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“what do you think about when you daydream or get distracted?”

nothing. my head is just a running loop of the hamilton original cast recording

BTS reaction: Them being a virgin and wanting their first time with you (request)

I am so, so, so sorry this took so long. I didn’t mean for it took take this long, but things have just been crazy for me and the rest of us on this blog.


You two lay on the bed. You were cuddled next to Jin, watching YouTube videos on the laptop placed on Jin’s stomach. Suddenly, he paused the video, “I have to go to the bathroom. Don’t watch it without me.” he said a he crawled out of bed.

“Nah, I’m gonna keep watching.” you said only to be playfully annoying.

“No! See it without me and I’ll stop cooking for you!” he threatened as he left the room.

“PLaY thE ViDeo anD I wOn’T coOk foR You!” you mimicked in a high voice when you were sure he wasn’t able to hear you.

You left the laptop on this side of the bed and got up to just peek around his room as you waited. It wasn’t like it was your first time in his room or anything, you just found yourself wanting to take a look around at the stuff he bought since the last time you were over.

The first thing you did was open the drawer on his night stand. “Headphones… charger… cologne… condoms- wait what?!?” you grabbed at the small box, quickly realizing that it was already open.

You felt yourself becoming filled with rage. You tore up the box open finding out there were only 3 left in the box that was supposed to be packed with 10. “What the actually fuck?!?” You and Jin hadn’t slept together yet, so he obviously didn’t use these with you.”He’s cheating on me!”

“You didn’t play the video did you?” Jin’s voice asked as he appeared in the room.

You angry eyes flew on him. “You’re cheating on me?!?” you practically shouted.

He froze. “What?”

You threw the box at him. “Fuck you!”

His eyes followed the flimsy box as it awkwardly dropped to the floor. “Y/n, wait!” he said, blocking you from leaving the room. “It’s not what you think!”

“I don’t want to hear your stupid bullshit! I want to leave!”

“But Jagi, I’ve never even had sex before!”

“You expect me to believe that?!?”

“Look, they came in a gift basket a fan gave us. We decided to keep it. We each have one condom in our wallets just in case. And I’m the only that is keeping the rest cuz I’m the most responsible and they guys have to come to me to get another one. That way I can talk them out of stupid one night stands.

You continued to glare at him. “And you actually expect me to believe that you’re a virgin, “Mr. World wise handsome”, You “third guy from the left”, you literally could have anyone you just look at”

“But I want you! I love you! If I’m gonna sleep with someone, I don’t want it to be just anyone. Jagi believe me. If you go check my wallet, there is still a condom in there. Look, I can go get the rest of the guys to explain, just so that you will believe me.”

His voice drowned out and the only thing you focused on was the fact that he said he loved you. In all you months together he never said it before. “Y-you love me?

He came up closer to you, putting his hands on your waist. “Y/n, of course i love you.”

You held yourself back from hugging him back or giving him a kiss, you still weren’t too sure if you believed him.

“Y/n, please believe me. The other night at your place…What we did.. That was the closest I ever came to having sex.” he said with his face blushing.

“Really?” You said thinking back to when he came over and things got really heated between the two of you.’

“Yeah” he said with embarrassment. “Why did you think I was all giggly and nervous when you took your shirt off.” His face was burning even more.

Jin had never lied to you before. There didn’t seem to be a real reason for him  to lie to you right now, right? If he really did want anyone else, he could have them in a heartbeat. 

With much hesitancy, you hugged him back. “I believe you” you pulled him into a kiss. “And I love you too.”

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It was movie night at the dorm. You and your boyfriend, the one and only Suga of BTS were cuddled up on one end of the couch, Jhope sat at the other end of the couch. Jimin and rap monster were on the other couch, Jin and V were collecting the snack from the kitchen, and the maknae was out in the city doing his own thing.

“Guys, hurry up I want to start the movie!” Jimin shouted out to the two in the kitchen.

“Dude! We said to fucking wait!” V shouted back.

“Can’t something be done in this dorm without the need for screaming?” Suga groaned.

Being the good girlfriend you were, you covered his ears to protect him from the loud back and forth shouting. In return he gave you a cute smile and a peck on your temple. 

Suddenly the door busted open and the maknae walked in with an out-of-the-ordinary stride and a huge smile on his face. He marched his way into the center of the living room and stood with pride. 

“Jungkook, move you are blocking the TV.” you whined. You knew there was nothing on yet, but the movie was supposed to be played any second. 

Jungkook ignored you and went ahead and spoke. “Is no one going to ask why I am so happy?” he asked loudly.

“We don’t really care Jungkook.” Suga mumbled.

“Well,  I am happy because… I just had sex! And it felt so good!” he practically sang the whole song. 

“So that barista you were talking about?” Rap monster asked, even though he was just as uninterested as everyone else.

“Yup!” Jungkook’s smile grew.

“Yay?” Jimin said with an unimpressed tone.

“What stupid thing is jungkook announcing now?” Jin asked as he an V walked into the room. 

“I had sex!” Jungkook smiled.

“Alright!” V said giving him a high five, the only one to really care about Jungkook’s sex life.

“Can we watching the movie now?” Jhope groaned

“C’mon guys! This is a big moment for me! I’m a man now! We are officially a dorm of men!” 

You almost laughed. “So having sex makes you a man?”

“As a matter of fact, yes it does.” Jungkook said looking over to you. “And now that everyone in this house has had sex at least once, we are now all men.”

Suga rolled his eyes. “This isn’t a “dorm of men” just becuase “we’ve all had sex”. Not all of us here have had sex, but we are just as much men as before you fucked a barista.”

Jungkook looked confused. “What are you talking about, we’ve all slept with someone… Me and the barista, Namjoon and that stylist, Jin and his ex, Tae and the thai girl, Hoseok and that girl at the fan meet, Jimin and his new girlfriend, and you and y/n, so that is all of us.” He completely missed the point Suga was trying to make.

“What? Yoongi and I havent had sex yet!” You said a bit offended.

“Jungkook how stupid are you, I never said anything about having sex with y/n.” Suga pointed out, calming you down about him talking about your relationship with the rest of the guys. “I haven’t had sex with anyone.” he said with a straight face.

“Wait, your a virgin?” you asked the question everyone was about to ask.

“Yeah” he said without any shame or embarrassment.

To you though, this didn’t make sense. “But… But how? I would have thought cuz- Well, girls always throw themselves at you!” 

