it is shitty because i am bored

Things I've Done as Check Please Characters

Yeah I’m like 3 months late but here ya go

Jack: spent two hours at work intensely researching squirrels because I got bored

Bitty: stayed up till 1 am baking with a cute girl (this has happened multiple times with multiple cute girls)

Shitty: joined a church (somewhat cult-like) for the free food

Ransom: wrote a 10 page paper on Syria in like 8 hours, never edited it, got an A

Holster: watched 18 episodes of Supernatural in 24 hours

Dex: went on a 20-minute rant on my radio show about how bikes shouldn’t go on the sidewalk

Nursey: fell down a mountain

Chowder: got so excited I waved my arms around and hit myself in the face

Tater: didn’t know what the bay was called so I referred to it as ‘the small ocean’

Kent: wrote over 30 songs about one person

Lardo: calculated the exact 10-minute period there’s no one in the student union so I don’t have to wait in line

I don’t think I have ever mentioned this on here but I have Crohn’s disease and I am always in and out of the hospital for my treatments and I get sick really easily because of my immune system and honestly the only reason I found out about dan and phil was many years ago I was bored at a hospital and stumbled upon them on my old shitty laptop

Since then I have obviously become literally dan and phil trash #1 and got to go to tatinof and meet them and idk I am just feeling so in my feels right now I am seriously so grateful for them it literally hurts my heart they deserve the world


I know there is a translation of this song already. But since I think the meaning I have here differs a lot from that version, I’m redoing one of my own. I can’t trust anyone’s work but myself after all.

Rated G for gay. Very gay. Licht’s is in bold and Lawless’ is in italics. Normal text is both. 

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I have honestly lost count on the amount of times I have watched Camp Takota. There is just something about this movie that is so captivating I could easily watch it every day and not be bored of watching it. This movie has always put a smile on my face no matter how shitty of a mood I am in. IT’S JUST SO GOOD!!

Does anyone else feel this way, because I can’t be the only one??


hhggghg i lost the ask but basically @mathes0n was like “fiddleford teasingly calls ford ‘doctor’ and for the rest of the night he screams into his pillow and kicks his legs in the air like a teenage girl” and i died so because i cant share that w yall u get to see my shitty 2 am doodles
plot twist: he still does this forty years later

My E3 2016 Sony Conference Summary

I preface my jokes with the disclaimer that I am not a hardcore gamer and know little to anything about most of these games.

  • God of War: Shitty Dad Edition
  • Days Gone: If “Last Of Us” Had Been Boring And Average
  • Detroit: Become Human (Because apparently you’re not. Get on it Detroit.), AKA Blade Runner AKA Another Edgy Crime Game
  • There was one with space but I can’t tell you anything about it because James kept screaming, “THAT’S NOT HOW SPACE WORKS”. So, we’ll just say: That’s Not How Space Works: The Game
  • Horizon: Buy This One
  • Final Fantasy: You’re Buying It Anyway
  • Hideo Kojima and Naked Norman Reedus in a Surrealist Wonderland
  • Resident Evil 7: When Horror Isn’t Terrifying Enough, Try VR

Those are my takeaways.

my graphic is pretty shitty this time but it has caylor so that’s what matters to me

so i hit 3k like 2 days ago?? i think and i wanted to make another follow forever because why not. also it’s 12:30 am and i’m very very bored.

so if you’re not on here, don’t fret because i make one of these for almost every 1000 new followers and you’ll probably get on here one day i promise

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