it is still beautiful

i hope the new beauty and the beast remake means that “beauty and the beast au” becomes a popular fan fic trope because honestly when it’s done well (aka: realistic slow burn like the movie and not rushed/creepy) it’s really cute and heartwarming and honestly every ship needs a beauty and the beast au


@taetaetown is the cutest person ever and I love her so much please follow her if you aren’t already because she has the best theories and is just generally a wonderful human being whose blog is A+👌👌👌

I love you Queen Alex of Cornlandia, ruler of all things sweetcorn and my heart 💕🌽💕🌽💕🌽💕🌽💕🌽💕🌽💕🌽💕🌽💕


I lost two of my patients today. One with an autoimmune disease that destroys the platelets needed to stop bleeding bled into her spinal cord and then threw a clot to her brain, and was humanely euthanized. And then the other had fluid in his chest and lungs, and treatment was just too financially constraining so the owner elected euthanasia. I’m crossing my fingers that my third patient does well tonight. She’s getting a blood transfusion because she has an autoimmune disease that destroys her red blood cells. This is her second in three days. Hopefully I’ll wake up to good news u____u

Almost everything I see about the new live action Beauty and the Beast is people complaining that Emma Watson isn’t a good singer, that she’s wrong for the part, etc. but I don’t care. It could be the worst movie ever with a god awful soundtrack and all the cursed china in Beast’s castle could be magical singing dildos and I would still love it, because it combines my two true loves- Disney and Emma Watson


The Malec in this episode is so beautiful. Be still my beating heart.😭😭😍😍

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seeing Beauty and the Beast in hyper-realistic CGI has forced me to re-evaluate the entire concept of the movie. Like the whole “talking furniture” thing was adorable & COOL in animated-form, but in reality it’s like a fuckin horror movie. You’re trapped in a place where cups have EYES and literally anything could’ve been an ex-person. That spoon you just licked clean? A person. That chair you’ve been sitting on? Practically someone’s LAP. That toilet in your bathroom? Oh-ho-hooo bOY DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU.