it is shitty because i am bored

  • me: if u feel anxiety after every time u have an argument with someone, maybe u should stop... doing that so much
  • me at every event: heterosexuality is a myth, the electoral college is racist, objectifying dudes is a fun hobby to do with ur friends, here is a list of every historical figure who wronged me, i've never seen breaking bad and i am 100% sure i hate it, do u remember when u pretended to like radiohead because i do and i'm still furious that shit is boring and i'd rather listen to my shitty microwave yell than thom yikes, also bite me
Employee of the Month: Part 1/11

Pairing: Reader x Ong Seongwoo

Group: Wanna One

Type: Fluff I think?

Words: TOO DAMN MANY (like almost 3.8k, jfc) 


A Brief Synopsis: 

The tale of Ong’s really shitty job and how it provides a platform for you to exist in his life romantically. Kind of.

A/N: This is 1 of 11 parts in my Wanna One job oneshot series. I swear it is infinitely more interesting than it sounds. Just read this, please. I swear it isn’t boring af. Also I should be posting 1 or 2 of these each week until I finish all 11. Mentally prepare for the babies of the group to have shorter ones, because they are smol[and illegal 👮🏻🚫] . I have like 5 in the works already and am almost done with Guanlin’s, so I’ll probs post that one tomorrow. That is all.

Name: Ong Seongwoo

Age: 21

Occupation: Chuck E. Cheese Employee

  • Now lets preface this by clarifying that this boy never actually filled out a job application or had any desire to work here 
  • He literally just took Dan and Jisung once as a joke for Dan’s birthday 
  • After being there for 5 minutes he became so bored that he stole the mouse head from Chuck while the mouse was in the bathroom 
  • Ran around for 30 minutes with it on until all the children in the building were crying 
  • The manager reprimanded him and took the head back, because she was hostile af 
  • Upon seeing Ong’s face she almost cried 
  • *insert I saw a man so beautiful I started crying meme, you know the one, from like 3 or 4 years ago* 
  • Immediately she asked him to work for the company because he “seemed to really understand children and would make a valuable asset" 
  • He only said yes for free tokens 

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Post-Nightmare Cuddles

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (Female) Reader

Warnings: Nightmare, Fear of Failure, Hurt/comfort

Word Count: 2,542

Summary: 6. with female reader has a nightmare and dearest Bucky is there to help? 

A/N: So picking a nightmare was hard, so I went generally with failure. I am a millennial in this shitty job market who might have to live at home til I can find a job and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. However, I used my fear of never being able to escape my hometown (which is tiny and boring and filled with hateful old people) as the basis for this nightmare, which should explain why I went the way I did. IF YOU NEED TO LIVE WITH YOUR PARENTS BECAUSE THE JOB MARKET IS SHIT, THEN THERE IS NO SHAME AT ALL IN THAT. Just wanted to make sure no one took that the wrong way.

It was a wonderfully relaxing night. You had cracked open the windows so you could hear the storm raging outside, relaxed in your armchair by the window with a constant supply of warm beverages and a good book. It had been ages since you’d been so at ease. You had your phone nearby, but knew no one would be in touch unless there was an emergency.

It was Boys’ Night, so Steve and Bucky and Sam were hitting up the town, seeing how many girls they could get to flirt with Steve, the usual. Bucky had told you he would text you when they got back in, like you usually asked him to do. That habit you had started in college, when you needed to make sure your friends made it home safe, and you didn’t need to call the police. There was nothing the police could handle that those three couldn’t, but it still made you feel better knowing that they were home safe.

You were just snuggling under the covers at one in the morning. Knowing you wouldn’t be able to finish your book then anyway, you finally admitted defeat to your burning eyes that were begging for relief.

Y/n: Headed to bed. You can still text me when you get home.

Bucky B.: Alright. Won’t be out too much longer. Steve is getting tired of all the flirting.

