indian descent, given that Max’s family tree originates in India) comes forward and says that it’s actually more offensive to draw him with the canon skin color than it is without, it’s probably best to draw him with it. It’s better to at least try to do the right thing now and be wrong later then not try and all and whitewash him.

Also, personally (again, stupid white person talking I am sorry), I think his skin color is BEAUTIFUL. Like no joke, he is one of the nicest looking cartoon characters I have seen in so long and it saddens me to see so many people poke fun at how vibrant his skin is. He’s a lovely boy, leave him alone and draw him right.

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Your art and posts have gotten me really interested in learning more about animation history, but I'm not sure where to start. Do you have any recommendations for books or articles that might be a good introduction to the topic?

Ahh jeez. Let’s see… Before Mickey by Donald Crafton and Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons by Leonard Maltin are solid starting points. Also The Illusion of Life by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas is seen by some as sort of the bible on the development of animation techniques.

I think the very best place to start is by watching the cartoons themselves. Look at the really early stuff by Winsor McCay, like Gertie the Dinosaur and Little Nemo. (Here’s a nice video on McCay’s work.) Watch Disney’s early work like Silly Symphonies, the Alice Comedies, even a Laugh-O-Gram or two if you’re feeling brave. Felix the Cat shorts, Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes, works by the UPA studio; watching these and paying attention to the names in the credits is a really great way to start picking up who does which kind of work, whose names you might want to research more, and who influenced who else in the greater scope of a developing field.

Hope all this helps!

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Thoughts on Riddler's The Batman design?

That’s an interesting question. One that I actually have a lot to say on surprisingly, so I will ramble on a bit with this question. Apologizing in advance.

So, first off this is the design that they are asking about.

Alright, so when it comes to the cartoon ‘The Batman’ I ended up learning about it’s existence long after it was over, and the only reason I found out about the show was because I found the DVD of ‘The Batman’ that had a collection of the Clayface episodes on it at my house. I have no idea how that DVD ended up at my house. My parents don’t have any recollection of buying it, and it’s not something we would have bought on a whim because at that point I was still just getting into Batman. There was no reason that DVD should have been at my house, and yet there it was.

So that DVD was my gateway into ‘The Batman’ cartoon in general, but it wasn’t the first time I saw a ‘The Batman’ related thing. No, the very first ‘The Batman’ related thing I saw was fanart of The Batman Riddler. 

Unfortunately, I had no context whatsoever for that fanart. I knew it was the Riddler, but I didn’t know what he was from or if he was from anything at all. I didn’t know if he was a design from a cartoon, a video game, some comic, or just some fan created design. So I had no idea this was from the cartoon. 

All I had was this The Batman Riddler design in front of me with no backstory to it.

My reaction to the design at the time?

I hated it.

These days I feel bad for ever thinking that since my thoughts on the design have changed quite a bit since then, but that truly was what I thought then. I can’t explain exactly why I hated it then. My best guess is that I disliked it so much due to two reasons.

Reason one: In general it’s kind of the most ‘different’ Riddler design that I have ever seen. I was so used to the suit and bowler hat look that anything that was the complete opposite of that really threw me for a loop.

Reason two: In general I don’t like the one piece spandex suit look very much. My favorite look for the Riddler will always be him in a suit. Not to say that I can’t like Riddler in spandex. Heck, I love the spandex look that he has in the old Adam West Batman stuff. Still, with that said any spandex costume will always be low on the list for me when compared to any suit and tie look.

After seeing that and deciding I hated it I moved on. The design always stayed in my head, but I never tried to find out if it was from anything. Skip ahead a few months to me discovering ‘The Batman” DVD at my house. I watched. I liked it. So I started watching the whole series from the start on Netflix.

Guys, I fell in love with ‘The Batman’.

No lies I love this cartoon. It has it’s issues, but for the most part I think it has a lot of good things in it that I grew to adore.

The Bruce Wayne from ‘The Batman’ is probably my favorite version of Bruce Wayne. I also adore his costume in the cartoon. I loved the claw gloves. I love how they look, and I like that the claws are actually functional and served a purpose in the show. I also adore Bruce’s relationship with Clayface, and do like that in the end Clayface did get a redemption that stuck. 

As I watched the show I got to see more of their off the wall designs for characters (like Joker), and I grew to appreciate the looks. I like that they had their own spin on the characters, and they didn’t try to just copy the looks of other shows/comics. It was still Batman, but Batman with a new sort of twist. By the time Riddler showed up in the cartoon I had grown to appreciate the designs, so I was willing to give the Riddler design another shot.

I watched The Batman Riddler, and like with most Riddlers I fell in love with the character. I grew to like his design well enough as well. As with some of the other characters I could appreciate that they tried to do a new design with him. I like his long hair, and honestly his spandex costume is not bad. I think there are better spandex Riddler costumes out there, but it’s not bad. By now I have seen worse.

I think my general love for the character softened me up to the design as well.

Also, here’s an interesting tidbit for you. I have no idea if this is true or not, but according to TV Tropes Marilyn Manson was supposed to be the voice actor for the Riddler in ‘The Batman’. Assuming this is true then that could mean that they designed Riddler to look a bit like his original voice actor.

As I said I have no idea if that is true or not, but if it is it does explain a lot.

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Omg ok so i was thinking about writing a pokemon trainer svt au where they go to school to learn to be the best trainer kinda like your hogwarts one (prob minus the sex but who am i kidding theres probably gonna be some super kinky shit going down) who do you think they should have as their main pokemon

ah okay I have to no clue how you became under the impression that I know more about Pokemon than I do 

but I haven’t seen the cartoon in a long time and I’ve never played any of the video games before, Sailor Moon is really more my thing and I need to rewatch that because I haven’t seen it since I was a little girl

so I’m gonna forward this question to my boo @the-shinee-knight because he’s the Pokemon king and is so skilled in that area that he has planty of Bulbasaurs and was making the Pokemon noises for me on the phone the other night - from memory. skillz. 

anyway best of luck to you with your au and i will reblog his highly anticipated answer


“Best Cartoon Dad of the Year”

Because I like feeling smart and writing long analysis posts that my two loyal followers sometimes pity-like I’m gonna be doing one of those “Top 10″ thingies that everyone likes to read so they can be outraged by the #1 slot. First up I’ll be doing “Best Animated Dads” because I’ve seen too many fucking lists with Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin on them because no one can think of any others.


1. They must be a legal or biological father. Father figures are great, but I want to specifically look at fathers who have taken on full responsibility for raising their children.

2. I’d prefer to keep anime out of it. 

3. They must have episodes or scenes in their source material where they interact with their children directly, not through letters or flashbacks. Often writers like to pull a red herring by showing how kids misconceive their parents behavior or obsess over letters without actually showing the relationship. 

4. They will be ranked not only by how good they are at parenting, but also how good of a character they are on their own. Writers seem to think that you can’t have a nurturing male character be interesting and a good parent, and I’m legit so done with that excuse. 

5. They have to identify as male. Masculine moms are kickass and I love them but this list is specifically for fathers. Also, I cannot think of any cartoons about a super cool trans man dad but damnit if its out there I’m counting on you to show it to me.  

Candidates Already Being Considered:

Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers:

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Greg Universe of Steven Universe

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Mr. Diaz of Star vs the Forces of Evil

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4. Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls

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If you think you saw the best I could do, let me tell you that you have not seen anything yet!
  • The next week I have a lot of work, and I been planning what I should do first, but I hear some fans over Discord and I will do more fan arts, just for you who wanted to I do more popular animes and cartoons. Don't worry, my O.C. are not going anywhere, you will get more cute and lewd content too very soon.
Millennials Hate Black Friday – and we’re enjoying its slow death

Growing up, I remember watching the classic holiday films that showed frantic parents racing to buy the newest gadget for their spoiled brats.

This was Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving where stores across the country slashed prices off of everything that your kids wanted and junk that you didn’t need but thought you did. Because grotesque capitalism.

This was an American tradition that reflected my parents’ eccentric sense of keeping up with the Joneses’.

A recession, a digital divide, and some social-life lessons learned later, millennials could care less about running to stores early in the morning to fight for crap that we most likely have already.

As a 24-year old finally “adulting,” I won’t be shopping on Black Friday like my parents did and I’m cool with that.

