it is really bad but

Mamá, who’s that?

The one in the middle?

Yeah! Who is he?

That’s Lance. Your uncle.

Why didn’t he come for abuelo’s birthday?

He… He’s in space. He always wanted to go, and a few years ago, he finally got the chance to. So he can’t be here. Because he’s up there with th-the… with the stars.

(Day One - Family)

‘’I don’t want all those girls who believed in hope to cry anymore’’

Stars in His Eyes

Summary: Once every week, Dan and Phil sneak out of their houses to go stargazing together. Tonight is Dan’s birthday, and Phil has something planned for that, of course.

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: sickly sweet fluff (FINALLY HANNAH, DAMN IT)

Warnings: a bit of swearing, that’s pretty much it

A/N: This is honestly so disgustingly fluffy, wtf. Writing fluff isn’t really my forte or my preference, but I figure I’d make it up to you guys for all of the angst I’ve been dousing you all with in my past few fics, so here you go!

for cam.

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Okay, BACK THE FUCK UP. (BB spoilers)

SERIOUSLY? The “fake” Ciel is–

And Sebastian–


Was Agni’s death related to—

How could the Grim Reapers not even—


question of the day: 

should i do a blog purge and get rid of all the god awful unbearably embarrassing things i used to post like 3-5 years ago to save my hide, my ego, and my self esteem, or do i keep them up as like…bench markers of progress, historical documentation, and a grim reminder to myself to keep myself humble

More Post-Entranced Thoughts

I wore a bathing suit today for the first time in years.


In public.*

I’ve had insecurity about my body and wearing swimsuits for years- dating back to when I was in my teens and freaking out about being a size 8. I’ve declined going swimming and frequently felt the need to completely cover up when I did go in the water.

I don’t know what changed. I think it has something to do with Entranced? Cute people wanting to play with me? People complimenting me and saying I was attractive? Unintentional (or intentional) post-hypnotic suggestions that helped me feel better about my self and my looks? Doing an explicitly sexy thing in front of people and getting good feedback? General confidence from spending several days doing a thing I am good at?

I don’t understand how it was so easy- so easy that I didn’t even notice something was different until already being at the pool for a few hours. But I’m going to hold onto this feeling as long as I can.

If you were somehow intentionally or unintentionally responsible- Thank you.

*Very public, actually- a very popular park/swimming pool

I'm not here to talk about the Cult Ending

…but has no one considered that their is an uneven number of dad’s? I realized this when I got all the gallery pictures. There’s room for one more and we conveniently have proof of a dad detective who causally offers you his number to call him sometime. It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a hidden dad route.

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so, basically Jeremy Jordan made and sang a song (including Melissa Benoist(?)) mocking SuperCorp, chanting things like “theyre just friends, they’re only going to be friends” etc. at sdcc. rightfully, the SuperCorp fandom reacted in anger and stormed Jeremy Jordan’s instagram. he issued an “apology” today that basically summed up to “im sorry you got offended, but i’m a GREAT ally so why are you hating on me” and he also basically equated his “accidental/unintentional” hurtful and homophobic comments to people hating him on instagram - except the latter being worse “because your hate is intentional"

(i’m on mobile so i cant link to sources very easily or else i would)

on top of that, someone from tumblr emailed a professional email to Melissa’s publicist, saying how hurtful and alienating it was for the cast to mock them, since f/f ships are often directly connected to the fans’ identities. the publicist’s response was basically saying it was ridiculous to be offended and that melissa and her cast mates are staunch supporters of the LGBT community (this is also where she referenced Melissa’s tenure on Glee as evidence as her not being able to be homophobic. which is where all the memes are coming from) she also threatened to sue the tumblr user for defamation of character

and then Jeremy Jordan issued a second apology saying he just wanted the hate to stop but not much else

and meanwhile Katie McGrath has been the best throughout and trying to validate SuperCorp shippers when her cast mates shat all over it

anonymous asked:

since soshi is coming back soon & i am new to the fandom & website, are there top 5 soshi blogs i should follow?

well first of all WELCOME!! I’m so excited for you to be here and that you joined jUST AT THE PERFECT TIME. The anticipation is growing and it’s going to be the best summer of your life!!!!!

First I would make sure you’re following @fy-girls-generation.  They’re going to be the best and fastest source for fansite photos, social media updates, and news on when teasers are dropping, when the girls are on music shows, etc.  They don’t do any editing or gifs or anything, but straight up instant SNSD related content, they’re your go-to.

now for pure snsd content makers, I would follow:  @ninthwish@kwonyuri@beautifulgeneration, @girls-generation, @justmyperfectgoddess​, @ot9s​, @jumataeng​, @snsdnetwork​, and @hyotmess​, just to name a few!!

some of my favorite blogs/creators are multi-fandom, but they’ll likely be very snsd-oriented during the comeback: @asoomatic @irendescent, @tipannies@svnnyjjang, @ayoshidae,  @sonuyhshidae (she has the funniest tags on all of tumblr like honestly i look forward to all of her posts not only her snsd posts because her tags are just so entertaining), also @monoka​ makes the coolest graphics ever and i feel blessed when they make snsd content 

finally, everyone I follow is excellent!! This is a side-blog so you’ll have to sift through, but please take a look at my main blog’s blogroll and follow everyone with an snsd URL or icon =) then BUCKLE IN FOR AUGUST BECAUSE WE ARE SO CLOSE TO THE COMEBACK (and let me know if you have any questions about the comebacks/soshi in general) 

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i, like the last anon, also want to be your friend, but idk how to approach you without being an awkward mess about it :(

approach me with 10 bucks and a reeses