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anonymous asked:

it's not "ridiculous" to find heterosexual narratives boring when clearly they have been the dominant and most reproduced narratives since literally forever. you're crossing into the shitty realm of "reverse homophobia" here. don't try to dictate how queer people should feel about having non-queer narratives shoved in their faces day in and day out. try a little compassion and understanding for how queer folks might deal with heterosexuality in the media yeah??

I am not trying to speak for anyone, I am queer so I was very VERY exited when Isak was the main because hello?? A gay character as the main in the most popular tv show in Norwegian media was huge. But first of all: if you think that Sana and Yousef is ‘another straight love story’ you’re not only ridiculous you’re stupid. How many Muslim love stories have you seen in your life?

I’m not Muslim but I can still be head over heels excited for this season. I am not a gay boy but I was still head over heels for last season.

Skam had a straight love story the first two seasons. Did you feel like this was skam shoving heterosexuality in your face? So you honestly feel that because Sana isn’t falling in love with a girl this season is skam shoving heterosexuality in your face? Gay people are not the only people facing discrimination and having a Muslim lead, gay or not, this season is IMPORTANT. If you feel like skam is shoving Sanas heterosexuality in your face then I can’t change that, but keep it to yourself because it’s an ignorant opinion to have.

If the only reason why you’re watching skam is because of the two gay boys then that’s fine but don’t use the skam tag to post hate on the ‘forced heterosexuality’ of season four because the reason why I complained about it in the first place is because people did. Muslim fans have been seeing 3 seasons of non Muslim leads in skam. I haven’t seen one Muslim fan say that skam is shoving atheism or Christianity in their face…

Okay hi everyone, so it turns out that me and Hannah ( @elevenkisses ) have someone who is messaging all of our friends and making up cheating rumours which isn’t true. Anything this anon says is a lie and it’s really awful and invading privacy and very much so stalker-ish as they have purposely stalked one of our accounts (most likely Hannah’s or another blog’s) and dug up info that has barely been talked about. 

If you get a message in your ask box, please ignore it and give this person no attention. They also mention another person, but I am not familiar with them.

I’m really fucking pissed off because it’s got to the point where Hannah wants to de-activate her blog all because of some shitty anon that has no life of their own and wants to bug into ours.  

If you happen to be this anon, fuck you and get the fuck out of our ask box’s. You’re not wanted and you’re a piece of shit, stop stirring shit because your life is so boring and you have nothing else to do instead of sit behind a keyboard and make others upset.

Not only am I angry but i’m also upset because of how shitty some people can be? Just fuck off, leave us alone you freak


I’ve been super sick with a sinus infection so I pretty much missed everything going on for the past week. But I’m super disappointed because I had to block eight people within the first twenty posts in the tags.

I’m exhausted with these people who are constantly typing the same two things and tagging it as Gency.

If I see you say either of these things, I literally cannot hit the block button fast enough:

“How are there people who actually ship Gency?”

How are there people out there that are so small that they are bothered by someone who likes something the don’t?

“How can Gency shippers like such a boring ship?”

I’m really not sorry that I enjoy a ship that shares my sexuality. It’s almost like I picked to be straight or something. And even if I could pick? Who are you to decide what someone does or doesn’t enjoy? I’m sorry, but being gay, or bi, or poly, or lesbian, or WHATEVER doesn’t make you any more exciting than me. In fact, if you’re a shit person, I wouldn’t care if you were a lesbian Godzilla in a tutu. You’re still a shitty, boring person who doesn’t deserve to come out of the hole you crawled out of. Stop being shitty people and mind your own business.

And to all of you in the Gency fandom that are LGBT, I am smart enough to realize that these people who share your sexuality don’t speak for the rest of you. They’re assholes that fit into the vocal minority and I truly feel sorry for all of you for essentially being disowned by others because you like fictional characters. No one deserves that.

riahchan  asked:

We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date for Jon x Sansa?

