it is so lovely inside and out

Seventeen Reaction: You being more affectionate that usual

S.Coups: S.Coups started noticing a trend with you, you would get overly-affectionate with him before he had to go away with the group, so whenever he sees you being more affectionate than you usually are, he only encourages the behavior. “Aw Y/N, you’re so cute.” actually dying inside 

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Jeonghan: Happens randomly, with no real reason at all. Jokingly acts like he’s annoyed by it, but actually feels like he’s in heaven. 

 Finally on the other side of it all

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frick this gif is breathtaking 

Joshua: Tries to figure out if you’re being sincere or up to something. “Uh what has gotten into you Y/N?” Awkwardly hugs you back. Hmm, does not trust your motives.

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Jun: Lives for love and affection. Doesn’t question any hidden motives you may have, but instead cherishes this moment and gives you the same treatment but like 100x worse better

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Hoshi: Gets really flustered if it’s in front of his members. “Oh Y/N, not here. When we get back home I’ll give you all the hug and kisses you want.” Unfortunately for him that just ain’t happening, poor Hosh will have to deal with the others’ teasing harassment afterwards. 

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Wonwoo: Is surprised by the sudden change of behavior, but surprisingly finds himself enjoying you being all touching feeling. “Y/N how are you this cute?” probably blushing. Even though he seems sheltered, he’d still return a few kisses here and there. 

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Woozi: “What has gotten into you today?” caught by surprised by the amount of love you’re giving him. There were times where you would be extremely affectionate towards Woozi, there wasn’t a valid reason for this, you honestly just loved seeing him get so flustered by just the smallest sign of skinship.

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DK: Smiles uncontrollably, has been waiting for this moment since forever. This random… but I will just take it in. Probably asking himself how he got so lucky. 

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Mingyu: You weren’t really into PDA, so when Mingyu saw you doing things you normally wouldn’t do in public he just takes it all in, actually boosts is ego. 

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The8: “What?” confused but finds himself liking it. 

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Seungkwan: Must I really say anything about Seungkwan? Once he notices you being more touchy than usual, he would be on cloud nine. “I don’t know what has gotten into you Y/N, but please don’t stop.” that sounds v sexual lmao

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Vernon: Uses this to his advantage to show off to the other members. “Probably wish you had someone to do this to you, don’t you?” 

Sure… Vernon… Sure

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Dino: Is taken back by your new found personality. Doesn’t think much of it though, takes advantage of this moment to be just as affectionate towards you too.

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A/N: I forgot how hard it was to come up with something for 13 people. Actually why I haven’t gone through some requests, I promise I will though!! 

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Ikon Reaction “Crush is a bit perverted when flirting”


You two were walking around the mall when you see a couple having a very heavy makeout session on one of the benches. “They look so gross, even we’d look better kissing than them.”


He wouldn’t say anything and just smile, the thought making him happy.


He’d get all blushy and would kind of avoid eye contact with you the rest of the time. The fact that you said you wanted to kiss him was the only thing on his mind.


“If you wanted to kiss me so badly why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Would be kind of cocky and make it about him.


*Pulls out chapstick* “Want to test out that theory?” Lowkey dying on the inside.


He’d just burst out laughing and not get awkward at all. He finds your humor hilarious.


(I love this gif so much oml)

He’d get so awkward and his laugh would fill the area, causing people to stare at the two of you. Once he gains his composure, he’d definitely get cocky about it. “Of course we’d look better, I mean look at me.” 


He wouldn’t say anything,just surpress a laugh and keep living. He knows how your humor is and is pretty used to it now.

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Playing around while washing the car with Dayton. You grab the hose and blast him with it and run. Dayton chases you around the car, catches you and he grabs the hose to point it at you, drenching both you and him. The car ends up forgotten as he carries you inside so you can have a nice warm shower together then change in cosy pjs and spend the day have lazy make out sessions while watching movies.

Ahh!! I love this and the squeals and laughter. Perfect

Fluffy Friday™

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Confession: I get so sad watching couples these days. The ones who are just starting out their new relationship, where their first "I love you"'s are said and the first touches and first kisses are shared. I get so sad because I had that. And when it was over, it felt like something inside of me just shut down. I lost someone who I felt was my other half, and theirs nothing I can do about it. But, I did learn to not put my everything into anyone ever again. I won't allow myself to get destroyed.


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my recent gf asked me out at the beach, and we were playing one of her playlists off my phone and it was called "why i love you" and it ended with the song liable which is like "our song" because when she was driving me home after our first date, we saw the city in the night and listened to it on repeat and i sang along and ahhhh im gay

I am crying so hard inside because this is actually one of the sweetest things??? What song is your song??

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I honestly want to back hug Namjoon and tell him how much he means to me and how handsome he is and that everything he does and says brings so much light into my life

I wanna hug namjoon too ))): he deserves all the love in the world, he’s such a beautiful person inside and out and he’s an amazing leader and I just asdfghjklndznc

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This is 'ok' news but like...i think im getting better with my self esteem and confidence! It doesnt matter what people tell me im sickening!

YES! YES! YES YOU ARE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and i LOVE hearing this kind of stuff… this really brought a huge smile to my face please keep onward on this track bb, i know it’s hard but i’m so, so, so proud of you… you deserve the world and you are so gorgeous inside and out. ♥

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After reading your thoughts on Jared, I'm kinda curious to hear how you feel about Jensen?

anon #2: ohhh please share everything about turning jensen ackles inside-out !!!

these are related, so imma answer them together ;)

how do i feel about jensen? god. i guess it’s accurate to say that he makes my inner-jared come out. i’m pretty fp jared when it comes to jensen. i see jensen as the most beautiful, supple, juicy-assed little bottom slut who ever lived. he is still that soft, wide-eyed little boy who came to hollywood and had So Many Ho Adventures, and he now has a man who knows him and loves him and takes care of him in all the ways he’s craved and dreamt of since he was a tiny little underage twink in a dallas suburb. 

he has an insatiable, bottomless cunt and he’s the biggest size queen on the whole fucking planet. i bet he has stories about how far he’s gone to get fucked that would make even me blush. i bet he’s had everything in his ass and has choked on so many dicks, i bet he’s been double-triple penetrated, spit-roasted, fisted, fisted-while-being-fucked, had trains run on him, has been turned out on whatever men wanted to shove inside of him, and has been so pumped full of jizz that he felt pregnant. 

i bet he can lick jared’s balls while jared’s skullfucking him. i bet he sucks jared’s dick when it’s dripping with spunk and ass juice from his own hole. he gives jared morning bjs to wake him up. he pretends he’s asleep so jared can fuck him in the middle of the night and feel like he’s getting away with something. he makes the prettiest sounds while jared’s dicking him, makes it really breathy and like it hurts (and god, it does), pulls up some real tears while he’s getting his guts fucked soft and raw, and he comes so hard when jared whispers ‘there’s blood on my dick’ in his ear while he’s grinding jensen into the bed.

he’s nasty and filthy and the dreamiest dickwhore in all the world, and he’s fucking shameless about it. it’s the most beautiful thing ever. ever.

