it is not the only end we may choose

Don’t lose yourself,
In everything you do,
Don’t lose yourself,
In everything you love.
You can lose yourself, if you look too closely in others,
There is power in choosing you,
There is power in walking away.
Love is everything, but not every kind of love is for you,
There is power in walking.
Sometimes you can fight for love, that too is strength but how much strength does it take before it turns into a weakness?
You have to learn to give power to things that only give power back to you
And more often than not,
That kind of power can only come from
You cannot lose yourself just so others can find themselves.
Every situation you find yourself in, may not have started because of you but it should always end with you.
Just choosing you is enough to rid yourself of half of the toxic behaviours you find yourself succumb to,
So, we end on
There is power in loving you.
—  Nicki- love yourself more than you did.
random giveaway

i feel like doing a giveaway thing so here we are! this will run for 24 hours, so will end at 3:30 PM EST tomorrow (1/15/2016). there will be three winners. you may like and reblog but ONLY ONCE, to keep it fair for everyone. you must be following me to enter, i will check!

1st place will get one free short fanfic, an aesthetic, and a stimboard!

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May Masterpost Challenge:15/20

End Goal: To make 20 masterposts by the end of May

      Remember my Studio Ghibli Masterpost??? I decided to make a disney version! WHOOP WHOOp. Here we go! And ps. This time I didn’t just add every playlist I see lmao I actually choose the one I have listened to !!!


All ( x x x

**I only posted virus-safe links on here. You can tumblr search some of the disney movie masterposts, but be careful of virus!**

Playlist (Youtube).

Music Box ( x x x x x

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instrumentals ( x x x x x x x )

.pixar ( x )

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-By Movie-

Snow White ( x )

Fantasia ( x )

Lion King ( x )  

Tangled ( x x )

The Hunchback of Notre Dame ( x )

Frozen ( x )

Big Hero 6 ( x )

Pocahontas ( x )

Mulan ( x )

Cinderella ( x x )

Princess and the Frog ( x )

Hercules ( x )

Beauty and the Beast ( x )

Aladdin ( x )

The Little Mermaid ( x )

Sleeping Beauty ( x )

** I didn’t include all the movies, just the one I think are main. If you want to find the playlist of a certain movie please just youtube it.)

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+ Other Mp

Colors: A Masterpost

How To Make Friends

A complete guide to Sun Protection

+ more

    And that’s it! Thank you guys for being amazing. If there is any links broken or any comments you want to add, please drop by my inbox! Thank you!

Cheers, Kitty


“The viera may begin as part of the Wood, but the Wood is not the only end that we may choose.”

The viera live deep within wooded area, earning them the call “People of the Wood.” They have excellent senses, and their hair is usually white It is said that the viera’s superb hearing allows them to sense changes in the weather and the movement of all living things in the woods they inhabit. Their lifespan is roughly three times that of humes.

Kenhina week is finally here! 

After receiving positive feedback from our followers and people in the kenhina fandom, we have decided to go ahead with starting a kenhina week! The week will begin on Wednesday May 4th and end on Kenhina day, Tuesday May 10th. This special week is being organized by @kenmai and @tooruo.


  • Anybody is allowed to participate.
  • Kenhina (platonic and/or romantic) entries only.
  • The two daily prompts per day can be mixed together or you can choose one per day.
  • NSFW is accepted.
  • Every type of media is accepted (graphics, gifs, fanart, fanfics, cosplay, playlists etc).
  • To allow us to see and like/reblog posts, please ensure all posts are tagged with ‘kenhinaweek2016’. Posts without this tag will not be reblogged.
  • You can also submit your work here.

Daily Prompts:

  • Wednesday 4th: Distance/Movies
  • Thursday 5th: Parents/Haunted
  • Friday 6th: Game Over/Adrenaline
  • Saturday 7th: Colour/Firsts
  • Sunday 8th: Swimsuit/Distraction
  • Monday 9th: Reunion/Final Haikyuu!! Quest
  • Tuesday 10th: Free Day

Thank you very much and we are excited to see everybody's amazing posts! 

Every life has a watershed moment, an instant when you realize you’re about to make a choice that will define everything else you ever do, and that if you choose wrong, there may not be that many things left to choose. Sometimes the wrong choice is the only one that lets you face the end with dignity, grace, and the awareness that you’re doing the right thing.
I’m not sure we can recognize those moments until they’ve passed us
—  Mira Grant, Feed
Raversaurusrex’s Ticket Giveaway

So I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time and I’m finally in a position to do so. I’ve always wanted to send someone to an event in hopes that they could see someone they really wanted to but just didn’t have the funds to! So here we go this is my ticket giveaway and I have a few rules so make sure you read carefully. 