It would be fun, they had said. He’s a really nice guy, they said.

Well, the Jon Snow she had gone out with that one time was a prick, and Sansa very much doubted whether this one would be much better. But Jeyne and Theon were looking at her expectantly, and she couldn’t just walk out, could she?

She sank into her chair, and she was both pleased and offended  that Jon seemed to look as miserable as she felt. Jeyne and Theon dominated most of the conversation, initially to help Jon and Sansa get to know each other, and then because they became so absorbed in each other that they forgot they were on a double date.

Jeyne excused herself to the bathroom, and Theon got up a minute later, so Sansa knew they were just going to fuck in the car. She turned back to Jon with a bored look. “So, do you still think I’m a spoiled brat?”

He choked on his water. “Uh, er, no.”

She didn’t believe him. “Well, are you still obsessed with your ex-girlfriend?”

“No,” he said firmly. “She’s…no. It was shitty of me to, er…”

“Ask me out because I reminded you of her and then get mad at me when I’m not?”

He winced. “Yeah, that. And I don’t think you’re a spoiled brat,” he added. “I was a moody git when I said that.”

“And I was a spoiled brat,” she ceded. “I still am a little bit, but I’m working on it.”

He smiled. “I think you’re lovely.”

Sansa wanted to believe him–but she supposed she’d have to go with him on another date to know for certain. After all, the third time’s the charm.

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OK I’t kinda late but last month has been a year since I made this blog! I stil can’t believe I got 1838 people to follow me (hmu sometime!). Thank you everyone for following this boring blog. 

So I decided to make a follow forever to celebrate but as I already recommended blogs I admire in my first follow forever this will be a mutuals edition. All of the following blogs are mutuals I am glad to have even tho some may not even know I follow them (because this is a side blog) or we have never talked before. Ily all ♥

♥ - favourite blog/person

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I am only twenty minutes into the game and I am already annoyed by so much stuff like

-the music is unoriginal so far and the shitty snapping/beat?? Thing in the background is annoying, it’s especially distracting in the puzzles

-It looks too polished.

-I feel like I am supposed to like this game because the elements that were changed feel so unnessecarily ““marketed towards female players““, it hurts. Honestly.

-I’m only three puzzles in and they already fucking suck

-The dialogue is so boring and not challenging at all

-i am bored

-and on the verge of tears


I know there is a translation of this song already. But since I think the meaning I have here differs a lot from that version, I’m redoing one of my own. I can’t trust anyone’s work but myself after all.

Rated G for gay. Very gay. Licht’s is in bold and Lawless’ is in italics. Normal text is both. 

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I miss you

I miss our times we had together. I miss holding your hand and squeezing your knuckles that specific way to make you cringe. I miss that day it started raining and we were by the beach, so we went under the trees and sat on a bench and I looked up at the canopy of leaves shielding us from the drops. I miss when we kissed on that bench. I miss the night we went to that abandoned shopping center and sat on the steps and you told me you’d hate this place, but you like it wherever I am. I miss annoying you with my shitty American music. I miss that day we adventures back from the zoo and I fell asleep on your shoulder, listening to your music. I miss buying sour cream and chips and making our own chip dip. I miss you whining in my ear on the beach about how “boring it is to walk here”. I miss the moment I stopped your worried speech in the underground crossing on the stairs, and held your shoulder and looked you in the eye, and told you that everything was going to be alright because in that moment I really felt like it was. In that moment I fell in love with you, and I miss you.

DC is a hot mess but even THEY have SOME semblence of how to work with color in their movies (minus suicide squad because that movie was UGLY as sin). and even though a…… LOT of their movies are shit, theyre kind of interesting and memorable bc of how shit they are. shitty marvel movies are so much worse in that regard because i cant even recall the personalities of the main characters or any lines from those movies. and they never take risks, either??? like no one is ever in any danger because we KNOW there are 20 spin off movies coming in the near future and even if there weren’t, marvel’s too bland to kill off a main character and KEEP them dead. there are absolutely no stakes whatsoever. its all the same boring shit and i am So Tired Of It.