He only shrugged “I’m not one for random hookups. You are technically my first legit relationship, so I thought I’d wait until you wanted to do it.” 

The boys all looked between one another, just as thrown off as you were. “So…” Jungkook began. “This means I am more of a man than Yoongi.” he said with a smirk

“No you aren’t!” Suga snapped. “Shut up and sit down so we can watch the movie!” 

Jungkook did so, a smirk still on his face as he sat between Jimin and Rap monster. V played the movie and for a second everyone was quiet. 

“…But even I’m not a virgin. Why do you feel the need to like, I don’t know, not start anything with me?” You whispered. You couldn’t let the topic go.

“Shhhh, movie time.” Suga said, his eyes were only on the tv.

But, It wasn’t long into the movie that Jungkook began giggling to himself. It got to the point where V paused the movie. “Dude, shut the fuck up!”

“Sorry sorry, Its just- I am more of a man that Yoongi!” he repeated.

“No you aren’t” you barked.

“Yes I am!

“Oh yeah?

“Yeah! Cuz scinece !” was the Jungkook’s sad explanation

Rap monster just glared at Jungkook, mumbling under his breath. “Tae just press play.”

“You know what?” you stood up ffom the couch. “Yoongi, let’s go to your room!”

Suga let out a groan of annoyance. “Why?”

“So I can make you a man!”

“Ok!” he jumped up and was already leading you to his room.

“Ew! Wait no!” Jhope shouted. “I don’t want to hear you two fuck!” Jimin screamed

“Then leave!” Suga said as he pulled you into his room.

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Rap monster:

“Thanks for letting me get ready here!” you said as you tied the rope of your robe around your waist and walked into his bedroom to grabbed your makeup bag.

You could feel his eyes following you as you made your way around the place. “Well, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t let my princess get ready for our dinner date?” he asked as he came up behind you. His arms laced around you as he made eye contact with you through the mirror.

“You are an amazing boyfriend.” you said as you gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Oh, I bet you can give me more than a small kiss”

“I could, but I need to finish getting ready and you need to get dressed!” you reminded.

“Hm, but I don’t want to get dressed.” he hummed as he began kissing your neck.

He worked his way up to your lips and that’s when you were a goner. You couldn’t break away from him and you didn’t want to. It got to the point where he already had you sitting on the restroom counter. He stood between your knees, moving his hands all over you. It was when his hands went up your robe and slowly up your bare thighs that you stopped him. “Namjoon, I don’t want to do that yet.” you said with a heavy breath. “Like I want to, but I don’t want to”

“We can just not go to the restaurant.”  he said as he went for your lips again.

“No, Namjoon, I’m don’t know if I’m ready to have sex yet… I’ve never done it before.” you said softly.

Immediately, the way he looked at you changed and his expression became softer. “Well, I mean, y/n, its just me. You don’t have to be so shy about it. We don’t have to do anything yet, ok.”

“Yeah?” you asked nervously.

“Of course! And between you and me, I’ve never done it before either.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Really?”

“Yeah… I just… Kinda wanted to wait for the right person, someone who wasn’t going to use me for my money or like blackmail me or anything.” he shrugged.

“Oh wow.” was all you could say.

He kissed you again, this time in a sweet manner. “So with that being said…I really, really, really, really hope you feel comfortable enough with me to be your first time, cuz I really, really, really, really , really want to have my first time with you.” he smiled.

You smiled back. “Well, I guess we can just see how the date goes and how I feel about everything tonight…Maybe I might change my mind.” you said as you bit your lip.

“Then I’m gonna go change!” he said running out of the room and getting his stuff together.

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You first met Hoseok through your jerk ex, Namjoon. He had been one of Namjoon’s best friends and he was the “treats you better than your boyfriend treats you” type of guy. Because of that, you fell for him. Having a better idea of how you should really be treated, you left Namjoon, loosing your group of friends in the process, except for Hosoek. He never left your side, but you weren’t sure if it was because he considered you a great friend or because he had strong feelings for you too.

Right now you were standing in front of the mirror, triple checking your outfit as you thought of things you noticed that made you feel as though he liked you back. He was always with you, always wanting to hang out one way or another.  he never spoke about any other girls with you or anything of the sort. No matter how much you bugged him about revealing crushes or what his type of girl was, he never told you. Since you both hung out alot, the club was always a fun place to go to, but Hoseok never danced with anyone but you (no matter how much other girls begged him). There is a memory with him that always stuck on your head. There was one night where you both got really drunk and just knocked out on his bed and when you woke up he was cuddled next to you.

But there were also alot of things that made you unsure about how he felt for you. He never seemed to make a move on you, ever. You would always try to slip a flirt in here and there and he would just wave it away or ignore it completely. You constantly made attempts to make him jealous, only for them all to fail. He never seemed nervous or upset or nosy about who you went on dates with and always heard you out when you vented about a “current” guy of interest. He never so much as had lingering hugs with you like you did too many times.

You didn’t know how he felt about you, but you were tired of keeping your feelings to yourself. “I don’t care anymore! I am not going another night without him knowing!”

Prior to him showing up you had a few bottles of liquid courage so you probably weren’t in the best mindset. So right now you stood in front of the mirror in your shortest skin tight dress… in hopes of seducing him. Yup, that was really your “best” plan and you had no other plan in mind.

“Ok y/n. You got this. You look hot! Like… so hot Yeah.. Ok … Ok! Hoseok is out there eating chips looking fine as fuck in that outfit you love him in, so you just gotta match his level… ok, ok, ok! I got this!” you said to yourself in the mirror trying to hype yourself as much as possible.

You walked out your room, peeking at him from the hall. Hoseok was just sitting at your kitchen island eating like before, watching the tv that was playing in your living room.

“So how do I look?” you asked strutting into the kitchen, trying to lighten the mood by dramatically posing (lowkey trying to show off your figure). 

He turned over to you, his jaw fell immediately. “W-wow!” His eyes trailed you from head to toe. “…wow”

“And look, feel the fabric!” you ran up to him, grabbed his hands and slid them up and down your waist before he had a chance to say anything. “Its all nice and soft!” you said “innocently”.

He laughed nervously. Uh, yeah, I like it.” he tried to hide his smile, but you didn’t hide yours as his hands stayed on your waist.

You rested your hands on his shoulders. “And what do you think of my new lipstick?” you asked as you puckered your lips. 

“Hot!” he blurted out

“Hot? You think it makes me look hot ?” you smirked.

“No! Well yeah! but like , in a friend way.. but then not! But like I’m not saying you’re not hot, cuz you are, but like ok but yes-”

This was the perfect moment and you took it. You didn’t think twice and you stopped him with a  kiss. Completely thrown off by your action, he pulled back. “Wh-wh- wha?” his face was stuck between a smile and a look of shock and he shook his head unable to process what just happened. “Did you just-” there was a smirk on his face, but it changed again to confusion “But like what?” Through out this whole time, he still didn’t let go of you and that was the only sign you had that he didn’t hate the kiss.

“Well, if my kiss didn’t give it away, I’m trying to show you i like you hobi, I’ve liked you for a long time” you finally said out loud.

“Y-you like me too?” a shy smile grew on his face.

Another burst of energy went through you, “Too? So you like me?” you asked excitedly.

“Well, yeah. I just-” he let out a happy chuckle “I was just scared to tell you…” he admitted. 

“Well, know that we both know our feelings for each other, why don’t we skip club night and go express ourselves in my room?” you asked as seductively as possible as you pulled him into another kiss.

That’s when he face burned red. “…So you mean like… do it? like… sex?” again he was back to being nervous, yet giddy.

“Yeah, what else would I be talking about?” you asked as you tugged on his arm to get up from the chair.

“Well.. the thing is… I never done it before” he said timidly.

“You’re a virgin?”


“Well… we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. We can just stay here and kiss some more!”

“No! I want to! Like really want to! I… I just don’t want to… disappoint you - cuz like I’ve never done it….” he blushed.

“Oh Hoseok, believe me. If you can move your hips in bed as much as you do on the dance floor, no one is going to be disappointed!”

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It was another one of those heated moments between the two of you. You were in his bed, he on top of you and you were so ready to go all the way with him finally. With the way his lips crashed into your and how his hands moved on your body, you just couldn’t contain yourself anymore. You ripped off your shirt and you barely had the time to unhook your bra when his hands were already on the task. It was all so much and before you knew it his lips were all over you. You loved every second of it.

But then suddenly he just stopped! He sat up on top of you, catching his breath. He looked down at you with hungry eyes, but he still did nothing. “Why don’t we go back to the video games?” he asked randomly.

“What?!? Babe, no!” you said, pulling his down again and putting his hands back on you. You attacked his lips and then his neck as you pulled his shirt off.

Again he protested. “Babe, seriously.” he said as he lips left a kiss on your neck. “The game though!”

You could feel yourself becoming filled with insecurity and now you were the one to push his away. “Why do you want to play a stupid game?!? Is there something you don’t like about my body? Did I turn you off?” your voice cracked as you grabbed your short and covered yourself

“No!” He said immediately. “Baby, heck no!” he leaned down on you and kissed deeply you some more. “You are beautiful. I love your body!” he reassured as his arms snaked around you.

“Then what is it? You can’t seriously want to play a stupid video game!” you snapped as you again pushed him off.

“Its just… I’ve never done it before…” he said in almost a whipser.

You turned back to him. “What?!?”

“I’ve never done it before.” he said a bit louder.

“No, like are you serious? You never slept with anyone before?”

“No… And believe me I really, really want to sleep with you, but then I think too much and I stress myself out! I want you to be my first and all that, but I also want to be good for you. I don’t want you to be disappointed with me and whatever” he concluded with a mumble

“Aw, Tae!” you cooed.You grabbed him and pulled him to you again. “Just go with the flow. And trust me, the only way you are disappointing me is baby constantly stopping this from happening! ‘you said as you kissed him again.

He pulled himself up again to say something, but them he stopped himself staring down at you just as lustfully as he did before.

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They sat across from each other A small table int he middle of the dimly lit dorm.

“I’m sorry jagi, I really wanted to take you out somewhere… but I didn’t want to risk the fans knowing about you. You are the one aspect about me that is private and i just want to keep it that way.” he said shyly.

Her hand reached for his. “Don’t worry Jimin, as long as I’m with you, I’m happy.”

His smiled widened. “You don’t mean that.”

“Jimin, you spent all day setting up these candles and making this dinner. I really appreciate this! I like that you really do put in time for me. That’s alot more than some people.”

“Yeah… but I kinda over cooked the fish and it’s only candles. It’s nothing too elaborate. I didn’t have as much time as i wanted to make everything how i imagined.”

She stood up from her chair and went up to him. “Scoot back a bit.”


“So I can sit on your lap.”

He did so and she placed herself on his thighs, her arms hung on his shoulders. His had went to her wait, keeping her in place. “Why did you want to sit on my lap?” he played stupid.

“So i can kiss you.” She said bringing her lips to his.

The heating moment was ruined when the front door busted open and his band members stumbled into the dorm. 

“Ugh I feel sick!” Suga groaned, grabbing holding his stomach. “Wooooooooooo!” Jhope howled as he “danced his way to the hallway. “Aaaayyyy, Jimin!” V said stammering up to the two of them.”You lost your V card now? Y/n, did you finally “make him happy” yet” he said through a drunk smile

Jin quickly came up behind V, pulling him away from Jimin and Y/n. “Sorry Jimin. I tried to keep them out longer but it was getting too hard.”

Y/n stood up from his lap, not looking too happy. He had to hurry up and make the guys leave. “Um that’s ok, but can you like make sure they all go to their rooms, so Y/n and I can at least finish eating?”

“Yeah, no problem.” he said giving Jimin and Y/n an awkward smile. Then the was off herding the 5 drunk boys to his room.

“Lose your V card? You’re a virgin?” Y/n’s voice went dark now that the guys were out of the room. She was not happy at all. She crossed her arms. “So this whole dinner was so that I would sleep with you?!? And are you complaining to the rest of the guys that i don’t sleep with you?!? That its my fault you haven’t lost it yet? I thought what happened between us was only between us?!?”

“Jagi, Just calm down a bit.” He said softly.

“I don;t want to fucking calm down! What else do they know about us? What else have you told them about me?!? Or should I ask what have you told them but not me? Cuz I for sure didn’t know you were still a virgin, even though I confessed to you that I wasn’t one anymore! So they know that too or what?!?”

“What? No!  I-I told them i was a virgin just cuz it came up in conversation in practice and they started picking on me, but I never talk to them about us. I never said anything bad about you, ever! Jagi, just let me explain!” he begged.

