it is smelly

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Concept: Hannah and Neville do The Most™ for the bees. Bee-friendly garden? Check. Information leaflets in Hannah’s purse to give to friends? Check. Baby dressed up as a bee? Super check.

This is the cutest concept ever? I’m imagining Neville and Hannah’s baby getting dressed as a bee for halloween with Hannah dressed as a sunflower and Neville dressed as his favorite plant mimbulus mimbletonia. They give out illustrated save the bees pamphlets suited for both kids and adults along with candies.

i might be late to the party but look at this star of a fucking disney channel movie validating the queer that the fans of her movie see. LOOK AT THIS ACTRESS WILLINGLY ACKNOWLEDGING A NON-CANON WLW SHIP AND VALIDATING THE OTHERS WHO SEE IT!!!!!!!

I think I better do what it says 😍 I requested that my wife keeps her socks on all day and all night in bed so that in the morning they have a lovely fresh foot scent to them… I’m pretty danm excited as you can imagine. She’s so I’m amazing I’m going to wake her by 💋 her 👣 who wants me to take some piccys?