it is not a hickey

sex with Jimin

- wow
- Jimin is sexy in general, but in the sheets is a whole different story
- he could go all night with you
- dom and sub
- the biggest tease EVER
- he’ll tease you until you truly can’t take it anymore
- he’d do your body so right without even trying
- sex in any and every room
- has a thing for you calling him “baby”
- a GOD with his tongue
- his hands may be little but they can work wonders on your body
- loves talking dirty to you
- “baby, i’m gonna make you come so hard” “you’re so wet for me already”
- he loves fucking you in every position known to man
- VERY vocal
- loves leaving hickeys
- he can be very sweet, but most of the time he’s rough and he goes hard
- his confidence in bed would completely disappear afterwards
- a smol baby after sex, loves cuddling up with you afterwards, no matter how sweaty you both are
- 90% of the time he’ll fall asleep after
- will brag about how good the sex is to the members so be prepared for some teasing from them

Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include...

Requested?: Yes

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  • Hugs from behind. 
  • Curly fries. Curly fries. Curly fries. 
  • Cheering for him at his lacrosse games.
  • Late night drives.
  • Kisses on the cheek.
  • Sloppy but cute make-out sessions.
  • Taking showers together.
  • Usually ending in more than just showering ;)
  • Being his sarcastic partner.
  • Being goals as hell. 
  • “I’ll be your Batman, as long as you’re my Catwoman.” “I can do that.”
  • Cuddling on rainy days.
  • Usually being the big spoon.
  • Being the only one that’s allowed to drive his Jeep.
  • Nicknames like my girl, baby and gorgeous. 
  • Always riding in his Jeep with him.
  • Always riding him in his Jeep.
  • Hickeys - A lot of them.. like a lot.
  • The pack playfully picking on you two if they spot a hickey on one of you.
  • Stiles always buying you flowers when you’re upset, but he also does it just ‘cause he wants to surprise you.
  • Always distracting him when he’s trying to study, such as tickling him, blowing on his ears, kissing his neck.
  • Him always stroking your hair and whispering sweet nothings into your ear when he can’t sleep.
  • Helping him through his panic attack(s).
  • Stiles always getting jealous when he spots other guys eyeing you.
  • When he’s jealous, he usually doesn’t say anything. He just wraps an arm around you and kisses your cheek.
  • You and Stiles basically becoming Liam’s parents.
  • “Liam, we’re taking you home.” “What? Why?” “It’s passed your bedtime, pup.”
  • Always stealing Stiles’ pencils so he’s stuck with a piece of lead.
  • “If I didn’t love you, I’d kill you for taking my pencils.”
  • Kissing him by your locker all. the. time.
  • Late night movie marathons.
  • “How about Star Wars?” “Fine, Star Wars it is. Again.”
  • Stiles always knowing when you’re upset or angry, just by your facial expressions.
  • “(Y/N), are you okay?” “Yeah, why?” “You’ve been holding that poker face for forty minutes and clenching your jaw.”
  • Some nights when Stiles can’t sleep, it’s usually because you’re not in the same bed.
  • Stiles will then drive to your house and slip into your bed, whether it’s 10 pm or 4 am.
  • Always wearing his flannels. - “It looks really cute on you.” “You might not get it back.”  
  • Helping him pull pranks on the pack.
  • Scott treating you like a sister.
  • Going on dates to random places.
  • Being each other’s first time.
  • Having to deal with Void Stiles’ dirty jokes when he’s possessed. 
  • Dealing with Void Stiles trying to seduce you.
  • Buying him two bats for his birthday.
  • Him telling you the truth about killing Donovan before anyone else.
  • Comforting him when he’s sad or stressed.
  • Gentle & rough sex.
  • Lots of oral.
  • He’s always trying to make you breakfast while you sleep, but he accidentally wakes you up with the fire alarm. 
  • And lastly, endless ‘I love you’s

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I imagine Nessian biting a lot. Like it’s not rare at all for Nesta to be covered in hickeys and bite marks after they have sex. And if Nesta finishes particularly hard she’ll bite down on Cassian’s shoulder and he ROARS, it drives him up a wall. Or she slips up behind him and just nibbles at the place where his shoulder meets his neck and it takes all that he has in him not to groan. Teasing bites on the insides of her thighs as he works his way up to lick her until she screams.

