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17 for yuuri?

Beautiful Blue-eyed Platinum-haired Russian men

Yuuri just fuckin loves dogs, man. Dogs of every shape and size. Big ones and small ones and hairy ones and ugly ones and ones with floppy ears and ones with big paws and ones with bad breath and ones with huge jowls and old ones and puppies.

When Yuuri got to America and realized just HOW MANY KINDS OF DOGS THERE ARE because he’s from Japan and the Japanese dog population is rather homogeneous, he just felt so blessed?? The first time he met a dog tall enough to put its paws on his shoulders while he stood upright was the closest thing to a religious experience Yuuri Katsuki has ever had. The dog’s name was Puck and it was a brindle-pattern Great Dane and it belonged to a guy Yuuri had a shameful two-night stand with his freshman year in college. The only reason it was a two-night stand was Puck the dog.

Yuuri almost feels bad about having a favorite kind of dog but man, it’s gotta be poodles. He just loves everything about them. His favorite cut for a poodle is a teddy bear cut (for obvious reasons) and he just?? fucking?? LOVEs POODLES. When Yuuri sees a poodle on the street his entire face lights up and Viktor just loves it.

“A poodle!” Yuuri gasps, like he doesn’t see one every day, like he isn’t currently holding Makkachin’s (a certified poodle) leash.

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Could I request some HCs involving yandereplier and KOTS as kids with father like dark and warf? I saw you posted some tweets about fathers day egos? Unless that was someone else and my tumblr decided to break?

those tweets were actually made by @septicstacheedits! they have a lovely series going called ‘tweets from the egos’ that you should definitely check out!

as for hcs, i got you covered, sweetheart!

  • king’s vocabulary is very limited, specifically to just ‘i’m king of the squirrels’ (like groot!), but wilford and dark tend to understand what he’s saying based on his hand motions and tone of voice.
  • dark got king a giant plush squirrel for his birthday, and king absolutely adores it and carries it around with him everywhere.
  • yandere has more of a fondness for wilford than dark, since wilford shares that similar sense of bloodlust. yandere and wilford come home from time to time covered in blood but with big smiles. dark sits them down and cleans them up as best he can. wilford always beams at how close dark’s face ends up being from his.
  • dark tends to wake up the same time the kids do, allowing wilford to sleep in, while he makes breakfast. king and yandere both love sitting on the counter and giggling to each other as dark prepares breakfast for them.
  • king and yandere, when they first met, didn’t like each other. king was very much too shy and yandere was a bit of a troublemaker. but one day at school, yandere saw king getting bullied and stepped in to rescue him. basically, that bully will no longer be bothering king anymore.
  • wilford loves spoiling the kids, that much is true. he enjoys taking them out to the toy store or the movies or the arcade. dark tags along, not enjoying the visits, but he does secretly love watching king’s and yandere’s faces light up whenever they win a lot of tickets at an arcade game, or beg wilford to get them a toy at the store, or laugh at the candy store over a jelly bean flavored ‘earwax’.
  • yandere still has a lot to learn about how to properly get away with murder, but he’s learning from the best, so he’ll get there in no time.
  • king gets nervous sometimes, hearing stories about how yandere and wilford and dark are bad people and he’s swept up in the mix of it, but wilford gently reassures him that he is very well protected and loved and that they would never to anything to hurt him. king immediately throws his arms around wilford to hug tightly.
  • in the mornings, wilford makes sure that yandere has his uniform on correctly, and king’s crown is securely on his head, and ties dark’s tie for him (even though dark insists that he can do it himself). it’s more of another excuse for wilford to be close enough to dark.

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Yuuri, 3 and 6

3.) Sleeping

Yuuri is one of those people who can somehow pick a sleeping position and just stay that way the whole night. Viktor isn’t totally sure it’s a completely human trait, but y’know Yuuri Katsuki is in some way descended from the gods anyway to Viktor’s just accepted it at this point. Also–I’ve mentioned this before but it bears mentioning again–if Viktor sleeps on his back, Yuuri will sleep on his arm and Viktor’s entire left side will be numb by morning. 

Yuuri generally chooses to sleep on his belly, though, with one arm underneath his belly and the other either dangling over the side of the bed or over Viktor’s waist, depending. He generally sticks his nose between Viktor’s shoulder and the pillow so that he has a little canal to breathe cool air through. He doesn’t snore, but he does sleep with his mouth open and more than once he’s woken up with his entire right cheek covered in drool and it was disgusting.

