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I’m Still Yours - Chapter Twelve

SPN FanFic

~When Jared calls on you again, you go with a smile, but it’s not all fun and games anymore~

Jared x Reader

2,283 Words

Warnings: NSFW, RPF, Established D/s Relationship, Angst-travaganza

~Feedback fuels my writing.~

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Jared finally heard you and immediately stopped, removing his hand from your throat and pulling away. As the air returned to your lungs and your blood flowed back into your limbs, you scrambled away, almost falling as you bolted from the bed and locked yourself in the bathroom. Shaking and weak, you fell to the floor, collapsing in a sweaty heap, out of breath and out of your mind with panic. The cool tiles stung your naked skin, but at least it was something. You could feel that, feel the pain running through you, and you knew you were alive, you would be fine.

You could hear Jared behind the door, slapping his palms to the wood and calling for you to let him in, but you couldn’t move.

“Y/N, please, let me in. I am so so sorry. Please, say something. Open the door, Baby Girl.”

You couldn’t answer him. There was nothing to say. You were not alright and it was your fault. You had pushed for something, for Jensen, selfishly, and this was your reward. Jared had already been teetering, preparing for a breakdown and instead of being his lifeline, you shoved him off of the cliff.

Eventually he moved away from the door and sat on the bed. You could hear his feet on the carpet and the mattress receiving his weight. When your heart returned to a manageable rhythm, you stood and looked at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were bloodshot, your jaw and neck already bruised in the shape of his huge hand. Lines of drying blood marred your shoulders.

“This is what you get,” you told your reflection and then ran the shower to hide your tears.

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So I wanted to do a whole long explanatory post for my sudden month+ long radio silence, but it looks like I’m actually not going to have enough time for that, so, um….

I haven’t been online at all becauseeeee I’ve been dealing with the interview and acceptance process for a brand new job!

Yes, I got a new job–starting in August, I’m going to be a full-time English faculty member at a college in Texas!

I just worked my last day at my old job this Friday, so now I have about 10 days to pack up and move 1500 miles… And um… I’m not sure where I’m moving to yet! But… I’m sure it will be fine… >_>

In any case, I’m starting my move on Monday, and will likely be entirely without internet for a couple weeks, so please bear with me a little longer.

I’ll try to answer the asks and comments I’ve gotten as soon as I return!

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anonymous asked:

How would the 104th+vets think of a vr (virtual reality)horror game? I'm too much of a wimp to try one, so I wanted to see how they would react to one.

Mikasa: Has seen all the horrors in the world already, so it’s not scary
Reiner: Really likes how it’s different from ‘normal’ games
Bertholdt: Is too scared to even try
Annie: Tries it, is very scared but tells everyone it wasn’t scary at all
Eren: Adores it
Armin: Is too scared to try
Jean: Tries it and can’t sleep for days
Marco: Doesn’t want to try, because he’s easily scared
Sasha: Doesn’t do anything else anymore, likes it soooo much
Connie: Thinks it’s fun
Historia: Has literally every game you can play
Ymir: Is a little obsessed
Levi: Doesn’t think it’s scary but doesn’t like to wear the head thing which is the only reason why he doesn’t play
Mike: Is too scared to try
Erwin: Has too much work to do, but thinks it’s a great invention
Nanaba: Hasn’t tried it
Moblit: Plays it from time to time

Imagine Cave the first time Chell misses her mark in a test and has a bad fall or has some other misfortune that should kill or at least severely injure her. Imagine him frantically shoving everyone aside so he can break into the testing room to get to her and by the time he gets there she’s already standing up and brushing herself off.

That’s how he finds out that along with being very good at puzzles, she’s also basically indestructible. She also has a habit of landing on her feet, so he has the leg extenders made for her so that she won’t shatter her ankles.

By that time, she’s stubbornly insisting on the more dangerous tests (the safe ones aren’t interesting or fun or challenging anymore) and he ends up overseeing all of them personally. He knows she’s indestructible, but he still worries.

(He didn’t realize when he adopted her that he was going to get this attached, but everything is in motion now and it’s too far gone. The most he can do is let her test and hope she stays indestructible.)

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fictional shipping should be fun but i cant deal with the hate in the fandom anymore. for jonsa but for sansa more. everywhere i go people say such vile things about her character. she's not worthy of jon, she's weak, useless, irrelevant, they'll laugh when she dies. i cant stand the thought of people like this getting their own way. if jonerys happens, and many of them want this, the gloating will make me sick. sometimes i feel like not watching altogether

Hi Anon, 

I’d like to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Sansa Stark. I was not earlier but I am now. Anyone who thinks she is weak and useless is not watching the same show. Sansa Stark is an inspiration to all. 

Though I ship Jonsa hard, I must admit here, that whether or not she was worthy of Jon was an argument that has never crossed my mind even once because  I have never analysed Sansa’s character only from Jon’s Love interest’s point of view. I ship them because, in a sense they complete and compliment one another like they are two halves of a whole. 

Whatever is endgame, Sansa Stark is a strong woman. No one can ever change my mind about that. She’s a victim of rape and abuse. Yet she holds her head high, doesn’t let her past affect her and does everything in her power to get her home back and establish a righteous rule in the north which is her family’s legacy. Including, convincing a reluctant half brother to fight for the cause. 

She conducts herself with strength and grace in-spite of the trauma that she has suffered so much so that we tend to forget that she has even suffered it. I remember when she tells Jon, “If Ramsey wins, I am not going back there alive, do you understand me?” And I was like, Shit, I totally forgot about what she has suffered in the past. Even when she is suffering at Ramsey’s hands, she’s always trying to find an way to escape her fate. And once she does, she faces her worst nightmare head on. “Your going to die tomorrow Lord Bolton, Sleep well” I almost stood up and gave her a bow. 

I know I sound very much like I am part of A Sansa defence squad, which maybe I am but these are the things I love about her. Sansa Stark is an inspiration and if you love her, don’t let the antis bother you. 

Having said that, I do like D@ny too. I admire what she has claimed for herself from literally nothing and become a conqueror. Though I ship Jonsa, I’d feel really bad if D@ny died. 

I think people should just learn to respect other people’s opinions and leave them be. Not just fandom, even the world would be a better place. This is just a show of FICTIONAL CHARACTERS for crying out loud!! It’s not LIFE! It’s just silly that people can spread hurt and hatred in the lives of REAL people because of non-existent people. I have never been able to see the logic in that. 

So don’t pay attention, love. Enjoy your ship, enjoy your show!! The point of ‘entertainment’ which shows are really all about is that they help you escape from reality and make you happy. And that should be their purpose, nothing else. Fandom wars have never made sense to me, and never will. I get multitudes of anon hate everyday. I chose not to answer hate with hate. It doesn’t bother me, and it never will. 

Sorry if this sounds a little (too) preachy, lol!! But this is me, speaking my heart out because I truly believe in #no hate #only love. It’s my life’s Mantra. 

Thanks for the ask and enjoy season 7!!!! 


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)

we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride