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I officially came out to my sister last summer as ace and she was really supportive. Last night, she told me that she been dating a guy who just recently found out he was probably ace and told her about, because he felt guilty. Because of both of us, she start looking in asexuality more deeply and start asking me questions about it. Long story short, she came out as somewhere on the ace-spec and probably demi to me :D

Thanks for sharing!

- Fae

Also: I am accepting all input on what the next puppy should be like including astrologically but also breed-wise etc.

The only things we know for sure are that we will be adopting, it should be around the same size as Luna (40-50ish lbs), and we are wanting a male dog. Doesn’t even necessarily have to be a “puppy” but we were looking for somebody younger (or young at heart!) to match Lu’s energy.

Search begins officially this summer, after we get our backyard fenced in 😍

New Movie Revealed!--by Alpha

(No header photo this time guys, it’s down below. Stupid Tumblr app is stupid. Post will be edited with a real one Monday!) Going along with the official movie premiered last summer, we now have another one in the works! World Turned Odd, one of the episodes we previously mentioned as being new on IMDB, stars Oona, Olympia and Otis (no Ms. O this time?) and is set to air in January 2018 as part of PBS Kids’s “Family Night”. That means now we have 11 months to wait and suffer! We may not get more news until November or December as movie news tends to be sparse up until the last minute. We’ll keep you updated though. Post will be edited with real description on Monday. No thanks to give since I found this myself!

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happy birthday mikey!! // @5sos


he’s so corny 

    “oh, angel sent from up above
                 you know you make my world 
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