For one, Black Friday is against what millennials stand for philosophically.

The idea of waiting till the end of the year to purchase movies, music, and anything else for a discount is outdated within itself.  Most of my friends like to buy things on release – who doesn’t have Adele’s new album already? To wait longer than a week for new music or any gadget would be a week too long. Our generation prides itself on being the first to have it – Black Friday would be asking us to be patient for “deals” – yeah, no.

Second, this shopping event predicates itself on us going into malls and large department stores – who does that anymore?

I don’t remember the last time I went to the mall for anything. Shopping at multiple stores by foot early seems so ancient – I don’t remember doing it since the dreadful days of back-to-school shopping when I was twelve. The Internet has made the idea of running out of bed to grab deals basically pointless when your fingers can do all of the clicking.

Third, are the deals really worth the hassle? Nope.

If it isn’t over 50% off, that’s not a deal to me. Seriously, if I were even inspired to climb out of bed after a food-coma to go “shopping” it would feel like a joke to inconvenience my sanity just for the additional states tax to be removed. I rather pay that if it meant not wasting an Uber ride, patience, and morals in order to get a deal that really isn’t one. Sorry, but marking off something that most likely was on sale the week before isn’t impressive. Plus, let’s not forget the New Year’s deals that will probably be even better.

More importantly, Black Friday isn’t innovate or creative – it’s corporate and everything Millennials despise of the previous generation.

So why would anyone think it’s impressive to partake in a rat race for a sweater that most likely everyone will have? I crave originality, a sense of giving gifts that are more personalized that show my thoughtfulness. The discounted scarf and coat set from a department store isn’t a gift that says, “I put thought into this” – but simply, “I got this on sale and you will deal.” That being said, I find that my best holiday gifts had more sentimental value than the discounts I personally received. Last Christmas, I gave my mother my college degree in a personalized frame that I had bought before Black Friday. A very active shopper, my mother said she never seen a frame like it anywhere else.

That’s what the holiday’s are about – the thought, not the sale.

Millennials get that more than I think my parents’ generation did. But who could blame them in an era that had more Saturday morning cartoons that brainwashed their kids into thinking they had to get that “must-have” toy of the year?

It’s safe to say that my generation is still trying to understand where it stands on such shopping habits and trends, but at least I can say that Black Friday is one tradition that we’re ready to be dead on arrival.

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Hi, your Starco art is so sweet! And I wanted to start the episodes of Star vs Forces of Evil. Also I watched the first ep. and I really found Starco sooo cute! I wanted to ask you the first season has 19 episodes? Actually, if I be honest I really want to know some informations about the show from you. Can you explain some of them a little bit please? Thank you

A promising recruit, shipping Starco since the first episode. Excellent., and thank you! The first season has 13 episodes (that you can find here in direct download and hd quality). There are actually 22 eleven minutes segments and two full 20 minutes long episodes.
What do you mean with “informations”? Explanation about the setting and the show or opinion/reviews?

If you wanted opinions or a “what am I in for?”:

Possibly slight spoilers for season 1 ahead. Also, I’m writing this during a break so I’ll probably butcher the english language.

The Bad

-SVTFOE is a great show, but not a fantastic show, as I already said the episodes (it’s only my opinion, obviously) range from a 6/10 to a 9/10. There is a lot of wasted potential: there are issues with the jokes timing and some episodes, while still good, look like a 20 minutes episoded crammed in a 11 minutes one, like Mewberty.

-The first 5 episodes, ‘till “Brittney’s Party”, have been animated by Mercury Filmworks. Just when they started to get really good (the first 2-3 episodes had a little bit to much tweening, Disney said “No! Mercury must work on our new Lion King animated series. Find another studio!” and we got Toon City. So starting with episode 6 the animation and drawing style changes a little. It doesn’t actually get that worse (safe for some episodes like Fortune Cookies and Lobster Claws), but the character design gets less consistent, often changing in the same episode from scene to scene:

(not the best example, it’s the first one that came to my mind)

and the whole show becomes less… bouncy, with fewer over the top facial expressions.

- While I liked the season finale a lot, it felt a little bit rushed (I don’t want to spoiler, let’s say that the whole horse-scene would have worked better in the next season). Maybe that’s a good thing though, otherwise the season would have endend on a HUGE cliffhanger, instead of a big one. And waiting would have been even harder.

