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Sick lance who is struggling through during a mission and is zoning in and out of focus but will not stop because they need to fight and by the end of it he has tunnel vision, a throbbing headache and is delirious then he collapses. Only then does the team even realize he was sick in the first place (bonus points if you add in the team teasing him after fighting about how blank his expression is but lance's delirious mind can't comprehend that is just joking so he's apologizing profusely)

I literally had to write this immediately. Forgive me, everyone else who is waiting on fics I promised them or has submitted prompts that are still in my inbox, but this is the best prompt

anyway hope this whole fic does’t suck as bad as this ending does lmao

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Dear Evan Hansen X Yuri on Ice AU (see my other musical AUs)

So this has been swirling around in my head for ages (inspired in part by one of @zephyrine-gale‘s posts), and I have too many HCs to list, but featuring:

  • Yuuri as Evan Hansen
  • Victor as Connor Murphy
  • Yurio as Zoe Murphy
  • Phichit as Jared Kleinman
  • Minako as Heidi Hansen
  • Yakov and Lilia as Larry and Cynthia Murphy

See under the cut for headcanons about this AU (warning for long post)

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yoongi is really out there trying to get freaking heart tattoos with hoseok and people still think he's cold, HOW

because it’s easy to reduce someone’s complex character to one trope lol just ignore those people 


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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated M for mentions of violence, blood, death, mature themes

Word count: 2k

Synopsis: It’s never easy when a vampire holds your heart in his hands, but maybe Jeon’s love is enough to stand together, even if blood ends up staining both your lips and bodies.

Author’s note: another drabble series yay! Now we have vampire!Jeon aka the beginning of @wolfjeon’s lil turture :-)

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

III. Rebirth

The first four months after Jungkook’s transformation were – and will always be – the most sorrowful of your whole life.

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Day 6: Wearing Each Others Clothes (College!AU)

A/N I tried. I hope this is alright and not many spelling errors. If there are just let me know. My head feels like jelly.

“Are you kidding me?” Castiel whispered under his breath. Can this thing go any slower? Every week there was one day when Castiel did his laundry at the local Laundromat.
Usually he chose the day with only morning classes so after school, he could just pick up his laundry and bring it to the Laundromat. Last week he didn’t have any time and this week was no different. He had piles of homework waiting for him in his dorm room as the exams were coming up.

Today he had no choice but doing his laundry, he was running out of clean clothes. He noticed more people had the same issue, because there  were a lot of people the Laundromat, every washing machine was occupied. People were even waiting in line, it usually wasn’t busy at all.

20 minutes left, the red letters on the washing machine told Castiel. What did he expect? He just put it in. The woman next to him, grabbed her clothes out of the machine, put in a basket and walked away. The scent of fresh laundry hit him as she walked past him.

A man quickly took her place and opened the flap on top of the machine. Castiel studied him, he had nothing better to do anyways. The man was a bit taller than him with big defined muscle you could clearly see through the black T-shirt he was wearing. Castiel’s eyes roamed his heavenly body and ended up looking at his face.

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I learned something about US-Russian relations yesterday

We finally got on the boat yesterday afternoon and are now sailing our way down the Volga river, preparing to make a stop at Uglich at about 2:00 PM. But before we got on the boat, I decided to use some of my money to go on a tour of the Kremlin. They put us in tour groups once we got through the gates, and we stuck with the group and a guide for about 4 hours while we went around, went in a couple of cathedrals, learned some history, saw Putin’s working residence, and watched the changing of the guard. 

 In the group, there were a few Russians who either did not live in Moscow, or had just never visited the Kremlin before, but anyway, they all spoke decent English, so most of us were talking to them the whole time, including me. And I learned something really saddening, but eye-opening (this is pretty long, but I thought it was really important).

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Okay so we’ve had the giant ice storm here in southern and eastern Canada. Over 250 000 people were without power in Toronto alone. After 48 hours without heat, my power’s back on, I can feel my fingers and toes, and it seemed like a good time to go appreciate the less sucky side of the ice storm. 

But it’s still freaking cold out so this is just my backyard. 


Hope you had an excellent year and that you will enjoy the next one even more, being with your loved ones and staying happy every single day💕

💙💙💙HAPPY 2016💙💙💙

P.S. It’s almost aquarius season😈

Untitled fluffy fluff

thealternativesource …I love you. In the grand tradition of celebrating birthdays with fic (hmm …I wonder if I was supposed to write you smut?), here’s some Olicity fluff. Happy birthday! The idea is all alwaysolicity

Felicity wakes up early on Thursday, because, well, because it’s Thursday and Thursday is Maple-glazed blueberry biscuit day at the pastry shop downtown, otherwise known as the day Felicity’s in charge of breakfast.

She can’t cook worth a damn, so the rest of the week she’s usually content (marginally accepting, whatever) with letting Oliver try more and more outlandish dishes. But on Thursdays she gets up early, drives to the little shop that had been like half the reason they decided to settle in this place and gets breakfast for the both of them.

And then she comes home, arranges the pastries in the cute little plastic plates that Oliver had bought because they kept getting distracted by eh, other activities, - how is she supposed to keep holding onto a plate when he’s grabbing her ass? –and brings them to bed, where she proceeds to wake up her boyfriend with the type of kisses she spent three years not being able to give him.

This, of course, means that they don’t get to actually eat the freshly-baked biscuits, but hey, the biscuits are still great cold, and she’s got Oliver freaking Queen in her bed, so she’s not usually so concerned.

Except this morning, for some reason, Mrs. Proulx beams when she enters the shop and waves away her attempts to pay for the actual mountain of pastries she’s selected with a murmured “congratulations”

Felicity tries not to let the fact that the owner of the local pastry shop, which she only frequents like twice, three times a week– okay, five, but who’s counting, probably thinks she’s pregnant, because, no, that’s silly, she looked in the mirror this morning and she looked just the same as yesterday. She just likes carbs. She always has. And, okay, a dozen biscuits seems overkill, but she’s seen having cravings lately. Stress related cravings, not crazy-pregnancy-hormones cravings.

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Knocking on the True Love's door // closed

Emma looked at her damn hands one more time but they were still burning hot and then turning cold. It was more than freaking nightmare. It was fucking torture and she had to deal with it before someone get hurt. Before she turn into a monster.

She lifted her green eyes to meet the familiar 108 golden numbers. Slowly raising her hand she knocked on the solid white door.