The Past Never Stays Where It Belongs; Chapter 3

Hello my lovelies!

I’m really glad that people are actually reading this fic….and not even just reading! They’re actually liking it and getting in touch to tell me they like it! It seriously means so much! 

I hope you enjoy chapter three!

All my love,



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September: when you left my arms, i could still hear the last time i cried into your sunken heart. i will never be the same after that month, but i could not see the transition at the time. if i could go back, i would change nothing. we broke up on your birthday, the ninth. i wanted to say no, i wanted to keep you around, i wanted and i needed you, but to have you as half and broken. i could not do that for you or for myself. the way you spoke to others, but never to me because you feared my anger. i understand, i get it. i’m scared of myself too. i get it now. because for your birthday i gave you the best gift, freedom to love and freedom to grief. i hope your pain was brief. i know you’re still reading these poems. hey, i miss you. i probably shouldn’t have said that, but fuck it. i love you, baby.

October: and this halloween, i was empty. the toxins were light in my system, i was still me. i was broken, but i still held hopes that you’d come back. you never came back. that’s when i realized things were finished. you said that i was the one, but not the one right now. i would much rather you have hit me with a car. yes, don’t slam the brakes. paint my heart onto the ground and a rose will grow in my place of demise. i hope you’re happy and find love among the faces of innocence. the first taste of lovers who could never harm you like i did. the strength to move on, you always had that. i hope your smile stays real. i pray for you every night, even if god doesn’t believe my prayers. do keep your road rage light, you always had a temper.

November: i believe this was the last time i saw you. we laid together and something was off. maybe it was the way you looked into my eyes and i could tell, we both missed who we used to be. how we used to kiss. how we used to hold hands. how we used to think to one another. how we shared everything even if it was small. even if the details were foolish. we missed how we saw out of each other’s eyes. we missed everything except for the new us. we buried each other that month. i didn’t want to be your best friend, or a friend. how could we? we shared more than words. we shared more than bodies. more than souls. more than lovers should’ve. we tasted innocence leaving grace. we saw lust take over every inch of our fingertips. we will be immortalized, but we are still mortals. i will die in your arms as much as you will die in mine. we could never love again. not in this little life of mine. we are far gone, what difference does love make if i can’t have the writer i fell in love with. what does it mean to love you? maybe you can give me a straight answer without running aloof. maybe you can give me the words i’ve always wanted to slip from your tongue. maybe if the moon could walk, it’d tread after sunlight. maybe that’s how we feel. something that’s impossible. something that will never happen again. wait and see, we’ll meet at the corner of souls as strangers.

December: i died in this month, everyday. i cannot remember the days. this month lasted a second. i was high every other day. the minutes meant nothing. the hours were something i couldn’t love. the christmas i refused to visit family. the december i caved into depression. the cuts on my arms healed, but i still feel the shower stings. they no longer show themselves, they no longer speak. they whisper in tongues with a language i don’t get. maybe if i succumbed to fear again, i can understand. even though i destroyed a piece of myself to find out the truth about my feelings for you, i think i’ll go on living and hate myself for the things i’ve done to you. we may have been lovers, but we also hated each other. we didn’t admit as much. we didn’t accept anything. the grass doesn’t look better on the other side, it just mirrors what’s real. did you think we were real at one point? i know you’re still reading. you’ve always read quickly, so i’m making this long. you’ll feel like you’ve read through a lifetime of regrets. i promise. by the time march comes around, you will have cried yourself to sleep. i promise. i was good at two things to you. making you cry and yelling. i’ve stopped screaming, but crying? we’ll be doing plenty of that. worry not. tears make us stronger, the rain doesn’t end with us and it will continue as such. here’s to the lovers who loved too much.

