it is out of this world

i just want to be the reason you smile

Chris’ lips appreciation post

I kinda adore his upper lip. Omg Is there even such thing to be attracted to someone’s upper lip??? Like I wanna tug at it and place a small kiss on it and then he’d giggle, sucking softly on my lower lip and then ooh everything turns too hot and we’d be making out on the couch, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, hips grinding causing friction, moans and groans resonating within the room. One of his hands sneaking under my skirt, ever so softly teasing the inside of my thigh, squeezing it, calloused hands burning against my blazing skin as I’d purr into his mouth, allowing his tongue to slide in and he’d lick and suck, lewd sounds turning us on even more than we both already are. FUCK and he won’t stop kissing until I’m breathless, chest heaving, blood buzzing in my veins, both of us hot and bothered, fucking aroused. Damn, this ain’t fair.

@minervaem thought I’d add fuel to your fire.

I just happened to be sliding through my gallery when this gif came up and I couldn’t help myself and now it’s 11.47pm and I’m hoeing around.

Not to be unsympathetic, but if your lab safety technique is that piss-poor you only have yourself to blame if you die a horrible death.

i had my first slow dance to Sk8r Boi with a really cute guy at a house party

anonymous asked:

Imagine if Emily was AD. Just imagine. I think the fandom would be shook for 22 years. Nobody would ever expect Puppy Eyes Emily Fields ;)

Dude I said this like…two days ago to someone!!! Emily being A.D. would be the biggest plot twist in the history of entertainment television. We, as a fandom, suspect everyone one and their unborn fetuses but nobody suspects Emily at all. If I were a big time writer, that’s the exact angle I would go with for a reveal. Without all the plot holes and inconsistencies, I would make my villain the most innocent person to the public, this way no one would ever consider the possibility - all while making very subtle hints towards that person.

Man…if it made sense, Emily would shock me for the rest of my life, deathbed and all. I would have paranoia and trust issues until the day i died.

We all know it’s like the most unlikely idea on the planet but can you imagine her motive? Like her infatuation with Alison got out of control until she became obsessive? Over the years she lowkey became one of those delusional lovers to the point she purposely implanted her eggs inside Alison this way they had no choice but to be together. Everything she did to Ali was “out of love” but because her brain is so warped, she doesn’t see the line between love and torture. She did all those things in the beginning to see if Alison was really dead and if she would come save her/her friends if they were in danger but over time, she became “addicted to playing with everyone’s lives”, as Mona referred A.D. to in 7x15. However, she keeps her act of innocence towards everyone and targeting herself along with the others but really doing up her victim role so that nobody would suspect she’s the mastermind because of all the situations she got herself into. That………that would be so wild.

Why couldn’t the Doctor just have video called Bill and have her walk him through that combination lock??? They had more than enough time for that…

if u ever feel like u have really weird and specific and intense obsessions, i think you’d benefit from learning about this book i found in the library today

seems like it’s prob a normal book and weasels are a metaphor for something ? right ? like ? that’s what you’d think ? but no; no, look:

it’s literally about women and weasels. women and weasels throughout history. it’s a long, scholarly book about women interacting with cute furry rodent slinkies throughout history

i love you, maurizio bettini, whomever you may be. you keep doin you.

The Signs as Popular Pop Punk (emo) Songs

Aries: Ocean Avenue Yellowcard

Taurus: Mr. Brightside The Killers

Gemini: Sugar We’re Going Down Fall Out Boy

Cancer: The Black Parade My Chemical Romance

Leo: Misery Business Paramore

Virgo: I Write Sins Not Tragedies Panic! At The Disco

Libra: Perfect Simple Plan

Scorpio: Numb Linkin Park

Sagittarius: All The Small Things Blink-182

Capricorn: Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day

Aquarius: The Middle Jimmy Eats World

Pisces: Fat Lip sum 41


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)