- Jackie, as other secondary characters, gets too little screen time. The show is VS FORCES OF EVIL, obviously, but a little more high school life could have been noice. They are definetely going to fix this in season 2 though, both Daron and Marco VA said so.

The Good (again, mostly personal opinions)

- The design. I love the visuals of this show, from the awesome character design for almost every character to the backgrounds and the light effects.

- I said how many jokes fall flat, but many do not, and sometimes are hilarious, expecially all the black humor ones.

- I often joke about my “shipping craze”, but I honestly think that Marco and Star relationship is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a cartoon. It’s well developed, they are rubbing they personalities and quirks on eachother in an almost realistic way (as far as cartoons go, obviously). The hug progression theory shows how they are getting closer and closer. Should they really become romantically involved it wouldn’t be an out of the blue from best friends to lovers trope.

- Toffee. He is introduce in the second part of episode 8. He doesn’t appear much until the season finale, but boy do they give importance to every smile, look and movement he does. Top tier villain here (fantastic voice, too).

- The heavier plot. We only have hints, for now, but with Miss Heinous, the strange St. O’s room, Toffee and the wand we are probably getting a lore heavy season 2. It’s not comfirmed, but veeeeery likely.

So, to recap and put it in a few words:
Super comfy -makes-you-happy show with decent to great episodes, awesome design, good while inconsistent animation, stellar voice acting, an overarching plot that’s taking shape and that will surely get explored in the next season, andfantastic chemistry between the protagonists. If you like shipping you are in for a treat, otherwise just enjoy a super cute friendship.
Objectively a 7.5/10, a 9 in my heart. Potential to improve a lot. WATCH IT.

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What do you think of the state of cartoons like yours and Courage the cowardly dog? I think its very sad that while you were able to be funded (and I praise you for it), John R. Dilworth couldn't get a similar show funded by CN. In my opinion, Teen Titans Go is a sign that the network has gone downhill as it centers way too much on it when other shows like Adventure Time or Steven Universe should be getting attention. I do hope that one day Courage will return.

Courage and Billy & Mandy were made during a time when TV networks didn’t think they had to worry about competition from the internet or other media.  Generally, you made 52 half hours of a show and that was it.  The logic was that once a kid had seen 52 half hours of a show, they were bored with it and wanted to move on to something else.  Courage went to 52.  Billy & Mandy went to 76 somehow, and it was quite a coup for the time.

Now studios crank out hundreds of half hours on the regular.  Competition is much more fierce, and networks are much more unsure of themselves.  Making TV cartoons is fun, but it’s also hard, frustrating, and occasionally lonely business.  Anything that makes it more than a season absolutely deserves to be there.  

I’ve seen Teen Titans Go  and I think it’s a really good, funny show.  I never watched the “serious” Teen Titans, so I don’t have the attachment a lot of people do.  The reason Teen Titans is being played all of the time is because it’s getting the highest ratings on CN.  That doesn’t mean it’s the best show, it just means that the programming department doesn’t believe in diminishing returns.  When Billy & Mandy was on the air, we’d constantly get pushed aside for Samurai Jack.  It annoyed me, but it didn’t mean that  Samurai Jack wasn’t a beautiful show.  I’m still thankful that the Billy & Mandy fans stuck with us even though the network kept shifting our dates and times around every week for seven years.

As a fan of anything, it’s your job to share your love with as many people as possible.  You are the ones keeping it alive.  CN may not air Adventure Time as much as they used to, but that’s just the Darwinian nature of TV.  Adventure Time is Helen Mirren and Teen Titans is Miley Cyrus.  You can argue all day abut which one is better, but that doesn’t mean that you’re right or wrong or can’t love them both.  Most people will gravitate toward Miley because she’s relatively new and because the people running the entertainment world want to push her in front of as many faces as they can.  Some people will appreciate Helen’s ability to bust caps in fools at age seventy.  It’s all a matter of personal taste.  