January: i survived last month and i feel new, because it’s my birthday month. the ninth. we always took the easy way out. to the way we had the same easy to remember birthday dates, to celebrating anniversaries at the end of the month. if we spoke to our souls more often, do you think they feel pain? are we truly old souls? soulmates? no, no, my dear. i think that part of us died awhile back. when you lost your way to infatuation. when i lost my way through lust. when you become nothing but a pile of tears because studying was too hard. when i lost my purpose to keep thriving in my poverty ridden home. we have lost ourselves within ourselves, but you know what? i always believed you to be the best part of my day. even if i didn’t say so. because when you asked about my day and how was work at your shitty minimum wage, i’d say nothing. absolutely disgusted with how the day went, i would rather hear about yours. boring, tv shows, tumblr, reading books, meaningless studying that’ll eat your soul alive, i wanted to hear it all. i fucking hated my day. i still do, but i’m working through it. if love was all we had, maybe you could love us.

February: the month of lovers. the month that i found out you had another. i’m so happy for you. i am. military man, you will suffer far more than i will though. the comfort and consistency i did provide, you will come to learn and mourn the death of that. if he loved you in the ways that i did, please, discard him. it is not worth reliving a love that could kill you. it isn’t. no matter how hard we force ourselves to believe it. we were radiation and being a pair of microwaved hearts doesn’t end pretty for anyone. if he loved you with my gentleness, please keep him. i heard he listens to the same music, that’s a keeper. if he loved you with that tenderness i provided during our first year, please keep him. please, please, do not let infatuation destroy something beautiful. you were always a fool for that. you were. you always will be. i hope he sees through your height, your weight, your damaged eyes, your continuous and mindless studying, your words swollen from tears, your beauty, your longing to be loved with a certain degree of attentiveness, your clinginess, your absurd language of humor, your random knowledge being spilled on every passerby, i hope and pray that he tightly hugs your soul. i hope he sets you into flames and lets you burn like how you left me. i hope and pray that you both are happy. because even though i hate myself, your happiness will always come before mine. i see that now. i get it. i get us. i get you. i get him. i get this love of ours. it wasn’t meant to last, it was meant to destroy and create. it was fate that we became damaged. my freewill destroyed us and so did yours. we are equally blamed. we are loveless after all. 
March: i always hated march. i did, because it was the beginning of losing my journey to find myself. before we fell in love, i loved myself. and then i found something better, loving you. and it wasn’t so bad, because i’m trying to love who i am now. for my mistake. for how i treated you. for what it means to be a man. to be human. to have a soul. to have love in your heart. to write poetry. to be whole. to be complete. to be broken. i’m learning all of these things this month and i’ll be damned if i let you ruin it. i wanted to call you every day, but i just sent a text and a never mind. i know you’re still reading. you’re always reading, but you never read us enough. goes to show, some books close on their own if left open for too long. we were like that. two books in different languages trying to rip pages and placing it where it did not belong. i’ve learned a lot about you this month. and it’s just starting. it’s only the fourth day and still i’m learning. this was the month we became to be, when you first saw my tears, but you know what? if i saw you this month, i’d probably walk away. we can’t see each other at this state. we aren’t fully healed. you find me in people, i know you do. the sweet parts of me. as do i. i hate it, but that’s how it works. you find something lovely and if it leaves, you search for it. maybe that’s why they call it soul-searching. maybe that’s why we aren’t quite the same. we have changed into who we were meant to be. i’m as shallow as you are. our depths aren’t quite visible. a friend of mine once told me… i need someone to read me like a book.. flipping through my pages to find the right words to make me tick. i think you once did that for me before i even knew about such metaphors. you stopped reading, but i can still draw your palm lines and how your heart looks on a good day. i can still see the chapters that you’ll never share with anyone. i wonder if you could do the same for me… maybe. maybe not. some people are better forgotten, but please. let’s remember the better days. the days when we were new.

—  I know you’re still reading, do enjoy your night. 
Story Development : Peter’s escape.