6.) Hugging

Yuuri Katsuki is one of those people who doesn’t really hug but constantly craves physical affection and you kind of have to be the first person to do it but when you do, he clings. You’ve gotta let him know it’s okay, though, or he’ll pull away after a minute and look really awkward and probably apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. 

When Yuuri hugs, he wraps his arms tight around the other person and just holds on. Maybe tucks his head under their chin if they’re tall enough. Viktor is his Favorite Tall Person To Hug, for obvious reasons. Whenever he hugs Viktor, specifically, he is also lowkey smelling him because there is something about the smell of Viktor, his cologne and also his underlying body-scent, the natural masculine smell of him, that makes Yuuri feel very comfortable and loved.

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Excuse me a second while I drive this fuck Lisa train. Ben is Dean's. Lisa is FULL of it. Don't get me STARTED on my soliloquy. I just... *runs fingers through hair* just makes me ten KINDS of PISSED thinking about how things ended for Dean and Ben cause Dean deserved better... dammit!!! *kicks soap box over and smashes it to hell*

I’ll just sit here and wait for the soliloquy. *Rests chin in palms* 

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Hey! Love your blog! May we have some Mike Faist hcs? Smutty or fluffy, it doesn't matter. 🙂

i’m in the mood for fluffy mike lets go

→ listen, he drapes one arm over your shoulders and sets his other hand on your waist when he kisses you. it’s cute af.

→ lets you paint his nails. the color is black and he’s always asking for touch ups because he picks at it.

→ he’s a tall bean pole and doesn’t let his height go to waste. he’ll reach up to get something for you if you can’t reach it, lets you ride on his back, and rests his chin on top of your head.

→ brought you to meet the deh fam for the first time n nobody could get enough of you. they all adored you.

→→ laura straight up asked when he was bringing you back.

→ your date nights are almost always nights in. he likes to order takeout n just cuddle while watching movies.

→ he’s always bringing home gifts from the theater. fans literally give him stuff for him to give to you n laura has a habit of getting too many snacks, so she shares with you.

→ when he’s had a particularly draining performance, he texts you and you get blankets n snacks ready so you can cuddle together.

→ whenever anyone brings you up, his nose crinkles and he gets a lil blushy because he loves you so much and loves to talk about you

→ makes bomb ass breakfast foods. can and will make you breakfast in bed.

→ lets you know he loves you like…. every day. starts and ends each day with a smooch and an “i love you.”

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Viktor 20 for Hiroko

20: Relationship with a person (Hiroko)

Viktor loves Hiroko like his own mother. We don’t know what Viktor’s backstory is (I have some very specific headcanons about his parentage, but that’s neither here nor there) but I’m willing to bet that this boy has not had a loving motherly presence in his life for a long time, possibly ever. Many people might disagree with me but I honestly think that Viktor sees Yuuri Katsuki and his wonderful parents and knows that this is the family he wants to be part of.

And Hiroko does her absolute best to make a cozy and lovely Viktor-sized space in their family for him to occupy. It isn’t hard, because Yuuri started carving the beginnings of it when he was twelve years old. But it also isn’t hard because Hiroko, herself (And Toshiya for that matter) love Viktor, and Viktor loves them right back.

I think Viktor takes a lot of comfort from Hiroko’s presence. It’s a gentle one, a nurturing one, and he knows that he can talk to her about things. He knows that even when he and Yuuri are fighting, they can both go to Hiroko with their issues and be listened to nonjudgmentally. Hiroko doesn’t take sides between her children, and she considers Viktor one of them. 

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Can you draw mullette having a sad moment where Lafayette has to return to France and they both share one last kiss?

I’m sorry hhhhhhhh I tried but I’m so tired

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Guang Hong, 3.

Guang Hong is one of those people who can sleep in any position known to man, quite fucking literally. People have caught him asleep sitting up, with his legs folded under himself. Leo once watched him slide backwards off a sofa because he fell asleep with his feet on the back and his head on the cushion. When he was a kid, he used to crawl into the drawers in his mother’s bureau and fall asleep there, curled up like a little nugget.

He also talks in his sleep when he’s stressed and says some??? honestly really weird and sometimes disturbing shit. He watches Way Too Many crime dramas so his dreams are a fucking mess.

He and Leo share a bed in the Olympic Village in 2018 (They feel like Real Adults) and Leo wakes up in the middle of the night because Guang Hong is mumbling to himself in his sleep. Leo mumbles, “What?” and tries to nudge him to get him to stop.

Guang Hong grabs his hand and whispers, “They’re coming.”

Leo is so SHook that he doesn’t sleep the rest of the night and he wonders if it’s considered sabotage for your boyfriend to keep you up all night with his Elritch sleep talking habits.