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YOU SPEAK PARSELTOUNGE HOLY CRAP THATS THE COOLEST SHIT EVERY TEACH ME PLEASE *cough* I mean that is very intresting I would be delighted if you could teach me Proffesser -An intrested Slytherin

The coolest, and most badass word:

It means “OPEN”, sooo it’s not very useful but it sounds so cool!

(OOC: yes it’s the real word from the Chamber Of Secrets movie, I have no shame xD)


Here’s Shigure in GBA Pegasus Knight getup because I have zero self control


Hello Fukuoka! (02/21)

Special thanks to (@aseria) for proofreading (^_-)-☆

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka

Mitsuki: Let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Iori: This web program is presented by the seven of us, IDOLISH7, and takes place the same time as our tour to seven cities, “Visual Board Tour”.

Mitsuki: It’s sad that we had to leave Hiroshima. But starting today on February 21, we are visiting Fukuoka! People of Fukuoka, please take care of us~!

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you are... the worst
  • you are... the worst
  • Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast

I was so happy this clip was in the best ofs because Scott’s revulsion at the description of this play is for sure one of my favorite things to happen on CBB all year.


dreamt of @chokoraitodisuko‘s amazing jungle town alma! 🍒🍍🌴 aaaa the whole atmosphere was sooo cool! ♡ I absolutely adored how creative and exciting this town was! ♪ the torches and fire pits looked so perfect everywhere! 🔥🍖 and I really loved running around and exploring in the ogre mask hehe! it was so beautiful! ♡ the interiors and characters were incredible too!  👹

♡ 7D00 - 002E - 2EE2 ♡

are you cute as hell?
  • aries rising: yes!!! your energy is magnetic, you're so adorably bubbly. i'd say yes to anything you ever suggested because your excitement is infectious. i love your hair.
  • taurus rising: yes!!! your smile is so sweet, you're just the sort of person i want to hug all day. i want to buy you so many presents & cuddle you all the time. i love your skin.
  • gemini rising: yes!!! it's just the cutest thing when you speak fast like you're so excited about something. your laugh is perfect & you just seem sooo cool. i love your hands.
  • cancer rising: yes!!! you're so kind & precious & expressive in like 1 million ways. you are literally too good and pure for this world omg, i want to hug you. i love your eyes.
  • leo rising: yes!!! when you're happy or excited it is honestly the most adorable thing. it's so difficult to take my eyes off you whatever you're doing. i love the way you move.
  • virgo rising: yes!!! omg you're so funny & sweet in so many different ways. you're the sort of person i ALWAYS want to hang out with no matter what. i love the way you dress.
  • libra rising: yes!!! how are you so kind to like everyone ever? i swear there is not a single person in the world you don't make so god damn happy. i love your cute tiny habits.
  • scorpio rising: yes!!! you're so quiet, it makes everyone want to know more, & your jokes are A++ bc we never expect them!! you have such class. i love the way you hold yourself.
  • sagittarius rising: yes!!! how do make everyone like you so easily??? honestly tell me your secrets, you're so funny & magnetic & just generally awesome. i love your laugh.
  • capricorn rising: yes!!! idk but i just wanna hug you & keep you safe, like, forever. i look up to you so much, plus you are sooo funny!! you rock. i love the way you walk.
  • aquarius rising: yes!!! omg your comments are always appreciated bc they're so dry & funny, and your dress sense is so quirky and cute, you're a pleasure. i love your voice.
  • pisces rising: yes!!! you're like the softest baby of light, can i wrap you up in tissue paper please??? you're so sweet & lovely & well meaning all the time. i love your smile.