-Before you start worrying, no, she’s not going to be his girlfriend, so breathe.-

-3 hours later.-

Hey Kid, mind if i sit?

-What? Uhm, yeah, sure, go ahead.

Thanks, all the other benches were dirty. 

It’s cold outside, don’t you think?

…You don’t talk much, right? What, shitty day?

…Yeah, something like that.

…Well, i’m not the best listener, and you don’t know me at all, but sometimes a stranger’s advice can help. I’m here if you wanna talk.

… Why do you care?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, i don’t. I’m just a bored teenager sitting on a cold bench at 3 AM and you’re the closest thing to a distraction i got.

-Laugh- Don’t listen to me, i say stupid things most of the time. I’m ready whenever you are.

…Well…My dads broke up a couple months ago because one of them did something really bad… Because of him, my other dad and I had a really hard time, but now he wants to forgive him and let him live with us again, without caring about everything he did to us before…

I see… So what’s the problem?

I don’t want Steve to live with us again, I don’t trust him.

…Well,to be honest, that isn’t much of a problem. 


I mean, after everything you and your dad went through, you have the chance to be with both of them again and be a family like before. Why wouldn’t you want that? I mean, it’s clear your dad loves him enough to forgive him, so why can’t you?

Everyone makes mistakes, Peter. Just remember that.

W-What- How do you know my name?

You’re the son of Iron Man and Captain America, dummy. Everyone knows your name.


-Laughs- Well, gotta go, My granny must be waiting for me. See ya, Pete!

Things I've Done as Check Please Characters

Yeah I’m like 3 months late but here ya go

Jack: spent two hours at work intensely researching squirrels because I got bored

Bitty: stayed up till 1 am baking with a cute girl (this has happened multiple times with multiple cute girls)

Shitty: joined a church (somewhat cult-like) for the free food

Ransom: wrote a 10 page paper on Syria in like 8 hours, never edited it, got an A

Holster: watched 18 episodes of Supernatural in 24 hours

Dex: went on a 20-minute rant on my radio show about how bikes shouldn’t go on the sidewalk

Nursey: fell down a mountain

Chowder: got so excited I waved my arms around and hit myself in the face

Tater: didn’t know what the bay was called so I referred to it as ‘the small ocean’

Kent: wrote over 30 songs about one person

Lardo: calculated the exact 10-minute period there’s no one in the student union so I don’t have to wait in line

Classy Dogs(Final Part)

Title: Classy Dogs(P.19)Final part
Pairing: NewtXReader
Warnings: Crude remarks, cussing, sexual content, other triggers to be present.
Summary: Newt, Thomas and Peter(OUAT), have always been good at getting the girls in their small school wrapped up in their blankets before ushering them out of their lives for good. Newt finds a new attraction in the girl that just transferred and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her before anyone else, but as time goes…He’s not so sure it’s just a chase for sex.


“Where are you going exactly?” My mom said suddenly, making me jump. I sighed, I was convinced she had been upstairs in the bathroom.

With a grimace, I turned to face her, giving a small shrug. “Out.”

“Out to where?” She looked up from her book and set the bookmark to save her place before raising a brow. 

“To meet people? Find friends?” I glared over at her. “Am I not allowed to have friends anymore?”

She sighed this time, frowning slightly. I could tell she wasn’t enjoying my attitude, I’d been harsh and secluded since we moved. It had been nearly a month and she pretty much kept me grounded the entire time. My new school was shitty, I didn’t try and like anyone, simply because I didn’t want my mom to think I liked this idea. “You’re more than allowed to have friends. I thought you didn’t like anyone at your school?” 

“I don’t.” I snapped quickly, gripping the door handle. “But I’m bored and there has to be one normal person in this area.”

“Y/N…” My mom started, but she stopped when I turned my glare back at her. “Fine…Be back by eleven.”