- You must be following me
- You must reblog this post. Only reblogs will count
- The ticket will be to any event of your choosing under $80 USD. If you want a pair of tickets which equal < $80 that is also acceptable. The event must also have a print at home option to avoid complications (no will call pickups) 

The contest will end May 10th, 2015 at 9PM Pacific. I will do the draw right after and contact the winner. Winner and I will discuss which event they want to go to and then I’ll get the ticket and email it to you! 

I’m really happy to be able to do this. So much love for all of you <3 Good luck to everyone :D

I know these last few days have been tough. Not just for Larries, but for any supporters of Louis and Harry, regardless of whether you think they are a couple or not.

We have had to witness both Louis Tomlinson’s and Harry Styles’ names being dragged through the mud. For what end, we can only speculate.

A lot of us are emotionally charged right now - anxiety, confusion, anger, sadness, you name it, one of us is feeling it at this very moment. For every chill person, there’s another person having a hard time processing all of this.

For outsiders, this may look like a lot of fuss over “just some silly boyband”, but you know what: for whatever reason you choose to support Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn, it’s IMPORTANT TO YOU. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Of one thing I am fairly certain: There is a massive power play happening behind the scenes at the moment, and the outcome might not be evident tomorrow, next week, or indeed even in the coming few months, but, there is an end game in sight.

I’d also like to give a mvp to @jimmytfallon
@sexatoxbridge and @bethaboolou
You’re posts during these last two days have made me laugh and helped me to remain chill and positive. Thank you for providing a source of positivity and calm to the people coming to your inbox and seeking reassurance.

Special mention to all my followers and mutuals: despite everything, my dash has been a pretty awesome place to be - y'all rock.

There will be drama ONLY if you choose for there to be...

Let’s see….on a weekend that Cait launched herself as the public face of “Don’t touch my man, he may be your 5th choice, but he’s the sexiest man alive to me,” we now learn about a pic that apparently includes Cait and Sam’s Mom on a weekend when the monkeys claimed Sam was with Alley/Annie/Abbie.  Outside of work.  No PR.  Contradicts Monkey canon.  Seems like a great end of an amazing weekend to me.  So, what exactly is the bitch about?  That you can’t see the pic?  Find it on the internet.  That the people who have the pic have decided that they can’t post it and be true to their personal sense of integrity.  Damn.  How dare someone be a stand-up person in a pretty messed up world.  What else?  Hand to God, this fandom hurts my head.  I’ve had a great weekend–both on the Ship and in my life.  I choose no drama for a Sunday night.  And, that’s my choice to make.  What’s your choice?

Elsa has a popular photography blog - mostly landscapes, cityscapes, animals, and crowds, although she occasionally does portrait spreads. Photographing just one person tends to be more… intimate, than she allows herself to be with others. Sometimes people hire her to take their picture, although she normally doesn’t post those up online (they tend to go into her portfolio).  

Enough of her followers ask her to post pictures of herself that she eventually says “why not” and decides to oblige via a fun day of selfies ranging in context and tone. 

Only, Anna is around, and of course they end up taking pictures together! Of each other and the two of them, just having fun and snapping candid photos and posing and walking along the countryside/their house.

Finally, Elsa posts the best ones - which is hard to choose; they’re pretty much all perfect in her eyes - with the disclaimer “this may not be exactly what you asked for, but we had a blast taking these”. 

Her blog gets flooded with asks. Things she kind of expected, like:

“wow you are rly beautiful”
“that’s where you live?? amazing!!”

And things she did not expect, like:

“why didn’t you tell us you had a girlfriend???”
“omg you guys are so cute together!”
“when is the wedding?”
“so in love!”
“I wish I had someone to look at me like that”

Elsa is dumbfounded and has to refrain herself from posting “???? but? what? no? she is my sister????” 

There’s definitely a certain surreal quality to Glee being “over.”

But, I mean, I think the greatest part about it is that it went out on such a high note.

We don’t get to choose our endings.  We don’t get to say “hey, I don’t need you in my life anymore; you can go now.”  Truthfully, it feels like I could watch Glee for ten more years and not get tired of it.  I may very well still be a Glee blog years down the line.  I don’t know.  I’m very excited to find out.

But I love that we got to say goodbye to it in the best way possible.  If you’re only going to get one last hurrah, you make it a good one.  And Glee, the show we loved and sighed over and never believed could bow out on the same amazing note that it began on, delivered exactly what it promised.

Dreams Come True, guys.  Remember that.

And, hey, we’ve still here, aren’t we?  Glee is still here; it’s just our story to tell now.

Treat it kindly.  Remember it well.