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Ninth Christmas

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He didn’t mention anything about Christmas. He tried to keep her away from the decorated stores and any hint of cold, taking them to the southern part of the country in early October and deciding not to go north again until at least March so there wouldn’t be snow to remind her of it. He made sure to find radio stations without Christmas music on them, he steered them clear of big towns, small towns, medium size town, hoping to avoid accidently running into large celebrations, tree-lighting ceremonies, holiday parades.

But it all went to hell on December 19. The rattle-trap car they were using wheezed its death knell and sagged instantly into rigor mortis, never to be saved again, even under the skilled hands of Tom ‘The Fixer’ Pendleton, resident mechanical guru of Crankton, Texas, a place that looked like it took a page right out of Dickens or Norman Rockwell with its wreaths and garland and town square Christmas tree and Salvation Army bell ringers.

Scully, to her credit, was not stupid. She may not be a badged investigator anymore but for all Mulder’s perceived sneakiness, she saw right through it all. She wasn’t angry with him for his ineptitudes, his lovably pathetic attempts to keep Christmas from her, giving him eye-rolling credit where credit was due but she finally had enough, looking at him after he received the news of the car’s demise, “we’ll find another car after the holidays, all right?”

“We can probably find one now. I mean, there’s got to be at least one shitty car in this God-forsaken nightmare of a town that’ll get us out of here by dark.”

Taking him out onto the sidewalk in front of the repair place, “this God-forsaken nightmare of a town is anything but a God-forsaken nightmare of a town. Please, Mulder, we haven’t stopped moving in months and it’s Christmas and this looks like a nice place to spend some time.”

Mulder looked down at her, her hollow cheeks and sallow eyes, “I was trying to outrun Christmas. I’m sorry I couldn’t.”

He hadn’t seen her smile in weeks so he was surprised to see her lips turn up slightly, “you made a very good effort, though and I thank you but right now, I’d just like to take a shower and lie down. Can we find someplace to stay?”


She tried to fight it but the closer it got to Christmas, the heavier the depression weighed on her. Mulder did his best and she loved him for it but this would be her first Christmas since Will and her first without her family. Granted, she did have Mulder but even his warm arms couldn’t fight off her sadness.

Christmas Eve arrived with a windstorm to beat all, windows rattling, tree branches breaking, power lines snapping them into pitch darkness. The instant the light disappeared, Scully called over to him, panic clear in her voice, “Mulder? You still there?”

Getting up, he made his way to her side on the bed, sitting down after running into the edge of the mattress with his knees, “I’m right here. Where would I have gone to in that two seconds?”

Scully groped across the sheets until she found his leg, then wrapping her hand tightly around his upper thigh, “I don’t know but I’m not taking the chance that you disappeared.”

The heavy curtains had been drawn across the windows and even after a time, his eyes weren’t adjusting to the dark. Sliding down to the floor to rest on his knees so his face was mere inches from hers, “I’m not going to disappear again. I swear to you.”

Her now empty hand drifted up towards his voice, her fingers gently knocking into his cheekbone, then tracing to his eyebrows, “promise.”

“I promise, Scully. I won’t go anywhere again without you.” Climbing up beside her, he nestled his head into her neck, “you have no idea how terrible I feel that I left you the first time. I should have taken you and Will with me. I should have hidden us away somewhere quiet and let the world pass right on by. I should have been so much better to both of you but I’m trying now and I swear on our son, I’m not going anywhere again.”

Her tears spilled out, soaking both Mulder and the pillow within seconds, “I miss him so much, Mulder, you have absolutely no idea how much it takes to get out of bed in the morning and keep moving and keep running when the only thing I want to do is curl up and wither away.”

This was said in one, long, hiccupping, run-on sentence punctuated by snuffling and hitching words. She hadn’t said much about their son since she told him all those months ago in prison that she’d given him up. They’d talked briefly then but this is the most Will had been mentioned since. Knowing he’d never understand her guilt and grief in quite the same way, he silenced the little voice in his head that wanted to scream at her that he’d lost a son, too, having only ever held him for two nights of his life.

He pulled her closer instead, until her storming quieted, her breathing evened out, “are you okay?”

“I’ll never be okay Mulder but I feel a little better than I did ten minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry I can’t give you a better Christmas.”

She felt the guilt settle directly on her chest, a two-ton elephant in the room that if she didn’t address immediately, would follow them around forever, “it’s not your job to give me a better Christmas. It’s my job to realize this is the best Christmas we’ve had this year,” waiting for him to smile at her pathetic joke, which he did, she continued, “but more to realize that I’ve got you back and get to wish you Merry Christmas and know that you’ll be here in the morning when I wake up.”

Meeting her nose with his, “you have no idea how much I cried when I left last year. Nearly gave myself up at the nearest police station; figured I’d just walk in and say, ‘I’m Fox Mulder. Can you just arrest me and give me my phone call so I can talk to Scully again?”

The cold tendrils of depression insistently tapped on her soul demanding entrance but for the first time in several months, she ignored them, emptying her mind as she searched for his hand under the covers, “thank God you didn’t. I hear conjugal visits aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”

Moving to kiss her forehead as he felt her relax, knowing he was forgiven for past transgressions, “so, completely off subject, how long do you think the power’s going to be out?”

As she slid her hand along his arm, across his chest, down his belly, she swam her hand under his shirt and back up his bare skin, “hopefully awhile. Like this, I can imagine the hotel away and put us in our bed again, underneath our warm comforter, storm outside and in.” Moving her hand down to the waist of his pajama pants and then inside, “it’s so quiet now, I can almost hear the blood in your veins, moving along, making every part of you so warm, it’s intoxicating.”

Swallowing hard, he prayed for speech or at least the ability to formulate a few syllables, “I love you.”

She said it back without restraint, without resentment, without that dull sense of familiarity and toneless commonality. She said it with fire, with heat, with an edge of something he hadn’t heard from her since before he disappeared the first time, before he entered that damn ship and ruined his life.

The power was out all night.

They didn’t sleep a wink of it.


When Scully woke the next morning, naked, warm and liquid, she opened her eyes to find a Gingerbread House Christmas ornament hanging from the edge of the lamp shade and a small wrapped gift below it. Sneaking out of bed and out of his arms, she dug in the far corners of her battered, broken suitcase to find her own hidden gift for him. Placing it beside the one he’d left, she slipped back into his arms, purposely over-moving so he’d begin to wake, to celebrate Christmas morning the only way they could.


With a single ornament and not a space between them.

Hamilton Christmas head cannons

•Philip and Angie wake Alex and Eliza up really early to open gifts

•Herc, Laf, John, and even Aaron come over for a nice Christmas dinner at the Hamiltons with their families

•Aaron brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies, and Alex will never admit this, but they’re delicious

•Alex and John put themselves in charge of cooking the ham and surprisingly it turned out pretty good

•Eliza has become the master of undoing the twisty ties from toys

•Lafayette made and brought a dessert called croquembouche, and it was delicious like always

•at the end of the night they all gather around a fire and sing some christmas songs

Thanksgiving: Josh Dun imagine

A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s a holiday so I wanted to do something a little different for y’all. I love you all so much and are so thankful for everything you do for me, from reading and liking my work to sending in requests and giving me such positive feedback. You are all so sweet and amazing people. I’m very thankful for you guys! I hope you celebrate your Thanksgiving. Sorry it’s kind of short, but here’s a fluffy Josh Dun thanksgiving imagine…

If there was anything your boyfriend Joshua Dun was excited for, it was Christmas. Even during Halloween, he couldn’t help but express his excitement for the twenty fifth of December. So you weren’t surprised when you came home the night before Thanksgiving and he was playing Christmas music, talking with Tyler on the couch and drinking a Red Bull. “Christmas music already? Really?” you raised your eyebrows.

“It’s never too early!” he protested. “They call me Spooky Jim Christmas for a reason, y/n.”

“He’s crazy,” Tyler joked.

“I’ll agree with that,” you laughed, giving Josh a kiss on the cheek. “But I love crazy.”

“Thanks babe,” Josh smiled.

“So is Jenna coming over tomorrow morning to help with the dinner?” you asked.

“Yeah, we’re all going to help,” Tyler answered.

“Even you and Josh?” you questioned, eyeing them carefully.

