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Got any Rhys x Lucien headcannons

I don’t ship them in a healthy loving relationship way, in case that was unclear, i ship them as an overinvolved performative hatefuck, so that makes “headcanons” abt them a little… not as cute as ship headcanons usually are. 100% of the delight of this ship is that they’re both snarky assholes with hearts of gold, but Lucien is Captain No Chill who gets up in arms about every little goddam thing and Rhys is High Lord of Being A Little Shit and Pissing Everyone Off so together it’s like holy shit, Lucien’s constant low-level anger could power a small country.

with that established, headcanons:

  • After the first time they fuck, Lucien is like “THIS IS A ONE TIME THING ONLY” and Rhys is like Mhm ;) and then after the next time they fuck lucien is like “OK THAT WAS IT THAT WAS THE LAST TIME” and Rhys is like whatever you say babe and then after the third time Lucien is like “I’M SERIOUS WE’RE NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN” and Rhysand is like right. ok. sure. and then after the next time….
  • I’m SO into Rhys finding some way to sexually humiliate Lucien in the court of nightmares. think slutty outfits, heathen rituals, Rhys publicly groping him and Lucien can’t say shit because etiquette/politics or whatever.
  • Rhys finds out Lucien likes to have his hair pulled, to Lucien’s chagrin-but-not-really as then Rhys predictably, gleefully exploits the hell out of it.
  • Lucien always complains about the perfunctory post-coital cuddling (“your elbow is digging into my side.” “your chest is too hard, it’s not comfortable.” “For cauldron’s sake, you’re like a furnace and I’m hot already, stop trying to hold me.” ) and it’s 10000% just compensating for how embarrassed/ mad at himself he is about the fact that he just had sex with Rhys AGAIN and clearly really enjoyed himself. Rhys knows all this and finds the complaining endearing in its predictability.
  • They sometimes accidentally approach emotional intimacy (lucien develops a ~suspicion that there’s ~more to Rhys~ than the Wicked Dark Prince act) but they’re both babies abt it so there is one comically ineffectual attempt to DTR (define the relationship) and then they just give up and snark and fuck and that’s the extent of it.
  • Rhys is usually pretty Collected and Smug about the whole affair but later on he starts seriously getting on Lucien’s case about hanging out with Tamlin ( “He doesn’t deserve your loyalty, Lucien” “You’re literally inside me right now, can we have this conversation some other time??”). It causes petty bitchy fights that often turn into more fucking.
Jakob Chychrun - Bad Races

Anon: Can I request Jakob chychrun where you meet the team and wags and play for the Boston pride? Thanks :)

Author’s note: GUYS I love Jakob okay. One of the perks of living in AZ is getting to see him, he’s such a small bean. Hope you like this, I couldn’t figure out how to end this so I kinda ran with it, but I still think it’s cute!

Warning/s: None that I know of

Word count: 786

Song suggestion: Over & Over - Smallpools

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Youngjae move your hand so we can see that THIGH(everything)COMPARISON!!! 😍😍 He’s basically got his damn arms wrapped around his small little bean Bambam. And he just looks so small..I know they’re both meaty and all that jazz. But Bambam just looks so all around cute next to Yugyeom. Perfect pair honestly 😚😚❤

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If you're still taking requests I'd really like to see some Gin fluff HC uwu Your blog is amazeballs btw 💙💙💙

Aww. Thank you! (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

Gin Ichimaru

  • Really enjoys stealing kisses from you when you least expect it. He’s really spontaneous when it comes to expressing his affections and likes to peck your cheeks or lips when you’re occupied with doing something or when you both are in a public setting and he wants to embarrass you. He especially likes it when you blush after receiving a kiss from him and it actually makes him want to do it more often.
  • If one of your many weakness is being ticklish, then you can bet that Gin will definitely launch a tickle attack on you every now and again. He loves the adorable squeal you make when he feathers his slender fingers lightly against your side or give you a small poke when he passes by you. Gin finds it so darn cute and it never fails to bring a smile to his face.
  • Never wants you to leave his side in the morning even when you absolutely must get up and ready yourself for the day and head out the door to attend to your duties. Gin always wraps his arms around your waist and holds you close to him to keep you from going and peppers sweet kisses all along your face and neck and murmurs in the cutest sleepy voice to not leave just yet and stay with him for a little while longer.

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My bias is Sehun >< I just love how even though he has already matured he still has a cute babyish aura. I just love how he's so hardworking and so passionate about what he does, he never fails to mesmerize me with his improvements and I also love how his slightest smile always comes accompanied by an adorable eyesmile that never fails to make my day ♡

Aww this is so cute!!

Tell me about your bias and why you love them. Then i’ll bless you with a small gif spam.