I pulled the door open and hurried out, shutting it roughly behind me as I made my way to my car. There was no way that I was going to even try and find a friend around here. I slid my cell phone from my pocket once I got into the car, my mom had kept it in her possession all this time, but I finally snuck it away. There were many messages and missed calls. None were from Newt. His mom must have his phone as well, or maybe he didn’t want to talk to me. 

I sighed as I flipped through the texts from Minho, Teresa and Brenda. Even one from Thomas who said he beat up Jackson. That made me chuckle. The last message sort of surprised me as I read it. 

[RE: FuckBoy-P; 10:38pm]: Y/N, I am so sorry that Jackson did that shit to you and Newt. I promise I had nothing to do with it. I screwed up and I feel really bad for treating you how I did, I know you won’t ever forgive me, neither will Newt and I understand that totally…But I just wanted you to know that I didn’t help Jackson with his stupid plan to get you separated from Newt and the rest of the school. Not sure if you even have my number saved in your phone or not, but just in case…This is Peter…Again, sorry.

I raised a brow, hitting the end button to shut off messaging before I pulled out of the driveway. Once I was on the freeway to my old town, I hit the send button and prayed that Minho was near Newt.

“Whoa…Is it actually you?” Minho’s voice said when he answered the phone.

I chuckled softly. It was nice to hear a familiar voice. “Yeah, it’s me, Minnie.”

I could practically hear the grin in his voice. “Looking for your shower partner?”

There was a sound of a tussle through the phone and a groan before someone else picked up. “Do you even know how much I miss you?”

Newt’s voice made my heart race, I stayed focused on the road ahead, trying not to get caught up in the moment. I grinned. “I think I missed you more.”

It was his turn to chuckle. “Not possible…Where are you?”

“Heading your way…Where should we meet?”

His breath hitched and I wondered if he’d say no, but his tone was full of excitement. “Outside of town, I’ll meet you at the old park off Montgomery avenue.” 

I smiled and turned my blinker on to get in the right lane for the exit. “Be there in ten minutes.”

We hung up and I turned the last few streets to my destination. Newt pulled in nearly two minutes after I did. I flung my seat belt off and rushed out of my car, he was a step behind me, but we both ran across the parking lot before he lifted me into his arms, burying his face into my neck. He inhaled deeply, a grin on his face. “Dammit….Dammit, I bloody missed you. I bloody missed you so bloody much.”

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I smiled, leaving kisses all over his face before grasping the sides of his face with my hands. “I missed you too. So ‘bloody’ much.” 

We kissed for a moment, when we pulled apart he frowned and set me down. “Does your mom know-”


He shook his head. “She’d kill me.”

I nodded and sighed. “I’ll be able to leave in a month. I’ll be 18.”

He chuckled, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “I will not allow you to leave your mom just for me.”

I looked at the ground, figuring now was a better time than any to say what I needed to say. “I might have too.”

Again, he frowned and tilted his head. “Why would you have to do that?”

There were tears in my eyes, but he wiped them away, bringing my chin up with his finger so I would look him in the eye. “She’s not going to want me to live with her when she…”

Newt searched my face before his eyes widened. “Y/N…Are…Are you–”

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“Pregnant.” I said, nodding as I tried to wipe the tears off my cheeks. 

The blonde swallowed slowly, biting at his lip. “Well than…that settles it.” He said firmly, taking my hand. I looked at him with confusion and worry. I was scared at first that he was going to tell me to get an abortion or that he didn’t want to see me. “Come on, we’re gonna go talk to your mom together, okay? And no matter what choice she makes, I will be there for you and for whatever choice you make.”

He pulled me into his chest and let me cry for a bit before he opened the door to help me into his truck. I was quiet for most of the drive, but before he pulled onto my street, I reached over and took his hand. “What choice do you want me to make?”

