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Good Girls and Pervy Boys (College AU Taeil)

Type: Fluff

Request: could you do a fluffy college au for either taeil or jaehyo? which everyone you prefer doing bc they’re both wrecking me rn. i love your stuff! and shall we dance was 🔥🔥🔥

It was so unlike you to well basically have fun. You took pride in keeping your grades high and had never been to a college party the whole two years you had been here. But you wanted to prove them wrong when you told them to pick out the guy for you. Your friend Yuri picked out a guy who was the complete opposite of you. Lee Taeil party animal, ladies man, and fish expert. A decent guy from her biology class. Of course they were setting you up in hope you wouldn’t go crazy with it. You were shy after all but after a jello shot or two you finally had your courage. “I’m going in” you tell Yuri and Suhwa who giggled at one another as you made your way to the young blond who stood out in a crowd.

It wasn’t classy at all as he and his group of friends were laughing and goofing off to impress some girls. If you compared your clothing to the girls already there, you looked like a catholic school girl. They stopped laughing for a moment when you came over before you pressed your lips to Taeil’s. You expected him to shove you off but his hands instantly went to your hips as you two were making out with loud cheers encouraging it to continue.

Once the attention died off and everyone basically went back to doing what they were doing before hand, you pulled yourself away from the blond who looked dazed. You offered a sweet smile as you seemed like the most innocent being who didn’t just have their tongue down his throat. You pulled his hands off of you as you walked backwards leaving him there as you headed back towards your friends.

“I can’t believe you did that” Suhwa spoke as you popped in a breath mint “he tastes like I could get drunk from having my tongue down his throat” you joke with a smirk. “He’s looking over here” Yuri says as your eyes ventured back over to the area you left him as he was sitting down with a drink in hand smiling and laughing with the boys again, but he did look over your way as he linked eyes for a moment and then drifted back to his friends. “Dude I bet tons of guys are gonna be up on you now” Yuri cooed as she shook your shoulder “and why did you wear a blouse? You look like a high school girl” she told you as she undid a few of the buttons so your chest was peaking out a bit before you rolled your eyes and redid it.


The next week you could hear whispers and what not from your classmates as the whole campus seemed to hear about the good girl sticking her tongue in someone elses mouth. You rolled your eyes so many times you were amazed they hadn’t fallen out yet but you continued your days making sure your notes were in order and all.

Unknown to you on the other side of the campus something else was going on. “Hey Yeri” a voice filled your friend’s ears “its Yuri” “sorry Yuri. You friends with the girl who stuck here tongue down my throat at the party?” Taeil asked “yeah” Yuri comments as she looked at her paper. “I’m guessing she’s single?” he asked “if she is?” Yuri asked “give me her number” he said as if it was obvious. She let out a laugh as she shook her head “not happening” she told him. “Why not?” “I think she’s one of the few girls who’s still a virgin and I’d hate to see her lose it to you” she spoke as his jaw dropped. “Come on just give me her number” he says as she shook her head again “not happening. You’ll have to hunt her down if you want it so bad” she comments as she got back to her work.


Taeil had never put so much work into a girl before. He was used to them giving him all their attention but you seemed to be on a completely different level that him. But finally figured out that his buddy Kyung was in your math class. So he knew when you were leaving the room and stood there playing out all the counter attacks you could throw at him and prepared answers for you. Hi sighed feel nervous as he ran a hand along his tattooed neck soothing it a little.

As people began walking out of the classroom he stood up straight as he smiled at the sight of the innocently dressed you “Taeil did you come to see me?” a high pitched voice asked “not at all” he comments offering a smile leaving her shocked watching as he chases after you. “Hey” he calls as he caught your arm. “I never got your name” he comments offering a smile “that is because I never told you” you say smartly giving him one back “Y/N. I know it. Kyung told me. I thought it would be smoother if I pretended not to know your name” he informed “not smooth either way” you promised.

“Listen” he held your arm in his grip “you’re the first girl I really bothered to learn the name of” he starts. “You kinda charmed me like no other and I can’t stop thinking about you. Can I take you out on a date?” he asked as his fingers ran through the front of his blond hair. You stood there for a moment. “You wouldn’t be getting lucky after we go out” you state “alright. I’ve gone….a month or so without sex. No problems” he says. “Yeah? I’m waiting until marriage” you tell him. “I mean mouth and an-” “do I look like someone who would do either?” you ask in disgust knowing where he was going. “I mean honestly. Yeah” he smiles. “You done with all this sex talk? Are you agreeing or not?” “Can you hold a civil conversation?” “I can try. I’ll learn” he finished as you sighed but nodded. “Sweet I’ll see you later” he says as he pulled a pen from his pocket. “Call me and I’ll come get you” he says as he leans in and kisses your cheek before pulling away leaving you there in shock.


BTS Collage / Moodboard

{BTS Alice In Wonderland AU}

Cheshire Cat! V

The Cheshire Cat has a permanent smile on his face and can disappear at will. He is a very odd being able to reshape his body to either amuse or frighten his visitors. Like all members of Wonderland, he is mad, but unlike the others, he admits it with pride.

“I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours”

Jin / Suga / J-Hope / Rap Monster / Jimin / Jungkook

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Hmm can i get headcanon of Aizawa, Mic and Toshinori (separate) when their s/o is short and like wear their shirts please?

First headcanon ask exclusively for the teachers! <3 Excited since both Aizawa and Present Mic are in my top five favorite characters.


•   Honestly, never really expects it or even really thought about it too much as something you might do? Not that he’s against it, he just doesn’t particularly get why you’d choose to wear his plain, cat hair covered black shirts over your own clothing. Whatever, it’s your choice.

•   He’ll never say it out loud to avoid feeling too embarrassed, but he does find you really cute when you wear his shirts. They’re always a good bit bigger than you really need, and because of this they’ll sometimes show a little more skin than your own shirts do. He likes to silently peep at your exposed skin but his eyes can dart away so fast that you’d never know.

•  Whenever you wear his shirts cat will flock to you like a moth to the light. Why else do you think Aizawa’s shirts would be covered in cat hair? Any pet cats you have and all the local strays are quite fond of your boyfriend, and they’ll pick up on his smell embedded in the shirt and come running for attention.

•   The more you wear his shirts, Aizawa’s feelings about it will shift from a pleasantly surprised apathetic to a warm reassurance. He likes that you feel close enough to him to so casually wear his clothes, to him it becomes a non-verbal reminder that you love him. Just a little something to make him smile on the inside in the morning.

•   Do NOT wear them around his colleagues though, he’ll never hear the end of it. He doesn’t want any snarky, teasing comments from Midnight and Mic on the matter. Honestly, any time either of you show affection for each other they’ll tease you both, and Aizawa likes to avoid this as much as possible.

Present Mic:

•   He has just been WAITING to see you wearing his shirts. Ever since you started staying at his place and he at yours, he’s been not-so-subtly dropping hints that he wanted to see you in his clothing. He thinks you’d look super hot in all his band tees, and when he sees you wearing one while making your coffee one morning he learns he was absolutely right.

•   Encourages you to wear them out in public, preferably with him by your side so he can comment on it every ten seconds so everyone in a 30 mile radius will know that you’re his significant other that wearing his clothing. He’s a pretty clingy, possessive guy and likes to take advantage of you wearing his stuff to inform everyone that you’re off the market.

•   A cuddly guy in the first place, but he wants to cuddle tenfold when you wear his clothing. Holding you tight to his chest and gently rubbing his cheek against your neck and shoulder as he coos over how cute you look in his clothes and how you should wear them more often.

•   Here come those wandering hands, lads/lasses. Not even sexual really (though he doesn’t mind it being taken in that direction) he just has a thing for slipping his hands up your shirt and basking in how warm your skin is. The shirt  being his just makes this normal urge of his all the more tempting.

•   He starts buying shirts in his size with the direct intent of wanting to see you wear them. He’ll wear them a few times, spritz them with his cologne, and leave them out in the open on the floor with hopes when you wake up in the morning you’ll nab it and slip it on. You catch on to his little game pretty quickly.

All Might:

•   He’s delighted to see you wearing his shirts! Especially considering a lot of the t-shirts he own are his own merchandise tees, and seeing you in any shirt with his name on it would give him the warm fuzzies. (He also sees it a little bit as his label that you’re his, even if many people wear shirts with his name on them.)

•   Depending on whether or not he was ever able to wear them while he was in his hero form, they could be EXTRA BIG ON YOU. Like, some of them you could probably use as a dress instead of a shirt, like they’ll go down past your knees. He’s a big boy and so he has big shirts that’ll absolutely swallow you up.

•   He’s really into domestic stuff, so his personal favorite is when you cook him some breakfast or clean your or his apartment while wearing one of his shirts, he just finds it too cute! Praising him or sitting in his lap while you’re dressed in one of your shirts (especially if ONLY one of his shirts) might kill this poor man.

•   Unlike Aizawa, he takes pride in you wearing his shirts around his colleagues. While it’s a little embarrassing and he gets his fair amount of little jabs about it, he’s flattered by the fact you aren’t embarrassed about it, that you maybe even want his coworkers to see you in his clothes. He’d at least like to think that, while on your end maybe it’s that you don’t even really think about it.

•   Has a whole album of little pics he’s snuck of you in his shirts. Nothing inappropriate, he just finds it too cute to not have any pics of. If you’re too busy to spend time with him or out of town and he’s hardcore missing you, he really likes to just scroll through the pics he has and feel all warm inside.

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If you find the energy and willingness to do so, I'm super interested in why you don't agree with Dean being a closeted queer person. (Not trying to start anything, I'm genuinely interested.)

Sure! Well, “closeted” is a word that I don’t find particularly fecund in an analysis, or in general, because “being closeted” has meaning in relation to something - like, for instance, you’re closeted to your parents, you’re closeted in your workplace, you’re closeted to everyone outside of the internet, you’re closeted to people you’re not very close to, etc. And sure, you can be closeted to everyone on the planet, but if you exclude people who haven’t told a single soul, there is no such thing as “being in the closet” in an absolute sense. You can come out to one person and you’re not in the closet in relation to them, but still in the closet in relation to everyone else. You can come out to literally everyone you have ever had a conversation with, but technically, unless you’re going around with a t-shirt that says “I’m queer”, you are “in the closet”, as in “not out”, to a person you’re meeting or getting to know for the first time.

This said, I have seen people using that word to mean - if I’ve interpreted it correctly - that Dean is either a) in the closet in relation to everyone; b) closeted to himself, so to speak, as in, he doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge and/or accept that he’s not heterosexual.

I don’t agree with either. Now, I’m gonna put here the disclaimer that this is my interpretation since Dean’s bisexuality/queerness is not stated textually in the show thus we’re talking on a level of signs and attribution of meanings (*insert something smart about semiotics*) and blah blah blah.

Allow me not to be specific with, like, references to lines spoken in the show in this post, maybe when I am done with my thesis and all will get the time to make a thorough analysis with specific references.

Now, do I think that Dean went up to his dad and told him “I like girls and guys lol”? … Nope. At all. (But being closeted in relation to someone doesn’t really mean anything. Being out isn’t an all or nothing thing. You can go to pride parades wearing feathers and still keep it hidden from your dad. There are people who wait for their parents or grandparents to die before publicly coming out or transition. It’s complex.) Do I think Dean went up to Sam or Bobby and told them “I like girls and guys”? I don’t think so, as in, I don’t think he gave them a speech about being bisexual, but I think that both Sam and Bobby have at least a partial sense of Dean’s not-heterosexuality. Has Dean let his queerness known to people outside his family? Sure he has. On the top of my head, I can think of: Ash, Frank, Charlie (all hackers and queer or queer-coded, there is a pattern of association between hacking and queerness, but this is a thought for another day); Crowley was exchanging innuendo with him after 0.2 seconds of meeting and, well, Crowley has gotten to know Dean pretty intimately; and let’s be real there are characters who just looked at him and caught up because of reasons (Gunner Lawless comes to mind, I guess Aaron Bass, pretty sure Max Banes) and people who assumed and used it against him (the Campbells come to mind, no wonder the poor guy built 5739 walls around himself in season 6 and at some point was like “I was busy having sex with women”). It’s also implied that both he and Garth knew what the Purgatory in Miami was and that Dean expected Garth to get the joke, and Garth is another character that knows Dean beyond the façades. And then there’s a constellation of tiny moments that don’t mean anything on their own but in the context of what we know about Dean fit in the picture, like Jenna Nickerson feeling comfortable mentioning the first girl she’d kissed after knowing Dean for a short while.

At this point we’re left with “does Dean know he’s not straight” and, well, at this point it’s obvious but the thing is: Dean takes pride in his being anti-normative. Unlike Sam, he embraces his underclass identity, his not-normal identity. He acknowledges he’s a freak ever since day 1, and while he has heavy issues with the loneliness that comes with it, he uses it as an important brick in the construction of his identity. May I refer you to this conversation I had with @aslightsgoflashing and @f-ckyeahfutbol that touches this very topic.

Now, Dean’s relationship with his sexuality is extremely complex - we need, for instance, to count his experiences with sexual assault into it (I mentioned season 6 before, which also happens to be where he gets assaulted by a man in a sexually charged context, while I believe the other instances of sexual assault on him are carried out by women). Dean lives a life where is body is a) a commodity for the job, b) always at risk of being violated (in multiple ways, from wounds to possession). He’s always walking on a line between protecting his body and weaponizing it (it’s not a coincidence his body has been used as bait so often) and he that goes with sexuality too. He’s vocal in expressing knowledge of obscure kinky sexual practices, talking about how he’ll “try everything once” or whatever (but enjoying wearing pink panties is a secret…).

He builds his identity is a complex, ambiguous, ever-changing relationship with his body and his sexuality, and there’s nothing about him that suggests to me that he lives in a bubble where he doesn’t know he’s queer. Maybe he didn’t always (or ever) had the correct terminology for it or really conceptualized it, but in his twenties the guy knew his Pink Flamingos references (and Sam didn’t).

I think that among the reasons why Dean isn’t throwing himself at Cas’ feet and declaring his undying love for him, the fact that Cas has a dude body is, like, the last one on the list. I mean, I’m not saying he does not perceive men and women differently - he has different ways of relating to men and women due to the overwhelmingly homosocial context he’s lived pretty much his entire life, although he’s clearly developed a less sexist way of relating to women through the years - but his reluctance in opening himself to Cas is not due to some “gay panic” thing. I mean, it would be pretty diminishing to read it as just that.

