it is super surreal that school is ending and i am still not good enough


I went to TATINOF in Akron Ohio, I bought the tickets not even five minutes after they came out and luckily got 2 VIP tickets for me and my friend! It was May 12th which was a Thursday, so of course I had school. It was towards the end of the year and we weren’t really doing anything but I was nervous the entire day. On the car ride to the venue I was already sweating and shaking, it was dead silent because my friend and I both realized that “holy shit we’re literally going to meet Dan and Phil” and that thought was overwhelming. We got to the venue and waited outside in the VIP line for probably 20 minutes or less. During that time though, Dan and Phil literally walked from their bus to the venue. Now, that may seem like nothing special but that moment was life changing. I knew they were real people of course but seeing them walking and doing things not behind a screen was just really weird. Everyone was screaming and they were waving and saying their hellos. I was a mess, half-crying and half excited out of my mind. 

The venue was really nice and homey feeling even though it was huge. It wasn’t grand or gaudy but wasn’t a local tiny theater either. We were given a cute little area with bean bags and snacks and a little guest book. Everyone was really sweet and I made a lot of friends, but then was the time for the actual meet and greet. There was a room that went off of the lobby where everyone was sitting where the boys were. I myself am generally a very loud and talkative person but by the time I was the next person in line to meet them I was completely silent with nerves. I walked behind that curtain and was completely and utterly awestruck, they looked like angels. They were very sweet and Dan did most of the talking, it went like this:

Dan: Hello there! How are you?

Me: I’m really good thank you! How ‘bout you guys?

Both: We’re really good! It’s super awesome meeting you guys!

We hugged and right about then I realized I was meeting Dan Howell and Phil Lester and clammed up out of sheer shock. Phil complimented how fluffy my hair was and Dan asked if I’d like my book signed and if I’d like him to take a selfie, since his arms were freakishly long (he doesn’t exaggerate when he says he’s freakishly tall or long. Maybe it’s because I’m only 5'1 but he towered over me and his entire hand wrapped around my phone screen soooo.) Some other small things happened and I hugged them again but then it was over. I was in a kind of trance during the whole thing, it was really surreal but honestly, bless Dan for asking me all the questions so I didn’t have to. They were really polite and sweet. When we left the room we were given a tote bag with some goodies like posters and flower crowns in it, Cornelia gave me mine! 

When the meet and greet was done, they came out of the room and thanked everyone a bunch for coming then said their goodbyes. Dan also took a group selfie which I can’t find anywhere, not even in DAPGO but it probably exists on his phone and that’s enough for me tbh. After that was kind of blurry, we went to the merch line because it was short (no standard ticket people had came in yet) and I answered a million texts from my friends. When the doors for standard tickets opened my friends and I realized “oh, there is still an entire show to watch” which was crazy. I had orchestra seating in the 4th row back which gave me a great view! The entire theater was singing along to the before-show songs (they still make me emotional because I think of that night) and it was so amazing. 

I don’t remember all the details from the show but one weird kid “licked ants off of trees” and other “sat in the washing machine regularly.” I do remember Dan was super super sweaty though and of course this was before he started to embrace his curly hair and so his hair got super coily with the heat I loved it so much. At the end though with the singing number I was an emotional wreck and cried through it. They gave each other the love eyes stare and everyone was going nuts. When they walked off the stage my heart was destroyed but as soon as the lights turned on All Star by Smashmouth started playing and I was ready to fight Dan. Apparently a bunch of people got to see them walk out of the venue but I was catching up with people inside so I didn’t get to. It was so much fun though and I’m really grateful that I got to go. 

kim mingyu as your boyfriend

a/n- ughh i am the worst, i am so sorry its been a few days since i’ve posted anything. but i hope you guys enjoy mingyu as your cutie pie boyfriend! 


BTS / Got7


- he is an actually giant puppy, so he loves to cuddle. he doesn’t care what position, who’s the big spoon, or if it’s 100 degrees. he just really likes to cuddle with you. 

