it is not appealing

honestly every single brightshine familiar so far has been looking better and cooler and cuter than the light sprite? the elemental, the goblin, even the bear! and now the spirit bunny! beautiful, all of them! light sprite who?! \o/

anonymous asked:

does it ever occur to you that if you decided to draw hamilton fan art (( with such an appealing art style that you have)) you could literally hit 100k in no time I'm not saying u should because thats fukin shitty but do you ever wonder about what kinda powers you have??? ya know

HAHA i wouldnt phrase it like that but yeah i feel like anyone with a basic understanding of like fundamentals+who has mediocre to good draftsmanship can make it to like 500k if they just pump out fanart for trendy fandoms

  • ADHD hell brain: you want something
  • Me: ok, what?
  • AHDH hell brain: something.
  • Me: ...what something?
  • ADHD hell brain: sound.
  • Me: ok? Music? Netflix? YouTube?
  • ADHD hell brain: want something...

november 29th, 2016 marked the last pinof to ever be filmed in phil’s old bedroom

march 30th, 2017 marked the last phil liveshow to ever be streamed in dan and phil’s old lounge

april 4th, 2017 marked the last dan liveshow to ever be streamed in dan’s old bedroom

april 13th, 2017 marked the last baking video to ever be filmed in dan and phil’s old kitchen

april 20th, 2017 marked the last gaming video to ever be filmed in dan and phil’s old office

and april 25th, 2017 marks the beginning of a new chapter