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Hi, so I found this one fic on AO3 and I can't remember what it's called! I know it was about how Phil had a gf and would have really loud sex with her all the time and it really bothered Dan because he had feelings for Phil??? I know it had weird punctuation in the title but I can't remember anything else since I read it so long ago.... love you bye! Thanks!

Girlfriend…? (ao3) -  Dan and Phil are YouTube buddies and roommates, and Dan is hopelessly, irrevocably in love with Phil, who just so happens to have a girlfriend…?

- Eliza

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Because I adore your scalebaby stories, care to share some of your favorite JuJu moments? Also, how often does JuJu shed? Is she an easy shedder, or does it takes some work

Favorite Juju moment ever: I was sitting on the couch, reading a book. Kaiju was roaming the living room, and I thought she was resting beneath the snake cage. Suddenly, something long and sticky hits me in the ear and I scream a little bit. There’s my lizard on the back of the couch, looking smug as hell and flicking her tongue at me. She then slid down the back of the couch and flopped down on the cushion I’d been sitting on. I should have known better. That’s her spot and always has been.

I also really love when I’ve been gone for a bit and I’ll come home and she’ll be scratching at the cage door. I’ll let her out and she’ll scramble up into my arms and climb up to my shoulder, flicking me all the while. “Human!” it’s like she’s saying. “Where have you BEEN? Did you KNOW that nobody paid me attention all day? I was BORED!” It’s fun to play with her when she’s in one of those moods because she’s super clingy and curious about everything I do.

As for shedding, she sheds her face every few months and does a fullbody shed about twice a year. Most of it comes off nice and easy… except that damn tail. Even wild tegus have bad tail sheds- it’s always the last thing to come off and it comes off in these little pieces and patches. Super annoying!

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hey i'm looking for a fic where dan and phils daughter starts her period? i know it's pretty vague but i haven't found any other ones where that happens

A Period Of Time - Dan and Phil don’t know what to do when their adopted child, Irony, gets her period.

Period Troubles -  Dan and Phil’s daughter gets her first period and so Dan texts Cat (Catrific) for help.ets her first period.

In Which Dan and Phil have a Teenager Daughter - Dan and Phil have a teenage daughter who one day comes home upset. Her dads comfort her.

- Eliza

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callout post: mikleo. is too fucking pretty to exist

That I definitely can agree on.  I still don’t get how he’s so pretty … and then somehow manages to get prettier in the epilogue, I really don’t.  My mind can’t wrap itself around the concept, other than to prod me into staring slack-jawed at him in all of his gorgeous glory.

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How do you do it, Mary... I'm at the point of the semester when I'm starting to wonder if I even pass it. And I see people like you being the "doers" - ambitious and successful... And I can't even look into my textbook. I'm going to be a doctor, for christsake, I should know my stuff! How the hell do I become strong enough to do this? You're so inspiring, but I can only sit and stare at your success, because I have no idea how to follow, hah. Sorry for a desperate message :/ Love your blog! ♥

Mate, listen up: Social media isn’t the whole picture. I try my best to portray all sides of my life on here and on my instagram, but reality is that me spending literally 70% of this sunday in bed reading fanfiction isn’t as instagramable as the 30 minutes of studying I did the day before. Oh and for the record, the other 30% of the sunday I spent watching project runway. 

I feel you more than you know, and I think genuinely the entire community and all students do. We always feel that other people are doing more and that we need to keep up. And yeah, sometimes they’re doing more, but a lot of the time they’re feeling exactly the same as you. At this point in the semester just about everyone are sick of what they’re doing. 

What I would recommend is taking it one step of the time. I can never get started on doing stuff until I know exactly what I need to do, so I start by writing it all out. Then I usually have a little cry over how long the list is. Then I get myself a snack, get comfy and ignore everything but the first thing on the list. I usually find that once I get going, once I have one small and manageable thing to focus on, everything gets a bit easier. Also, if you’ve been in a slump and you’re just getting back on the wagon; take it slow. Don’t schedule 89 tasks on the first day. Start with one or two, then reward yourself with some netflix and if you’re feeling up for it, do some more. Pace yourself, take care of yourself and try to avoid burnout. Work up to doing more.

I’m not as successful as you think, anon, but I can tell you that it’ll all be alright. Just remember to take care of yourself and don’t beat yourself up. You can do this. We all can! x

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Hey Trista! Would you mind just briefly (and if you have time!) talking about your self publishing process? How did you go about it and how did you find the experience?

I worked with CreateSpace, had independent artists design the covers for my books, did a lot of Googling and looking at poetry books I own to get a feel for the interior formatting, and I’ve had a pretty positive experience. CreateSpace is super straightforward and almost any question you can have, someone’s already asked and had answered in the forums. Kindle formatting can be a little tricky if you have images in your books, but the print version is so super easy. CS is also owned by Amazon which I realize is a downside if you’re trying to be conscious about supporting small indie stores/etc instead of huge companies but it’s also the easiest way to get your book out to a lot of people for cheap. Costs you nothing upfront, so there’s no needing to buy in bulk and sell yourself. They ship almost everywhere. You also do have the option of buying your books for cheap in bulk and selling them yourself and you’ll see double the profit for this but it is way more time consuming and you should have a business license depending on your state, etc. If you come off anon, I can answer more specific questions you have about the process.