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She is…

A Harry Styles imagine

Based on this request:

Hey could you plzz do an imagine of you not feeling well throughout the day and Harry comes hone and is kinda pissed at you for some reason and you suddenly faint while you arguing. After in the hospital he feels so bad and is worried and it ends with fluff

Enjoy! Requests are open!


Ever since you woke up this morning, you’ve been feeling a bit…off. Not the “I’m getting sick” or “something bad is about to happen” kind of off, but there was something that tied a knot in the pit of stomach that has remained there ever since. When you first woke up, you noticed Harry, your boyfriend of almost one and a half year, being gone, even though he was supposed to have few more days off to spend with you before going to do his shows in Australia. You at first hestitated to text him, but you did anyways, asking him where had he gone, but received no reply. Deciding against doing something more or less productive while waiting for Harry to return, hoping he had only ran out to catch some take out, since you had been craving it during the night, even going as far as waking your him up in hopes that he might go and fetch you some, but without a luck. As you tiptoed down the downstairs, the cold floor hitting your bare feet, a sudden feeling of dizziness took over you, making you grip the shelves on the wall next to the stairway, accidentally knocking over a few of Harry’s old childhood pictures, most of them gifted by Robin on his last birthday. Seeing the pictures lying on the floor with shreds of glass around them made you even more dizzy, as Harry had been having a hard time coping with the sad news ever since he passed away. Once you had gained your ability to walk and see straight, you wasted no time in trying to clean the mess up, hoping to fix the broken frames before Harry notices something being out of place, seeing that these were somehow similar to the frames you had recently bought and still had in spare. But the recent mishaps seemed to be following you around as you went, and, as you were picking up the last small pieces of the remaining shreds, a sudden bolt of the door shutting startled you, making you accidentally cut yourself in the palm of your hand. Harry’s heavy boots echoed though the otherwise empty and quiet house, making you inwardly curse to yourself for being so clumsy, knowing a storm is about to hit you.

“(Y/N)! Where are you? I bought some food I thought you might like, to make up fo- what is this?!” He asked in disbelief, at first not noticing you crouched over the broken frames.

“Harry, I-I can explain, I’m so-“

“Sorry? You are sorry?! You broke them!!! With the pictures Robin himself gave me as a present!! How could you be so heartless?? You know how much they mean to me!!” He raged, kicking the bucket full of scraps, sending them flying across the floor. He bent down, trying to pick up the pictures himself, with you trying to help.

“Leave it, you have done enough already” he spat, gripping your wounded hand in order to stop you from even touching them, making pain shoot right through you.

“Harry, I said I’m sorry, it was an accident…” you breathed out, silent tears sliding down your cheeks.

“No. No, (Y/N). Don’t start this. At first you cancel our last night’s plans, because you “just felt like staying in”, even though we were not the only ones going and I had to find a silly excuse as to why, then you wake me up god knows how early just to tell me that you want food, and now this! What is wrong with you?!?” He fumed, but his rant became more distant with time and once again the feeling of dizziness took over you, this time sending you in the depths of darkness, making the shards of glass pierce your skin as your body hit the floor.

Harry’s POV

I was livid. The last few days have been a mess - so much to do, yet so little time. Not to mention the lack of sleep. The making of new music, arranging the new additional tour dates and interviews, making sure I get everything done before I take off to Australia was taking its toll on me. And her. (Y/N). God forgive me for leaving her like this the whole time. I’ve missed her so much, and the thought of me leaving her has been driving me mad. Especially this time, even though I cannot fully understand why. Every minute spent together with her has been leading me to the edge of breaking, either in tears or rage, and this time rage took over. It’s not like she has done anything wrong, no. It’s just that the more time we spend together alone, the more I don’t want to leave, making me consider postponing the tour, to which my management would never agree to. And the fans…

Last night we were supposed to go out for a nice dinner with my team, making it important to actually show up, since I was the one who initially came up with the idea. Having to lie made me angry, not because I could not understand that (Y/N) was not feeling her best, but the fact that she realised that only an hour before the actual meeting, making me look bad infront of important people. Even though I was more than glad to finally get a good night’s sleep, (Y/N) decided otherwise, which is the reason for my cranky mood today, since I had refused to get up, guilt eating me, as I felt her shuffle further away from me, mumbling a “sorry” as she did so. Waking up this morning, however, was when I decided I cannot keep up my behaviour and took a drive to the nearest take out place, knowing very well she would forgive me for being a massive dick. I don’t even want to talk about what happened when I arrived home. Something inside of me just snapped…

Seeing her fall, however, was the worst feeling I’ve felt in a long time. Watching the love of my life fall on top of a layer of scraps that I had initially scattered there in the fit of rage I was having, made me sick in my stomach, and seeing her unconscious and bleeding just about broke my heart. I rushed towards her and craddled her in my arms, shaking her for the dear life, hoping to see her beautiful eyes look up to me, telling me that this was all just a bad dream, and that everything is alright…

Once I took her to the hospital for the doctors to take care of her and find out what caused the fainting, praying to myself that I was not the reason behind it, I couldn’t help but to fear the worst. I kept repeating everything I said to her in my mind, wincing at how rude and unnecessary that was. I couldn’t help but to sob next to her bed, praying for her to wake up and forgive me, to hold me the way I’m holding her now and to tell me that everything is okay. That it will be okay… It will, right?

When the doctor came in, I couldn’t help but to jump up from my chair, asking him to give me the answers I oh so desperately wanted to know.

“Mr.Styles, you have got to calm down. The stitching was done professionally, so the scaring will be little to none with the right precautions taken. The fainting, however, is something I am more concerned about..” the doctor trailed off, making my heart sink.

“Wh-what is it?” I sniffled, not caring about anyone noticing my current state.

“Well, she has been lacking on the intake of vitamins, which, in her case, has lead this far, thus harming her immune system, not to mention the stress, but with the right diet and excercise, they should be fine.”

“I-I’m sorry, did I hear correct? They?”

Oh, yes, they. She is pregnant!

The Queen of sarcasm … so evil! Although Camila laughs the same so … what a coincidence, no? No wonder 😂😂 so you’re what you eat, so you know what I mean? 😏

Deck the Halls- Harrison Osterfield

Authors notes: OH BOY has it been a while since I’ve posted a piece of writing wow! Is it too early for Christmas fics?!? I hope not bc I’m feeling festive. I kinda came up with this while I was decorating my house with my family and now here we are. Like I said its been some time since I’ve written so I’m sorry if this is trash, but I’m always open to some constructive criticism! I hope all you lovelies enjoy! 

Word Count: 1557 (oops)

Warnings: pure fluff dw

Originally posted by fluorize

You loved winter. The cold weather called for days inside cuddled under a blanket with hot chocolate, reading a book or watching your favourite movie. Your boyfriend Harrison also loved winter, but he’d rather spend it another way. He’d drag you out from under the blankets on the day of the first snowfall to catch snowflakes on your tongues and attempt to make snowmen with the little snow that fell. Although your feelings towards how you wanted to spend winter were different, you could both agree that the best part of the season was Christmas.

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Adding to my 10 year poem:

I’m 24 now and I tried going on dates this year, I really tried

But I think sparks for me have died

My love for you only grows more inside

At 24, I said I moved on, but I lied

Because I’m 24 now, but I still can’t get you out of my head

I am dying along with you from this pain of dread

I wish there was something I could have said

So I could have saved you instead

I’m sorry that I cannot visit your grave

I wish you were the one that could’ve been saved

I’m sorry for not texting you back the day you went into the light

But now I suffer here alone haunted by the thoughts of that night


Dealing with this shit sober has got me fucked up

I know it’s hard but is (all/our???) love tough love

Anxiety is real, depression’s very heavy

I wear them both inside my hoodie

Wear(??) them out to get me

You wanna get drunk

So you can’t remember nothing

It was me your whiskey

Now you’re pissed I wasn’t bluffing

Fuck it took a couple shots

Don’t you dare fucking miss me

Miss unfaithful hit the backboard breaking bed springs

So delete us from your phone and never look back

Fuck you and your friends and I’ll let you know I mean it

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst yeah I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst yeah I think you’re the worst of them all

Nights never been so loud without your voice’s sound

You wanna (???) some fucking white boy with a six pack

Ooh what’s that

Am I dealing with a breakup or a breakdown

You (something something) fucked around

I thought we had everything on solid ground yeah

I’m a poet and you know it

I’m a business steady growing

Didn’t wanna listen but you proved them right

I watched you blow it fuck it

So delete us from your phone and never look back

Fuck you and your friends and I’ll let you know I mean it

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

So delete us from your phone and never look back

Fuck you and your friends and I’ll let you know I mean it

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of them all


The post says open but the ask box says closed so now I’m confused >.< but I’ll go for it anyway. Delete this if it’s not open I’m sorry~ Can you do dating Xiumin and Suho? Thank you thank youuuu

★idk why i used this gif for this. they’re both losers. 

★dad jokes 

★so many dad jokes 

★and if you don’t laugh

★they’ll repeat it until they do

★it’s ridiculous 

★minseok likes staying inside   

★while ‘myeon likes going out 

★so dates will vary 

★between curling up on the sofa together 

★and going out to eat at restaurants

★minseok loves soccer

★so all three of you have matching soccer shirts

★with your names on

★’my surname isn’t kim’

★’not yet it isn’t’

★he also tries getting you and ‘myeon to play with him

★they duet together for you

★and it’s heavenly

★your home is always clean

★bc minseok insists on cleaning it all the time

★’myeon is v embarrassing 

★but he’s embarrassing to get you to laugh   

★he’ll dance in public to hear you

★their morning voices are very cute

★they also really like morning cuddles

★they don’t sleep together when they’re away from you

★there’s odd times when they’re intimate together

★but they’re the ‘all together or not at all’ boyfriends

★minseok will send you small clips of rehearsals

★and pictures of the place they’re in 

★they both send you pictures of them pouting

★’we miss you’

★if you wait for them in the airport when they come home

★they’re gonna burst into tears

★you won’t be moving when you get home

★not until they’re satisfied that they’ve kissed you enough

nsfw from here

★these two are dom af   

★so be prepared to be wrecked after   

★minseok has loads of energy   

★so he can go forever

★there are sometimes ‘myeon will submit to him

★so he’ll spend the night fucking you both

★if they decide to go slow with you

★it’ll be so romantic

★they’ll have candles lit

★some cheesy music

★and make you feel like the most loves person in the entire world

BatJokes & Coffins (R.I.P.) - Joe Kerr, A Man of His Word!

Based on our recent ‘bananas-related’ conversation with a wonderful @aprilgtomlinson: So, in Grant Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. (#680 - October 2008) Thomas Hurt calls the Joker his “my good and faithful servant”, which pisses J off to no end (almost to the point where he already made a decision to finish the good doctor, once a proper opportunity arises). 

To make things worse, Hurt & his pals from the Black Glove bury the love of Joker’s life, Batman (while he is still conscious), inside a coffin in Batman #681 (December 2008). Obviously, J understands that the Bat is going to get out of this alive and warns Hurt in advance: “You can never prepare for the unexpected, the well-timed punch line. Devil is double is deuce, my dear doctor and joker trumps deuce. I’m saying adieu, but don’t call me servant.”

3 years later in Batman & Robin #16 (January 2011), The Joker encounters Thomas Hurt once again, trips him with a banana peel, infects him with his special Joker venom and, if that wasn’t bad enough….

HE LITERALLY BURIES HIM ALIVE for doing the same to the love of his life… BATMAN, AHAHAHAHAHA! :D 

Therefore, like George Lucas once said, It’s like poetry, it rhymes.“ Am I right, @tyraknifesaurus?) + + +


[x] // requester: anonymous (edited) // request here

“You look very lovely tonight.” Harry whispered into your ear as he handed you a bouquet of roses. You blushed, clutching the roses gratefully. Harry had just shown up on your doorstep, ready to take you out on a date, yet you didn’t expect him to be so sweet. 

“You’re too kind, Harry.” you smiled. “Why don’t you step inside for a minute while I put these lovely roses in a vase?“

anonymous asked:

rick fucking a fat gal and loving it, please? thanks...

Fuck yes, c’mere baby.

Rick was between your legs. His cock hanging, thick and heavy, as he slid it up along the lips of your pussy, covering himself in your moisture before slipping inside.

You had been so nervous, so uncomfortable at first when he’d started to paw at your clothes to remove them, but he’d sensed your hesitation and stopped.

“Wh-what’s the problem, here? You, uh, you seemed aaaaall about this a minute ago.”

You’d tried stammering out an excuse about being naked in front of him, but he’d only screwed up his face in response.

“Fucking - fucking cut that shit out. Y-you’re goddamn beautiful. N-now let’s go, chop cop. I-I wanna see those tits.”

He’d ran his hands along your curves, groping, kneading, his tongue diving into your mouth and stealing your breath with his kisses. When he finally thrust into your pussy, you’d moaned his name, your arms coming up to wrap themselves around his neck as he fucked into you, his hips snapping in rhythm.

“Cum for me, baby. L-let’s hear it.”

Sobbing, your cunt spasmed around him, your orgasm preceding his own by mere moments, and then he was filling you, his cock throbbing, his balls emptying themselves into your cunt. 

He’d pressed hot kisses to your cheeks and lips, his hands still working their way over your prone form. 

“See, baby? L-like I said, y-you’re fucking beautiful.”

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So i answered an ask a few days ago about drama/overreacting and I just wanted to state now that Gabby has come forward, I am wishing her nothing but happiness and love in her journey of recovery. Everyone handles trauma differently and I feel so sick to my stomach knowing Gabby experienced this also and did not know to explain in words how she felt and felt she owed us an explanation for her actions resulting in her own story coming out. Her response this time around was much more genuine and it must be hard knowing she must keep quiet when inside she is hurting. I am absolutely devastated for her and all of the other victims…ugh my heart is breaking and I hope that USAG makes the changes that need to happen.

To Gabby, I hear your heart and am behind you and everyone else. You are a strong, beautiful and powerful woman and your voice is heard and loved.

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Nickname: sam or sammy

Gender: female and dead inside

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 170cm = 5′7

Birthday: 30th January

Favourite Bands: AC/DC, The Who, Gorillaz, P!atd, One Republic, Linkin Park 

Favourite solo artist: Booba, Eminem, Usher, Frank Sinatra

Song stuck in my head: Beautiful Trauma by P!nk. that’s such a LIT song check it out !!

Last movie I watched: I’m rewatching In Bruges rn bc Colin Farrell 

Last show I watched: b99

When did I start this blog: oh gosh, like 5 or 6 years ago? have been really using it now for almost 2 years i think

What do I post: Marvel especially Tony and Valkyrie and Black Panther stuff, formula one especially Lewis My Husband Hamilton, shitposts, memes n sometimes other movies/tv shows and the occasional football post

Other blogs: my poetry sideblog @radiantdreamz . moved my travel blog to insta (@samanthascosmos !!!)

Do I get asks: from time to time and i cherish every single one of them <33

Followers: 729

Following: too many. 716. i really REALLY need to clean house

Average sleep: dont know, 6 or 8? sometimes only 2, sometimes 14

Lucky number: 13

Dream Job: writer or mayyyyyybe working in research if i get my shit together

Food: Milchschnitte (google it, it’s german, its fucking amazing.)

Last book I read: a Nietzsche biography :D i love my boy so much

What I’m wearing: a pink tanktop and sweatpants

Favorite Fandoms: marvel!!! motorsports. STAR TREK

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That girl will never shut up. She’ll always have so much to say and when she says it she’ll probably stutter more than she should. She’ll get teased a lot for it too. That girl’s laugh will never quiet down. It’s loud and fills the whole room. She always hated that. Her  anxiety will creep up in her body and will eat her inside out. Her depression will make her crawl under covers and make her a child again. She’s not trusted with sugar cause it’s then that that child in her comes out postivley. That girl is passionate and once you get her started on something she loves she won’t stop. That girl is a pain in the ass. But that girl loves so hard. She’s stupid and naive and idiotic but she loves with every fiber in her being. She lets it consume her and suddenly its like she’ll see the best in every flaw you have. She’ll stare at you and it’ll take everything in her not to kiss you. Cause to her you’re a fucking masterpiece. That girl loves so hard that a fire burns deep within her. The only bad thing is is that that fire burns so hard itll overcome her if you dont feel that way. It’ll overcome her until the beautiful stupid, naive, idiotic girl is nothing but ashes and embers on the floor. So i beg of you, please give that girl a chance.
—  unrequited love pt. 1

I made an insta and twitter post about this but!! I forgot to upload here

Yesterday I pulled together a quick cosplay of Mina from battle chef brigade and I love her very much and I’ve been following the game forever and I’m very happy it was received so well???

They put me on the Twitter page of battle chef which was SUPER COOL

Considering that this was a camp tshirt I turned inside out, cut the sleeves off, made sleeves out of scrap fabric I had that happened to be the same blue, and added a collar lol