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Why do you think serial killers charged with multiple murders never confess to the murders they're suspected of? I'm sure there are plenty they're not actually responsible for, or even don't remember commuting if the count is high enough. But surely there are cases where it's perfectly obvious, but they just won't admit?

There are several reasons as to why they don’t confess. Some killers aren’t proud of what they have done and don’t want to admit to it. They don’t want the world to know how heinous they have been. Some refuse to confess to other murders to save more heartache for their own families.

Furthermore, some serial killers don’t want to admit to specific murders because of the stigma attached. For example, Bundy would never speak about the murder of Kimberly Walsh because she was a child.

However, a lot of killers like the power they have being the only person who knows what happened to their victim and where they are buried, etc. By keeping this information private, they have something to hold over investigators and family members alike. It’s something they can barter with, so to speak.

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pics or it didnt happen

I’ll say it one final time.

I’m not here to prove myself to you. I know what I am and am quite comfortable with whatever skepticism or belief you register. That is up to you. You can either choose to partake of the provided materials, ask legitimate questions, quiz me, etcetera, or you may register yourself as a non-believer up front and go your way. That is perfectly reasonable.

I don’t exist to provide you with entertainment. I am a person. I am here to learn.

I think it might surprise you how many of my loyal readers and closest correspondents (including my editor and lit publisher) do not believe me, or refuse to say what they believe. I am perfectly capable of being friendly with them.

Whatever you think this is, it isn’t.

Enjoy your day.

Reasons why I shouldn’t go on Facebook #1798: I just had to read that Sherlock needed to “face Eurus and his demons” to “grow up”. Such a “beautiful and interesting character study”.

Like holy shit, why are people acting as if something was wrong with him that needed to be fixed?! HE WAS PERFECTLY FINE before his murderous sister who is apparently the reason for every problem and everything he’s ever done in his life ever came along.

If a so-called friend is against your livelihood and wellbeing, you have every right to cut them off. Same applies to white friends who gaslight you in your experiences of white supremacy, or ableist friends who belittle your mental illnesses. Even if they emotionally manipulate you with the whole “but don’t you remember the good times we had? You don’t remember all that I’ve ever done for you? How could you do this to me?” That is narcissistic emotional manipulation on their end, don’t mistake that for them actually caring about you. They simply don’t want to take responsibility for their mistakes. Cutting them off doesn’t make you selfish or mean, it’s self-care. Heck, even if the so-called friend is just generally bigoted not towards you in particular but against other minority groups, that is also a perfectly valid reason to cut someone off. Many of them will stoop extra low to not take responsibility for their actions and actually be entitled enough to demand you apologise to them for confronting them. Don’t buy it, stand your ground. Hold the spoilt brat accountable. 


Abby: “Hun remember, Nervousness isn’t conquered by the need to “lighten” the mood with vulgar jokes.”
Joan: “That’s not-..”
Abby: “Sweetie. You have zero filter.”
Joan: “.. (Nodding head) It’s true.”

Luckily for Joan, perfectly timed sex jokes are the reason Mrs Boss lady hired him. Singles nights have never been fuller! Keep it up Joan, you’re really giving it to them good.

How many times did you watch the episode?
  • Yuri!!! on Ice Ep 1-6: About 10 times. It was THAT good.
  • Yuri!!! on Ice Ep 7: I haven't stopped watching since it aired someone send help I cannot with the content and revelation in this episode I feel like this is the reason I was born, just to watch an anime perfectly portray human flaws and a healthy queer relationship that was not overly fetishized on screen instead the characters just purely adore and accept each other. Bless this anime, bless its creators and staff, bless everyone in this universe.
Fives is Graceful and Clumsy AF

He either stumbles like a newborn foal

or is as smooth as flowing water.

There is no in-between. Seriously, look at this nerd. Flawless execution.

Fumbling dweeb.

He can dodge blasters like a pro

but can’t stay on his feet.

Do a barrel roll!