- you get ready together a lot. he likes to do your hair so in the mornings he’ll lift you up onto the bathroom counter (while you’re still sleepily rubbing your eyes and yawning) and begin to brush your hair gently, careful not to tug on your hair as he finds knots. then he’ll either style it or let you keep it natural if that’s what the day warranted.

- in return for him doing your hair, you make him breakfast. it’s something new everytime, and it’s always enough to make him a little more full than needed because you have a habit of making an abundance of food. (and you want him to be healthy and never miss any meals)

- he always makes sure you eat too, almost forcing you to sit with him and scarf down your own plate. he loves to see you eat, knowing that you’re healthy and that he doesn’t have to worry about skipped meals that are so common for his world. 

- he calls and whines to you A LOT when he’s at work. whether it be that wonwoo won’t play with him or that he just misses you, you are very much used to the phone calls packed full with his whiny voice and complaints. 

- wonwoo always ends up third wheeling on your dates because  ‘but y/n he’s my best friend and he had nothing to do tonight so plssss’ 'mingyu, it’s our first date in forever’ 'yeah but he said he’ll pay for everyone’s dessert’ 'okay fine he can come’

- but when you have real dates they are a lot of fun and always consist of you two laughing and giggling about silly things like when mingyu stuffed almost a whole order of french fries into his mouth or when he had to rap his order at the restaurant when you dared him to

- one time you guys went on a date to the pet store and held literally ever puppy they had in there and they were so soft and cute and you both wanted to adopt one but couldn’t because 1.) they’re expensive to buy 2.) you aren’t allowed to have one in your apartment and when you had to leave you nearly cried because you had fallen in love with a little golden retriever and mingyu noticed so he wrapped his arm around you and promised to get you a dog as soon as it was possible. 

- you guys also go out for ice cream a lot and you always convince him to try the weirdest combinations you can think of like a scoop of the pistachio with like peanut butter ice cream or something totally whack but he eats it because he’s a growing boy

- speaking of growing he’s like super tall so when he hugs you, you feel so safe because he literally wraps around you and engulfs your body completely and tbh you love it because he’ll sweetly kiss the top of your head or something and it’s just aww

- like when it’s raining he’ll hold his jacket above your heads all cheesily like in the movies because he’s tall enough to do so and even though its not very effective at keeping you both dry its so cute and thoughtful that you dont mind at all

- on a different note you guys like to watch comedy sitcoms together and everytime one comes on, like Friends or something, you guys pick which character the other would portray and it’s always really funny because you try to pick the weirdest character half the time instead of the most accurate one.

- for your anniversary one time he literally designed the cutest couple t-shirts with a bunch of inside jokes and little symbols that describe your relationship and even though they’re soooo cheesy you adore them and wear them whenever you can because he actually designed them really well and in a way that people wouldn’t think they were super weird 

- for one of your anniversaries mingyu takes you to his hometown and shows you where he used to play basketball after school and where he always shopped for groceries and where his childhood home is and his mom makes you mingyu’s favorite comfort food and it’s a really good time

- lets be real, his family looooves you. they always ask him to bring you home because you’re so kind and amazing and they always give you little gifts that are /so/ unecessary but they say they’re doing it to butter you up so you’ll marry their son/grandson/nephew one day and ofc this makes you and mingyu’s cheeks turn pink and you get all bashful

- at his childhood home, you and him sleep in the bed he grew up sleeping in and it’s a little surreal? because like he made it so far from the little boy who looked up at glow-in-the-dark star stickers and you almost tear up because your so proud and mingyu then almost tears up because he just loves you so much for everything and then you’re cuddling and not letting go of each other until you’re practically pried away in the morning by his relatives saying that breakfast was ready (this time it’s your favorite food)

- he repairs shit for you like all the time. like broken cupboard door? he knows how to fix it. shower head needs replaced? he’s got you. he even changes lightbulbs because he’s so tall and you’re always surprised at his endless output of talent because wow he’s more than a pretty face

- you guys have the cheesiest most ridiculous rap battles ever and like he lets you win all the time even though yours never ever even rhymes or has a decent beat it’s just random words and he thinks it’s too cute and lets you win because hey if you win, you’ll wanna do it again and he definitely wants you to rap for him again.