wait u guys fuck

so last night this guy i used to hook up with was trying to hangout w me n shit and like just wanted us to hangout get drunk be cute or whatever and i blew him off to go to some random guys house bc he was hot but the guy ended up being annoying as hell and gave me like 40 hickeys which is so fucking annoying so im just like ugh ew and he has kids n shit big mistake…. but then today!! this new guy that ive been hooking up with and who i really like asked me to hangout tn and i was like oh helll yea text me later!! and its 10:30 and he hasnt texted me but also hes at a concert so? but then also just right now the guy that i used to hookup with just texted me to hangout again and now im like well shit do i go with the guy i used to hookup with or!! do i wait for the other guy to text me back????? also i blocked the other guys number idk why hes involved in the situation other than the fact that all the hickeys are obvious and i dont want anyone to call me a slut lmfao my life is so messy :( 

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Lance loves to take advantage of girls that blush easily, he'll whisper dirty things into your ear at a restaurant, he'll call you all sorts of pet names that you love, he'll tell you how much of a good girl you're being during sex, he'll smack your ass in public, he'll make hickeys on your neck in front of your friends, he'll place your hand on his bulge during a night out with your parents, he'll hold you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear, he'll stare at you. He adores it when you blush

Lance loves nothing more than seeing that pink rising up on your cheeks and will stop at nothing to make it happen

Sinful Sunday™

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No matter what you do, don't picture Kit Walker waking up the morning after sex. Don't picture his messy, rumpled sex hair. Don't picture his husky, sleepy morning voice. Don't picture the hickeys everywhere. Don't picture him tugging his collar up to hide them when he goes to work. Don't picture his lips all chapped from kissing all night. Don't picture the bags under his eyes fron getting no sleep. Just don't picture any of that at all.

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J a s m i n e w h y w o u l d y o u d o t h i s t o m e

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Slytherin male and Gryffindor male relationship?

Best at sarcastic comments, have tried (and failed) before to polyjuice into each other and play for each other’s quidditch team, for some reason no one realises they’re dating for the longest time because of stereotypes. On more than one occasion have they worn each others robes ad tried to get into as much trouble as possible, in an attempt to lose them house points. Dates include; visiting the shrieking shack on a dare, broomstick races at midnight, who can mess with filch the most, pick nicks in the field where most of their time is spent judging other couples. The hickeys given to the Gryffindor are art, and he likes wearing his most low-cut shirts with pride after he gets some, whereas the Gryffindor gives hickeys in more… discreet areas, like a secret between the two. They play with each other’s hair nonstop and will always hold hands in class.

Red Velvet Reaction To Another Member Sees Their Hickey


No ones notice it untill she acually tells someone about it.

“Irene come!”

“Well I actually got.. a hickey yesterday” She whispers. 

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Does not know how or what to do in this situation, stares at the member who pointed it out, wondering how they noticed it. Didn’t the make up artist cover it well enough?

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Gets shocked and scared when the maknae asks about it. She didn’t want to tell anyone about your relationship just yet.

“Why do you have a hickey Joy?” Yeri asks, her eyebrows raising slightly.

“Huh?!” Her raised up voice filled with surprise expose her, causing Yeri to not believe her later on when Joy tries to deny the hickey.

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Flustered cutie. She feels embarrassment crawl over her and shyness hitting her like a bomb when Irene teases her, having the time of her life.

“Did you like it?” Irene asks with a big smirk wicking her eyebrows up and down, nudging her playfully.

“Sssh, st, stop it!” Seulgi laughs getting flustered.

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This one would try to ignore all the teasing she receives. She tries to avoid the subject, letting no one of her unnies tease her.

“I don’t want to talk about it and I don’t have to either” she says avoiding the older ones eyes.

“Anyway did you record the new song yet?” Yeri says, changing the subject once again ;)

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Feb. prompts #9- “No. anything but your tits...” with Dallas

Dallas pinned you down on the bed. He straddled over you too, and you breathed extremely heavy gazing back at him. Dallas kissed down your neck and began to pull at your shirt

“You want this off?” you breathed to him, and he looked at you oddly.

“No. Anything but your tits…” he responded sarcastically ripping off your shirt and he kissed down your chest leaving hickeys, to your pleasure
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The five times Alec silently disobeys his mother and the one time he does it not so silently.