things I love about Steve Trevor
  • He makes sure he actually thanks Diana for pulling him out of the water
  • The only time he ever expresses doubt to Diana about any of her beliefs is when he’s trying to convince her not to jeopardize the mission by killing Ludendorff, and even then it’s a hypothetical (“what if”)
    • He also does after she kills Ludendorff but that’s after her belief is shattered so I don’t really count it
  • He is so duty-bound I love him so much no wonder he and Diana got along so well
  • He just. Wants the people around him to be happy? The scene after they rescue Veld always kills me, and two parts in particular: 
    • When Charlie starts playing piano and singing and Steve says “I haven’t heard him sing in years…” and his face is all soft and you can see the shadow of a smile tugging at his lips but you can also see all the sadness in his eyes from those years of him not singing
    • And when he’s dancing with Diana and it starts to snow and she looks up and is so confused and delighted and he’s like “it’s snow… go on, touch it” and she does (also she has to let go of his hand to do it and he still encourages her to? such a small thing but oh man my heart) and he looks at her with such heart eyes
    • Honestly Chris Pine played him so well, so much complex emotion depicted even when he’s not speaking, like jfc well done
  • I love the boat scene, partly because it’s just fucking hilarious but mostly because their conversation is so respectful. She tells him she was sculpted from clay and brought to life by the breath of Zeus and his reaction is just to raise his eyebrows and say “Well, that’s neat.” 
    • I know that could read as sarcastic but it doesn’t to me at all. It’s funny, sure, but he isn’t making fun of her. It’s genuine and kind, even when what she’s saying is fairly unbelievable.
    • Just the entire way they speak in this scene… He never adopts that Mansplaining Tone™ that is so common, even when he’s actually explaining things. He talks because he wants to share information. It’s a cultural exchange, and I loved it.
  • After Veld, when they’re sitting and watching the villagers dance, he just quietly says, “You did this.” and she’s the one who smiles at him and says, “We did this.” He has so much respect for her and it kills me inside because it’s not “We did this” originally (which could be him pointing out that they’re a good team, him saying they have things in common, or a thousand other things), it’s just “You did this,” because he just wants her happy. He wants her to recognize how goddamn impressive she is. There is no agenda to what he said and it fucks me up
  • The entire scene with the kiss. Like, I’m gay as hell, usually I hate this kind of thing because it feels so unnecessary, but this was so well done I’m genuinely glad it was included
    • When he escorts her up to a room he then starts to leave. Even with all of that tension he doesn’t want to assume that she wants anything to happen. 
    • So he has his hand on the door and he starts to back out of the room and he hesitates just long enough for her to turn around and meet his gaze. And even then he’s reading that as a sign that she wants him in the room so he steps forward and closes the door behind her and then looks up again to confirm that’s what she wanted. And even after that, he crosses over to her so slowly and lets her be the one to actually initiate the kiss. 
    • He gives her a thousand and one chances to change her mind, to give him a small indication that she’s uncomfortable or doesn’t want it to happen, and it’s only once she lets all of those chances pass that they kiss. 
    • Consent-based relationships, man. Fuck me up.
  • Speaking of consent… the scene after Diana returns to Veld and sees the gas has killed everyone fucks me up
    • Steve’s followed her there and is clearly freaked the fuck out because she’s just gone and he physically can’t go in to try to find her because of the gas
    • So when she comes out he’s so visibly relieved and he goes forward and puts his hands around her face, clearly wanting to kiss her, and she shoves him away and says “stay away from me.” and he does.
    • He lets her be furious and devastated and overwhelmed because he knows what it’s like to feel powerless and I think he is genuinely sorry he contributed to her feeling this much pain. He lets her say she’s angry, he lets her blame him, he lets her grieve and doesn’t stop her when she leaves him there.
    • Not only does he not stop her, he sees the smoke from Chief’s fire and yells to her to follow it because he had followed Ludendorff. Their argument from the ballroom still isn’t resolved - she wants to just kill him and be done with it, Steve wants that to wait so they can focus on stopping the gas - but he recognizes that this is her choice and even after she’s basically just blamed an entire village’s deaths on him (and on herself) he tries to help her carry it out.
  • So after Diana’s killed Ludendorff and the war is still going on and Steve runs up to find her, he’s so visibly relieved that she’s alive and (like after Veld) goes to kiss her but backs away without her doing anything because he realizes the “stay away from me” thing has never been explicitly lifted. She might still want nothing to do with him and he respects that.
    • He does touch her a couple times after this but it’s always brief, I think it continues only because she didn’t react negatively the first time, and like they’re in the middle of a fucking war and I think Steve’s about 900% convinced that they’re all going to die so I’m gonna cut him a little slack here.
  • They have that “argument” again, where Diana says “this should have stopped, I killed him, why is this still going on” and instead of saying I told you so Steve just tries to get her to move on and help him save other people.
    • When he says “maybe it’s us! maybe we’re to blame!” (meaning not Ares) and she says that (obviously) she isn’t to blame, he doesn’t hesitate, he just says “but maybe I am.” He’s willing to put that on himself. Also, the qualifier through this scene - but maybe it’s us - is so important to me, because he’s still not saying “you’re wrong.” it’s a maybe.
    • When she refuses to go with him he’s clearly frustrated (again I’m giving him a pass here because he’s frustrated because he knows he won’t be able to save as many people without her) but he still doesn’t try to force her to go with him. He doesn’t guilt-trip her, doesn’t yell at her for not helping. He just gives that desperate shrug and says “I have to go. I’m sorry, I have to go.”
    • And when Charlie and Sam and Chief show up and ask where Diana is, all he says is “we’re on our own.” Not “she wouldn’t fucking help us” - which frankly is probably what I would have said in this situation - just that statement and nothing more.
  • In their final scene, when she’s hurt and dazed and temporarily hard of hearing, he breaks his “no touching” rule, but he breaks it because he’s helping her stand up and then because, well… even if she doesn’t, he knows he’s never going to see her again. 
    • It’s also super important to me that he doesn’t try to kiss her in this scene, because god knows he must have wanted to. He sees that she is in no shape to consent to anything like that and he doesn’t even come close to pushing it.
    • I’m not even gonna get into the “I can save today” part because I’m still too emotionally fraught
    • He says is “I wish we had more time.” before he tells her he loves her and literally runs to his death. That’s it. Nothing that could possibly make her feel guilty, nothing that could have seemed like he regretted anything. Not “I wish we hadn’t gone to the front.” Just “I wish we had more time.”
    • And he then, metaphorically and literally, gives her more time. Because he knows his clock has run out, but that doesn’t mean hers has to… So he runs and saves today and gives her his watch. Gives her time.
  • Anyway I’m seventeen thousand levels of fucked up from this movie, please feel free to add because Steve is amazing and a genuinely good, complex, respectful male character like this should be celebrated

