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Hi! You're super talented, so do you have any tips for UV mapping? To me it's the hardest part of creating cc and I just can't UV map for shite! >:( Seriously, the item looks so meshy and mushy and arrggghh... But thank you anyway :D

i’m very bad at explaining XC but when i first started out i used >this< tutorial by lexicon :D she has very helpful tutorials <3 and thankyou so much :D <333

I miss S1-S2 in general really. I haven’t rewatched any of them since S4 and I’m honestly curious about whether they would now be disappointing as hell because I know now it’s all going to go to shite, or still enjoyable because they feel so fundamentally different to S3-4 that it feels like a different show entirely, and therefore I’ll be able to distance them.


 Brother Bear (2003)  ★

My brother Kenai went on to live with Koda and the other bears. He taught me that love is very powerful. And I passed on the wisdom of his story to my people. The story of a boy who became a man… by becoming a bear. 

A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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Finally, the guy we have all been waiting for! I present to you, the angsty meme lord, 707!

based on the wonderful virus au created by @maddox-rider! (her art is truly amazing, and i’m a huge nerd so i was very inspired :)))

ps ignore the proportions lmao 

The Club

Summary: Sebastian and reader have a habit of teasing each other, but it finally gets the better of both of them

AN: This is my first ever smut so bare with, also this is what happens so please talk to me!! btw if this is shite tell me


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“Another vodka.” Your voice broke as you asked the barman, not realising a person was stood behind you.

“Not on the bourbon as usual then?” The deep voice asked, making the you spin around with such force the male had to catch you to stop you from falling.

When you looked up you had trouble figuring out who had caught you. But when the lights flashed you caught the sterling blue eyes that could only belong to Sebastian, the man you’d been having an on and off thing with for months, well if you could even call it a thing. It involved you both teasing the hell out of each other, leaving the other extremely irritable for the rest of the day.

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Disclaimer – I haven’t rewatched everything for this list (I put myself through quite a few scenes but… ick) so this is from memory with help from the ED Wiki, if anything is incorrect I’m sorry! :) All dates are episode air dates, stuff in brackets is my own thoughts.

October 11thShe arrives, after Robert asks her to come.
October 13th
Thinks Robert wanted her to come back to start again. ‘You’ve tried everything else and found none of it compares.’
October 14th
She tries multiple times to get Robert into bed, even when he says no. Offers him HF with her. Kiss #1, he tells her he feels nothing, she asks for one more kiss which he rejects.
October 17th
Visits Robert at the scrapyard, she wasn’t expecting him to be quite so spoken for
October 24thShe seems upset when she hears about the engagement, around the back of the pub afterwards she’s worried about him after the accident. Robert goes to walk away and give up their arrangement, begs him to help her and offers 20% of HF along with Andy’s freedom.
October 27th
She tells Chrissie that she was with Robert during their engagement party spitefully. Robert tells Chrissie he thinks Rebecca is still a bit in love with him.

November 7thGets the vase as evidence against Lachlan for Robert.
November 8th
Reveals all about shooting at bonfire night. Later, gives Robert video evidence against Lachlan.
November 10th
Robert is harsh in front of Lawrence, she’s upset. Later, she finds out it was just for Lawrence’s benefit.
November 14th
She persuades Lawrence not to throw Diane and Doug out of their house.
November 15th
Kiss #2. Robert stops it, she wants more and tries to persuade him.
November 17th
She persuades Lachlan to hand himself into the police to clear Andy’s name.
November 29th
She threatens to tell Aaron about the kiss unless Robert helps Lachlan escape jail. When he tells her he’s been leading her on, she would have kissed him again. Thinks he wants her and Aaron, upset when he tells her no. Crying later on at HF to Chrissie about being used, she still loves him.
November 30th
Reveals the kiss in front of all at Cain’s party. Pretends Robert wanted more, she’s humiliated when Aaron says he knew all along, tries to make out Robert wants her, that he’s all over her but it’s a lie.

