it is november first time for winter shit

So today we were lunching on the patio and a couple of bees were very interested in my Pepsi. Since it was diet and therefore Not Good For Bees, I was preventing them from getting into the can. So they landed on my hand and head-butted my knuckles, exactly like the cats do when they think I have treats. We went inside and made wee dish of sugar water and I carefully deposited the ladies on the side of the dish, whereupon they daintily chugged that shit down like frat boys at a kegger. Well, being bees, those ladies went back to tell their friends. So soon there were more bees. And they were HUNGRY. Soon the first dish was drained. Then the second. I think the warm weather means the bees can’t really bed down for winter yet, but very few flowers are blooming in mid-November. I remember seeing a post over the summer about making a bee waterer by putting “stepping stones” in the liquid to keep them from bumbling in and getting their wings wet. And by the time I found something to use for that, they’d drained another two dishes. So now, um, here we are. I present: THE BEEZENING.

Witchy tip: this is a great way to charge your citrine.