it is only for the next 2 weeks but

Yes, Cass is the only houseguest who has said she wanted to go after Neda but I still think this is a weak move. 

1. Neda got immunity week one so she has no clue how many other people would target her if they could.

2. Cass sucks at comps and no one trusts her. Why waste a HoH on someone you could get out whenever? Or if you were nominated next to, would ensure you survived eviction?

3. Neda could make a huge move without fear of retaliation. She could get out someone like Kevin or Bruno and spend her next week of safety mending any bad blood created during her HoH.

4. Her logic is that Cass is coming after her and she wants people like Kevin and Bruno in jury to vote for her to win. My issue is, with 5 weeks of immunity, she needs to make huge moves that would compensate for her help from Canada. Nominating Bruno and Dillon (since she’s close to Kevin) and getting one of them out would be better than getting out can’t-win-a-comp Cass or I’m-shaking Jackie.

Last Weeks Goals

So my goals for Monday to Friday last week were pretty basic:

No take out - i did have subway and pita pit, but i chose healthy so i’m not mad about it

3 workouts - 2 trips to the gym and a long walk 

Drink more water - probably not as much as i should have been drinking, but more than the previous week so i’m happy!

I’m also only 3.2lbs away from my first goal weight of 185lbs!!! I should definitely have it within the next two weeks :)

Week 2: Mystery Item

Summary: the second installment of my month of sex games with Cas! this is called “mystery item” where one player is blindfolded and tied up while the other teases them with different objects until they guess correctly.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader (obviously)

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: bondage, blindfolds, angel blade!kink, sliiiight dirty talk, language, smutty smut

A/N: soo I didn’t proofread this before I posted bc Im sick and I just dont feel like it haha. I’ll go back and fix any mistakes later on, promise!

Sex Games Masterlist

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“What’s next?”

You grinned into your pillow, peaking up at Castiel and seeing the eager look on his face.

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EXO’s Cumulative Physical Album Sales for 2016 Exceed Over 2.13 Million! New Record!

EXO has sold over 2.13 Million Physical Albums in 2016. 

  1. EXO EX’ACT: 1.170,000+ (Incl. LOTTO Repackage) 
  2. EXO For Life: 425,000+
  3. EXO-CBX Hey Mama!: 276,000+
  4. LAY Lose Control: 260,000+

This brings EXO’s cumulative album sales to over 2.13 Million in 2016 alone. However this does not include the 150,000+ copies EXO’s 2nd Japanese single ‘Coming Over’ has sold nor the 36,000+ copies BAEKHYUN & Suzy’s Physical Album of ‘Dream’ has sold earlier this year.

With ‘For Life’ only having 1 week of sales accounted for and many of EXO’s former albums still charting and selling, the final count of exactly how many albums EXO has sold in total for 2016 will be revealed early next year.

Congratulations EXO! To 2017!

A weight loss journey of 50, 100 or 200 pounds can feel so daunting and long that we don’t know where to get started. Many of us turn to crash diets or extreme programs in an attempt to shed the pounds fast only to find our willpower waning 2-3 weeks in.

For years, I was looking for the perfect weight loss solution and until I found it, I continued to binge as I punished and sedated my depression with food.

“I’ll start Monday,” I’d lie to myself on Friday.
“I mean next Monday,” I’d say on Monday.
“No one diets on (insert random holiday),” I’d justify the next Monday.

So it goes.

Until 2010 happened and I hit rock bottom. I looked around for the first time with open eyes and I saw my life: living a lie, a dying marriage, a complacent heart and a dormant soul. It was time to wake the heck up.

I didn’t start perfectly but I started. A walk of 212 steps was all I could handle before my back was screaming for relief. A salad for lunch. Small choices helped me lose my first pound.

If I could lose a pound once, I figured I could do it twice. If twice, I could do it once more. All I did was lose one pound 225 times.

Goethe once observed that magic starts to happen the moment you start. The universe begins to conspire for your success. Do you want to find your magic? Start with small decisions and one pound.

Just start. I never found the perfect diet but I learned to fall in love with the imperfect me. You can do this.

Delicate Part 7/9

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Warnings: Swearing, yelling, here comes the ANGST

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Reader is brilliantly smart but has spent her life being exploited by anyone who finds out about it. She is recruited by Fury to come to the Avengers facility, but it may not be for the reason she thinks.

Not going to lie, I listened to the song Delicate by Damien Rice about a million times while writing this. Also the trailer for Gifted not only left me an emotional mess it also seems to have seeped it’s way a little into this story.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9

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Okay guys. We have one chance left. Next Sunday is the last episode of Eyewitness. The only way we can ensure a season 2 is if we boost the ratings and that means we need help from EVERYBODY. That’s right, all of you.
You have a week. If you can, please catch up to the show on a traceable device, preferably through the USA Network site or the app and watch The show on Sunday at 10/9c I promise you it’s worth it.

If for whatever reason you can’t do that, please help in the following ways.

1. Watch the show live on mute

2. Watch the show on the USA live stream on their website on mute

3. DVR the show and watch it after it airs

4. Watch it on USA website or app

5. Tweet using the hastags #Eyewitness #Philkas and #wewanteyewitnessseason2 AND tweet these at USA Network on twitter

6. Request for Eyewitness to be put onto Netflix through Netflix’s show suggestion service

7. Recruit other people to watch in inventive ways or just generally spread the word

Doing more than one of these things is even better. While I watched the episode tonight, I had the live stream running on my computer and was actively tweeting.


So please, if you like the show or not, please support us this week. We really don’t want to see a show with such potential burn out so quickly.

Love you all,
The Eyewitness Fandom

Week 4: Hide and Seek

Summary: yay! week 4 of sex games with Castiel. This game is like regular hide and seek, only it involves sex toys and lingerie. 

Pairing: Cas x reader ((duh))

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: language, use of sex toys, le sex, I also went crazy with the NSFW gifs I got from my cas porn blog, sorry hahahahah

A/N: I havent proofread this yet so pls excuse any mistakes, I’ll fix em later!

Sex Games Masterlist


Ok, so you were sore.

Like, really sore. Upon waking up the next morning, you could barely move your stiff muscles. So instead of continuing the games, much to Cas’ dismay, you opted to stay in bed all day and catch up on some reading.

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And then out of the corner of my eye
I see a spaceship in the sky
And hear a voice inside my head:
‘Follow me instead.’
'Follow me instead.’
'Follow me instead.’
'Follow me.’

March to the sea

:Isle of Flightless Birds:

@joshsfrend @fairlyathletic-quails this is the fanart I’ve been working on!

Brett was horny right after his training session at the gym.
He told me that he doesn’t like taking care of business by himself if he could help it, But as his girlfriend was overseas for the next 2 weeks he thought that was the only thing he could do.
- I couldn’t help imagining how big and hard he would be under those tight black shorts.
As I moved over on the couch where he was sitting i touched the inside of his leg, with a smile I said “a hot guy like you has many options” he was pretty quick to dismiss my offer by telling me he wasn’t gay … I got up, closed the blinds, locked the door and said “we have been Mates for years now, trust me”
Walking back to him I said close your eyes if you want, but you don’t need to be gay to fuck another guy, just horny.

Even now that his girlfriend has come back from her trip, Brett sometimes still comes over after his gym session.
But he closes the blinds and locks the door himself now ;)

So, I know everybody’s scared and upset now...

How about the next few days I write a SHITLOAD of fluffy fics? I’ll sideline NaNoWriMo for a few days (It’s okay, I can catch up, it’s only week 2) and just write the hell out of some fluff.

WHAT do you want to see? Do you want me to make the Coldflash mpreg into a series? That little slice of life I posted was meant to stand alone if it needed to, but I can make it a series.

Do you want fluffy Malec? I’ll write you fluffy Malec.

Like-an-old-married-couple Saphael? DONE! Just give me the word.