I guess (to finally maybe answer your question) I feel like the state of cartoons like Billy & Mandy and Courage is: “dead”.  And in some ways they’ll probably always be that way.  But thanks to the fans, they’re most decidedly “undead”.  Entertainment is a symbiotic relationship.  The important thing is that you wear your heart on your sleeve, and that you share what you love with whoever will listen to you talk about it or look at your cool T-shirt or sit down and watch it with you.

i’ve seen the idea that tonight’s episode was disrespectful towards jasper so soon after what happened to her, but… to me, it felt more like confirmation that she isn’t gone? 

it’s kind of like when cartoon network made memes about her falling into the crack. if she really was “gone forever”, sure, this wouldn’t have been the best thing to do the next day… but i don’t think they would do that, and i think there’s pretty strong evidence suggesting she’ll be back

and next to the funny moments, a big part of this episode was showing that there ARE people who care about her! who admire her, who want her attention and would be sad if she were gone! this makes her seem less of a cold soldier and more of a homeworld hero. and amethyst now thought being “too messed up” to talk about pink diamond would be in-character for her.

the hero-worship also tells us more about her - how jasper’s praised in a way that might not leave room for vulnerability, further making sense of her not coping over the last five millennia. she’s a strong soldier, she’s an idolized figure, and she can’t let people see more than that. after all, she thinks homeworld despises weakness - at least from her

so again, like… she’s coming back. su is canonically acknowledging that she’s a person, she’s cared about, the rubies are determined to find her, and the show is comfortable having some fun with her, in a way i don’t think they would if she was really gone.

kittywings01  asked:

Steve/Darcy, watching old Cap cartoons or movies, please?

For such a big man, it’s rather impressive how small Steve can make himself seem by curling into a ball in the corner of the couch, pulling a pillow onto his lap, and all but burying his face into it.  Darcy just bites back the giggles at the scene and instead leans into him, running a hand through his hair, feeling the soft spikes against her palm.

“It’s really not that bad,” she tells him, reassuringly, though she’s not sure even she believes the words coming out of her mouth.

The tinny words spill out of the mouth of the black and white figure on the television, full of fake, over the top eagerness: “Every bond you buy is a bullet in the barrel of your best guy’s gun!” which makes Steve pull his head up from the pillow and give Darcy a baleful glance, complete with the biggest puppy dog eyes she’s ever seen.

“Well, it could have been worse?” she concedes, kissing his forehead, thinking that if he’s reacting this badly to his own old movies, then she is never, ever going to show Steve the Saturday morning cartoon show version of Captain America.

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Tell my why I should watch wakfu.

Well um ok? I’m not the best at this kind of thing but here are some good reasons I like the show!

  • The animation is gorgeous, especially for the method being used, flash. There are a lot of small, fluid motions and the characters hardly ever feel static, and it manages to have a lot of dimension. Plus, the action scenes are brilliantly done, more so than many other action oriented cartoons I’ve seen. It’s easy to follow and entertaining to the eye.
  • Continuing on the subject of art, a lot of the design work is fantastic. I think one of the crowning achievements of the series is that it manages to take its source material, an MMO with defined, easy-to identify character classes, and to create a whole host of characters both instantly recognizeable both as their class and as an individual. Even background characters seem like they have a lot of design work put into them!
  • The villain of season one is literally one of the most uniquely and powerfully tragic villains I’ve ever encountered and I’m kind of taken aback at how well written he is. I’m not lying; he’s so good. I think a really good tragic villain is one that you don’t want to succeed because you care about them and that’s pulled off here. 
  • Its kind of refreshing to watch animated cartoons that manage to be lighthearted while still sticking to an overarching plot format, tbh. There are tons of American cartoons I love, but our animation industry is really based around shows where episodes have very loose continuity/stand alone, and I like a change of pace from that from time to time.
  • I’ve mentioned it already, but I’m really impressed with how it’s an adaptation of a videogame. Adaptations of commercial properties all too often fall into the ‘tie in’ category and rarely exceed the expectations of a glorified commercial. Even shows that are arguably pretty decent for being based on a product, (like mlp i guess), are still very obviously there to tie in things. Throughout the entirety of watching Wakfu, I never felt like someone was trying to sell me anything. The creators really put their energy into exploring the world of the game and letting it speak for itself, and I really appreciate that. 
  • French is a really fun language to listen to, and the voiceacting is really quite good.