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im sad ,do u have any nice vld hcs? dont feel obligated to reply, ill probably read one of ur fics to feel better anyways

i’m sorry you feel sad :( i wish there was something i could do, i hope these fluffy klance headcanons make you feel better even if it’s just a little

  • lance ties keith’s hair into a floof at the top like a pineapple, and then when keith walks his floof keeps bouncing around and it makes lance cry 
  • keith watches lance sleep with a sappy smile on his face
  • lance drowsily: “babe?” keith: “yes baby? my angel, my beautiful boy-” lance: “can you stop hogging the blankets? for once in your damn life?” 
  • lance knows that if he runs at keith, keith will drop whatever he’s carrying to catch him because keith is built like a tank 
  • lance always squishes keith’s cheeks together and makes him look like an angry pufferfish, but then lance kisses his pout over and over and keith is happy 
  • lance: “WHAT TEAM!?” keith: “vol-tron?” lance: “no but i still love you” 
  • keith has a competition going with pidge and hunk called ‘who can make lance giggle the most’ and keith currently has a lead of 42 points, because all he has to do is pull lance into his chest and nuzzle his neck. it has a 100% effectiveness rate
  • keith: “why did you fall in love with me?” lance: “i mean…you thicc lmaoo” 
  • lance: “keith nO I’M SORRY IT WAS A JOKE I DIDN’T MEAN IT”
  • at dinner lance gently bumps keith’s shoulder with his, and keith smiles and does it back. they bump each other harder and soon they’re rolling around on the floor giggling while the rest of the team is like -__- 
  • lance: “i got you this pretty flower” keith: “i liberated this planet and they made me their king. i’m giving the planet to you now lance. lance are you listening to me. if i could give you a whole solar system i would lance you deserve so much listen please-” 
  • lance: “baby can you rub my back for 2 seconds” keith: “yes ok” keith: “lance did you fall asleep what the hell” 
  • every morning keith shoots up from sleep with his hair sticking up wildly in different directions. lance always musses it up cos it’s soft and it makes keith smile, and lance’s chest squeezes cos he never thought he would be this in love 

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OK but for the family au what if yuuri took yuri to watch viktor coach only to witness viktor annihilating the adult skaters with words instead of being a precious bean like he is with the kids

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my fave pinof question so far is "what was Katherine's first impression of dan?" i stand by that question, good job.

i agree i desperately want to know what phil’s family’s reaction was when he told them he picked up an 18 year old stalker twink on the internet

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What would riding his motorcycle with Sweet Pea be like?


  • The first time you’re terrified bc first of all, it has no seatbelt. Or any doors. Or really even a proper seat. 
  • You’re not a big fan of trusting someone as reckless as Sweets to not crash/slip 
  • Also not a big fan of having to hold onto him 
  • ‘I’ll bet you ten bucks you don’t make it off a ride with me without spilling your guts on the ground’ ‘fucking BET, SWEETS.’
  • Stupid jackass knows you’re unlikely to back down after that 
  • Feeling super anxious when he smirks and hands you his helmet
  • ‘You’re not wearing one?’ ‘im not a road demon, kid, ill be fine’
  • Whining abt how messy your hairs gonna look 
  • Hearing him rev the engine and instinctively wrapping your arms around his waist, squeezing your thighs for extra support 
  • Sweet pea was almost right - you definitely wanted to throw up as soon as you got off (you didn’t, but you sure as hell wanted to) 
  • The next time you get on the bike, its bc you’re trying to speed away from the race and he’s the only person that has space to get you out of there
  • ‘Like fuck im getting on the back of that thing’ ‘i dont have time for this, either you get on or you can fucking run’ 
  • Hearing the sirens getting closer and hating yourself for getting on with him 
  • Eventually it starts to become second nature 
  • You don’t even wait for him to offer you a ride anymore, you just get on 
  • No helmet needed 
  • You don’t hang on as tightly as you used to 
  • Your hands rest on the top of his hips/chest, you both lean into the turns, racing against toni all the time for shits and giggles 
  • Teaching you how to drive in case of emergencies where he can’t 
  • ‘This isn’t necessary’ ‘what if my hands are broken and i can’t drive?’ ‘if ur hands are broken and you can’t drive then you’re falling off the back bc u can’t hang onto me’ 
  • Eventually learning how to drive the motorcycle and having SP hang onto you bc you wanna drive all the time 
  • ‘Alright adrenalin junkie, cool your jets’

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Sab I feel like I can vent to you a bit about this: I had the honor of being there last night and honestly I’ve realized that I’m really glad the boys didn’t do a grandiose elaborate stage like some ppl were expecting. I know we love powerhouses like their MAMA stages but.. last night was still so groundbreaking. They didn’t do any cray effects, any elaborate sets or mixes. They did an amazing, powerful performance of their current title track exactly how it was meant to be, you know? (Pt1)

And that’s part of what helped make it so legendary. People won’t talk about it or post online about it because of any insane costumes or stunts or stage effects - they’re talking about their dances, their energy, the song itself, and the fans’ energy. That’s what I think the boys want the most, what they’ve worked so hard to impress upon people. It was a surprisingly humble performance the more I think on it and I’m just so proud of them. They’re legends! It’s unforgettable exactly as is (Pt2)


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Can you maybe quickly compare how Star dealt with her crush vs how Marco dealt with his crush?

Marco has juuust realized his crush and we haven’t seen much on his side yet, but if we want to include all the time passed while blissfully unaware, I think that Star experienced varying degress of “I’m not gonna think about it”, because it’s (it was?) in her nature to run away from problems and hard things. First she didn’t pay it any attention, because who cares, he’s my bestie, it’s normal to feel close, then she probably tried not to think about it, focusing her attention on other things (like having lost Glossryck), and then ultimately consciously lied to herself, until the climax in Starcrushed.

Meanwhile it looks like Marco, someone who easily puts on blinders and focus on one and only one thing at a time, from trying to get a straw in the juice pack to his lifelong crush, spent the longest time thinking “STAR = FRIEND; JACKIE = LOVE INTEREST”, regardless of what his actual experiences told him, and it wasn’t until Jackie broke with him, telling him that it was clear she wasn’t who he wanted, and until Tad burst the second bubble he created himself, attributing his sadness to the break up, that he got to see what was really lying under the surface, that all the feelings he harbored for Star for months were much more than friendship. Given his personality I don’t think he’s going to be able to lie to himself now, and as a matter of fact we have seen him blushing during the hug, a tv show version of saying “he’s crushing hard and he knows it”.

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Just saw they both followed the NYT and BBC (👏🏼) - apart from making me go „aww“, it also reminded me of that rc interview they both did individually at the s3 premiere and basically gave the exact same answers to the question which three things they thought were needed to make the world a better place or something along those lines. When the lady told Sam that Cait had given the same answer, he smiled and said „I guess that‘s why we get along“ (ish). Do we have any gifs of that moment?! 🤔

Okay I couldn’t find any gifs so I just quickly made some. Such a couple!!! 💗