it is really bad but

In light of this weekends hmm events, I want to take a moment to remind my followers that I am an adult, and if you’re a minor, I’m asking you to please consider unfollowing me. If I or my posts have ever made you uncomfortable, this is an open invitation to click that “unfollow” button, guilt-free. 💕

Sooooooo Uhhhh I’m gonna fall off the face of the planet for… A bit. 

Nothings wrong! I’m fine, feeling much better from my cold although its still around. The thing is, my brain does this thing where at 3am, when I’m completely unconscious because I’ve been running around all day, I wake up for no reasons other than my brain wanting me to remember I have a millions things I need and want to do. And uhhh, I just have a whole lot I need to do art wise. Stuff that I’ve been trying to do, but because of my habit of getting easily distracted or caught up in other things, I have a literal BOOKLET of ideas that are just sitting on my nightstand wasting away. SO, to combat my very easily distracted nature, I’m going to just shut off everything that might distract me and focus on getting a few things done and then I’ll come back in a couple of days and overload you guys with content. 

Just wanted to let all ya’ll know, because I really don’t like leaving you in the dark or making you guys feel like I’m ignoring you when I’m just being a antisocial art obsessed nut. 

Okay, so I’m gonna attempt to go back to sleep. I love you guys, I hope your days are well, and you’re all feeling okay. I can’t wait to put out some stuff for you!!! 

- Mun.

Honestly all the evidence for clone Shiro theory can be disputed except for Shiro not having a vlog. 

I can’t think of a reason for him not too except for he’s literally not there (bc he’s a damn clone rn) that kinda solidified it all together in my head..

BUT I still hope it’s not actually a thing and am still counting on the slowly turning shiro more susceptible to mind control or turning him into a camera for haggar (like nartis damn cat lol) 


Like the stars chase the sun
                       Over the glowing hill, I will conquer

Blood is running deep
                       Some things never sleep

Queen of Peace

I never know whether to dive into arguments on my meta, because on the one hand I’m not sure I’m interested in arguing with people who are just looking to Prove Me Wrong, but on the other people using Legends as Immovable Objects of Star Wars History oh my god no please stop that on my posts.