it is pretty small huh

3′11″, huh? Pretty small for a Dragon, but it probably packs a pun-


EDIT: Alright alright, thank you everyone for pointing out the inaccuracy– this Hakamo-o is a Totem Pokemon, which are larger than the species’ average. I swear I’d have remembered that. Still, when I heard they were bigger than normal, I expected maybe a foot taller than normal. This one looks like it’s 7ft Tall!

also wow this post exploded. what do I do.

yesterday my darling baby Karla was super down because the pjo/hoo fandom is… well its mostly dead u.u so i went back and dug my old files and FINALLY finished this!! (theres a small wip u can see here which was 6 months ago lmao and it was already old then) tbh the whole BOO Ending Situation kinda ruined the books for me :// there were a lot of stuff about the whole series that was very problematic and a lot of stuf i plain hated. but the characters are still amazing to me and i still love them to BITS and all our headcanons and all the friends i made here! ill never forget that. so thank you! and this is DEFINITELY not goodbye as ill be making more drawings of them ok shh dont worry and cheer up darlings!!! <3