She stayed quiet, giving him a moment to talk (mostly to just glare at him with threatening eyes).

“So yeah, I’ve never slept with anyone yet, but that’s cuz I never been in a legit relationship and I don;t like the idea of just hooking up with someone and it not meaning anything. And, and, and I remembered how a few weeks ago, you told me you regretted your first time cuz you weren’t too into your ex and he wasn’t even romantic about the whole thing or loving with you in general. So I just thought that, you know, if I show you that even with my schedule, that i really do care for you, and that i don’t want to just sleep with you. Like, yeah i want to sleep with you…really bad. But like, I really do care about you y/n. So, like yeah, Tae said what he said, but the reason behind the dinner was not to get you tpo sleep with me, it was just to like, to show you that i care about us..”

He couldn’t quite determine y/n’s expression. Se didn’t look mad, but she didn’t looked please. She kinda looked like she was thinking things over, but then again he was too busy sweating out his nerves to really concentrate on how she was processing his frazzled explanation.

“…So you really haven’t had sex before?” 

“The more that gets said, the more of a loser I feel I am.” he said, feeling his cheeks burning. “I just never told you cuz I don’t… Its just embarrassing.”

She let out a sigh as she walked back up to  him, gently grabbing his hands. “Its like the more i get to know you, the more I wish Imet you sooner. I regret it even more that I wasted my first time on my loser ex.”

“Well, it’s not like i love you any less just cuz you slept with someone before me.” he reassured. “But you are you still mad?” he asked nervously.


“…So what do you want to do now?”

“Why don;t we take this food to my place and finish your wonderful dinner cuz I don;t want to deal with drunk BTS… Then after dinner, we can see what we can do about your V card.” she smirked.

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They sat on the couch watching a movie. Things were going well, Y/n was nestled in his chest, he had his arm around her. and they were cozy under the blanket. everything was great… until a sex scene came on.

Jungkook was suddenly hit with a wave of awkward and sexual tension. and his whole body tensed up. He wanted to know if he was the only one feeling this, so he peeked at y/n from the corner of his eye. To say the least, she was “shookth”. Just as awkwardly as he was, she tensed up too ans leaned away from him. 

That was when he panicked. “She is getting weird to! What do I do?!? Do I fast foward? No! Cuz that means i am acknowledging the awkward! Do I say something? Yes! Wait, no!” Wait, I should! But what?!?” 

The scene was still on. For some reason it never ended. “I HAVEN’T HAD SEX YET!” was what he blurted out. Then he felt mortified. “What did i just say?!?” he screamed internally 

He could feel y/n staring at him, but he didn’t dare move his head towards her. 

“What?” she asked, completely thrown off by his comment.

“I- I said that, uh, that, I- never had sex before…” he grumbled. “Why did i just say that again?!?” he screamed in his mind.

Y/n paused the movie (”thankfully” the sex scene was over). “And you said they why?” she asked,

He firced himself to shrug. “Just wanted to make things less awkward…”

“…I don’t think it worked.”

He forced himself to nod in agreement. He could feel his face burning like crazy.

“…So… You really never slept with anyone before?”

“still a virgin.” He mentally cursed himself for saying it out loud again.

“…Well, if it makes you feel any better… I am a virgin too…”

He let out the air he was holding in his lungs.”really?” he asked finally turning ti her.


“Cool - Wait, nit cool? well wait-”

“Jungkook I know what you mean.”

He smiled awkwardly, scratching the back of his head as an excuse to look away from her and recollect his thoughts. “So… Since neither one of us have done it yet… wanna do it?” it was worth asking since they were on the topic now.


He jumped up in excitement. “Really?”

“No stupid!” 

“oh.” he mumbled sinking back into his spot. with a pout.

“Maybe later on though… When I’m ready you know.”



“…Ok… I can wait till then, I want you to be my first,” he added shyly

“I do too… but i just want to make sure i am sure about it.” she said

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Coming Home

A/N: classic gif is classic. Wrote this months ago. Enjoy!

“So I’ve just left the airport and I’m now driving back to the old flat and it’s weird as much as I loved being back in warm America I missed chilly London. Anyway this probably won’t be the best piece of the vlog diary, since I’m already jetlagged and no one’s even home.” I stopped talking but let the video record until I reached a red light and stopped the capture. Sighing, I turned down familiar roads as I made my way from Heathrow. Luckily traffic wasn’t as bad today, so I wouldn’t have to spend an hour sitting even more. In fact, I was already pulling off the freeway and heading east. My phone buzzed, and I saw Dan had texted.

You almost here? Phil’s out and I’m bored.

His message was signed with the little green frog emoji. I shook my head in annoyance but felt surprisingly giddy. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in almost two weeks. I saw our flat, and finally pulling into a space around the block, I parked my car and started recording again.

“So, Dan just texted me and said he’s home and bored, of course, so maybe we’ll go out later when Phil gets back. For now..” I pulled the camera from it’s little hands free holder, “let’s finally go home.”

I kept it recording though I placed my camera down to open the trunk and grab my suitcase. Locking my car and pulling out my keys, I opened the door to our space. Mindful of neighbors, I crept quietly upstairs. I couldn’t hear anything on the television and the entire floor seemed empty. I placed my suitcase in the living room to deal with later. I also shed my jacket and headed for Dan’s room.

Walking in, I saw him. He was lounging in bed with his computer right to his chest, absorbed in something. He looked up when I opened his door though, and put his computer to the side to stand up. I set the camera down on his dresser and walked toward him. He reached me before I reached him, and suddenly one arm was around my waist and the other held my face and he was kissing me. And I mean kissing me. Whenever I pulled back he pushed forward, keeping us locked together. My arms came up and around his neck, fingers running through his wavy hair. His hand trailed up my back, pulling at the hem of my shirt. I pulled my face away. “Dan,” he kissed me again. “Dan! Let me-let me-” I stepped back from him and turned, racing toward his dresser.

“Let me stop the capture!”

Later we were curled on the couch. I had on one of his shirts and we were underneath a blanket browsing the internet on our respective devices. “I’ve got to finish the vlog,” I said tiredly. My voice had a distinct scratch to it, evident of the wild ‘I missed you’ sex we’d finished just an hour before. “No you don’t,” Dan murmured into my hair, something I loved. “Just say you forgot an outro and leave a slide of text or something.” His voice sounded a little rough too, not that I had a problem with it. “No I wouldn’t do that to the fans. It’ll be a quick little thing, plus I’m sure they want to see you.” I was already turning the camera on.