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TW self harm: i was playing with my knife a couple nights ago and started to send videos of me teasing myself with it and then another of me licking it to this cute sadist guy who's into gore. then i started to cut myself (only a few small ones) so that i could play with my blood and send more pics. he thought it was pretty hot and he likes my sh scars (thinks they look cool) which feels nice bc im afraid ppl will think im disgusting for having them

Ohmy I’d actually do the same.. man why isnt there people like that nearby where i live. Im into knife and blood play too so ;)))) that must’ve been fun

i love bats so much. i love them so much. i love the cute ones. i love the butt ugly ones. i love the ones with the mad small eyes, you know the ones, the ones with really tiny fucken eyes. i love bats

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Hii! My bias is Chanyeol! He has such an adorable personality it's so hard to not love him 😍 he's so cute, playful and goofy and I love that about him, he's like a giant baby! I get happy just by thinking of him haha. He has such a big and kind heart aaa I just feel the need to protect him sometimes ♡♡

Aghh yesss! He makes my heart hurt in a good way!!

(Will I ever be able to control myself with him tho? Hmm…)

Tell me about your bias and why you love them. Then i’ll bless you with a small gif spam.


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Hi! I wonder if I could get a match up. I'm a female, 5'8, medium lenght hair. I'm kinda indecise with my appeareance, so I often cut my hair by myself. I'm kind of an introvert, and I really don't like big groups of people, it's more easy for me to open up to small social circles. I'm really quiet when I don't know anybody but when I make friends I can talk a lot about things we like, I'm kind of a nerd lol. I had a heartbreak a long time ago so I'm really insecure about relationships.

Alright anon you’re getting yourself a genuine Sweet Boy

I match you up with CAESAR ZEPPELI

  • Caesar finds your introverted nature cute and soothing to be around. He usually has to deal with more extroverted and loud people during the day (namely Joseph) so once he’s back home he’d rather be around someone who’s fine with a bit of silence as he unwinds. Sometimes if training was particularly hard, he’d prefer if you’d let him rest his head in your lap as he finally begins to relax.
  • Keeping any group you’re in fairly small is no problem for Caesar, he’d rather keep you all to himself anyway. The largest hangout you’d probably ever have is whenever you two go on a double date with Joseph and Suzie Q (usually it’s all Suzie’s idea and none of you can say no to her) 
  • Whenever you start talking animatedly about a more nerdy topic, chances are Caesar has no idea what you’re talking about, but he’ll listen to you anyway. He loves the way your eyes light up when you get on a tangent about a certain scene from a comic you just read, or a character of a book, and you can bet if there’s ever a movie showing that’s based off of one of your interests he’ll be taking you there on a date right on opening day. 
  • Knowing how into comics you are, on special occasions he’ll try and go out of his way to find a more rare copy of a comic based on your favorite hero. Since Caesar doesn’t know much about comics, he’ll usually end up begrudgingly asking Joseph for help so they can scour the local shops for the perfect gift.
  • While Caesar would still love you even if you managed to cut all of your hair right off, he’s still extremely nervous whenever you reach for your scissors for another haircut. He’ll be more afraid of you slipping up and nicking yourself than you just messing up your hair, so if you refuse to go to the hairdresser, he’ll try and take over cutting your hair from now on. Whenever he does cut your hair, he’s always extremely gentle, which usually means he’ll take a while longer than if it was just you cutting your own hair, but it’s soothing enough that you don’t really complain. 
  • When Caesar heard of your past heartbreak, he was both upset that you had to go through such a thing, and also angry at the other person for putting you through it. He’ll vow to treat you right, and he really makes sure that he does. He’ll take everything just as slow as you need it, always treating you with care and affection. He’s a master of romance and now that you two are together he’ll really let that show.
  • While Caesar is naturally a more flirty person, you can rest assured that the only one he’d ever be flirting with once you’re together is you. He’ll still be kind and courteous to the other ladies, but he’ll always keep his distance and make sure they know he’s now very happily taken.

Long due post.
Bragging about this one. So a couple weeks ago was my birthday and I wasn’t looking forward towards it at all. Addison kept saying it’s going to be the best day and was full of encouragement. I had some family stuff go on and just made my little to no excitement for my birthday just decrease.
So the morning of my birthday, he wanted to get breakfast super early at our favorite coffee shop. He picks me up, and I had this small feeling oh he’d surprise me with something. We get there, and no cars I recognized were parked there so I was like okay just a cute coffee date. So I walk in and standing in the back were all my best friends. I cried and couldn’t believe he got everyone together. I’ve never felt more loved. He’s the greatest man and I’m so honored to be with him.

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Hi! i just wanted to say your so pretty and cute and you pass so well and i dont and just ahhhh ~ A Wild Pre-Transition Transgirl

Oh gosh you’re such a sweetheart ❤💕

You’ll get there some day. Transitioning is a long journey, just remember to appreciate all the small steps :3 also, remember that you can be super attractive regardless of being cis passing or not.

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My bias is J-Hope. He's pure sunshine and just his smile can make my day. I love how hard working he is and how dedicated he is to his art. He tries to make everyone happy even when he himself is not. He's so cute and also rude. He can move. Boy can he move. His rapping is amazing. And his singing... oh my goddess help me.

I bless you my child.

Tell me about your bias and why you love them. Then i’ll bless you with a small gif spam.