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me n @backlinerextraordinaire were talking and we realized that aaron has never once driven. as in. never. maybe our memories are failing with old age so correct us if we’re wrong, but:

  • he never drove the old car before it was wrecked by the raven fans
  • because andrew didn’t let him, right?
  • but that car was,,,,technically his
  • pretty sure they bought it using tilda’s life insurance, which would’ve gone to aaron, and who knows if andrew would have gotten any because the whole foster care thing?? don’t quote us we don’t know much about that shit
  • and then we know that once neil buys andrew the maserati, no one is allowed to drive it except andrew and neil
  • so aaron never drove then either
  • does aaron know how to drive
  • does he get married to katelyn never knowing how
  • does katelyn have to teach aaron to drive
  • aaron minyard can’t drive folks

The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 

An accurate representation of Thomas Stanley Holland scrolling through his Tumblr watching us destroy each other over his goddamn hair:

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I feel like Rick didn’t make those cardboard cutouts on his own