“Hey guys!”

“Hello!!” Dan said while plopping his chin on my shoulder. I felt his hands wind around my waist.

“So I’m officially home! Yaaay! And I’m wide awake because I’m 5 whole hours behind yay. Anyway, we’re currently waiting on Phil to come home from shopping and errands, then we’re off to eat something later.”

“Which is special because Phil and I only leave the house about once a year.”

I giggled and smacked Dan’s cheek softly. His phone buzzed and he checked it.

“Speaking of everyone’s favorite clumsy youtuber, Phil’s just messaged me. He said-oh my god I cannot read that for your video!” Dan laughed and nearly fell over. I picked up his phone and read the text, laughing as well and knowing I couldn’t read it either. “Oh my fucking god, Phil!” I was dying.

His text had read: You two done with the welcome home sex yet?

I responded with a yes and then finished up the vlog.

“Well that’s the end of my travel/America vlog diary! I hope you enjoyed it! Like and subscribe and share this video, it really helps me out! I love you guys, and I’ll see you all next time!”

“Bye!” Dan cut in and then started kissing my cheek obnoxiously, making me squeal. “Stop!!” I laughed and ended the capture. Quickly, I slid my SD card in and imported the footage. I simply leafed through the material I’d captured coming home from the airport and from what we just shot. Dan looked over my shoulder, just watching me work.

“You keeping that in?” He pointed to the video of us kissing. Though our faces were pretty obscured, you could definitely hear us, including lip smacking and a little whine that came from one of us. Not to mention you could see Dan lift my shirt. “As avid readers and lovers of fanfiction I think we should keep it in. But…” I scrolled over to effects and blurred the footage, then I added a giant text box and typed in CENSORED. “…we’ll tease the viewers.” Dan chuckled in some form of agreement behind me. “Sure.” I kept everything else in, including the kiss attack at the end, knowing the fans would love it.

Dan and I got ready to go out while the video rendered and uploaded, only getting distracted once. The soapy, slippery wetness of the shower was something we couldn’t resist. By the time we dressed, I tweeted out about my upload, and Phil walked in the door.

Hours later, following a great dinner with my best friends, I was sitting next to Dan, wide awake at an ungodly hour. I knew he was aimlessly scrolling through tumblr, and I started checking the comments. What I saw made me smile.

They’re so fucking adorable

Omg that censored part? You know they did…something.

Phil knows what’s up.


Literally they’re goals.

“What are you grinning at, dork?” I leaned over, held his face and pecked him softly. “Nothing. I’m just happy I’m home.” Dan smiled and bumped his forehead against mine. “Yeah, we needed someone to cook around here.” I smacked his chest, and we both laughed.

Stranger Things Announcement

I finished Stranger Things 2 today! Yay! So I’m officially doing imagines for the following characters:

• Nancy Wheeler (smut allowed)

• Steve Harrington (smut allowed)

• Jonathan Byers (smut allowed)

• Billy Hargrove (smut allowed)

• Mike Wheeler

• Eleven/Jane

• Dustin Henderson

• Lucas Sinclair

• Will Byers

• Max Hargrove

• Jim Hopper (smut allowed)

• Tommy H

Part 1 ✧✦✧

working on some faces and figuring out the names. i found some names for my au but i dont think it connects with the story so hhhhhh im ded meat. this is still part 1 of the characters so there will be a part 2 coming out but idk when so asdfghjhgfds. GAH no matter, i’ll be working on some ref sheets for them so dats a gud thing yay



EDIT: I’ve finished with the translation yay!! Super-mega-giga-tera thanks to @/seiyuuuu-stuff for working and helping me a lot with the translation, I really appreciate it!!

4月放送開始の新番組! 『梶100! 〜梶裕貴がやりたい100のこと〜』公式アカウントです。これからどうぞよろしくお願いします。

The broadcasting of the new program will be started on April! This is the official account for『梶100 ! 〜100 things Kaji Yuki wanted to do〜』. From now on, please look forward to us.

『梶100 ! 』記念すべき第1回目のゲストは岡本信彦さん!

第1回「岡本信彦 ✕ 書道」は 4/30 (日) 24:00 放送!

『梶100 ! 』The first guest is the memorable Okamoto Nobuhiko-san!
In the recording room, these two wouldn’t stop laughing.

The first “Okamoto Nobuhiko x calligraphy” will be broadcasted on Sunday, 30th April, at midnight!


By the way, the show’s logo will be written on the first recording, the icon of the show’s name will be the same with his figure.
It is scheduled to be announced at the time of the program’s broadcasting. Please look forward to Kaji-san and Okamoto-san’s program logo.

anonymous asked:

i saw your hufflepuff gifset and i wanted to ask why you align anakin as a hufflepuff? i don’t know enough about the houses, but from what i do know i was surprised to see him as a hufflepuff, but i really like the idea of him being one and since i saw it i’ve thought of a few things which align him as hufflepuff and i can see why! but if you don’t mind i’d love to hear your reasons too! i’m a hufflepuff too and since anakin is my fav i love the idea of him being one

Everyone has traits from all the Houses but I believe Anakin’s most important traits (the ones that shape Anakin) are Hufflepuff traits. I also think that he can be hard to sort because of his circumstances. I mean, he was someone strongly influenced by other people and that made him distance himself from who he really was. Like, people say Anakin belongs in Slytherin because of his ambition (especially as Vader) and that’s a fair assessment. However, I see his ‘ambition’ as Palpatine’s influence in his ‘innate’ traits (dedication, hard work and loyalty). The way I see it, even when Anakin/Vader was showing traits more common to other houses, his motivations were still very Hufflepuff.  So, I sorted Anakin (and other characters) based on actions and the motivations behind the actions.

Dedication, Hard Work & Unafraid of toil

As a slave he was forced to keep long hours since he was very young and yet found the energy (and desire) to help others. He was working on a way to locate his slave transmitter (to save himself and all the slaves), he built C3PO, built his pod, helped Jira, helped free slaves, helped his mom take care of their home, risked himself to save the life of a tusken raider, took care of broken droids, saved banthas and womp rats from traps.

As a Jedi, he only had a couple of years to master all the knowledge and training everyone else had been working on since they were infants. He had to work hard to keep up with his classes and physical training. He had to work hard on his missions as a padawan. And during the war, he responsible for a padawan, military strategy, his secret family, his soldiers, his Jedi duty and for countless lives.

Patience, Kindness & Tolerance

Anakin was a incredibly compassionate person. And every time he risked himself was to help someone else. he was patient to his friends and his padawan. The way he treated Ahsoka speaks volumes about who he was and what drove him. He didn’t want Ahsoka at first but the moment he sensed she was upset he completely changed his behavior around her. He accepted her, even though he knew he was being manipulated, because he knew it wasn’t her fault. He took care of her, made sure she rested, tried to keep her from being too emotionally damaged by the war, etc.


He was incredibly loyal. To his friends, to his family and sadly, to his abuser. Even the terrible things he did he did for loyalty. Every ruled he broke, he broke because he believe he owed to someone he loved to act (Torturing Poggle was about his loyalty to Ahsoka). His turn to the dark side was also about his loyalty to the republic and the Chancellor and the jedi forcing him to betray them.  Anakin’s sense of loyalty was so strong, even as Vader, it was one of his most defining traits.

Fair play

IMO, the most defining characteristic of a Hufflepuff. Everything is about what is fair. Everything Anakin did, he did because he wanted things to be fair. He wanted everyone to have the same opportunities. He wanted a fair government, where the poor would get the same changes as the rich Core worlds. He wanted everyone to be treated fairly. He wanted to be treated fairly. His outburst after being the denied the rank of master was not about ego, it was about what was fair. He worked SO hard and he wanted that work to be recognized, because that’s the fair thing to do: giving the Jedi promotions because of what they accomplished not because of what they feel or how they are perceived.

As Helga Hufflepuff’s said: “I’ll teach the lot and treat them just the same.

Hufflepuff loves “misfits”, they are known for making friends with anyone and who better embodies that than Anakin “wants to save everyone” Skywalker? From the moment he was introduced to the moment he died, Anakin was constantly surrounded by “unusual” or excluded beings. His friends in Tatooine, droids, disfranchised citizens, and…Jar Jar Binks. Anakin always treated outcast Jar Jar with the uttermost respect from the moment they were introduced. He never mocked him or implied anything about Jar Jar being somehow beneath anyone else. And this too is all about fair play.

Even as Vader he still treated with respect those he believed deserved his respect. He treated well the stormtroopers who bled and died by his side but had no problem killing rich, entitled officials who only cared about themselves. Again, fair play. Twisted dark side fair play, but still fair play :P

That’s why I think Anakin belongs in Hufflepuff because even as Vader, he was always strongly motivated by his Hufflepuff traits. Anakin – beneath the Gryffindor’s bravery, the Slytherin’s ambition and the Ravenclaw’s intelligence – was someone who did everything he did because he wanted nothing more than to work hard to make things fair and for people to safe.

Btw…YAY!! I’m a Hufflepuff too!!! <3<3<3

kittylove4ever246  asked:

I personally don't really care if you're not really Isayama, I still love ya❤💖💖💖

Okay anecdote time: in the beginning I didn’t think this blog would get like any followers and I literally made it for fun because everything looks cool when it comes from this URL. And the more followers I gained the more I was like “fuuuuuuuuuck” because I hate lying but I was also scared and I still think it was super obvious, but moving on. I kept being really sarcastic about it then so I didn’t have to lie and not let anyone down and I ended up with a few thousand followers and I made it more and more obvious this is not an official blog so I kinda assumed 99% of people knew and yeah it glad to be open about this thing now and it’s still super fun and yay. Also I prefer this as a Hajimama blog ;)

AND I’M BACK!!!!! i’m officially on summer vacation yay. tbh i’m a bit rusty so this is just a thing i pulled outta my ass lmao send in more prompts WOO

Among the many things that Jean Moreau did not embody, it was the hatred for being single.

He supposed he wasn’t missing out on anything, given the fact that being a new addition to the USC Trojans didn’t mean he should be big on putting himself out there. The Ravens — moments and memories, people and places — were what he wanted behind him, and this, if anything, was a chance at a fresh start. He wanted to do all of this right.

He knows he can. Jeremy thinks so.

In fact, if anything, Jean thought he should completely erase the possibility of being taken. Being a new backliner meant he had to focus on learning the ropes - the team’s dynamic, how he factored into the hierarchy, who he shouldn’t cross, who he should befriend.

Getting a boyfriend was, for all the reasons there should and would be, far from his list of priorities.

Jean supposed it was something else tugging at his heart then, when at an Exy college teams mixer, Jeremy looked just about ready to charm his way into the pants of some goalkeeper.

Well, no. That was probably an exaggeration. Jeremy was, after all, only flashing said goalkeeper one of his signature glinting smiles.

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Floral Friday!

In the spirit of current events I decided to wear my floral romper today. It has POCKETS so it’s practical.

I’ve been doing aaaall the things this week. Seriously, I haven’t actually been home with nothing to do any evening. And you know what else, I’ve been riding my bike like crazy! I sort of love it and the weather is great for it right now. On Monday I rode to a community meeting, on Wednesday I went to a women’s only group ride, and this morning I went to the local Bike to Work Day stop (yes I cheated, I don’t care haha). I’m trying to get used to using it as an alternative means of transportation to walking or driving my car. I’m lucky in that Arlington has an extremely robust system of paths and bike lanes so I feel pretty confident in getting around.

However, since I’m also still swimming and running, I noticed all these things were taking a toll on me during my regular run this morning. Tired tired legs.   I guess it’s sort of lucky that I forgot my extra sports bra today so I am not going to yoga after work.  Marathon training starts officially THIS Monday so I need to either sort out my priorities or hope my body can handle all the extra stuff (note to self, it probably can’t, calm down and focus). (Except I just emailed the Arlington Masters swim group too. I just really love doing things, okay?)

It’s a sunny Friday, I’m jazzed up on cold brew so I’m feeling really good about life right now. Yay! 

Positivity Post!

Before I do my post, I wanted to say that I am truly lucky to have so many amazing friends, mutuals and followers on Tumblr who I freaking love to bits. You guys are like a hot chocolate on a rainy day - you’re brilliant. You’re warm and giving and sweet! Thank you for putting up with my shitposting and bad puns!

3 good things that happened to me today:

1. I got my Mass Effect Andromeda Lootcrate! Yay! To quote @jubshepchubshep - TREASURE! But more importantly, I got a second package that contained some gorgeous art of Sirius Ryder drawn by @hawkeykirsah! ♡♡♡ Thank you so much! That is going up on my wall!

