it is only momentary

Neptune is gazing through the looking glass of a thousand dreams glossed in godly vision, creative genius, and enticing chaos. It is stillness that is only momentary, but worth sacrificing everything for, and to some, the lure is too captivating, and so there is addiction, or lethargy, or poisonous relationships. In mythology, Neptune was assigned to the ocean. Neptune’s gender is evasive, it symbolizes a oneness, the muse playing orchestras from the clouds.

Neptune in Aries - Neptune in the 1st house 

The person can become so lost without an identity they no longer realise they are self destructing. Powerful spiritual energy magnetizes around the person, but this can also make them lost and separate from the world

Neptune in Taurus - Neptune in the 2nd house 

Self worth may be fluctuating, at times intimately sensitive with all things, at other times the separation and emptiness becomes a longing for material consumption.

Neptune in Gemini - Neptune in the 3rd house 

The individual learns in a very unusual way that may be difficult for educators to grasp. They are pulled between dimensions of consciousness, often seeming in a state of confusion, understanding the language of many things

Neptune in Cancer - Neptune in the 4th house 

There is an insatiable feeling of abandonment. The mother image is contained in fantasy here, she wanted goddess as her mother. The subconscious is deeply attached to the upbringing, but the individual’s recollection of childhood may be vague, short on details, and filled with black spots.

Neptune in Leo - Neptune in the 5th house

Chases unavailable romances or involves themselves in clandestine relationships. Can be deliriously devoted to artists, spiritualists, or celebrities 

Neptune in Virgo - Neptune in the 6th house 

Sacrifice feels sacred with Neptune in the 6th. There are imaginary ailments and anxieties that other people cannot soothe. Daily life is filled with hidden, although secret miracles.

Neptune in Libra - Neptune in the 7th house

The eyes of god reflect through the faces of everybody they pass. Makes tremendous sacrifice for the partner, and in continuing with the deception theme, maybe even sacrifices their own own mental wellness to stay with someone

Neptune in Scorpio - Neptune in the 8th house

Despite holding a  glass of champagne and smiling, the individual may dance and laugh and all the while be dreaming of death. These thoughts and urges can erupt without organic cause and vanish just as mysteriously

Neptune in Sagittarius - Neptune in the 9th house

Indulging in many esoteric pursuits becomes the voyage of life. There may be religious fanaticism or delirious devotion. There is a temple Neptune in the 9th seeks, a unity of all belief and elevated awareness, life is approached like a pilgrimage, the feeling of comfort and safety is evasive.

Neptune in Capricorn - Neptune in the 10th house

Difficult for the person to decide upon a career because the dream is always calling in many directions. High receptivity for the needs of the public. Feels they have an extraordinary purpose in the world. But how do they figure out what it is?

Neptune in Aquarius - Neptune in the 11th house

Friendships serve as a source of spiritual energy for the person.  The feeling of belonging and being something meaningful to people is important. Can be fanatical when it comes to saving others

Neptune in Pisces - Neptune in the 12th house

Those hands have bandaged many. But they have also bandaged their own hands, hearts, and spirit time and time again. Everything can feel like drowning. Only through finding a place with God can they draw breath. 


@victuuri-week Day 4 - *Smash Bros voice* FREE FOR ALL!!!

*cough* Sorry, I’m reading it like this everytime lmao. I love mermaid AUs too much, and since I used the “Mythos AU” day with something else, I decided to do it today! It’s my birthday, so i’m happy I got to draw some mermaids for today XD

Just a few HCs to go with this pic (english isn’t my first language, sorry if anything comes out wrong or doesn’t make sense):

  • Yuuri had a really bad breakdown and tried to kill himself by jumping on the stormy sea. 
    • Viktor was just swimming by when he found Yuuri, already passed out, and without even thinking saved him and carried him to the beach.
    • Yuuri regained his senses momentary, and the only thing he could say when he saw the figure leaning over him was “Beautiful”.
  • Viktor gets immediately smitten with this human, but he know he shouldn’t stay for longer since anyone could see him now out in the open (he was already going to get in trouble for letting this man see him). So, full of regret for not being able to stay by his side, he jumps back on the sea, and watch from behind some rocks as someone founds the man passed out and calls for help.
  • Yuuri wakes up in a hospital, his entire family crying and hugging him and begging him not to do that again. He immediately feels bad for giving up so easily and making them cry so much, and hugs them back, apologizing.
    • Later, when they are calmer, he asked who was the long-haired man that helped him off of the sea. But everyone just seems confused by this and inform him that he was found lying alone at the beach by a passerby. 
  • But Yuuri was sure there was someone else, and when he gets discharged, he goes back to the little beach, looking at the sea, without really knowing what to do. 
  • After that, he goes there everyday, and while that worries his parents, he actually seems a lot less down when he is by the sea, so they let him go (Mari keeps messaging him every 5 minutes to be sure he is alright, tho).
    • Everyday, there is a pair of cerulean eyes underwater staring back at him.

…I got carried away lmao (I didn’t had this written down and came up with some parts rn, sorry if it’s messy XD). Thanks if you read this all!!

Commission Me!

Shades of Blue

For @azure-mirror, just because. Kind of based off of @marchingspace‘s Synesthesia AU (found here). Everything I know about Synesthesia comes from books and wikipedia. Put under a cut to save space. 

Colors. There were too many colors. His lion was red, always red, but today she was a softer red, like she knew, like she was trying to calm him down, like she could sense the pounding sensation in his forehead. Maybe she could. Keith didn’t know how the lions worked, not really. Maybe they could read their thoughts, knew their emotions, could adjust to help their paladins. That would be nice.

Pidge was bright, too bright sometimes, their voice sliding between octaves of lime and emerald and forest that made Keith’s headache worse. They didn’t mean to, he knew that.

Hunk was warmer, easier to be around unless he got excited. His autumn color switched then, from the fall yellow of maple leaves to the brightness of the sun. It hurt Keith’s eyes. It made him wonder if Hunk had always been yellow, or if he only was because of his lion.

If all of them were because of their lions.

But they weren’t, because Shiro was brown when he spoke. He was cinnamon when he commanded them, chocolate when he was scared. Sometimes it was almost black, but brown wasn’t usually too vibrant for Keith. He liked being around Shiro because he was calm, because he was brown.

Coran was good too, unless he was excited. He was an orange that made Keith think of leaf piles and pumpkins, but if he got too ecstatic over something he became the ugly orange of a traffic cone. Allura was a mixture of pinks and purples and reds, her voice like honeysuckle flowers and warmth. But she was too many colors for Keith, constantly fluctuating.

And Lance…


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Types when asked to choose between psychological torture or physical torture for revenge

INFP, ISFP, ESFJ - Neither. Revenge would not resolve my trauma, it would only give me momentary pleasure.

ISFJ, ISTP - I wouldn’t go after them if they aren’t a threat anymore as that would just be a waste of time. Past is past, not wasting any more time on them.

ESTP, ISTJ, ENTJ, ENFJ - Physical torture because psychological will take time to give results and it isn’t logical.

ENFP, INFJ, ESFP - None. What good would revenge do ? The damage has been done, the idea of revenge doesn’t fit into my value system.

ENTP - Physical torture. Psychological is too much work.

INTJ, INTP - I would inflict psychological torture via physical pain.

The Labyrinth Chapter 30

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 6.5k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

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paper hearts ♡  park jimin v. 2.0
he was the boy who had so effortlessly graced into your life like a whirlwind in the midst of a rainy storm; the one and only sweet interlude you had and would ever enjoy, a momentary interval of breathing space from your previous heartbreak, and a magical, short clip which you so utterly desired to replay over and over again until your body became numb from the heartache which inevitably followed. but to you, it was all worth it. there was nothing else in the world you would ever trade this pain of his for.

moments unforgettable...

Just a little Saturday morning smutlet…happy weekend!

She’s humming to herself as she scrubs at the remnants of cinnamon stuck in the depths of her mug and doesn’t hear him approach from behind, his bare feet making little sound on the hardwood as he cages her in with his arms. He chuckles at her flinch and she flicks the water from her fingers over her shoulder in retaliation.

“Sorry, love, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Yes you did.”

He doesn’t respond, instead seeking the soft skin behind her ear with his slightly wet nose, his lips pressing a smile along her neck when he feels her responsive shiver.

“I was getting lonely.”

“I’ve only been over here for a few minutes…”

Who is she kidding? The way their lives are, a few minutes might be all they have before someone comes crashing through their door with a problem that just must be solved.

The grumble he mumbles against her skin sounds like an agreement to her unspoken thought.

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A/N: This is a little birthday fic for the Choi Twins! I also have it posted on Ao3 and if you want to read it there. Thanks, and I hope you like it~ 

TW: Heavy themes of child abuse in the first half

Saeyoung waited until he heard the droning snore of his drunk mother before even daring to crack open one eyelid. He propped himself up on his elbows. They ached against the hardwood floors, but he ignored it and strained his ear.

Another snore.

He released a short breath before pushing himself onto his feet. Using his thick socks as a buffer, he carefully maneuvered his way past his mother’s resting place on her mattress. He paused and looked behind at it. He wondered what it would feel like to sleep on one. Would it be warmer than the sheet he slept on at night? Or maybe she stayed warm because of the fluffy looking blanket.

He shook the fantasy from his mind and proceeded to his destination. He had spent weeks preparing for this—memorizing where the floor bent, where it creaked, and where it was slippery enough to glide over instead of step on. Finally, he made it to the closet.

He cringed when the door let out a high-pitched squeak, but it didn’t seem to disturb his mother. He entered the closet, leaving it slightly open so the moonlight could guide his way. “Saeran,” he called softly.

There was no response. Saeyoung creeped forward, hands outstretched. His fingers brushed through a scruff of hair. He kicked the door open a little more so he could see his brother. Saeran didn’t stir from the contact. His head remained leaning against his slouched shoulder, his mouth a little ajar.

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“Magnus gave Alec a sidelong look as they climbed the rickety stairs. Alec caught the glance, and his breathing quickened; his blue eyes were bright. Alec bit his lower lip, and Magnus stopped walking. It was only a momentary hesitation. But then Alec reached out and caught his arm, fingers tight above his elbow.”

i can’t believe i’m doing this

@potato-fan-girl managed to convince me to post my writing?? why do i let you talk me in to these things i hate u

ps @taylor-tut i finally wrote the thing

sick boy lance and some fluff under the cut

Lance held his head in his hands as it pounded, eyes squeezed shut while the alarm blared in his ears. He knew he should be getting up, getting his armor on, but he was having a hard time even keeping his eyes open with the headache he was sporting, let alone get up and actually move. After a few more rings of the alarm he finally managed to get himself up from his sheets and onto unsteady legs, tugging his armor on as quickly as he could while his body protested. He’d only been on his feet for a few minutes, yet every muscle in him ached for rest and relaxation, begged him to just lay back down.

‘No, I have to go down to the deck.’ He reminds himself, tugging on his helmet before sliding open his door and getting himself down to where the others were waiting for his presence in a half jogging manner. He only slowed once the rest of the team came into view, the lights bright in his eyes and making him wince in pain. “Nice of you to finally join us, sleeping beauty.” Keith snickers, earning a reprimanding glare from Shiro before they turned back to Allura to get the necessary information as to why the alarm went off. “Indeed. Lance, that was much too slow. Had that been an actual alarm, there would be some serious issues.”

“Lo siento, princessa.” He murmurs, feeling the way his brain seemed to throb behind his eyes with each word he spoke and sound he heard. “I have a really bad, uh.. Quiznak, what’s the word…” He felt his mind blanking as he tried to search for the proper term, squeezing his eyes shut momentarily before it finally came to him. “Headache, right, that’s it. My head hurts.”

He noticed Hunk and Shiro giving him looks of concern at the short lapse in memory, to which he returned a weak smile. More than anything he wanted to just go lay down and sleep it off, but he was sure he wasn’t the only person who’d had a headache before on this ship, so he elected to just push through it and get whatever they were doing done.

Allura didn’t pay any mind to the moment of forgetfulness, however, and merely nodded in response to his apology. “Alright, well.. Don’t let it happen again, it’s much less than okay.” She warns before turning to address the entirety of the group. “Today I’m sending you on a small and short practice mission. I’ve set up numerous bots down on the uninhabited planet below. You’ll be treating it like prison break mission, and trying to get all of the bots in the cage free without too much damage. Every prisoner who gets injured or dies in your hands is one punishment or penalty activity.” She explains carefully, pulling up what seemed to be satellite images– or rather, a video feed of the floating hunk of dirt where they would be practicing. “I’ll be watching you all from above, however I will not interfere unless absolutely necessary. I’m sure you all can handle a few bots each, yes?”

Each word Allura spoke felt like a stab to Lance’s head, each syllable twisting the knife around and making the pain worsen. By the time she had finished her explanation his headache had turned into a full blown migraine, pounding against the inside of his skull. No amount of caffeine would help at this point, though he didn’t have time to down a few cups of coffee anyways, or the means to use any of his normal methods. ‘Luckily it’s only a headache,’ He thought to himself as the group headed down to the hangars. 'If it was anything more, I don’t think I would be able to handle it.’

Perhaps he spoke too soon.

As they flew out in some sort of formation Lance could feel each twist and turn in the pit of his stomach, nausea bubbling up as it seemed to do flips every time his lion did. A small, acidic burp escaped him, burning the back of his throat and making his already weak stomach feel even weaker. The little he had eaten before they headed out and the dinner from the night before seemed to be threatening to come up all at once, forcing him to slow a bit as they were coming in to land on the planet.

“Hey Lance, you okay buddy?” Hunk’s voice came through the comm, clearly laced with concern for his friend as he saw the way the Cuban’s normally sun kissed face seemed to pale, and yet flush all at once. “You don’t look so good. Maybe you should head back to the castle?” He suggested after a momentary pause, only growing more concerned with Lance’s slow response time.

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m fine.” Lance waved the suggestion to return to the Castle off almost immediately once Hunk’s words had registered in his aching head, giving him a smile through the screen as they landed. “It’s just my head, I can deal with it.” It wasn’t a total lie, per se– though it wasn’t just his head, he could handle it just fine. He didn’t want to bother anyone with whining about feeling bad or anything, and a headache wasn’t anything to act childishly over! 'WWKD, what would Keith do?… He’d probably just work through it, right? Hell, he’d probably feel better after a workout since all he ever does is fight and train.’ Lance gently snickers to himself at this thought as he grabs his bayard and heads out of Blue to meet the others on the ground, managing to not upheave the entirety of his stomach onto the compact dirt beneath his feet.

“Alright. The cage seems to be in the center of that crudely built base.” Shiro explains once the team had gathered around him, bayards in hand and scowls on their faces for having to go on such a dumb mission. No one expressed this annoyance, however, and opted instead to just listen to Shiro’s spiel of the plan.

Lance, however, could barely focus on the task at hand while his heartbeat seemed to thrum wildly in his skull, blood rushing against his ears while his temples throbbed. His eyes squeezed shut momentarily as he bit back a groan of pain, trying his hardest to just focus, focus, focus–

“–nce? Lance, buddy?” Pidge’s voice rang through his muddled thoughts as clear as a bell, drawing him out of his mind. His fists released from their clenched forms, nails having been dug into his palms to try and quell some of the other pains in his body. “Hi, yeah, sorry, I’m listening.” He managed to rasp out, the words feeling like they clawed their way out of his throat. Since when had his voice gotten that bad?

Shiro shared a concerned glance with Keith and made note that Lance hadn’t tried to give himself any excuses for the zoned out expression he had been sporting just moments before. He then also took note of Lance’s features, paler than his usual tanned complexion, seemingly dull instead of warm, and his eyes had a glassy look to them. This was all extremely worrying, but Lance had only complained of a headache, so he assumed he was just overreacting like a mom. Then Shiro heard Lance’s voice and felt his worry return tenfold.

Lance, on the other hand, seemed to brush off the scratchiness of his voice and just laugh about it, clearing his throat after a moment. “Well, alright. Then me, Keith and Pidge will head in. You two hang back and pick off bots from a distance.” Shiro nods, heading to the makeshift bot base stealthily with the green and red paladins in pursuit. Lance merely nodded and allowed his bayard to form in his hand, feeling the hefty weight of the weapon tug against his arm. Hunk eyed the tanned boy cautiously as he set himself in a good position to take shots at the now swarming bots.

“Good job, paladins.” Allura hisses sarcastically in their ears, watching from above. “You’ve already tripped the alarm and alerted them. This was supposed to be a stealth mission.” Lance simply rolled his eyes at this, which then caused a sudden dizzy spell to come over him, legs going weak and forcing him to cling gently to the rock he stood by. “Lance, are you feeling okay?” Hunk asks, concern clear on his face along with his nervousness.

Lance turned his head to speak but shut his mouth when dark spots began to swirl in his vision, head swimming as he tried to force out a response. He felt his weapon slip from his fingers and clatter to the ground as he stumbled slightly against the rock, only increasing Hunk’s alarm. “Lance? Lance, buddy, talk to me..! Are you alright? What do you need?”

The Cuban felt extremely woozy as he stood on trembling legs, grip on the rock loosening as he realized he wouldn’t be able to make it through this without passing out in some capacity. He took a few shaky steps from the rock to prevent himself from hitting it before turning back to Hunk, a weak smile on his face– or was it a grimace? He couldn’t really tell.

“I don’t feel so good.. I’m really… Mareado…” He managed to choke out to his best friend before his gorgeous blue eyes rolled back into white and his body fell limp to the dirt, black overtaking his sight. The last thing he heard was Hunk calling out for him to stay awake before he completely passed out.

“Lance? Lance?! Stay awake, buddy, you can’t sleep right now. Hey, come on, wake up.. Lance, th-this isn’t funny…” He kneeled down to try and rouse the boy, his shaking and moving of his limp shoulders seeming to do nothing. By this point he was scared, really scared, and he quickly got onto the comms. “Uh, guys? Something’s wrong with Lance– I-I can’t– He won’t wake up, I don’t–”

Shiro heard Hunk’s panicked rambling in his ear and felt his heart drop in his chest, fear taking over as he mentally punched himself for letting the mission continue as it had when Lance was so clearly ill. He shouldn’t have ignored the signs like that, and just told Allura that they couldn’t do the mission, but… Lance seemed okay, and he seemed to want to push himself through whatever he was suffering.

“Hunk, stay calm, what happened?” He replies after a moment, unable to prevent the shake in his words as he starts to run back out to them with the 'prisoner’ bots and the other paladins in tow. “Did he get hit or anything?”

There was a moment of radio silence before Hunk came crackling back on, voice still sounding panicked, though less so, finally responding to the black paladin’s question. “N-No, he seems to be fine..” He mumbles into his comm as he carefully cradles Lance closer to his body in the most protective way possible.

“Alright, just hold on, we’ll be there soon.” Shiro orders, appearing a few minutes later with a worried Pidge and Keith in tow. “How is he? Has he woken up at all?” He questions, kneeling down on the other side of the still unconscious boy and carefully pulling off his helmet. Shiro hisses as his fingers brush against the back of his neck, feeling heat coming off of him in waves. “No, not at all. He’s been out since he dropped.”

Lance’s face was flush with heat, sweat beading up on his forehead while his body trembled with shivers, causing his features to contort slightly in discomfort, which only heightened Shiro’s concern. Quietly he pressed his hand back against his neck, brows knitting together. “He’s on fire.. His fever is really bad. We gotta get him back to the Castle. Allura,” He calls out to the Altean who was stationed above them, just watching silently. “Lance is sick. We’re coming back up.”

“Alright, I’ll let Coran know. We’ll prepare him some medicine. What are his symptoms?” She questions as Shiro carefully scoops Lance into his arms and brings him into the Black lion while Red and Yellow carry Blue back to the Castle ship. Shiro waited until he had the Cuban settled in his lap and he was on the way before replying. “He’s feverish, he seems to have a sore throat, and–”

As if on cue Lance began to cough wetly, bringing himself back to consciousness as he tried to loosen whatever was trapped in his lungs. “Shiro..? Did we free them?” He croaks, earning a sympathetic look from Shiro and a small smile. “Of course. And we couldn’t have done it without you.” He murmurs in response to Lance’s question, gently patting his back and frowning at the heat. How had he gotten this bad without anyone noticing?

As soon as they all landed in their hangars Shiro helped Lance out, one arm around his waist to support his weight while the other’s arm lay around his shoulders. He managed to help him stagger to the makeshift living room and lay him down on the couch while the team gathered pillows and blankets. “Shiro….” He murmurs, looking up at the older paladin with a weak smile. “I feel like shit.”

Shiro smiles gently at this and shakes his head a bit, patting his head as the others finally return and they start gathering on the couch with Lance, snuggling up to him beneath blankets and turning on a movie. “We’ll make sure to get you feeling like your old self soon, don’t you worry.”

“Feel better soon, okay?” Pidge chimes from next to him, looking up at him and tilting her head a little. “And next time don’t try to train while sick, you idiot! You worried us all!”

“Gracias, guys… You’re the best.”

Riverdale Imagine: Music Notes, Pie, and Archie Andrews (Archie x reader)

Anonymous: Hello darling! I was just wondering – turn it down if you wanna – if you could do a Archie and a really shy reader. When it comes to like PDA or she’s just really really shy and she gets nervous/panics when she meets new people or speak in front of the class and he try to help her out of the shell by meeting his friends and encourages her to speak up.

Summary: The reader meets Archie over the summer as she has just moved to Riverdale and happens to be next door to him. He hears her playing guitar and, despite her shyness, insists that she needs to help him with his songs. By the end of the summer they are dating but as school approaches, the reader is nervous to meet his friends.

Approx. 1455 words

It all started over the summer. It was a boiling hot day and Mum had insisted I spent the day outside, even if that just meant in our garden. I’d given up on sunbathing hours before and was now curled up in the shade of the old oak tree with my guitar. Pages of sheet-music fanned out around me like a blanket, weighed down with tiny pebbles to prevent them from fluttering away in the light breeze.  I was completely engrossed in my music, unaware of everyone and everything, pausing at intervals to record music-notes and lyrics, when I heard an unfamiliar voice call from somewhere behind me.

“You’re going to have to help me with my music sometime, your playing is amazing!”

I jumped and spun around in shock, my gaze greeted by the confident smirk of an auburn-haired teenage boy. A teenage boy who was sitting on my garden fence, sweaty and shirtless. I swallowed hard as I felt my blood rush to my face, feeling the rouge of hot embarrassment spread over my cheeks as I desperately struggled to think of a response. This, it would seem, was the attractive young neighbour that my Mum had been trying to make me talk to all summer with little success. I cringed as I remembered how I had hid in my room the day we had moved in when him and his dad had come to introduce themselves. Even as child I had been unusually shy, still clinging onto my parents long after everyone else had stopped and as a result I struggled to make friends. My parents’ divorce and the recent move to Riverdale hadn’t helped matters, and I was secretly hoping to spend my last two years at school largely unnoticed. Unfortunately for me though, a new girl in a small town never goes unnoticed.

“I’m sorry” he laughed, “I didn’t mean to startle you. I was only trying to get a look at the mystery girl from next door.” He winked at me and jumped off the wall and into my garden, his toned stomach flexing at the effort. “It’s Y/N right?” I nodded shyly, “I’m Archie Andrews.”

“Hi…” I mumbled pathetically as I began fumbling with my sheet music, making it into a messy pile in an attempt to hide it from Archie’s amused gaze.

“How long have you been playing guitar?” He asked innocently as he gestured towards where my instrument was lying on the grass. I smiled as I picked it up and stroked the polished wood.

“I think the real question is when am I not playing. Guitar, piano, drums… I’ll play anything. It drives my mum nuts. I guess that’s why I’m an only child.” I joked. After a momentary pause, Archie roared with laughter and I smiled back nervously.

“I like you Y/N, you’re cool.” He beamed at me. “I heard you playing earlier and, I’m being totally honest, you’re pretty fucking good.” I blushed again and tucked my hair behind my ears in an attempt to hide my embarrassment, how long had he been listening? “So…” he continued, “I was wondering if you would come over to mine for a couple of hours and go through my music with me, I could really use your expertise.” He pleaded.

I was about to decline and was in the middle of finding a believable excuse when I glanced up and looked into his hopeful face. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I slung my guitar over my shoulder and gathered up my sheet music.

“What’s in it for me Andrews?” I asked with mock seriousness.

“Well Y/N, you get to stare at my beautiful face for two whole hours!” He laughed at my skeptical expression. He tried again. “We have apple pie?”  

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An hour or a day.

We’ve had a bit of a rough year haven’t we guys?

Since season 5 began I’ve had this idea that Olicity would only ever come back together if they were forced into a confrontation. When I say confrontation, I don’t necessarily mean an argument – though that would be pretty good, because arguing means feelings and feelings mean desire and so on and so forth – I do however mean that they would both HAVE to spend time with each other, whether they like it or not. Alone. Together. And they would have no choice.

When promotional info/spoilers started to circulate about episode 20 I kind of flailed like a lunatic. 

Originally posted by skunkandburningtires

It’s exactly the type of thing I’ve been waiting for – though I’m holding back in case what we think is going to happen is actually completely different. But there’s a reason I’m bringing this up.

All season long Oliver and Felicity have avoided a) being alone together unless absolutely necessary, b) taboo subjects that require the climbing of the walls they’ve built and c) talking. Just plain talking about their day, about what troubles them. Knowing a person like that implies intimacy and neither can stand that with the other because it’s painful, remember?

They haven’t been there for each other. At all. Not emotionally. Not physically.

Professionally they’re 100% in the zone in a way they weren’t even in season ½.

The few times an emotionally charged subject was touched upon this season, you felt it between them. And I’m talking not about episode 5 where they both decide to be big dumb-asses and try to move on. That’s just them TRYING.

I’m talking about subjects that infer that neither is healed.

In episode 10, Laurel’s reappearance and Billy the goat’s death created an atmosphere between them that hurt the professional façade they’ve built around them like armour. They managed to work around it. It happened again in episode 16, but Felicity fended it off.

Neither of them have REALLY talked to each other in the entirety of the season.

And, if we’re correct, episode 20 is ALL about them being ALONE. TOGETHER. TALKING. ARGUING. SOMETHING. ANYTHING. But they’ll be together without an audience where they can be as honest as they need to be, knowing they can’t escape each other as they possibly confront the source of every emotion they’ve held in check for over a year.

It’s like saying “hey, you’ve both avoided it and pushed it aside, now want it or not, it’s in your face. Deal with it.”

It’s like the writers KNOW.

But, that’s it. That’s all it would take to bring Olicity back together.

Of course, there are addendum’s: it depends on the circumstances of being ‘underneath’ wherever they are, it depends on what happens in episode 19, it depends on how the flashbacks are going to go, it depends on whether Oliver understands what it takes to be the light, it depends, it depends…I’m also decidedly NOT saying that the episode will lead to a reunion because I have no idea. But this is what I’ve been waiting for all season.

Honestly, I do think they’ve pushed it a bit in regards to pacing.

Originally posted by gekkochou

For example Prometheus’s reveal wasn’t a surprise because they waited so long for the reveal that we figured it out weeks ago.

Also, PR? It sucks. The CW guys who edit for the trailers suck even harder: they’ve made some of the episodes look so much worse than what they are. A lot of people didn’t watch episode 16 because they made the episode look like a Snoozan fest, except it WASN’T. It was about Oliver realising where his strengths are. It was about him realising how blind he’s been. About him realising the little things he’s missed. It was glorious and people didn’t watch it because of the bloody trailer. Idiots.

And in this episode, for the first time in a long while, we glimpsed Oliver. Felicity’s Oliver. He’s noticed and he’s worried and he wanted to talk.

She said no.

Eventually she’ll say no and he’ll say tough.

Originally posted by minyngies

Not because she’s wrong, but because he loves her and he needs to know.

So I’m trying hard not to be hopeful but I don’t think I can help it.

There is something else I wanted to address though.


So… she’s basically awful, right?

Originally posted by 501stcaptainarch

But Stephen Amell did an interview recently explaining all about why Oliver trusts her and now I FINALLY understand why they even got together. And if you read between the lines, it gives a little more about it. It isn’t anywhere near as bad as you think…

First, Oliver was fucking lonely. SO lonely he said yes to a woman he KNEW was out to get him which made me blink. To publicly drag him through the mud. But apparently Oliver also wanted to prove that anyone can be forgiven, that anyone can earn trust.

He trusted her because he wanted to prove that she could be trusted. That she’d prove Thea and Felicity and himself wrong. Even though he offered her only part-truths, even though she knew so much more than he thought she did, he still wanted to trust her. To prove that, even like this, they could have something.In that way, he and she are similar. They’ve both done things and are still doing things that make people turn against them.

It sucks. It’s actually kind of pathetic. But it makes it ALL about the big LIE he told to Felicity.

It’s why WM said they’re connected and that he cares about her because he does. But care? It’s not enough. Like Felicity with Billy, he entered the relationship for the wrong reasons.

Stephen gets that too.

Snoozan’s priority was to out him as the GA and as a crap mayor. In fact, she still wanted to after they had that first date. But slowly, she began to see him in a new light which is what Oliver wanted; to prove he was deserving. And because she started to do this, to show she was doing this, he started to care for her too. It was easy.

Because she was there for him.

It’s so sad. And so very human.

But we’ve seen all these signs that point to it being a bad idea anyway and it’s been breaking them. It won’t stop breaking them. She’d been introduced to the darkness in his world and I’m telling you now, no matter what she might say, it terrifies her to death.

She can’t do it.

She blamed him for being fired, figuring that he’d found out she was researching into him and had her shamed for it. So she acted the same way a distrusting person might. She immediately blamed the source of her contention because it would be so much easier to hate the man and sell her story than to believe him and side with him as she sacrifices her career, which is obviously what makes her world spin.Then all of a sudden she gets her job back! Obviously Oliver made that happen (not). Maybe she thought that, since he’s ok with her knowing about him, that she can trust that he’s a good guy?

And still, it’s all for the wrong reasons.

Which Adrian knows. And exploits. Snoozan thinks she can trust Oliver? Well let me destroy that illusion. Snoozan thinks Oliver might be worthy of the love he craves? Well, let me show you the error of your ways.

And in that way, he shows Oliver.

They told her everything when she was held captive. And now she has a choice. Out him or don’t. She’ll probably choose not to. She’d make the GOOD, THE right CHOICE because (as much as it makes me sick to say) deep down she’s decent and the show wants tom prove redemption.

And legacy.

She wanted to out him because he was a liar and a killer.

But she’s not so good herself. And she knows this too. THAT’S why they’re similar.

I mean, he and Snoozan can’t stand near Felicity. It’s easier for Oliver to go a few steps down and aim for Snoozan’s trust than to aim high for the woman who sold herself to protect him even after the he betrayed her.

Her dark path isn’t so dark. It’s muddy. Oliver is helping to cloud it. Her love for him has led her to choose the side of corruption. And soon, he’ll figure that out.

In episode 16, he expressed the people who wring the most emotion out of him. The people who, in his world, can’t be touched: Diggle, Felicity and his son.It isn’t a coincidence that he said this.

(We know Thea is too but she isn’t there right now – she ran away – and season 3 kind of covered it, just pointing that out ;))

Notice, Snoozan wasn’t on the list?

Notice how he also said that he didn’t know why he thought ever he could have a relationship with her.

This isn’t to say it’s because he thinks she’s awful (she is), it’s because he realises that dating a woman to form trust, when he CAN’T just trust people so easily, especially when they can be used against him, is dumb in his line of work and putting himself on the line – in the open like that – creates targets. He should have been careful. He wasn’t. It’s why they took her. Because he hadn’t been careful. Because he’d just assumed it would be ok to be so free and easy in that area of his life and as such, he let his guard drop.

It’s as if he thought that they wouldn’t take her, because she’s not a spotlight in his life. She’s a small hope for him; a promise that he can one day get married and have children to the woman he loves. He knows it’s not her. But he could never be with another woman before he could prove it could work with her.

She’s his comfort like, ahem, a chocolate bar.

You don’t guard a chocolate bar (well, I do but that’s because my family are chocolate thieves). And chocolate’s comfort is only momentary. They don’t smile much together do they? When Oliver is happy, he does nothing but smile. We know. We’ve seen it. It’s beautiful.

Oliver has actually made the mistake this season of NOT guarding anybody. He took the fact that they can protect themselves VERY seriously and now he’s regretting it even though he shouldn’t. It was their choice to make. But it stings. Now, since they let her go so easily, we now know taking her was just a ploy to get Oliver. Snoozan has only one roll left: the story. What will she do?

Felicity is going to find Oliver. There might be something involving his son. But Adrian is going to break him, if only symbolically. Or physically.Felicity too, will also be broken. Whether symbolically, emotionally or physically.They’re linked. Following in each other’s footsteps.

That fork in the road they took? It’s circling back around and soon it will meet again. What will they do when it does?

Because I’m telling you, I believe however the season ends that we’ll know they’re together. Even if it’s just implied.

But let’s say they don’t –THEY WILL – this cycle will happen all over again. They’ll have another meet on the road of life and decide yes then.

Endgame guys. 

Originally posted by blankofthemonth

I mean, they included a line about bullet ridden laptops in the past because that’s what he needed at the time! Someone to help him. (Don’t tell me, that in that seedy bar in Russia, the image of a blonde IT didn’t flash in his brain).They need each other. Because they’ve needed each other this year but haven’t been together or there for each other, their choices have sucked.

But I think Felicity has realised something; joining Helix, asking for their help: it’s all about Oliver. She knows that. Part of her knows her life is Oliver’s. Pushing aside talking to him is a defence mechanism she needs because she can’t tell him just yet that she still loves and misses him.

Not when she thinks he’s unavailable. Not when she’s so unsure that he can actually be 100% with her as she deserves.

It’s going to hit them like a train when they realise THEY CAN! 

(Oh and, they WILL kiss by finale. They WILL - THEY MUST OR I WILL IMPLODE!! But, yeah I feel like we’re getting a kiss before the finale. Fingers crossed for more anyway because I’m greedy as heck!!!!)

Til Death Do Us Apart

Summary: You and Jackson have been through much together, but can your relationship survive him enlisting in the army? Hell, can he survive that? And even if he does, a lot can change in three years…

Pairing: Jackson x You

Genre: Angst, Soldier AU

Rating: PG-13 (language, violence)

[Mini Masterlist

SPECIAL FEATURE ALERT: This is a reader-interactive fic, so in the box below, if you enter a name (yours or a character’s, for example), and click “submit”, it will swap out “Y/N” for that name. Y/L/N stands for “your last name.” None of the information entered is stored. This feature does not work on dashboard/feed/mobile app unfortunately.

Your name: submit What is this?

You lower the phone with cold hands and place it back in the cradle gingerly, as if any sudden movement will set it off like a bomb. Then you grip the counter to steady yourself because the world has started tilting dangerously. Your body is reacting but your mind is blank – perhaps because it hasn’t set in yet or denial has hijacked your consciousness, but all you can focus on is the dust motes hanging suspended in the air, illuminated by a shaft of light cutting through the curtains of the kitchen. The silence of the early morning crawls across your skin and amplifies the emptiness of the house. That is, until the knob of the front door turns and the door slides open, and he steps inside the home.        

He doesn’t notice you standing there as he shucks off his shoes or as he wrestles with the zipper of his sweatshirt that’s gotten stuck. He finally manages to unzip it and yanks it off, discarding it on the ground – and that’s when his eyes meet yours and he jerks in surprise.

“Y/N,” Jackson stutters and then tries for a smile. “What are you doing up so early?”

You can’t speak yet and you find yourself just staring at him dumbly, taking in his tan skin – much tanner than you remember, the sweat glistening on his forehead and darkening his hair, the lean cut of him under his tight exercise clothes.

“Babe?” he says, now a little concerned at your muteness, and he moves closer to you and reaches for you but you step away.  

“You still haven’t unpacked your things.” Your voice is surprisingly steady, and you both glance at the stairs leading to the upper floor where Jackson’s suitcases sit in the master bedroom, filled and untouched. “Is your cousin even sick?” That was what he’d told you before he’d left you for ten weeks, that his cousin was very ill and very alone, desperately in need of his care.


“Don’t,” you exhale shakily. “Don’t lie to me.” It’s starting to hit you now, finally, and you can feel your eyes stinging. “You were at training, weren’t you? That’s why you look so…fit.”

Jackson has gone silent now and somehow that’s almost worse than his excuses. Because he doesn’t have to say anything – you already know. And when he finally does speak, all he says is, “How did you find out?”

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Belle wanted to believe that everything would be okay, that the Beast would be okay. But as she sat, his head cradled in her lap, she knew time was running out. It had already run out for Gaston, though that had caused her only a momentary pang of regret. He had been a horrible man. While she never would have wished his fate on anyone, she would not bother to waste tears or time on his memory.
The Beast, though, was another story. She didn’t want him to become a memory. She wanted him to stay there, with her, alive and well. She wanted to tell him how much he meant to her. She wanted to tell him how sorry she was for inadvertently sending Gaston to the castle in the first place. Yet looking down at him, she knew that her chance to do that was quickly slipping away. The Beast’s breathing was labored and his eyes were shut tight, the pain clearly overwhelming his body. Softly, Belle reached down and ran her fingers along his cheek.
When the Beast felt her touch, his eyes opened. “You came back,” he said, looking at her with pure love. He lifted his paw and brushed back a lock of Belle’s hair.
“Of course I came back,” she said, trying to fight the tears that threatened to spill onto her cheeks. “I’ll never leave you again.”
The Beast lifted his shoulders in the slightest shrug. Then he sighed. “I’m afraid it’s my turn to leave,” he said, his voice weak.
Belle shook her head. No! she wanted to shout. Fight! Don’t just give up! Not after all we’ve been through. It took me so long to find you. Despite her best efforts, the tears began to fall. The Beast’s head was growing heavier in her lap. As she stared down at him, she felt her heart already breaking. Against the odds, the Beast had shown her true beauty. He had shown her it was okay to be different. He had shown her it was okay to feel lost and made her realize how desperately she had wanted to be found. She had learned that things were not always what they seemed, that people could surprise you. He had given her the one thing she had always longed for—something more. And now? Now he was dying in her arms.
Struggling for words, Belle choked back a sob. “We’re together now,” she said. “It’s going to be fine. You’ll see.”
“At least I got to see you one last time,” he said. As he spoke, his paw dropped from Belle’s hair. His eyes closed. His breathing grew slower, and then it stopped altogether.
With another sob, Belle threw herself over the Beast’s still body. He was gone. And she had never told him she loved him.
—  The Beast’s death scene, from the BatB novelization (requested by anon)

based off of this post; || @kaciart || 

❝ – THE MYSTERIOUS;; patterns of thought generated in a mind let free of its conscious shackles ranged in vast differences between each human being. Between the lines of a mind gifted of dreaming imagery and a fully fabricated reality, it was no surprise that nightmares slipped past the bounds of one’s waking mental resistance to tarnish what might have been a peaceful slumber.
A shift beside a slumbering form only tugged Gladiolus slightly out of his body’s slowed pace, a soft breath escaping parted lips when the comfort of rest beckoned the Shield to slip away- but the sudden press of weight on the tank’s chest made amber eyes flutter open in a momentary disorient, vision adjusting to the dark only to be greeted by the worn barrel of a pistol resting just above the creases of a scarred forehead.
A previously steady pulse kicked up into a quicker tempo the very second assessment of the situation told him danger, wide emotional eyes shifting towards the stoic and numb gaze in Prompto’s seaside blue irises, Gladiolus swallowing thickly while remaining completely frozen in his previous position.
Collecting phrases carefully, the Guardsmen gently spoke of their first day in Hammerhead with calm recollection in attempt to give the photographer an anchor in which to resurface to reality, a bloom of relief flooding Gladio’s senses when he saw the focusing of the other man’s gaze and the very abrupt springing fear that followed soon after, calloused hands carefully removing the weapon from the Starshell’s quaking grip.
Pulling Prompto into the security of his arms, Gladiolus felt the absolute terror and regret the blonde began sobbing brokenly about as a soothing “shhh,” shattered the electric silence of the room, amber eyes closing in remorse as he felt the sharpshooter hiccup and tremble with resistance of his urge to run from the lover he nearly shot, freckled hands balled into fists as the blonde tried in vain attempt to apologize past the pain searing in his throat.
It’s alright.. Just breathe.
A steady hand reached up to cradle the back the photographer’s head of messy golden locks while the brush of the cool nighttime’s breeze filtering through the propped window felt stark against the heat radiating away from Prompto’s flushed and freckled cheeks, the King’s Shield rocking ever slightly to offer comfort where he could give it.
You’re safe.” – ❞

Hook up culture, sacred sensuality(sexuality), tantric sex, and womb healing.

The ‘marriage culture’ that we have come to know from our parents generation of failed partnerships, & no intimacy, is what was destructive. We know better now. We no longer have to marry out of cultural necessity, we actually get to CHOOSE now. That in itself is beautiful..

Hook up culture is the result of a psychologically afflicted generation, too bruised by the degradation of relationship values they’ve seen. We no longer honour the sanctity of union-ship. From music, to television, the marriage template is portrayed as stagnant, and Un-enjoyable. No sanctity of union ship, no desire to build a strong family unit = broken communities, weaker social ties & understanding of relationship (dynamics). We are heading toward a culture of several,'baby mothers’, and 'baby fathers’, with no family bonds, nor community practice. The fact that people come on Twitter and even make jokes/ memes, out of having, 'side chicks, and 'side guys’ is proof of desensitisation.

The holy trinity, mother + father + [=]child, (masculine and feminine energies combining to the highest essence of creation).. That’s love.

If people believed they would genuinely be loved, respected, and received if they entered a partnership, there would be no 'hook up culture’

Yes, (we) humanity may be collectively moving toward new ideals. But not ALL of these are progressive. Some are still born of trauma.

A generation that largely witnessed the break down of their parents marriages, (their mother’s lack of expression+ their fathers lack of enthusiasm), are inevitably going to view partnership with contempt, and something signifying entrapment, and passive acceptance.

The only true reason, you’ll want to be having sex with others without building emotional bonds, is because you are fearful of such intimacy. In your humble opinion, it is far easier to, 'mimic’ this form of closeness, as naturally, all humans require some level of social bonding. Sex, for many, is as close as it gets to love.

If you study sacred sexuality, you would know there can be no separation from intimacy, love and sex.

It has only become so, since those in power realised the manifestation power behind such sexual cultivation..
Keep people focused on the primal aspects of sex, and they remain trapped in ego consciousness.

You know you can actually cause trauma to a woman’s womb, and psyche, under the guise of a 'one night stand?’ Men awaken a portal within a woman after sexual intimacy. To then close that portal, or deny responsibility for all that awakens with it, is to prematurely stunt her energy formation. It causes trauma because it reduces her to her sexual organs, in terms of validity.

Women, and men experience sex a little differently.. Aside from tantric sex, and twin flame sex, that awakens awareness in both partners, generally, the process of sex is more physical for men, (unless they practice sacred sensuality), and the process for women, is largely emotional. During sex, a woman’s heart centre may be activated through stimulation of her breasts, (the heart centre/chakra sits right Inbetween), or through stimuli-station of the womb, which is thought to also ignite feelings of either safety/protection, or fear, and attack. It is not surprise that the womb is associated with feelings of love and comfort - this is the very place that houses in-coming souls.

The goal in tantric sex, is to allow both partners to transform their sexual energy, into creative, godly energy, (love). Through the pro-longing of the orgasm, the man trains himself to maintain this momentary glimpse of heaven, by involving not only his lower chakras, but moving from the lower centre, to the higher centres, therefore igniting kundalini awakening. - just think of the snake spiralling up the chakra system, making its way through to the top.
This process begins quite naturally in women after intercourse.. (Well, at least it tries to).

Woman, by nature is accustom to being nurturing and receptive. To making a home out of all she is given.
You cannot stir this process within her, and then force her to dismantle the alchemical transformation whilst it is in progress..
Biologically, at this point, she is awakening, (the true purpose of sex). Abandoning her afterward is equivalent to awakening a sleeping child,only to offer them a sleeping pill whilst they are finally adjusting to being awakened. The confusion of the natural process is damaging.

When you enter a woman, she has surrendered to you.. In turn, you owe her a duty, of succumbing to whatever arises within her.. Because at that point, it is an accumulation of both of your energies. She is experiencing not only her awakening, but stirring yours.

Her behaviour afterward will shine a light on all that you are. If she begins to act fearful, she is responding to a place of fear within you both. If she grows more loving and playful, she is reflecting this nature within yourself.. Listen and take heed.

Abstinence, and a prolonged period of celibacy is a good cure for women who have, in the past given their sexual power away in anyway. Sexual power can be given (taken)away in a magnitude of ways. People pleasers who use sex as a means to validate their desirability, are but one way sexual power may be given. In this case, the abuse is self inflicted, though very much as potent in its damaging effects.

In this absence, the woman should spend time honouring her womb, (rituals to celebrate moon cycles, and womb cycles), and learn of its divinity.

The self cleansing mechanisms of the vagina, will take care of the rest. Largely, it is a mental game of re-introducing harmony.

There are also forms of visualisation meditation that can see you through retrieving parts of your soul that were lost..

It’s Me, Sweetheart

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Mary, Cas (mentioned), Sam (mentioned)

Word Count: 1860

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Blood, guns, some swearing, maybe a little angst? Basically supernatural stuff. Season 12 spoilers!

Summary: Dean and Mary show up at the bunker and find an injured reader and Sam missing.

Author’s Note: Okay, so a few things: I don’t know where Mary actually got her clothes but I’m gonna assume from the Impala and we’ll leave it at that, I tried to keep the dialogue as close to the original scene but some things are changed, most specifically that Mary almost shoots the reader and not Cas, there’s a brief third person section for Dean and Mary, and when I started writing this a few months ago (I kind of forgot about it, oops!) I was thinking I would do another couple parts and extend it till when they get Sammy back but now I’m not so sure I’m going to. If people like this and want me to write a few more parts I’ll consider it, but honestly I found this difficult to write for some reason and it’s not really what I was hoping for. I wouldn’t be changing anything except for the addition of the reader, but basically it would just be a rewrite and we all know what happens with Sam already (and if you don’t know you probably shouldn’t be reading this yet anyway!) so I hope you guys don’t feel like I’m leaving you hanging. So let me know if you guys want more, but no promises. Wow that was a lot of words, sorry guys! Happy reading!

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Darkness faded in and out of your vision as your eyes fluttered open, your head pounding and something warm and thick dripping down the side of your face. You groaned and reached up with a shaky hand, wincing as you made contact with a gouge on your forehead. You pulled your fingers away and found them coated in blood.

     “That Bitch.”

     You put your hands on the library table in front of you and used it to claw your way off the ground, wobbling when you finally managed to stand up. Your head was throbbing and you felt nauseous. You swore again when you saw the blood on the floor.

     “Sam?!” you called into the silence, your voice echoing off the walls and piercing the eerie quite. You used the table and chairs to make your way out of the library and crouched down in front of the red stain on the floor.

     That woman was going to regret ever touching Sam.

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buznook31  asked:

I'd like a meta explaining what the point of the coffin scene was, from Eurus's view. What is she looking for in this trial? Is she just trying to use Molly in order to hurt Sherlock, just for fun? Is she trying to show Sherlock he's truly blind when it comes to love? What does this scene doing for Eurus? Thanks!

Hello! I like this meta request! :D So my first thought about what you bring up is that with the coffin scene, as with most of the other stuff that happened at Sherrinford, this was about Eurus and Sherlock. It really wasn’t so much about the other people, despite there being other people involved at times. So I definitely don’t believe that Eurus had much thought about Molly specifically, other than the fact that she knew Molly loved Sherlock and therefore she was useful. The test itself wasn’t to see what Molly did or said, it was for sure about Sherlock. 

So this is where it gets interesting to me. Because I think Eurus motivation is twofold here at Sherrinford. And although it could seem like the motive was just to put Sherlock through some sort of elaborate torture session, I don’t think that’s really what it was. 1) Eurus wanted to put Sherlock under a microscope and carefully study his reactions and behavior in each scenario; vivisection, like he said. Because he’s the emotional one and she’s the actual sociopath. So to her, this is the unknown that she’s trying to study. And on that note…2) I think she was trying to teach herself, in a way. Some of these concepts like sympathy and compassion and love, they’re totally foreign to her and not only does she not properly feel those things, it’s also been decades since she personally experienced being given those things by others. So here is where the coffin scene in particular is meaningful, not just for sherlolly, but also for Eurus.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Eurus face at the end of that phone call spoke volumes. She was blown away. It was momentary, but she was moved and speechless. So not only did she have her conclusive “results” for Sherlock, but she also got to see before her eyes what that sort of love is like. (And by that sort of love, I do mean romantic love and if anyone doesn’t get that that’s what that scene was about then I’m sorry but they need to rewatch) In her face you can see that she’s both in awe and also incredibly sad. She’s probably thinking, “I’ve never experienced anything like that and I never will.” She may also be hurt, thinking that here’s her brother, so desperate to save this woman who loves him and he loves in return, and yet he doesn’t care as much for her, his own sister. Which is why it’s really wonderful and heartwarming, albeit bittersweet, that Sherlock does actually save Eurus when all is said and done, kind of completing the “lesson” for her. Caring saves people. Maybe not always physically or literally, but it does.  

So…basically I think Eurus intent in the coffin test was to push Sherlock and study his heart with romantic love in particular, and in the process she was the one who got schooled. And I actually like to HC her shutting the video feed off after telling him to move onto the next room in his own time, and then kind of breaking down herself. Maybe both Sherlock and Eurus were overtaken by their emotions at the very same moment for their own reasons. And if that doesn’t give you all the feels, I don’t know what will lol! :’((