it is so soothing I could read it forever

Ashlyn Harris' Official UNC Player Bio

About Ashlyn…
Academic Major: Communication Studies
Career Plans: President of the United States of America or America’s next top model.
Hobbies: Getting crazy with the girls, laughing with my best friend (Whitney) until my stomach hurts, going out, and laying out at the beach.
Athlete I Most Admire: Anson Dorrance
Biggest Sports Thrill: Winning the National Championship for Kelly Muldoon. RIP, she will be in our hearts forever.
People with the Greatest Influence on my Athletic Career: My family and friends.
Favorite Book: I read so much I love them all. Reading just soothes my soul.
Favorite Foods: Steak and macaroni and cheese.
Favorite Movie: Knocked Up
Favorite TV Show: The Hills
Favorite TV Show as a Child: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Sport I Would Play Other Than Soccer: Sumo Wrestling
Superpower I Wish I Had: Harry Potter’s magic broomstick and wand so I could fly and cast crazy spells on people.
Place I Want To Live For The Rest Of My Life: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20500
I Can’t Live Without: The one, the only … Tom Sander; My family.

Sometimes, when someone speaks, I just want them to speak to me forever.

And it could be little things like “Hello,” or “Good Morning.”
Or something as intimate as “I Love You,” or “Marry Me.”
It could be bed time stories we read together,
Poetry, Bible Verses,
They could tell me about their day and I would just be in Heaven.

Do you ever get that way?
Where the timbre in someones voice is so soothing you can feel it resonate in your soul?
And your heart warms at the sound.
And you just know
Your life would never be the same because you got to hear that, feel that in you.