- the first time you guys said i love you was actually because you overheard him saying it to wonwoo and it was something like 'idk man, i dont think ive ever loved someone as much as y/n before. i just…y/n deserves the world and more’ and you accidentally overhear and you were gonna just let it slide but then wonwoo actually sees you and nods your direction and mingyu turns and is like 'oh..’ and you just smile and run over to him and hug him tightly and say 'i love you too, you big, tall goofball' 

- your and mingyu’s relationship is playful and carefree but you both love each other more than anything

lostdaemon  asked:

Peter Quill's mom died because of Darcy, his little sister. At least that's what it felt like to him as a kid. His mom refused treatment for so long so she could deliver Darcy whole and healthy. Peter didn't understand everything, but he thought he understood enough. Darcy wasn't even out of neo-natal when their mom died. Their mom knew her time was short and made several tapes for them both. When they finally meet again, Darcy has more tapes to give him. They bond and heal over mix tapes.

Didn’t quite get as far as the bonding and healing bit but here you go…

on AO3 if you prefer.


Darcy is twenty five when she meets her brother for the second time in her life, or at least that is how the math works out. She can’t stop fidgeting with the earbuds tangled in her pocket, and the plastic toggles of her navy coat. Anxiety spikes, and she tells it to merrily fuck off.

“You okay, Darce?” Jane asks, voice pitched low enough the group ahead doesn’t hear. Jane’s cold fingers lace with hers, and she gives her hand a reassuring squeeze. Steve turns his head to glance back at them, brow furrowed. As if their fearless leader didn’t have enough to worry about.

Darcy tilts her chin up and rolls her eyes halfheartedly. “Supergreen,” she says, voice falsely sweet. “Just another day, walking on the decayed head of a giant space corpse.”

“About to meet your maybe brother for the first time,” Jane says knowingly.

“It’s not the first time. I just don’t remember the first time.”


“I’m fine, Jane.”

“Nobody is ever fine when they say they are.”

Darcy sighs, its a fine time for Jane’s empathy to act up. “Shouldn’t you be sciencing it up? I mean alien…planet? Asteroid? Skull? With honest to blog spaceships, aliens, and stars. Jane look at the stars,” she says pointing at some sort of advertising billboard with a bowl of something with a galaxy of stars swirling above it if you squinted and looked through the graffiti scrawled all over it.

Jane opens and closes her mouth, and sighs. She squeezes Darcy’s hand tighter. For someone with tiny birdlike hands Jane has one hell of a strong grip. The smile Darcy gives in return is almost real. She might even thank Jane when the day is over and they are all sitting in some tavern in Asgard with horns full of ale or mead, or whatever massive Viking dudes drank to numb their sorrows.

She really was fine, or so far past it that she didn’t know the difference.

Darcy felt like her internal organs were covered in a layer of thick frost. Everything felt numb and a little surreal. She was there, bone and flesh beneath her boots, an astrophysicist clinging to her side, and a group of Avengers between her and…some Tolkien level bullshit.

Technically she wasn’t there, neither was Jane, but science and Thor… And well, Thor rarely said no to Jane.

“Oh my God,” Jane gasps, followed by word vomit of the variety that meant Darcy never played Words With Friends with the plucky scientist. Ever. “If I could get a sample for Betty.”

“No, Jane, you are not going to ask to molest Grandmother Willow’s alien brethren,” Darcy hisses, pulling Jane back from edging forward. “Bad, scientist.”