So… well, these are my two cents on the topic :)

Beauty and the Beast

A/N: A small drabble about one of my fav movies ever. 

This was the 4th time that Dean had joined you, this week. You were certain that he would have hated it the first time he saw the classic movie but each time he heard the familiar opening song, he came barreling towards your shared room and pulled you into his arms. The bed would always sink under his weight, forcing you to rest your head on his chest as he mumbled along to some of the songs.

“Okay, what gives? Since when do you like Disney?” you asked, pausing the movie. He protested, wanting to finish it. Standing at the foot of the bed with both your hands on your hips, you didn’t waver in your stare. A blush dusted his cheeks, emerald eyes darting nervously around the room.

“What? Is it a crime to like Disney now?”

“No, but since when do you like it? You’ve watched Beauty and the Beast with me every single time that I’ve watched it…what gives?” You didn’t want to make it a huge deal, frankly, you were overjoyed that Dean wanted to just lounge around and cuddle with you as you watched your favorite Disney movie – but there was something more that you couldn’t quite put your finger on.

“It’s stupid,” he mumbled, fiddling with his fingers. The first time he saw it, he swore he was gonna hate it. But when he actually payed attention the film, he would rather eat vegetables than admit that he was obsessed with it.

“Please, just tell me! I promise I won’t laugh, I’m just genuinely curious,” Crawling across the bed and over to his side, he knew there was no way he was going to get out of this conversation. With a sigh of defeat, he easily picked you up and sat you on his lap, gingerly tracing the skin that was exposed to the cool air of the night. The shirt that you were wearing was undoubtedly his, from the way it dwarfed you, the dark plaid was unlike anything your normally wore – he took pride in the fact that you willingly chose to rest in something of his.

“I like it because it reminds me of us.”

It took you a moment to process what he had said. He scowled as he saw you trying to fight off a grin.

“I knew you were gonna think it’s stupid!” he groaned, wanting to leave the room. However, you quickly wrapped your arms around him, a wide smile he couldn’t resist, gracing your lips. “Y/N, just let me go,”

“No, no. Stop, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, I just – it’s cute.”

“That’s even worse!” He flopped himself onto his stomach, ignoring your giggling as you tried to get him to face you.

“Dean! Come on, I just want to understand.” You whined, “I will sit on you!”

His shoulder moved, indicating that he was chuckling at you. It only served to become even more persistent in your efforts to get him to open up. He had clearly spent quite some time thinking about this. He finally peaked out over his arms at you, taking in your messy hair and silly euphoric grin.

“You’re Belle and I’m the Beast,” he stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Immediately your defenses went up, not knowing if something negative was going to come out of this. He must’ve seen the wariness in your eyes and quickly tried to explain himself. “The way we met, the way we, um, the way we fell in love. The beautiful, intelligent woman falling for the monster. It just, it reminds me that you chose me. Despite everything, despite who I am the life I live and the hell I drag you through…you chose me, Y/N.”

           Your heart constricted inside your chest, your throat tightened making it difficult to breathe. Oh, Dean.

“You got all this from a Disney movie?” you questioned breathlessly, eyes watering as you brushed your hands through his hair. He smiled sheepishly, hoisting himself up to face you.

“I do love a good chick flick moment, sweetheart.” He merely shrugged, hands placed on either side of your face and gently pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

“I’m always going to choose you, Beast.”

With a playful growl, his broad frame tackled you to the bed - endless laughter filling the shared room and for once you felt like a princess. A badass princess with a handsome beast. 

The Basics: Girl and Boy Sun Sign ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓

Aries boys: Extremely manipulative, prideful, aggressive, headstrong, fiery, rebels, always down for an adventure, strong personalities

Aries girls: Manipulative but more lowkey about it, prideful, spicy, authority issues, risk takers in life & love, always down to adventure

Taurus boys: literally so condescending, purposely belittle everyone, extrememly manipulative, overpowering, overbearing

Taurus girls: PUSHOVERS, quickly angered but get over it in 5 secs, emotional, holds everything in until they expload with sadness or screaming

Gemini boys: Hilarious, hella over-exaggerate everything, lie to make themselves seem impressive, social butterflies

Gemini girls: two faced because they’re a double sign, spicy as hell, biggest liars, social butterflies

Cancer boys: Emotional as hell, uses their emotions to manipulate poeple, straight minded, don’t like it when people have opposing opinions

Cancer girls: Emotional as hell, uses their emotions to manipulate people, crybabies, they can’t tell when they’re wrong (or they just don’t care)

Leo boys: Arrogant, prideful, unlike Aries they can admit when wrong (but they don’t like too), big egos, usually amazing hair

Leo girls: VERY different from boy Leos, strong personalities, caring, loyal, they care a lot about what people think of them, amazing hair

Virgo boys: WEIRD, prideful, arrogant, condescending, almost a mix of boy Taurus and boy Leo, actually really funny

Virgo girls: WEIRD, they’re shy and quiet at first but then once you get to know them it’s just layers and layers of weirdness, very neat

Libra boys: they really care what people think or they couldn’t care less there’s no in between, very social, outgoing, easily manipulated

Libra girls: very similar to libra boys, social butterflies, very good at connecting with other people, they try really hard to fit in

Scorpio boys : very funny but in a sarcastic way, very sexual, they have a lot of secret self hatred, always wants to be in a relationship

Scorpio girls: CRAZY BITCHES, spicy af all the time, very confident, very emotional in relationships but they don’t like to show it

Sagittarius boys: weird, free spirits, love to travel, loves to be the center of attention, is an adventurer, has a distinct style

Sagittarius girls: liars, love to be center of attention, never show true emotions, manipulate people to act they way they want them to act

Capricorn boys: motivated, very determined people, they always want to be the best, extremely straight forward and direct

Capricorn girls: resting bitch face, motivated, they’re similar to boy capricorns, their emotions don’t show well (especially physically)

Aquarius boys: so talkative, can talk to anybody for any reason, pretty spicy, they aren’t good at hidding how they feel, they love bragging

Aquarius girls: talkative, social butterflies CANNOT keep a secret, pretends emotions aren’t real or at least surpresses them, aesthetic asf

Pisces boys : arrogant, use their emotions to manipulate people but in a low key way (like a cancer boy), hilarious, very open minded

Pisces girls: two faced beacause they’re a double sign, crybabies, dreamers, sorta air heads, very open minded, live a hippie lifestyle

Dangerous Woman- Part 13

A/N: I’m sorry about that last cliffhanger… no I’m not. LOVE YOU ALL!

Warnings:SMUT/ Fluff/Cursing

Summary: You’ve caught the eye of Tony Stark to become the head lawyer for the Avengers. You never expected your life to change but fate has a funny way of turning everything upside down. 

Bucky x Reader

Part 12/ Masterlist

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Marry me. Those words hung in the hair for a moment but his voice was so calm, so sure, that you knew you couldn’t be imagining things. 

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placements that make people unwilling to cry in front of others?

cardinal and fixed moons have lots of pride so it’s rather unlikely that they’d cry in front of somebody, especially strangers 

air moons feel uncomfortable or unnatural with expressing emotions in general but crying is more negative and they tend to refrain from expressing it 

hard moon-saturn aspects (they have lots of pride but also a part of themselves don’t feel like anyone will care)

hard moon-ascendant aspects (it can either create a block with expressing emotions or it could be uncontrollable) 



In very personal interview, Prince Gary of Sweden talks about his marriage to Crown Princess Tilde and his first year as part of the Swedish Royal Family, and opens up about how tailoring made him into the man he is today.

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Saw this on Facebook and this guy gets it. Texas is far from perfect but I do love my home.

“I’m not a Texan. I don’t adore the Lone Star State. I’m a transplant who’s lived in Austin for the last four years. I can’t name the state fish, I don’t understand the thing with mums at Homecoming, and I think chicken fried steak sucks. I don’t care about Friday Night Lights.

But I married into a Texas family. A Texas family with crazy deep roots. My wife is a direct descendant from the Texas Revolution. Through my marriage, I get a front row seat to all things that filter through the Texas lens. I’ve learned a lot about bluebonnets and Whataburger. I know the difference between casual allegiance with Texas colleges, what it really means to be a Longhorn, and the difference between good salsa and crap that came out of a jar.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned as an outsider looking in, it’s that there’s a sense of purpose to these people like I’ve never seen. A central passion runs through Texans unlike any other American identity. Pride percolates here. It’s something people who aren’t from Texas just can’t grasp. We may have a docile sense of civic pride for our hometowns, but nothing like this state demands of its residents.

The Texas flag flies as high as the American flag, while the state Capitol is just a smidge taller than the U.S. Capitol, because – Texas. There are Texas flags on everything. And folks all over this huge collection of miles expect a reverential obsession from those who choose to take up this address, if only for a while.

That sense of purpose and absolute unwillingness to bend in their pride is why Texas will only become stronger in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Before Texas, I spent seven years in New Orleans, a place that knows about heartbreak and flooding. To love New Orleans is to love the city. But a New Orleanian ain’t much of a Louisianan, despite them being hand in hand. They’re two different cultures. But here, even if you’re from the Panhandle or live along the Gulf of Mexico, you still adore this state and will bond together under that flag, that symbol

Typically, cities talk smack on one another, and the outlying country towns don’t want anything to do with the big cities and their completely different personalities. There are liberals and conservatives, cowboys and city slickers, white folks, brown folks, black folks and every shade in between wearing cowboy boots. This place has many stories, many sides to the dice.

Harvey took many lives. It dumped acres of water onto the streets of Houston, decimated Rockport, and flooded Galveston and cities and towns across southeast Texas. But Texas will lick its wounds. Texas will come back bigger and better, and brighter and with more Texas-ness than you can imagine. Texans cannot allow for their diamonds to go unpolished. The thought of a place in Texas where local culture dies just doesn’t feel right. There are no places where the roads are unfinished, or the buildings lie in ruins – that would go against everything these people have known their whole lives: This land is precious and it is our birthright.

H-E-B and Buc-ee’s, two Texas brand giants, came to the rescue, offering shelter, food, showers, and support. Mattress Mack, a Houston mattress maven, opened his warehouses so folks could get a good night’s rest. The people here know a love that moves deeper than their sense of pride – it’s a calling of purpose.

You cannot count Texas out. There’s no other state in our union that could handle this hurricane. New York has taken its lumps. New Orleans knows what loss feels like, but this is a monster named Harvey that we’ve never seen before. Who better to challenge Harvey head-on than Texas? They’ll do it wearing an Astros cap and with a twisted smile, daring that water to take a piece of the land they love so much.”

Robert Dean is a writer and journalist living in Austin.

Buffalo Lions are thought to be a subspecies of maneless lion. They are called Buffalo Lions because they commonly hunt and kill buffalo; however, it is said that they have been including humans into their diet more often lately. Unlike other lions, this subspecies does not travel in prides. Because these lions are maneless, it is likely that they are genetically different than normal lions, which is why many cryptozoologists believe they could be a new subspecies. 

The pictured above are a pair of maneless lions known as the Tsavo Man-Eaters. These two maneless male lions were responsible for a number of human deaths in March 1898. They stalked a group of construction workers’ campsite and several nights they would drag workers away in their sleep and devour them. 

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part D)

A/N: Part 5D filled with fluff as always. Epilogue is up next, and wow! Another chapter done and dusted, but fear not- there is still lots to come for these two cutie pies. ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C’)

You stood side stage, smiling as you watched Chris, Anthony, and Sebastian interact with their fans. It was such a joy to be there observing the panel, yet another thing you’d always wanted to do but never thought you would have the chance to. Like befriending Chris, dating Chris, being engaged to Chris, and soon- marrying Chris. You were definitely a lucky one in seven billion; you were slowly checking off everything on your bucket list, both realistic and unrealistic goals. Your gaze refocused on your soon-to-be husband and your smile widened because it was because of him that you were getting everything you’d ever dreamed of.

He carried a love for you so strong, and had so much faith in you that he’d do anything for you. If your dream was to fly to the moon, he’d build a rocket ship and sit alongside you on the journey. He’d told you that a thousand times, and every time you’d believe him. His offer was always genuine, as was his love, faith, trust, and pride. You were a being unlike any other and you possessed a talent he knew would become a world wide phenomenon. It wouldn’t be long until you checked off ‘become a screenwriter’ and 'win an Oscar’, but that was Chris’ words and not yours. You were sure it was going to be ten years at least, considering you were still a student and being recognized as just Chris Evans’ fiancée. Now that wasn’t a bad thing to be recognized as, you were proud to be just Chris Evans’ fiancée; if that was all you could achieve in this lifetime, you’d be absolutely contented and at peace with yourself.

“Chris.” You tuned back into the panel when you heard Max- the host- mention Chris’ name. “I think we owe you a congratulations.” The whole crowd erupted in applause and cheers; both you and Chris immediately smiled, knowing exactly where it was going. “You’re engaged, man. That’s-” The applause and cheers increased in excitement and volume. “Yeah!” Max egged it on, clapping. You chuckled when you saw Anthony and Sebastian do the same, nudging a blushing Chris and patting him on the back. “Congratulations, dude. That is awesome news, we are so happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Chris chuckled into the microphone, dropping his gaze as he grinned to hide his obvious excitement. He may not have enjoyed talking about his relationships before, but with you- he wanted to tell the whole world about you. He was secretly glad Anthony blurted out his engagement news because he didn’t think he could, or wanted to keep it a secret until you graduated. Now as you stood watching him, and seeing how happy he was when they mentioned the engagement- you were glad the world knew too. “It’s exciting, yeah. I’m very, very excited.”

“For those who don’t know who Chris is engaged to, her name is Y/N Y/L/N. I had the pleasure of meeting her backstage,” Max said and Chris nodded, smiling as he threw a quick glance at you; you smiled and gave him a small wave. “And she is lovely, I genuinely enjoyed talking to her.” Chris’ smile widened because he had the same first impression when he met you at the airport. “She’s also very mature for her young age of twenty, I’d even say she’s more mature than you.”

“Max, buddy. You realize she’s watching this right?” Chris laughed, drawing laughter from the whole room. “Yeah, she is. She’s got a very old soul, she’s very old school type of girl. And I love it, it’s one of my favorite things about her.”

“Why’s that?” Max quizzed.

“I just feel like it allows us to have a similar mindset, of what we want in our relationship and in life in general. We don’t have a lot of big disagreements, we argue about stupid things like- who’s the better baseball team. God, I tell you- if she doesn’t ditch her Yankees cap soon,” he glanced over at you and you chuckled, tugging at said Yankees cap.

“The Yankees are the best team,” Sebastian piped up, earning a few cheers and jeers from the audience. “She’s keeping the hat, and I’m sending her a lifetime supply of Yankees merchandise as a wedding gift.” You and Chris laughed. “I’m not kidding, Chris. I will, so prepare yourself.”

“Whatever,” Chris chuckled then continued with his previous statement. “Anyway, as I was saying. It’s hard to find someone who wants the same thing, or just a long term thing in general. I feel like people, especially at her age, they just want something fun and casual. Which yeah, it’s great until you get to my age and find yourself still alone.” The crowd voiced their agreements. “We both agree that relationships these days are moving at a speed we’re not familiar with, or particularly fond of. With modern technology and the evolution that comes with each new generation, there’s a shift in the dynamics of what a relationship should be like. I- we both like to keep things- y'know, traditional. Get married, have kids- the works. It’s nice to meet someone who wants the same thing, it’s refreshing. She’s…” He looked over at you, smiling, “she’s just perfect and I love her.”

The whole crowd lost it at that, letting a wave of “awwww” cascade through the room. Chris grinned as he turned back to the supportive audience. It was nice to be able to share what he thought of you, and his love for you with other people. Yes, he was an incredibly private person who hated talking about his love life. But that was then, he was different now. Now he could’ve talked about you for hours with any fan, or at any interview. He could proudly and assertively tell the world that he was engaged to the most amazing and beautiful girl he’d ever met, as well as help them fall in-love with you as he had.

“Do you think she’ll join us on stage if we ask very nicely?” Max quizzed, and all four guys looked over at you with inviting grins; you shook your head at them with widened eyes. “If you don’t know who we’re looking at, we’re looking at Y/N who is standing side stage. What do you say, guys? Would you like to meet Captain America’s fiancé?”

You felt the butterflies in your stomach get trampled by a herd of elephants when you heard the crowd start cheering, and chanting your name. You shook your head at Chris, who was chuckling. He saw you start to turn and leave, and quickly jumped up and ran to grab you by the waist. He pulled your back into his front and whispered into you ear, “remember on the plane when you said, 'I’ll be there for you if things get too overwhelming’?” You winced, wishing you hadn’t said that; you knew when you said it it would bite you in the butt later. “Things are getting a little overwhelming out there and I’d love it if you joined me,” he told you as he spun you around and took your hand.

“Chris, I don’t want to go out there,” you steadied your stance, fighting against his pull. “Please don’t make me go out there.” You begged then chuckled softly when he did. “There are so many people out there, majority of them are fan girls who probably hate me for marrying their celebrity crush. I can’t go out there, they’re only being nice now because you’re here. I don’t want to say something or do something that will make them attack me when you’re not around.”

“Stop being so paranoid,” he laughed. “I’m always going to be here for you, Y/N. And it’s time you learn how to deal with big crowds, you’re going to have to do that when you enter the Hollywood industry.” You sighed because you knew he was right. “Come on, nothing you do or say will make them hate you. If their celebrity crush adores you then-” he smiled when he saw you smile, “you bet your cute little butt that they’re going to adore you too.”

“Don’t let go of my hand,” you ordered in a tone that told him you were going to join them on stage. Chris chuckled and nodded, entwining his fingers with yours. He walked, gently tugging you alongside him. “Oh my God,” you breathed when you walked into view; the crowd cheered. “I hate you so much.” You murmured to Chris without taking the nervous smile from your face.

“Give the love of my life a hand, everybody,” Chris instructed then kissed the side of your head as the crowd did as he asked. You chuckled softly, taking everything in before you lifted a hand to give the crowd a small wave. “Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?” Chris quizzed, then shared a love-sick smile with you.

Another wave of “awwww” cascaded around the room, which quickly turned into laughter when Anthony called out, “oh, get a room,” in a teasing tone. You and Chris turned to him, laughing softly. Both Anthony and Sebastian, as well as everyone in the room, fell in-love with the two of you. It was so obvious you were irrevocably and irretrievably in-love with the other, so much so that the hatred and the jealousy that some in the crowd possessed faded. Chris was meant to be with you, and you him; one could reject that notion, but there was simply no denying it.

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 87: Something of an Oath

I cackle loudly when I see the title page.

The Tire Brotherhood.

Or Eijun with his ducklings disciples. He looks so happy there are people following his footsteps example.

Asada and Okumura are still the last to finish their obligatory two bowls of rice, but they are working on it. Regardless, this chapter is Okumura-centric. We see his changing perspective, not only of Eijun, but also Miyuki. While he doesn’t like either of them (mostly due to personality by now), he respects them (in Eijun’s case, A LOT). 

Initially he dismissed Eijun’s idiosyncrasies and chalked them up as nonsense, his dislike coloring his judgment, but now he has seen the scorebook and tried running with the tire… Well, character development :D

Still, the best moment comes last, right at the end of the chapter. Both Okumura and Seto pass muster and are considered to be put into first-string. However, prideful Okumura not only refuses Coach Kataoka’s orders to catch for Eijun, but also to play anything but catcher in first-string.

Seriously, I think it’s Okumura’s best scene so far. Look at their reactions, only Eijun who’s not surprised. Like recognizes like. Eijun recognizes Okumura’s pride and stubbornness, which are not unlike his own. He is the first to defend Okumura from the coach’s disapproval. It can be a double-edged sword though. Kataoka can respect players with that kind of attitude, but at the same time, he has to be objective. He is currently looking for the best mix of players for the Summer roster. Of all positions, catcher position is almost locked down with very capable Miyuki and experienced Ono, and it’s a position that rarely, if ever, need substitution. There is no need for additional catcher, unless that catcher can be pinch hitter and fielder. Thus, his request to Yui. It’s reasonable to ask it of Yui and it’s reasonable for Yui to accept. Yui will have a better chance to play and gain experience. Look at Toujou, finding his way back to pitcher position after being center fielder. However, it’s not to say that it’s impossible for Okumura if he’s being stubborn, I’d say he still has his chance, if he’s shown he’s more than ordinary: exceptional, that he can only be in one position: catcher, just like Miyuki. He needs to be for Kataoka to consider it as a trade-off for having one player who can only played in one position/circumstances in the roster.

Thus, instead of merely showing differing thinking, this can also show the contrast between Okumura and Yui: their confidence in their catching. Being in the first string, Yui’s confidence in his ability is continuously shaken. He keeps having Miyuki chosen over him whenever he offers to catch to the two best pitchers of Seidou, and these same pitchers asks a fellow first year and catcher, Okumura to catch for them without him needing to offer, and he has the gall to refuse Eijun and manages to catch Furuya’s pitches. Then to add the nail to the coffin, Okumura dares to speak right to the coach’s face that he won’t play anything but a catcher. It speaks of Okumura’s confidence that he can stand on equal ground with Miyuki and Ono, while Yui… does not. I hope he finds his determination and works on his confidence to realize there’s no wrong choice and makes the best of it.

That said, other notable moments:

It looks like that Okumura’s mood swings are pretty extreme and entertaining that his classmates makes a habit of watching Okumura to figure out his current mood XDD. (Back to Class 1-A, today’s mood is calm for Okumura, we cannot predict whether it will keep up until tomorrow. Stay tuned to find out!)

Furuya’s training to be an infielder and Kataoka is merciless. It ain’t easy being infielder, and it’s those guys who constantly watches his back (and saves him). Hopefully the experience will have positive impact for Furuya.

Elorcan Fan-fic; angst and slight smut

Elide stood quietly in the ballroom, the stained glass windows bathed the room in hues of green. Victory was bittersweet, the war against Erawan and Mave was hard won and the road to normalcy would be difficult, the court had much to reconstruct for Terrasan and for themselves. She sucked in a sharp breath to steady herself. Would things be easier if she had the guiding hand of her mother? Tears pricked the corners of her eyes, what would her mother say today; the day of her daughter’s coronation? The wooden double doors of the ballroom swung open wildly, the Queen of Terrasan marched hastily towards Elide. She nearly jumped out of her skin, the grin on the Queen’s face was as wicked and beautiful as she was. It had taken weeks for the court to fully recover, King Rowan insisted that Aelin remain in bed resting. At first, it very clearly did not befit Aelin, but after much yelling from both parties she consigned. “Majesty! Be careful with your woun- “. Aelin took Elide into her arms, “Cut the ‘Majesty’ bull. Today is your special day! There is just simply, no way I am going to stay in bed.” The Queen beamed, the light that glowed from her Queen nearly made Elide want to cry, the sacrifice her mother made all too much sense.  Aelin’s face fell, “Elide, why are you crying? “Elide stepped out of her arms shaking her head and giggling, “You are absolutely right Aelin, this would not be a true celebration without your extraordinary taste.” The Queen grinned and took Elide by the arm, “Come I’ve made arrangements for the maids to draw you a bath and primp you for the ceremony. Everything else consider it done. The only thing you need to worry about is having fun.”

A sick panic welled up in Elide’s abdomen, suddenly everything was too fast. She was whisked away from her Queen’s side by the maids. They made quick work of undressing her and unbounding her hair from the tight knot it had sat upon her head. Steam swallowed the bathing room, a sweet smell of vanilla and elderberries peppered the air. Elide sunk into the bath with a groan, the muscles on her shoulders slumped as the knots melted off. These weeks had consumed her mind with worry so thoroughly she could not recall the last time she had a restful night of sleep. A night where nightmares were not there to shake her from her slumber. One of the misses combed Elide’s long black hair with cinnamon and elderberry oils, lathering it into her roots and massaging her scalp. The maids washed the oils from her dark locks and left the warm water running as they exited the room allowing Elide a moment to herself.

Silence was not always the best company for a racing mind. She brought her knees towards her chest and rested her cheek a top her knees. For a moment she closed her eyes and submerged her face in the warmth of the water. Dark eyes stared at her nakedness, unforgiving and calculating. But when they turned to her face they softened, his words caressed her ribs, beneath her breast, and her hips. Goosebumps speckled her skin as he moved towards her a sadness churned in his eyes, “I am sorry Elide. Please forgive me.” The roughness in his hands was tender as he stroked her shoulders making lazy circles, the heat of his breath on the crook of her neck made her knees wobble. Lorcan kissed a gently path down her collarbone as Elide tipped her chin higher lust filled hunger and heat flickered her stomach a small sigh escaped her lips. Pulling away from her neck Lorcan ravaged her with his onyx eyes as he drank in her peaked breast and shallow breath; until he gripped her wrist, tears welled in his eyes; “Please, Elide.” Pain seared her arms as he twisted harder the angular face melted into a familiar face older and sinister, a voice like venom dripped from thin lips and Vernon screamed with laughter.

Elide shot up from the bath heaving, nausea filled her. She looked around hastily; no Vernon was dead; he would never escape Hellas. At the thought of the God a certain demi-fae also crossed her mind. She shook her head furiously, Absolutely not. Lorcan was a traitor regardless of the help he provided in the war, if she never saw him again it would be too soon.

Elide sat still has the maids brushed her face with cosmetics and braided her hair into a crown on top of her head. Kohl was swept above her lashes forming a cat eye, her lashes curled and darkened, and her lips painted ruby red. Surprise danced in her eyes as she looked at the woman in the mirror. The olive of her skin was polished bringing out the light of her onyx eyes, she appeared older perhaps this façade was better fit to be Lady of Perranth then she felt. “My lady, you have a visitor.” She arched a groomed brow when the maid stepped away from the frame of the open door to reveal a different body. Elide bristled like a cat as Lorcan stood at the door with a dozen white roses in his arms. “What. Are. You. Doing. Here.”, she gritted through her teeth her eyes narrowing. Lorcan cleared his throat, “Today is your corona-”” I gods damn know what day it is. I want to know what made you think you were invited.”, Elide spat. She uncoiled to her feet and approached Lorcan, taking the flowers from his arms, “You can shove these right up yo-” The chambermaid cleared her throat and made a hasty exit, Elide pressed her lips into a hard line and turned towards her bed lying the bouquet sloppily on the bed. Lorcan concealed a grin behind a hand. She turned back to the chair facing the mirrored vanity and mumbled, “Insufferable bastard.”

He was towering in the, suddenly, small room and roguishly handsome in the elegant white tunic, his black hair pulled into a low pony tail. But she could not deny herself a chance to exam the thunderous rolls of muscles on his body in the mirror; she gulped. Lorcan prowled closer to Elide, she tipped her chin up in disgust, “You look lovely. Perranth will have a beautiful lady.” Her lower spine tingled as he stood behind her, so close but yet she hated the space that still separated them. Hated herself for ever admitting she wanted him closer. No, instead she rose from the chair and turned to the male with an icy smile a crude remark on her lips until, “My lady, it is time.” Mika announced. Elide allowed herself to exam his body openly, convincing herself it was to belittle him, but the predatory smile on the male’s lips told her Lorcan was not convinced with her act, something on his face was different, not quite right perhaps gaunt from whatever nightmares haunted him; she stepped around him to reach Mika.  

The gown was made with heavy silk, draped taffeta on the skirt, the bodice tight charmeuse like a second skin with a bateau neckline; oh but it was the color of the gown a deep shade of jade.  Elide wore slippers instead of the traditional heeled shoe to ease the pain in her ruined ankle. The orchestra played a playful twinkling piece as she walked with ease towards the temple grounds of the Three-Faced Goddess. A woman in an abysmal red dress stood off to the side her long silver hair whipping in the wind her yellow sharp eyes lined with silver alight with pride; Manon; Elide’s eyes watered but she held her head high. Beside the wing leader was the King of Adarlan both dressed in red although the King bore his crown. The priestess in the temple quietly sang hymns to Elide, hymns of powerful futures for Terrasan, for Aelin’s court, the hymns told of the magic that simmered quietly in Elide’s veins, and finally; the last hymn spoke of being the blessed of Anneith and ever favored object of Hellas. Her face warmed at the mention of the Goddesses’ consort but the resumption of the orchestra told Elide it would be time to for her crowning.

Elide held her breath as a silvered box marched toward her, the bearer was Chaol Westfall, the King of Adarlan’s right hand man. His brown eyes shown with pride as well, the war had brought about an unlikely friendship between the two. A silvered parure with green opals was revealed and Elide bowed as deeply as her ankle would allow her. The parure heavy with jewels and responsibility; she felt the weight of her people on her heart. When Elide coiled to her feet in front of her stood Queen Aelin and King Rowan in meek finery. “Rise, Lady of Perranth and welcome home.” Tears shone in the Queen’s eyes and both of the monarch’s bowed as she straightened to her feet. Turning to face the crowd the entire procession erupted into thunderous applause. Elide smiled a warm gentle hand squeezed her exposed shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Lady Marion would be so proud.” She swallowed the want to explode into tears and instead straightened her back; she will be strong for Perranth, like her mother was strong for her.

After the ceremony Elide strolled into the garden for a moment alone with her thoughts. She hadn’t spotted Lorcan with the other cadre during the ceremony, perhaps the weight of her words did cause the demi-fae to disappear like some genteel warrior. A knot formed on her chest, and Elide shook her head against that feeling as her eyes stung from the emotions building behind them, No, it didn’t matter she didn’t want him there to begin with not after what he had done to her queen. “I made a promise to protect you. I will not break it, Elide.” “I will always find you,” he swore to her. A sob built in her throat, naive and stupid that’s what those thoughts placed her in the shoes of a little girl.

“Elide?”, a female voice sounded from behind her and Elide straightened her spin at the cool command of the voice. Impulsively, she wiped the tears flowing down her cheeks but too late Manon turned her around and concern wrinkled her beautiful features, “What’s the matter, witchling?” Elide quivered, “Nothing, Lorcan, he … I did not…” She halted her sentence at the sight of Manon’s expression of anguish, “Oh, Elide. Lorcan he didn’t… Remember in the war he.” Elide’s world tilted,

oh yes

, a hole punched through her chest. Pain, the likes of which she had never endured, gaped below her like a sinkhole. Her soul guttered, her frame shuddered viciously.

The court had lost so many, Mave, she did not die without someone to take with her into the darkness.

Lorcan couldn’t be dead he had been in her room; by the Gods he had delivered roses!

Unrelenting screams rattled from Elide’s throat at the sight of Lorcan burning from his powers. Magic sucking the life from him, but strong hands held her fast; Choal shuddered against her thrashing.

Elide stared beyond Manon to see her court there, lips pursed, eye avoidant, and faces sullen.

“Please no, Lorcan!”

, she had screamed until she was hoarse. She had held him as the healers attempt to save him from that darkness. Tears stained her dirty face. Her nails broken and bleeding as she held him. His frame too big for her to completely engulf him with her warmth.

They had heard her conversation with Lorcan, no, the conversation she thought was Lorcan in her chamber but it had been Manon. The tears lining her eyes was not only for pride, no it was also from the pain.

Her body rattled from holding him against her, she had kissed his cold lips over and over. Not again, not another person to rip away from her. “I think… I think I loved you.” She whispered to him but he was impossibly cold, she would not release him.

No one moved for a long moment and Elide strained to still her feverish fluttering heart. She was going to combust, her bones melted as she sank to her knees. The beautiful skirt of the emerald dress puffed around her. Rowan approached her slowly, as if she were some prey but she could not find the strength to fight against the horror that washed her world.

“I wanted to go to Perranth with you.”,

they had been close to death once and he had whispered that to her. “I wanted you to come with me, to Perranth.”, Elide whispered as she bowed her head, a pray on her lips as she sent that message to Hellas himself.

anonymous asked:

Hi can you write some hcs with the six of them in a high school au with all the ships if you cant its fine

k here we go

- kaz is definitely the shifty kid that everyone sort of avoids because they don’t want him to ruin their existence. but, of course, he is the person others come to whenever they need something which might not be 100% legal (or even 10% legal lmao)

- jesper is kaz’s mainstay and the two of them are forever getting into trouble.

- he is also notorious for sleeping around and it seems that nobody can resist him. no seriously, he once seduced the #nohomo dudebro quarterback at a party. 

- nina is taken out of her fancy private day-school because of her father’s new job and is shocked at what a mess her new high school in ketterdam is.

- within her first few days there kaz approaches her at lunch and sits himself down opposite her.

- round about the same time inej also switches to this school because she absolutely hated her old high school. 

- kaz “i am immune to anybody’s charms” brekker looks at her once and decides that she will become a part of his surprisingly successful business in dealing pot and blackmail-worthy gossip and never getting caught.

- our boy also keeps getting dress-coded for wearing his black leather gloves. but he’s just disgusted by all the dirt and the dirty people lmao

- apparently kaz is a gang member, but who even knows.

- the innocent exchange student matthias is SHOOK when he arrives in ketterdam high school and sees what he has just signed up for. 

- the second she sees him, nina makes a beeline for matthias. she asks him to homecoming and prom with 0 shame and he is SO turned on by it omg. (he’s used to being in charge and is a go-getter + he’s super masculine to look at and not the most approachable guy)

- wylan is the shy artsy type who was taken out of his ridiculously expensive private school because of bad exam results.

- jesper loves making wylan blush bc a.) he’s very very cute and b.) jesper just can’t help himself

- wylan’s bad exam results continue, but he is incredible at music and is in the marching band (sadly, people see it as another reason to make fun of him???) and jesper feels bad about embarrassing wylan by his flirting. so he talks to him and the two immediately click. 

- kaz aces every exam without ever studying, inej is impressed while poring over books for hours on end. she is definitely the studious type.

- she gets mad kaz for wanting to take her on indefinitely long roadtrips all the time because, unlike him, she doesn’t have a photographic memory

- kaz thinks school pride is nonsense, as is the fuss made over football. he still goes to every game to look down, despising everything (inej is a cheerleader so our boy can fool nobody about why exactly he goes to the games)

- they always walk around school in dramatic triangle formation with kaz at the tip

- nobody dares to tease wylan after kaz starts hanging around with him. honestly, being one of kaz’s crew is like a protective shield bc everybody fears him. (i don’t want to go into how many dark secrets he exposed and thereby ruined people’s lives)

- every single sports team is pushing matthias to join them and he’s like “please leave me alone”

7:03PM - A McHanzo Supernatural AU

Summary: In which Jesse McCree is a vampire, Hanzo Shimada is a werewolf, and they live a relatively simple life.

really short first part in a little supernatural au (not the fuckin tv show btw) i’m working on okay here we go!

Beep beep beep beep beep beep. Beep beep beep beep beep bee—

The alarm clock skids along the floor, the one responsible for its flight across the room mumbling into his boyfriend’s furry chest. Said furry chest is damn soft and smells like heaven, but Jesse likes it more when it isn’t sticking to the inside of his mouth whenever he breathes. Huffing in frustration, he tries escaping from Hanzo’s notoriously strong half-asleep cuddle, only for the wolf to slightly extend his claws and pull Jesse closer.

“Hey,” Jesse warns, wanting to shove Hanzo’s snout out of his face, but noticing that just the tip of Hanzo’s tongue is poking out past his razor-sharp teeth. With a small smile, Jesse presses a finger against the tongue. Hanzo responds by opening his jaw for a huge yawn, giving Jesse a face full of werewolf morning breath.

“Ew!” Jesse hollers, finally rolling out of Hanzo’s grip and towards the edge of the bed, only to stay in the air above the floor. He scowls at the amount of white fur coating his t-shirt and Batman pajama pants—shit is gonna take forever to get out.

Still levitating, Jesse puts on his prosthetic and moves to float above Hanzo, bending his knees, the wolf having rolled over on his back to stick his legs up in the air like he’s asking for tummy rubs. Jesse can’t help but stopping to admire his gorgeous boyfriend. In this form, Hanzo is imposing and powerful, with fur as white as snow and eyes that are just as expressive as his human ones. There were some folks in the world—friends and enemies alike—who could never imagine the ‘cold’ and ‘majestic’ Shimada heir curled up and sleeping with a vampire on a custom-made mattress in the home that they shared. Custom-made because Hanzo never slept out of his wolf form if he didn’t have to. Could they imagine Hanzo and Jesse fighting over the bedding, Jesse eventually taking the victory, a cow-print comforter his prize—only because he had taken the cow-print love seat back to the thrift store the month before? Could they imagine that even though neither of them really needed sleep, they just liked holding onto each other and discussing their dreams when they woke up?

Jesse revels in the fact that he gets to see Hanzo like this, thinking he’s one lucky son of a bitch as he grabs hold of Hanzo’s front leg and squeezes one of the squishy, bean-shaped pads on his paws with two fingers.

“Wake up, sleepy-head,” Jesse whispers. When Hanzo growls, Jesse presses his cheek into the side of Hanzo’s massive head, watching those lovely dark eyes slowly blink open while he strokes the yellow markings underneath with his thumb. Hanzo looks left and right before gazing at the undead mass bobbing steadily above him as Jesse nuzzles the spot where he’s leaning.

“Did you break another alarm clock?” Hanzo asks knowingly, his voice thick with sleep. Jesse rolls his eyes.

“I had to do it, darlin’. Damn thing came runnin’ at you with wolfsbane. I was only thinkin’ of you.”

Hanzo makes a noise that Jesse has come to learn is the wolf version of a disbelieving scoff, wrapping his arms around Jesse’s waist and pulling him down, though it’s five-fingered hands on his back that Jesse feels and a hairless chest that he collides with. Hanzo is just as beautiful in his human form, high cheekbones and soft lips that still make Jesse swoon. Jesse knows he looks a lovestruck fool with the way he’s staring at Hanzo like he’s a star—one in a cloudless night sky, of course. Jesse has long got over the appeal of the sun.

“We gotta get up. It’s shoppin’ day,” Jesse reminds Hanzo with a grin, giggling when Hanzo groans and buries his forehead into the crook of Jesse’s neck.

“You are cold,” Hanzo says, the same way he has for years. The first words they ever exchanged were phrases they’d held onto since then.

Jesse gives the expected answer. “I’m dead, sugar.”

With an overdramatic sigh, Hanzo moves to stand and walk to the window, peering over his shoulder and regarding Jesse with an arched eyebrow.

Jesse nods. He always hates this part.

Hanzo pulls open the curtains.

Jesse lets out the breath he was holding in. It’s pitch black outside. The cracked alarm clock on the ground reads 7:03PM.

The air makes a soft whoosh sound as Jesse glides into the bathroom and turns on the light. Hanzo is quick to follow, on four legs once more. Jesse extends his fangs and gets to brushing his teeth, Hanzo nudging at his side impatiently.

“Hold your damn horses,” he chides his boyfriend, pulling at one of his ears playfully before grabbing a comb from the cabinet. Jesse hasn’t even made two strokes in Hanzo’s fur before the wolf’s head snaps up and he starts sniffing, a low growl building in his throat.

“What’s got you all up in arms?” Jesse muses, moving to continue combing Hanzo when the wolf immediately tenses and lets out a soft boof sound.

“Ah. The door.” Jesse laughs, placing the comb on the sink. “Stay here.”

Hanzo, of course, does not listen. The man could be stubborn as a mule when he wanted to be, which was pretty damn often. Jesse can’t mind it too much, since he knows he can be the same way.

They walk down the hallway and into their living room, a cold, wet nose pressed against Jesse’s shoulder the whole way. Jesse sees the problem before he can even touch the doorknob; thick wisps of smoke curl into their home, dispersing at their feet.

Hanzo lowers, an aggressive position, but Jesse knows it’s unnecessary as he pulls the chain lock and opens the door. An opaque dark mist circles the front porch like water draining down a faucet. Storm clouds move in at an unnatural pace, immediately concealing the light of the moon. The wind picks up, making the wooden chimes nearby rattle together too wildly to make any sort of pleasurable sound. Music begins to play, a frenzy of strings and bold piano scales that speak of something treacherous to come—those who have heartbeats would feel them begin to race. A column rises from the center of the smoke, Jesse catching a whiff of something earthy and centuries old. The smoke gives way to a large figure, a bitter chill pushing out in all directions as thunder shakes the ground. The figure throws out their arms and points at them, red cloak fluttering in the wind.

Jesse leans against the doorframe with his arms crossed.

“Howdy, Dad.”

In an instant, the quiet autumn night returns to normal. The music continues, a muffled sound coming from the bushes beside the porch steps.

Jesse looks at the shrubbery suspiciously.


Akande’s head emerges, a relaxed smirk on his lips and a boom box in his hands. He presses a button, the music skipping before it stops. “Good evening, Jesse. Hanzo. Did you sleep well?”

“Like babies,” Jesse answers, smiling as he looks between the two vampires. He settles on Gabe. “How’d you rope Pa into this?”

“Akande loves and supports me,” Gabe says, lowering his cloak and looking back at Akande adoringly. The red in his pupils fade away to their usual dark brown and his tone is casual. “Unlike you. My very own son. My pride and joy. You don’t even sleep in a coffin.”

“Ain’t no lumbar support in a coffin.” Jesse raises his arm, giving Hanzo a few scratches under the chin. The wolf reluctantly lets out a content sigh, ass hitting the floor and tail flopping. “No room for a werewolf either.”

“Hell,” Gabe says, gesturing to the mess of white fur on Jesse’s clothes with his chin as he clicks his tongue. “Shedding again, Shimada?”

Jesse chuckles nervously, trying in vain to brush the fur away while Hanzo narrows his eyes.

Gabe clears his throat. “Don’t forget the dinner party tomorrow night.”

“And miss out on Sombra’s bad jokes?” Jesse feigns excitement. He’s known the fae for nearly a hundred years, but she still somehow manages to tell a new vampire jokes every time they meet. And ever since he’s been with Hanzo, werewolf jokes. “Not a chance.”

“Alright. Take care, mijo.”

Akande steps up onto the porch, both him and Gabe bending down to kiss Jesse simultaneously, Gabe on his cheek and Akande on his forehead. Gabe steps back, smoke spilling out of his cloak as he twirls around, transforming into a bat in the blink of an eye. A package with a note on top drops noiselessly to the spot on the porch where Gabe was standing as he squeaks and flies off into the night with Akande right behind him.

Jesse picks up the package—something soft wrapped in canvas tied together with twine—and goes back into the house, closing the door with a click.

WEAR IT, the note reads.

Hanzo makes a questioning noise. Jesse shrugs.

“I dunno.”

Jesse pulls at the twine, the canvas opening and a large piece of fabric falling out over his arms. Hanzo smells it curiously as Jesse holds it up. It’s a hooded cloak, one made of black velvet and lined with red silk. Jesse sighs; it’s definitely not something he would ever wear, but something he knows Gabe spent a lot of time on.

Jesse looks up at Hanzo with a dark expression, fangs out. “I vant to suck your blood.”

Hanzo yaps, a wolf’s laugh, before nosing him back towards their bedroom.

“Alright, alright.”

They have some shopping to do.