The blonde frowned, his eyes turned towards mine before focusing back on the road. “I love you…Y/N. I know that’s weird, because of…everything and I know that we only just started dating, but I know that I do. I just know it. And I would…I would want you to keep the baby, but only if you want too.”

I watched him for awhile as he pulled into my driveway, I smiled but the moment faded, it was quickly replaced by the fear of telling my mom. Of walking in there and telling her what happened, but mostly because I was walking in there with Newt and I was worried she would hurt him or make him leave and being with him now…Now I knew I couldn’t do this alone.

We both got out of his truck from the same side and headed towards the door. My mom answered it before I could open the door. “I should have known where you were going when I saw your phone was gone…Isaac, go home. Before I call your mother.”

Newt stood firm, looking down at me, squeezing my hand for reassurance. “Mom…We need to talk to you.”

She sighed, rubbing her forehead. “Y/N, I don’t want to hear about how you teenagers are so in love and need to be together. You aren’t. Get inside and Isaac, again…go home.”

“Ma’am…I think you should hear us ou-”

“Go! Now!” My mom said, her tone changed to show her anger, it made Newt flinch. I shut my eyes. 

“Mom, I’m pregnant.”

“I don’t want to hea–” My mom shut up quickly. “What?”

“I’m pregnant.”

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No one moved or said anything, I watched the range of emotions go through my moms face and I thought back to the discussion we had about Jackson and Newt and the feelings I was having. I prayed and hoped that she would go back to being my mom, the one I told everything to and the one I felt was my closest friend.

Finally, my mom stepped away from the door way and motioned for us to come inside. We both moved forward and into the living room, sitting down on the couch. Newt never let go of my hand and he never took his eyes off of me, not until my mom spoke.

“What do you want to do?” She said softly. 

I stared at the floor and clutched onto Newt’s hand. “Keep it.”

My mom stifled a cry, but she nodded. “You must finish school…I won’t let you drop out to raise a child. I will help you, but you need to kee-”

I rushed forward and hugged her, sobbing quietly. She held onto me and than she looked at Newt. “And what about you? What are you going to do?”

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Newt sat up straighter and looked my mom in the eyes. “Take care of her and our child…And anything else she needs me to do.”

“Your parents?”

“They won’t want anything to do with it or her.” He answered truthfully, frowning a bit.

My mom nodded and than she explained that she qould allow us to move back to our hometown, so I could finish school with my friends and so that Newt could stay with us to help during the pregnancy and with the baby, if his parents really did tell him to leave. 

Four months into the pregnancy, Newt gave me a ring and told me we would get married, no matter what. Whenever I was ready. 

It took awhile, but I finally became pretty good friends with Thomas, even Amerie and Emery…And after a nice slap in the face…I forgave Peter.

Newt and I are expecting a little girl, to be named Lizzy, after Newt’s sister who passed away when he was younger.

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hats against the cold

my answer on tuques seemed to perplex people, so this is what i mean when I (as a FRENCH SPEAKING Canadian, not to mix with the English kind who say toque, wtf)

This is a tuque. Pompom optional. I hear that in English, you call this a toque?

Because for us, this is a toque

And this is a beanie, notice the slight give at the end. When the trend hit, we already had a good word for knitted hat, so beanie is pretty much the fashion accessory that covers nothing and is useless against the cold.

We also have efficient hats, like this, but I can’t seem to recall if we have a name for them. These are the best for covering little ears from the atrocious winter bite. Well, we call them “chapeaux de poils” which translates as “hairy hats”, but honestly, the original chapeaux de poils are…

…these (which are not used anymore and mostly you can find them in souvenir shops, come to Québec, try one, take a picture with it, never buy it.)

So, for Check Please fans, I’m pretty sure that Jack has AT LEAST one of each, except the last one, which he bought for Shitty. Also Jack says tuque, not toque, because toque sounds weird and he never stopped imagining a chef hat.

Wait, what am I talking about, Jack would never own a fashionable beanie. His tuques are black and boring with no pompom in sight.