I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!

I don’t wanna be fake deep but my love for niall grows more and more every single day. He’s literally the sweetest guy on earth. He always has a nice thing to say to everyone. He’s so funny, so joyful. He lights up the mood every time he enters a room. Not to forget the fact that every person, including straight males, falls in love with him as soon as they meet him. He also loves everyone. And he’s just the most supportive friend. Always showering them all with so much love and he always lets them know how much he cares for them. He’s so proud of all their achievements and he’s always there for all of them. And i’m just so incredibly proud of him for everything he’s done so far. Always up to help others and raise money for different charities. He cares so much about everyone and he simply deserves the very best.


Okay so I’ve done Career and Childhood in astrology so I decided to go with one that I know a ton of people would find useful (personally I’m not really into the love side of astrology but I get why a lot of people are). So anyways, here’s where you should look in the natal chart to learn more about your approach to/experience with love!

Ascendant: An all-rounder placement for practically anything, the ascendant will show you how you come across to others and how you’re perceived, who you attract etc.

Descendant: Otherwise known as the 7th House cusp, this placement shows you who you attract intimately and how you behave in close, personal relationships.

Moon Placements/Aspects: When looking at committed relationships in particular, the moon placements/aspects will show us what makes us feel at home and comfortable. It’s important to look at these placements because any strong relationship needs a strong emotional foundation, so you should know your own inside out. 

Venus Placements/Aspects: No surprises here, Venus being the planet of love and romance, we look here to see how we initiate romantic pursuits, how we flirt etc. We also see the type of vibe we give off to other people and the house it’s in can show us where in our life we give a lot of our love to. It’s super important to look at Venus because it shows us what we want, what we’re attracted to and how we handle affairs of the heart.

Mars Placements/Aspects: Mars is the masculine counterpart of counterpart. When looking at it in relationships, we mainly focus on the sexual element. Our libido, sexual tastes etc. However, while that’s all well and useful, it’s also great to look at for anger. Being honest, it would be stupid to think that our capacity for anger and patience are irrelevant in relationships, so it’s important to look at Mars to pay attention to what gets on our nerves and furthermore, how we should handle our anger especially around others. 

5th House: The 5th House represents a multitude of things, joy, talent, children - but in this case, romance and casual sex. We should look at the 5th House to see what our natural aphrodisiacs are, as well as our turn-ons (to a lesser extent than Mars). The 5th House will show us what we find appealing in light-hearted romance.

the saddest part of this episode was hands down the way magnus cried out for his mama in such agony like can you imagine that even after his mother literally killed herself over the fact that she brought the son of a demon into the world there’s still the young, vulnerable little boy deep inside of magnus that just craves for his mother, her touch, her comfort. 

the boy who never had a real childhood, who had to grow up so quickly and harshly, who had to learn everything by himself all while battling the constant reminder that his family couldn’t love him back the way he deserved, but all he wanted in that moment was to have his mother back.