2. My passport got approved! Which means I’m officially going to be visiting the US in September! ^_^ I’m so excited! I already know I’m visiting @tlcinbflo (*screams and flails*) and I’m going to try catch up with more friends/mutuals too!

3. I had a very relaxing bath and listening to more of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this afternoon. It was a very nice way to de-stress and to keep warm! ^_^

And finally, thank you to all the people who have been there for me over the last two weeks. You are all true friends. No matter how small the gesture or comment, it was appreciated and loved. *hugs*

Stop, Rewind.

OC x solumateAU!Seokjin
Length: 1.4k ish? 
Type: Three Word Drabble.. fluffy, of course.  
Recommended OST: (x
(a/n): I’ve been away for so long I forgot how to format my own posts HA. Well, this is to announce two things! 1. HIII I’m back (kinda) this is the official start to my drabbles YAY! 2. I have finals week next week, so I will be on and off here until that is done and over with on Dec 9th but feel free to still request! Full length fics are in the works and hopefully will see the light of day after I recover from finals!! Enjoy my first piece for Jin (AHH) 

Originally posted by eatjin

prompt credits to my lovely: @hearts-of-paper 

i. Replay

Out of all the lifetimes weaved together through the stretches and wrinkles of the universe, yours is one that is stuck on replay. It’s truly unfair, that you have to experience falling in love and falling out of love continuously, in a blood boiling, hair-pulling, most irritating and endless cycle. Soulmates are said to be perfect matches, yet why is it that you are the one left to bear the burden of all the memories when he is gifted with blissful ignorance of your shared past. Whatever you did to piss off the Big Guy in charge up stairs; you have no recollection of. Past lives are simply burnt ashes scattered into the horizons, drifting pieces forever lost, leaving you with melancholy and fragments of memories that adhere themselves only when you meet him again.


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The Last of the Fairy Tail Positivity

To counter out all the bad things people are saying!

  • Zervis ending was beautiful (the first one)
  • Zervis ending was beautiful (the second one)
  • Can you tell that Zervis is my otp?
  • Makarov didn’t die!
  • Crime Sorciere was forgiven!!!
  • Lucy had her strong moment and was important and also she puBLISHED A BOOK AFTER WORKING ON IT FOR LIKE 10 YEARS AND WON AN AWARD I’M SO PROUD OF MY CHILD
  • Natsu didn’t die!!! 
  • Minerva won a second eating contest that made Sting really fat!
  • Gajeel and Levy babies!!!
  • Bonding time between Wendy and Chelia!!!
  • Erza brushes her hair every day for Jellal!!
  • Gray’s relatioship is in a gray area
  • Juvia is h*cking happy and h*cking cute!
  • Laxus has no official ship so all the shipper can ship whoever they want!
  • An anime that was based on friendship didn’t end on a purely romantic level! Yay to staying true to the foundations of the story!!
  • Mirajane
  • Peace between Alvarez and Fiore! Yay!
  • Zera on the last page was a fairy!!!
  • Mio and Arius!
  • Arius and Mio!
  • Ario!
  • Mirius?
  • An ending with all the guilds!
  • The women of Mermaid Heel are all h*cking beautiful!
  • Ichiya is the new guild master of Blue Pegasis!
  • Mirajane!
  • Lyon and Meredy aren’t a crack ship anymore!
  • Elfgreen is officially canon!!
Buzzfeed Headcannon (Jikook)
  • “Jikook” happened after Jungkook and Jimin filmed the “Chapstick Challenge with my Co-worker” where they literally made out for half the video.
  • “I can’t tell if it’s lemon or lime, maybe we should do it again.” - Jungkook
  • When Jungkook took off his blindfold he immediately noticed how red Jimin’s lips were and the two immediately got really shy.
  • The video had almost 10 million views and the fans wanted to see them again.
  • So they filmed another video titled “Married to My Co-worker For the Week”.
  • Namjoon was the officiator and the two sealed the marriage with a fist pump.
  • Jungkook and Jimin drove each other absolutely crazy.
  • It takes forever for Jungkook to wake up but even longer for Jimin to get ready.
  • They have to constantly drive back to Jimin’s house because he kept on forgetting his things.
  • Jungkook likes to take Jimin places that either scares the crap out of him or makes him sick (haunted house, bungee jumping, rollarcosters, etc.)
  • Date nights are really sweet though. Jungkook takes Jimin out for a movie and dinner on Tuesday and Jimin prepares a picnic for them near the Han River on Thursday.
  • “Can I put my hand around your waist?” “Sure…..Jungkook your hand is on my butt.” “I know.”
  • Jungkook gets jealous when he sees Namjoon playing with Jimin’s hands.
  • (During the interview) “A part of me was like don’t fucking touch my husband but another part was like oh my god his hands are so tiny and cute.”
  • Jungkook makes it a habit to grab onto Jimin’s hands whenever he can.
  • Jimin finds himself worrying over Jungkook when he sees him stress, working himself too hard, or staying up too late.
  • He would vlog in the middle of the night of them messing around because Jungkook can’t sleep.
  • When they do, Jimin takes a picture of Jungkook snuggled up into him in bed. 
  • “I don’t know why but I just felt so concerned seeing him up so late and not eating when he should. I think the best part of marriage is that you get to share your worries with each other and know that you have someone who really cares about you.” - Jimin
  • Their last date night out together was wild. The two went to a night club with a bunch of their coworkers and got drunk enough to start grinding up against one another. 
  • Taehyung ended up filming most of their vlogs that night as they make out somewhere in the corner.
  • “Jimin’s tongue was shoved so deep down his throat.” - Hoseok
  • “Even Hoseok and I don’t use that much tongue.” - Yoongi
  • This scene wasn’t filmed but Jungkook gave Jimin a lap dance.
  • “You would have thought they were actually married or something.” - Jin
  • “I felt like their main goal was to make everybody feel uncomfortable.” - Namjoon
  • “I would just like to say that I totally approve of this whole jikook thing and I am the offical president of this club.” - Taehyung
  • The two wake up the next day with huge hangovers and decided to stay in for their day off (and last day together).
  • Imagine a barefaced jikook in superhero pajamas. Jimin is wearing his glasses, cheeks round because he was constantly stuffing popcorn into his mouth, and Jungkook taking pictures of Jimin nonstop, totally forgetting about the movie.
  • Question: What are some things you really disliked about the other?
  • “He gets jealous easily, takes pictures of me when I’m sleeping, and hits me too much. Also, if I bother him for just a bit he’ll throw me on the bed……okay that sounded weird. Can we cut this out?” - Jimin 
  • “He’s slow…loses his things a lot…too nice to strangers…like too nice, some guys would straight up hit on him and he would just go along without realizing it.” - Jungkook
  • Question: What are some things that you liked about the other?
  • “He sends me ugly pictures of himself whenever he sees that I’m sad. I think it’s sweet because even though he doesn’t voice it, he shows that cares through little things like that.” - Jimin
  • “When he asks you what’s wrong? he means it and will listen to whatever you have to say. I really appreciate it because I think this was the least stressful week I had in the past few months.” - Jungkook
  • The two officially divorce with an impromptu piggy back ride back to their office. 
  • “Am I heavy?” “Very.” *Jimin holds on tighter*