Darcy’s words feel normal as they leave her tongue, sarcastic and snappy, and the rest of her wishes she felt as normal as that. If she thought facing down the destroyer, space elves, and Thor’s douchecanoe brother had made her jaded to weirdness then she was so wrong.

The numbness of possibly meeting her trufax brother is the only thing that keeps her standing when faced with the rogue cast of Saturday Morning Cartoons put through a psychopath filter.

Not that she has any stones to throw, routinely hanging out with scientists (both post lab accident and pre-caffeination), an alien (sex) god who had the right to wear a spangly tiara, and assorted mutants, and that one time Steve came over to dinner. God she made an ass of herself that night. Darcy fights to keep her eyes from straying to find Captain Rogers. She really had enough to deal with today. Maybe too much.

She was starting to rethink this whole tagging along to meet a dude with her brother’s name. Darcy considered herself good in a crisis. Took  pride in her potential as a future sidekick if Jane became any more super than her brain already was….and, you know if Darcy was comfortable wearing kinky boots and spandex with a boob window on a nightly basis. Ugh, probably not.

There can’t be that many Peter Jason Quills out there in the galaxy, can there?

This was probably not one of her better ideas.

She really should have thought about this a little more than she actually did.


As meet and greets go, it’s one of the better ones. Far less damage than the last science nerds convention, where Betty and Jane got plastered and attempted to turn the espresso machine in the bar into some sort of time machine, or something that Darcy wanted no part of. She instagrammed the hell out of it though. They ended up burning a hole through four floors of the hotel the convention and Jane cold cocked a supposed former SHIELD agent that was slumming it as hotel security.

She didn’t even want to think about when Jane dragged her, kicking and screaming to meet Tony Stark.

Yeah, no.


“I am Groot,” rumbles a deep voice pulling Darcy out of her thoughts. .

“Good to know, big guy,” Darcy says. She internally apologises to Thor for using his nickname for someone…something else. But really, dude was a fucking tree.

How did that even work? He eyes were kind, or maybe just the tilting of his head made him seem not so frightening. It really was a good thing that the apple trees from the Wizard of Oz never gave her nightmares when she was a kid. A really good thing.

Groot holds out his his hand, gnarled and dark. The tiniest flower blooms from his palm, pale and delicate. “I am Groot,”  Groot says, voice softer, and no longer the sound of tumbling boulders. Groot plucks the flower from his palm and offering it to Darcy with a smile that cracks his face in two.

“Oh, er, thank you, Treebeard,” Darcy smiles back holding the tiny flower in her hand.

“I am Groot,” Groot says turning his attention to Captain Rogers, or rather the shield strapped to Captain America’s back.

“Sure you are, buddy,” Darcy thinks, twirling the flower held between her fingers.

“Pssst, Jane. Jane. rotting skull planet to Dr. Foster,” she whispers tugging on Jane’s sleeve and distracting her from wandering off in the name of science. “Are you seeing this?”

“Oooh, pretty,” Jane murmurs.

“Groot grew it for me. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I know you will, but I took biology in high school. I know what flowers are.”

“That’s…okay, yeah, ew,” Jane says, rifling through her pockets. Moments later she pulls a sample vial from thin air, like some amature magician at a children’s party performing tricks for a sad eyed pony in a party hat. The flower goes into the vial and the vial disappears into Jane’s coat.

A flash of red catches Darcy’s eye, between Tanuki, the raccoon god, and green lady with the dip dyed hair.

Her stomach drops somewhere around her boots. It’s not difficult to figure out who Peter Quill is, but she still tries to see the boy, from the polaroids in a photo album, in the man smiling and raking his eyes over her.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” she murmurs, low enough that only Jane can hear. God when did she turn into such a pathetic loser, anyway?

“Well, hello there, I’m Peter. Peter Quill, people call me Star-Lord,” Peter says, charming smile lighting up his face as he straightens up to his full height, leather jacket creaking. It was a nice leather jacket, all swishy and long, it was a trope she admired in heroes and space cowboys. Were there cows in space? Like Pigs in Space but more bovine-y?