Even when he does land on his feet, he kind of flops over and needs help standing.

His close-range coordination is abysmal (baby where are you aiming exactly?). But he doesn’t always get decked in the face.

Sometimes he’s tripped and then gets decked in the face (he really needs to stop trying to punch commando droids).

He has better aim with his feet

except when he doesn’t

DO NOT TELL ME HE TRIPPED CUZ OF THE EXPLOSION he was well on his way to face-planting even before the detonator went off. Someone protect this panicky dork.

Bonus: “Deadeye” Hardcase taking care of Business™ while Fives flails like a drunken nuna.

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  • female character: *is angry for well established and perfectly understandable reasons* *does something to hurt a Fan Favorite who she has very good reasons to be angry at*
  • everyone: what a terrible colossal bitch with no character at all oh my god!!!1!

Concept: a former Legend of Zelda style child hero who has no concept of what conventional childhood tribulations are like, nor how to appropriately respond to them - but instead of failing to appreciate the gravity of “normal” kid stressors, she just doesn’t discriminate. In her mind, being set on fire and punted off a bridge by an orc warboss is on the same level as failing a math test, and the solution to both probably involves a flooded temple, an ancient artifact, and a modicum of stabbing.

Now contrive a reason for a perfectly ordinary nine-year-old girl to end up in her care.

At the dawn of the Republic, there was a strong abolition movement. This movement is actually how slavery got outlawed in the Northern states–in colonial times, while not much practiced for economic reasons, it was perfectly legal to own a slave in the North. Even in the South, slaves were being freed in droves in the aftermath of the Revolution. This movement was due largely to the integrated army Washington fought with–being forced to live and fight and die together, many White people saw for the first time that Black people were, well, people.

So why wasn’t slavery outlawed then and there, a done deal? Because the Founders who wanted to end slavery refused to push for it. But why didn’t they push for it? They had everything going for them! They had the momentum on their side!

Because they thought slavery would die a natural death, given enough time.

This is the exact opposite of what actually happened, though. In the wake of the Revolution, the slave-owners who refused to free their slaves became rich, and having money gave them the ability to shape public opinion, and it was abolitionism, not slavery, that died a natural death in the South. Only in the wake of the bloodiest war in our history did the slaves gain their freedom, if you can call what happened next “freedom.”

This idea that oppression will just die a natural death if we ignore it long enough isn’t just wrong–it’s the Original Sin of our nation. It gives the “good” people an excuse to do nothing while evildoers run roughshod over all they survey. Indeed, it creates the paradoxical idea that fighting evil is itself an evil, as all you’re accomplishing is to delay your own inevitable triumph.

It’s a seductive idea because it plays into our intellectual laziness (being a good SJW requires a lot of work if you’re going to sort the good ideas from the bullshit), requires no willpower (fighting the good fight is an exhausting, thankless task), and plays into our delusion that the world is a fundamentally fair place.


Falling in love doesn’t happen on paper. Sometimes you love a person for all the reasons they’re not like you. Sometimes you love a person just because they feel like home.

Another thing I love about Uncle Monty (as if there’s anything I don’t love about Uncle Monty.  Will I ever make another text post not about Uncle Monty? Only time will tell.), is that he doesn’t act hurt or angry or offended at all when Klaus initially doesn’t trust him.  In fact, he validate’s Klaus’s feelings by pointing out that it’s perfectly reasonable for him to feel that way. He doesn’t try to convince Klaus that he’s a nice guy or that he should trust him just because he says so. He just treats him kindly and and gives him space, and Klaus comes to trust him on his own.  It’s so refreshing to see a kids’ show where the kids are allowed to have negative feelings toward adults without it being shown as a bad thing or setting it up as a lesson about “respecting your elders” or some bullcrap.  

look. considering the lives we lead, it is perfectly reasonable to think you said an ‘Assault Truck’ just went by. how was i supposed to know they freaking salt the roads now??

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