Fuck, for you guys right now, I’ll go back and write STEREK again. I will write you a fluffy sterek fic. 

Marvel pairings? Give me a Marvel pairing and I’ll give you a fluff fic.

Whatever you ask, I will do my VERY BEST to write for you… let’s say by Friday. This weekend at the latest. I’ll be sure to link you when it’s done. 

Reblog this around because some people may not realized I’m heartsdesire456, but that is me. heartsdesire456. If you’re in any of these fandoms (and many more) you’ve probably read something of mine on MY AO3 and I’m offering you guys fluff to make this week however much less painful I can.


Edit: THANK YOU! Remember to tag them #Fluff Not Fear or #FluffNotFear on twitter so I can add them to the MASTER POST!

If Seventeen Had an Instagram

S. Coups: lots of practise room and group photos. Would always be teasing the next comeback. 
Jeonghan: just a feed full of his face. Not even photos of the other members. Just him.
Joshua: Such an aesthetic feed, everything fits and looks so nice. Throw! Back! Thursdays! Or any day, Josh does what he wants. Posts every 2 weeks but when he does it’s a selca that blesses us all.
Jun: 50% dance practise photos, 50% selcas of him and Minghao. Lowkey a Minghao fan account. 
Hoshi: poorly-edited photos with bad angles and filters. Posts 3 selca in a row every day. The only people he follows are SHINee members. Someone take him off instagram
Wonwoo: shares all the books he’s reading. Might sneak in a pic of coffee or a selca. Don’t expect him to post frequently.
Woozi: posts every 50 years because he’s busy and social media isn’t really his thing.
DK: uses an indie filter and posts landscape photos. Lots of smiley selcas!!
Mingyu: posts pictures of dogs and videos of him bothering the other members. Lots of selcas.
The8: his feed would look like it’s straight out of Tumblr. Lots of ootds, Nike/Adidas/Bape. Very aesthetically pleasing.
Seungkwan: so many selcas using Snow filters, especially with Vernon. He would try to post frequently
Vernon: shares memes that only he finds funny. Lots of music recommendations. Mirror selfies!! It could either be the most beautiful feed ever, or the ugliest catastrophe the world has seen.
Dino: follows all his fan accounts. And Michael Jackson fan accounts too. His profile picture is Michael Jackson. His user name is probably MichaelChanson99.

Special Room Pt. 2

Summary: After wandering down that forbidden corridor, things between you and Negan begin to heat up. 
POV: Third Person Limited – Y/N
Characters: Negan, Y/N
Word Count: 1494
Warnings: Cursing, light smut
Authors note: Finally, after like three weeks of not updating the story, chapter two is finally here!  Make sure you comment on what you want to happen next! 
Parts: 2/? (Part one) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)
Quote of the story: “Expecting some movie type shit…”

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Legolas Greenleaf X Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds them only to take them home to care for them. 

Warning(s): nudity, mentions of torture 

A/N: AYoOoOoOoOO I’m back. (Y/E/C) is Your Eye Color. And I’ll probably write a part 2 for this but idk yet.

[part 2]

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1. Revise a topic several times throughout the semester, this will keep you from trying to learn everything the night before a final, here’s a method that I like:

  • First revision: immediately after seeing it in class, preferably within 10 minutes. 
  • Second revision: before going to bed that same day or the next morning

Then, you can revise every week, every month, or as frequently as you need. Revise harder topics more frequently. As you revise, highlight key points and important info in the text. 

2. You don’t have to read the entire lesson, word by word, every time you revise if you comprehend the topic already. You can cram through the pages and only focus on key points. Use this time to go through the harder topics.

Rewriting everything in pretty and elaborate notes can help most people, but not everyone, so don’t worry if your revision consists in only reading the textbook and class notes! Whatever works best for you. 

You can also vary the revision method from class to class, you can make a table with all the formulas you need to learn for Math, or a timeline with events you need to memorise for History, or a mind map for English. 

Hope this helped! xo