He’s tall, they are all tall really, everyone but her and Jane, his movements are leisurely, an almost giddy look crossing his face. His fingers tap out some rhythm only he can hear. A pair of gross looking old school headphones hang around his neck.

“Was your mother Meredith Quill from Missouri?” Darcy blurts out and mentally face palms. God, awkward much.

“Hey…what?” Star-Lord asks, smile slipping from his face.

In for a penny, in for…well, a really bad decision.

“Meredith Quill? Just answer the question please,” Darcy says, curling her hands into fists.

“Listen, sweet cheeks, I don’t know where you got my mom’s name from but you-”

“Oh, thank god, or Thor. Whatever.”

“What the hell is going on?”

“I’m your sister.”

“My sister? I don’t-”


Darcy’s never been great at keeping her thoughts to herself, her mouth didn’t so much have a mind of it’s own and no mind at all. Or at least no sense of self preservation. Later she will swear it was like somebody flipped a switch in her brain, and instead of what she planned to say words tumble from her mouth in an unstoppable torrent. “I was only a few months old when you…disappeared. The same day she died…I..I’m sorry…

“You should…you should know that there’s an empty grave, with your name carved into the stone beside Meredith’s…mom’s. I was six when they had the funeral for you. I didn’t cry but Grandpa did.

“When I was little I always wanted to believe you were on an adventure. Went to be a spy, or joined the circus, to find your dad, maybe find my dad, Go find dinosaurs in California or space camp. I guess that last one is half true, ‘cause here you are. I dreamed that you would come back for me, so I could meet you, but you never did.”

“Now, wait just a minute—”

“I waited my whole life.” Tears well in her eyes but they do not spill. She doesn’t know his face, doesn’t know him. She didn’t know what she expected of this meeting, not from the moment she heard Thor say ‘Peter Quill, he that calls himself the Lord of the Star’, nay, the Star-Lord.’ Small galaxy after all. God, way to make an introduction, D. fuck.

“This really isn’t funny,” Peter says eyes narrowing, tension vibrating.

“Good,” she says withdrawing her hand from her pocket. Her iPod sits cradled in her palm, the cord of the earbuds an impossible knot. “Here,” she says, dropping the iPod into his hand and curling his fingers around it.

“What the hell?”

She doesn’t look back. An action hero missing an explosion, except really she’s just a background character in someone else story. Darcy pushes past a blur of blue and red and a second of red and silver before she realises the world is blurred from the tears in her eyes. The tears staining her glasses.

“Oh, Darcy,” Jane says, chasing after Darcy and wrapping her thin arms around Darcy’s shoulders. A limpet in the guise of a tiny astrophysicist.  

“I don’t know what I expected,” she tells Jane, blinking rapidly. “I think I probably should have stayed on the Technicolour Dream Bridge, or Earth. Earth is safe and there’s beer.”

“If you stayed on earth you wouldn’t have gotten to meet Heimdall, or get Instagram worthy pics of Steve’s ass in costume,” Jane says helpfully.

Darcy gives out a watery laugh, “God, I hate crying, do you think today can be over now? If I promise to buy Thor  a beer will he let me blow my nose on his cape?”


TRB Sydney

Hi guys! I went to TRB in Sydney, and it was really good :)

I thought I’d do a highlights type post, because I really want to share it with you all! Unfortunately, I was up the back so couldn’t see everything, but I’ll tell you the best bits that I did see! It was really surreal- I don’t think it ever really hit that I was in the same room as them, but it was amazing nonetheless

First of all, I am so f*cking proud of the boys. All their English was amazing, and it was obvious in some sections how hard they were thinking in order to communicate. They were enthusiastic, even though they must have been super exhausted and hot, and their singing and dancing was incredible. There was also a montage about ¾ of the way through, of their pre-debut and early-debut days, during which I cried like a baby- they’ve come so far, and grown so much, and I am so inspired and impressed by them. (I also, embarrassingly enough, started crying during Cipher 3 because of how hard they work- travelling to completely foreign countries, with rigorous schedules, and always maintaining a bright demeanour for the fans.) 

Anyway, other highlights, in no particular order:

  • V almost dropping the microphone
  • V missing his cue for the second part of his rap
  • V pulling faces and making fists during Jin’s rap
  • Jin dancing off time to the music during one of their freestyle parts
  • A new song being sung, about the future, directly after the montage
  • Sick-ass film interludes of them basically burning down a school and disrespecting a rude teacher
  • Rapmon wearing a gross fluro red, V wearing a retro fluro blue, and Suga wearing an American-tourist-dad grey baseball cap during the last few songs
  • J-Hope (obviously scripted) sleazily asking if we would mind them taking their jackets off after the first two songs, followed by a close-up of Rapmon loosening his tie
  • V not realising the camera was on him so pulling a blank face, then realising the camera was on him so following up with a hot smooth wink
  • J-Hope being let loose with a video camera during the last song
    • Jimin being a little camera w*ore
  • The rap line being unable to speak for a few moments after Cipher, they were panting so hard
  • Jungkook’s voice all scratchy and lost during his farewell- poor cute maknae
  • Suga’s hair bouncing crazily during Rise of Bangtan
  • Suga smiling happily during If I Ruled the World
  • Jimin pointing to Suga’s ass (quite violently) during If I Ruled the World
  • Everyone apart from Rapmon pronouncing it Syd-eh-nay
  • Jimin singing the start of Black Eyed Pea’s ‘let’s get it started’ before their third song
  • The impromptu chanting of Aussie-Aussie-Aussie-Oi-Oi-Oi during the intermission thingy. Onya Aussie-ARMY!
  • Their enthusiasm and silliness when making the audience sing along to Miss Right and I Like It
  • Suga being swag and chill- he seriously looked so done for most of it. I know it’s just his resting-bitch-face, but it was funny.
  • During Cipher, Suga was 110% in his element. I think part of the reason I cried was because of his history as an underground rapper, and now he’s an internationally famous idol but his passion is still emotional rap, and he’s so good at it.
  • Rapmon sharing the childhood anecdote: “When I was thirteen, or about ten years ago, I went to New Zealand. People said the countryside of New Zealand and Australia was very beautiful, so I have wanted to come here for a very long time” (That’s almost word for word; he said some other stuff, but people were cheering so I missed it)
  • Jimin being super smiley and friendly to the people in the front row, during the last song (which was a repeat, and was really just the boys being silly and singing along)
  • Jungkook being forced to do aegyo, and then Jimin doing aegyo of his own volition.
  • The orgasmic bass during a break between songs. Not the boys specifically I know, but I felt that bass in my soul. And a good bass is ooomph; damn fine. I need to sleep, can you tell?
  • Having my bias as Rapmonster reconfirmed (even though I still love all the boys so much)
  • And I hate to end on a negative note, even if it is true, but some of the photos on the mini-banner were laughably terrible:
    • Bad hair days for Suga, I think we can all agree
    • J-Hope just looks really orange compared to all the others

All up, it was an amazing experience, and I’m so glad I was able to enjoy it. I wish I could have shared it with you all,  and if any of you have the opportunity to attend BTS live, I encourage you to seize it! 

Heads-up though ARMY: concert etiquette is important! If you’re 6 ft tall, consider standing towards the back, because a lot of fans are young and therefore short (or just short like me). And the glow sticks are great- in moderation because again it makes it difficult for people to see (same goes for arm-waving tbh). Not trying to be a party-pooper, just trying to make it more fun for everyone :)

Also! At the very end, they announced details of Episode III of the live trilogy to be coming soon…