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How many posts have I seen where fans openly admit they watched a movie or tv show just because their favorite actor is in it? Tons. We’ve probably all done it, right?

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when I watch Marvel movies, my main focus is going to be on my favorite actor in them - this includes focusing on every second his character is on the screen. 

Everyone does it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Avengers movie or a “solo” movie. You are going to focus on/be most excited about your fave. 

This is not a new thing. That’s why, when you are on tumblr, you follow other blogs that have the same interest as you. This is why you block blogs that consistently post things in your favorite tags that are not what you want to see. This is why you blacklist things you don’t want to see - so that you can focus on your fave.

So just as a general statement: This is a Sebastian Stan centered blog. That means, I am going to go APE SHIT over every second of screentime my fave Marvel character Bucky Barnes has in every movie he’s in. I’m not trying to step on any other characters or take away the excitement that Tony fans have of seeing Tony or Clint fans or Thor fans, etc. I love all of my Marvel babies, okay?

It’s just that Bucky is my favorite and HELL YES I’m going to be excited about the 2 minutes of screentime he gets in Infinity War. Yes, I’m going to act like an idiot over every word, every eyebrow raise, every sparkle of those gorgeous gray-blue eyes. He is my favorite and I adore him.

If the idea of this bugs you, block me now.

Listen. Life is a pain in the ass, as is. No one should be on a blog site seeing things that bug them and no one should be on a blog site where they feel like they have to inhibit their joy over their favorite character because it might bug someone.

Just block or blacklist, if you don’t want to see my Bucky content. It’s all good. :)

matt was not taking anyone’s shit and was being so defensive over malec and literally attacked anyone who dared insult his ship plus he called out not only clary but clace and wants alec to set up luke and mama lightwood and he’s so tired of alec always taking the heat for everything and tired of people not taking his orders seriously and he literally did a psa so everyone would know to yell at farm animals as you drive by them because it makes them happy and wow i stan the right man

otp prompt where on april 1st, person A, who doesn’t know which day they are, confesses to person B, who instantly assumes it’s an april fools joke and goes with it, thinking it’d be funny. person A is super happy because they honestly thought they’d get rejected and person B thinks they’re just really enthusiastic about the joke and doesn’t even stop once to ask themself “what if they’re actually serious”.
after a few months person B is kinda embarassed because the joke still isn’t over and now literally everyone thinks they’re dating. the fact that B started having a crush on A doesn’t help either. one day they build up the courage to tell A about their crush on them and A just stands there really confused because “well we’ve been dating for like 5 months i sure hope you like me” and b is like “what

After watching the trailer again, I’ve been thinking:

Since it looks like Magnus is leaving Alec behind… but apparently him fighting with Alec together when he lets that dragon thing explode… does this mean that we will get the

“You love me?” – “You stupid nephilim. Why else am I here?”

line from the book? Because if yes, I might just die.

egyptiansapphiredragons  asked:

*gulps* um, please Seto A5, Pharaoh Atem D6 and Mokuba in D5? ;w;. If it's too hard I don't mind having only one char!! xwx

They were all good faces, so I couldn’t resist making it a scene (and I’m not the only one about to make a scene probably. I can’t decide if surprise!birthday present for Mokuba or if Atem got the opportunity to babysit and didn’t waste it)