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

 Someone just ruined my dream and said it was because of Haikyuu!! Day. sigh

So look at this very nice coincidence. 

Yachi’s uniform in the official cover drawing is number 19, right?

AND Hinata and Kageyama are 10 and 9 respectively.   


Directory of “Official” Instruments (3rd update, 7th Sept. /16)

I figured that since we have one for “official” composers (kindly compiled by the wonderful @dotted-half-note) then we might as well have one for “official” instruments too… and I also needed a break from all the fingering innuendos, so I made this. If I miss anyone, send me a message!


Violins: @official-violin, @violin-official, @official-second-violin

Violas: @official-viola, @official-violas, @violas-official

Violoncellos: @official-cello, @cello-official

Violones: @official-double-bass, @violone-official, @bass-official

Guitars: @theofficial-ukulele

Harps: @harp-official


Bagpipes: @bagpipes-official

Bassoons: @official-bassoon. @official-bassoons, @official-contrabassoon, @official-tenoroon

Clarinets: @official-clarinets, @official-clarinet, @official-bass-clarinet, @official-contra-clarinet,@official-eflat-clarinet, @official-a-clarinets, @official-octavin

Flutes: @official-flute, @official-sopranoflute, @official-tin-whistle, @official-piccolo, @official-altoflute

Oboes: @official-oboes, @official-oboedamore, @official-bass-oboe, @official-contrabass-oboe,@oboe-da-caccia-official, @official-piccoloboe, @official-englishhorn, @official-contraltohorn

Recorders: @recorders-official, @official-bass-recorder

Saxophones: @official-saxophones, @saxophone-official, @barisax-official, @official-soprano-sax,@altosax-official, @official-contrabass-saxophone


Very: @official-airhorn


Bugles: @official-bugle

Cornets: @official-cornet

Euphoniums: @official-euphonium, @official-marching-euph, @official-baritone, @official-marching-baritone

Horns: @official-horn, @official-frenchhorn, @official-frenchhornmouthpeice, @official-contrabasshorn

Sousaphones: @official-sousaphone

Trombones: @official-trombone, @official-tromboon, @officialtrombone, @official-sopranotrombone@official-altotrombone, @official-bass-trombone

Trumpets: @official-trumpet, @trumpets-official, @firsttrumpet-official, @official-piccolo-trumpet

Tubas: @official-tuba, @official-tubas

this poor pianist doesn’t know how to categorize brass instruments: @official-mellophone, @official-flugelhorn


General: @official-percussion, @percussion-official

Cannons: @official-cannon, @cannon-official

Drums: @officialdrumstick

Marimbas: @official-marimba, @marimba-official

Vibraphones: @official-vibraphone


Clavichords: @clavichord-official

Harpsichords: @official-harpsichord, @harpsichord-official

Keyboards: @official-keyboard, @official-melodica

Organs: @official-pipe-organ

Pianos: @official-piano, @official-pianoforte

Toy Pianos: @official-toypiano


General: @official-voice

Sopranos: @official-soprano, @official-shy-soprano. @soprano-two-official

Altos: @alto-official, @official-alto

Tenors: @official-tenor

Basses: @official-bass


Major: @official-d-major, @a-major-official, @f-sharp-major-official, @official-a-flat-major, @e-flat-major-official, @officialbmajor, @official-d-flat-major

Minor: @official-a-minor, @official-aflat-minor, @official-c-sharp-minor, @c-sharp-minor-official

Mixolydian: @official-a-sharp-mixolydian-mode

Scales: @official-scales


The Original: @you-had-me-at-e-flat-major

The Many Others That Sprung Up Seemingly Overnight: @you-had-me-at-c-major, @you-had-me-at-d-major, @you-had-me-at-d-minor, @you-had-me-at-e-major, @you-had-me-at-f-major, @you-had-me-at-g-major, @you-had-me-at-a-major, @you-had-me-at-a-minor, @you-had-me-at-b-major, @you-had-me-at-b-flat-minor, @you-had-me-at-b-flat-mixolydian


@officialbassclef, @thatonecrappymusicstand-offical, @official-reed-knife, @official-reeds, @official-tuner, @officialmetronome, @mayonnaise-official, @official-serpent@bosendorfer-official (yay another self-promo), and I’m sure many, many more.

Again, if I missed anyone (or if I’ve organized things badly and you want to complain) please send a message (since it’s easier to keep track of than looking through notes). Thank you and enjoy!


Yay. Finally an original post.

I might redo them tbh. I just noticed the goofy lines and some design errors. But enough pessimism!

These are my official AU’s Sonic and Sally! I won’t reveal much of what I have for them now but be sure to find a few things in my Amino and DA! Same for details referring to my AU.

All I may say now is that the series and AU has gone through some serious changes in the past year and I am more than proud of what I’ve done so far (minus the thigh pieces I added to Sonic there). The official name is Alpha World 7 and it’s still heavy in sci fi themes.

simblreen replies and happy news

took me long enough! you all are so sweet! A huge THANK YOU who everyone who left me notes. Deep apologies to anyone I missed! All notes are appreciated :)

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Chapter 1: Discovery

This is the first official chapter to my new AU, Eleven Days! The RFA finally make an appearance, so yay! If you didn’t read the prologue yet, you can check it out here! The link will also be at the bottom of the post. The original idea came from @cupidberry1571, and you can find the original request in the prologue. This is out later than I usually post, I’m sorry! I had some other things to tend to before I sat down and wrote this. I’ve talked enough, so I’ll let you guys get to reading!

Pairing: 707 x MC

Words: 1682

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