it is so pretty :)


fancy seeing you here lads ✌🏽


Here’s a thing that I worked on that I can finally share! :0

This was a collaboration with 2 other animators, I mostly just helped out with coloring frames. I also did rough animation on most of the human characters, but some of them were finalized by someone else. All the humans up till the research scene were all me tho!

*nudges Daddy for a walk* A special thanks to @prettyperversion and @bdsmgeekshop for the giveaway and access to this ultra comfy and adorable leash and collar. More pics coming in the near future with the ball gag I also got! Their stuff is really affordable in comparison to many other kink stores. In LOVE with my first collar ever!!!

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You’d be my sun; you’d be my light
If I was a simple man… (x)

Pastel Kaneki in heels 👌

It’s wonderful that there are so many pride flags out there. It’s just that many more ways to be colorful and bright.

Nonbinary people are especially great about this, because we often have so many labels and flags that are applicable to us.

We are like a beautiful and ceaseless parade of every color visible to the human eye.

rich people think being poor means not getting to eat out that much or being able to buy name brand purses but it actually means going deaf in your left ear for a week and thinking “if it lasts a month i’ll consider a doctor”