December 14thFinds Liv trying to break into the Mill and tells Aaron. Wants Robert’s help with business again. Insensitive comment about Gordon’s money.
December 15th
Wants Robert’s help again with business meeting, begs him to go with her. Thinks Robert is keen to help her, but it’s really for Aaron. Threatens to phone police when Aaron steals money from HF, but is understanding when he explains and helps out. Thanks Robert later for his help, he’s thankful for her help with Aaron – she likes Aaron and wants Robert to be happy, accepts they’ll only be friends.
December 16th
Needs Robert’s help again with business meeting.

January 5thHelps Robert out with Aaron’s birthday present, as long as Robert helps her with HF stuff, and the overnight business meeting.
January 6th
Rebecca tells Robert the overnight business meeting was cancelled the other day and she forgot to tell him. (never mentioned again… did she forget?)
January 9th
She helps decorate for Charity’s birthday party
January 17th
Robert is helping Rebecca with a business plan.
January 18th
Rebecca begs Robert to help her with business meeting. Afterwards she persuades him to stay for a drink at HF, where Aaron finds them. (we all know what happened after this)

February 1stShe drives to the Woolpack, then the Mill to tell Robert in person that his money will be in his account soon. Offers to help with interior design at the Mill.
February 2nd
Robert goes to HF to meet her (does she text him?). She wants to leave the village, Robert talks her around. (is that what she wanted?)
February 20th
She leaves money behind the bar at Robert and Aaron’s wedding.

March 15thHelps Robert out with Liv looking after her while Robert goes to the prison. Talks to Liv about her school problems. Looks appropriately concerned when Robert is worried about Aaron.
March 16th
She tells Liv to tell Robert what the problem is. Later, she’s in the pub with Ross when Robert texts her. She runs straight around. Robert rants, tries it on and she rejects him. Instead of leaving or trying to sort him out, she takes her coat off and starts playing with the furniture. He tries it on again… we know what happens after that.
March 17th
Kicks Ross to the curb, leaving Robert a voicemail and going to find him. Offers to go into the Mill. When she realises he doesn’t want her she gets upset/angry, telling him she feels cheap and used, threatens to tell everyone what happened. Says the same to Chas when confronted by her. (they obviously didn’t spend the whole night together as Robert had not changed his clothes yet Rebecca had, and the voicemail seemed that way too)
March 21st
Robert texts her and she goes running straight to him. Robert wants her to keep quiet, she looks gleeful at him being worried. Puts all the blame onto Robert, then says she’ll keep quiet. Spends the whole afternoon with Ross then takes him to the pub, making sure everyone knows what they’ve been up to then kissing him, all in front of Robert.

Future Things we know from spoilers:

April 6thShe invites herself to Aaron’s welcome home party.
April 7th
She starts getting friendly with Victoria.

Someone pointed out on twitter earlier (don’t have the link anymore though, sorry maybe someone else has?) that there is a recurring theme of alcohol being involved whenever Robert does something with Rebecca, even in their encounters prior to him coming back to Emmerdale which is all true. From what I’ve looked at above though, she seems determined to worm her way in and be a part of his life any way she can and gets angry/upset when it doesn’t go the way she wants and tries a different way. Obsession, perhaps a bit more than what we’ve been paying attention to? Have they been playing the long game with us all along?

I, personally, think she’s in love with him and she’s obsessed with him, she wants to be in his life no matter what and I think she thinks as long as she stays there he’ll eventually come around. Now… after the ONS and rejection I think she’s out for revenge… we’ll see.

If anyone wants to analyse this some more, go right ahead.

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Gee golly gosh Papyrus that sure is something to think about, I wonder if that could apply to anyone else you know?

XD yeah, i wonder too…Where did you even get that, Papyrus? You sound like you know things…

The 100th | pt. 3

Characters: Police officer Wonho x reader

Genre: Mystery/thriller

Length: 1910 words

A/N: South Korea’s notorious serial killer has you on his list next and the police only has 10 days to find and stop him before he finds you.

part 1 | part 2

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