it is so big!!!!

idk how to walk Mary home but I wanna


Fantastic photos from ‘Epic Rock Orchestra’!

An amedot quickie on a 3x3″ post-it note.

I honestly don’t care if they end up canon or not. Canon never stopped Kirk/Spock, Mulder/Krycek, or pretty much any other slash ships before. I’ll be shipping it either way.

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Victor or Yuuri (or both) hug Yura unexpectedly and without reason, just because. His reaction is?..

Despite all appearances, Viktor is not a very touchy person. You’ll never see him leaning on an rink mate’s shoulder, or pat distractedly a reporter’s forearm during an interview. Viktor’s joviality is sharp toothed and laser pointed, all twinkling eyes and open smiles, unbothered but distant. He looks like those polished ancient statuettes in museums’ display cases: you want to touch, oh, how much you want to, but you also know you shouldn’t, so you don’t. Viktor is great at what he does, obviously. He’s inviting, and funny, and makes you feel like he wouldn’t love anything more than to keep talking to you. He can fill a whole room with just his presence, and maybe that’s exactly the problem.

Yuuri is, by chance or luck, call it what you want, exactly the opposite. He’s shy, and small, and unassuming. He fiddles with his thumbs and looks kind of awkward wherever you put him. But when he smiles, he does it with his whole body. He perks up and chats with reporters like he’s forgotten they’re not the only ones in the room, leans forward and bites his lips with a laugh at embarrassing questions, looks genuinely abashed when he doesn’t know what to say. His eyes crinkle with mirth and his fingers brush on the person’s arm almost involuntarily, and the interviewer blushes, soaks up in the attention.

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Omg Ana! You're so pretty! In that picture you kinda remind me of like a 50's detective (if they had women detectives). Kinda random but yeah! You have a very vintage look to you. It's so cool!

omgndkfjgnkjfng this is so sweet of u!!!!! tbh i think the filter i used was called ‘noir’ (idk it’s one of the default iphone ones i think) so i guess it’s kinda like those 50s noire-detective type films which i love!!!!!! this message made my day thank u so much bby :* <3

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i love this rp and all the ppl so much already n u beautiful perfect admin pls dont ever #ghost <3333

ohhmy god this made me smile, yall are so cute and i’ve loved every minute of talking to each n everyone of u truly.. i KNOW we got an amazing group here already and i’m sooo excited to see where our babies go and to share all the ideas i’ve got for with all of u. like seriously ily all so much, i’m SO invested n ready to put my all into it.. trust me! thank u to everyone for applying n being amazing i truly appreciate u all<3

btw, if you thought that after a year and a few months of dating, sam and I have become any less lovey dovey and cheesy,

you gotta know that earlier we were talking about fashion and got all flustered and happy because we just started thinking about how cute we look in our respective fashion styles.

I just popped onto Twitter and had to see a genderbend of DDADDS which I’m already not thriled on but w/e BUT

Brian, not fat and just given G-cup boobs? DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT 200 DOLLARS.

It is fatphobic and gross to make a canonly fat character skinny just because you find it more ~sexy~ or ~desirable~. Don’t fuckin do that. DONT.


Imagine your boss Drew offering you a promotion only thing you have to do… Well anything he tells you to do… Good luck

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