“What? You doubt us?” he teased. “Our cooking capabilities will exceed your expectations. Just you wait. We will blow your mind.”

“Mm hmm,” you nodded your head, extremely doubtful.

The next morning, things pretty much went like you thought they would. It didn’t take but five minutes before Tyler and Josh were throwing mashed potatoes in each other’s faces, and Jenna and you had to tell them to go pick up the mess and then stay in the living room and play video games. “What are we going to do with those boys?” Jenna laughed, stirring the stuffing with a wooden spoon.

“God knows,” you chuckled, putting the turkey in the oven. “But we love them anyways.”

“Of course,” she rolled her eyes. “It’s our job, remember?”

You wiped your hands on the towel, getting ready to prepare the cranberry sauce when you felt two arms wrap around your waist from behind, and warm lips on your neck. “What do you think you’re doing?” you smirked, looking behind you and staring at Josh.

“Nothing,” he lied, acting innocent.

“What happened? You guys got bored of Mario Kart?” you joked.

“Tyler’s too good for me,” Josh groaned.

“I am the victor!” you heard Tyler shout happily from the couch in the other room, earning a laugh from Jenna.

“Come here,” you giggled, kissing Josh on the lips.

“You taste like gravy,” he whispered in your ear with a small chuckle. “Have you been secretly eating the food, y/n?”

“No,” you shook your head. “You’re just making things up, silly.”

“Well either way, you’re more delicious than any Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever had,” he winked.

“You’re so cheesy,” you shook your head, suppressing a grin.

“I love you,” he attempted to break out your smile.

“Love you too,” you replied, kissing him on the cheek. “Now go run along and beat Tyler for me.”

“Absolutely!” his eyes lit up.

“Hey! I heard that!” Tyler yelled from the other room.

“They’re so funny,” Jenna sighed.

“How are we so lucky to get stuck with them?” you teased.

“I don’t know,” she laughed. “But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

The next few hours consisted of you and Jenna working hard and making sure all the food was properly cooked, seasoned, and prepared in fancy dishes. It would just be the four of you, seeing as the weather was a bit crazy and their families couldn’t come in time for Thanksgiving, and you guys were stuck with them. Much less, it would be the first holiday spent in you and Josh’s apartment together, and you were interested to see how it went. You’d never complain though, spending time with your boyfriend and your best friends was something you loved to do, and it was moments like this that reminded you of how special this little family you had created really was. Whether it was the boys making stupid jokes or Jenna and you conspiring pranks against them, both of them trying to woo you with cheesy pick-up lines or clearly showing off onstage, they were the best times of your life.

“Is it ready to eat?” Tyler called from the living room. “I think we’ve played over a hundred rounds by now.”

“And we’re running out of Red Bull!” Josh complained.

“Calm down, only a couple more minutes, guys,” Jenna reassured.

“And not too much Red Bull! You’ll kill yourselves,” you warned.

“There’s never too much Red Bull,” Josh argued.

“Red Bull gives you wings,” Tyler reminded.

“Whatever,” you shook your head, laughing. “Dinner will be ready soon, boys.”

“Meanwhile, you can help set the table maybe?” Jenna raised an eyebrow.

“We would love to!” Tyler responded quickly. “We might not be able to cook, but we can surely set a table like the pros we are. Right Josh?”

“Oh yeah,” he nodded, both of them entering the room and trying to look tough. “That’s a task we do best.”

“Then prove it,” Jenna chuckled, handing them a stack of plates and silverware. “And maybe we’ll forgive you for the incident earlier.”

It didn’t take too long before all of you were at the table, filling your plates with food, holding each other’s hands in a circle, waiting for Tyler to begin grace. “I just want to say thank you for being here. Thank you for all the amazing people we’ve met and have in our lives, all the blessings that have been bestowed on us, for my beautiful wife and amazing friends, for Josh and y/n, bless their hearts, and for everything in my life. Thank you for the music and the experience, for our success, and for being alive,” he smiled. “Amen.”

“Amen,” you all agreed.

“Now let’s eat!” Tyler announced happily.

It didn’t take another second before all of you picked up your forks and began your meal, stuffing your faces with delicious food, talking and laughing, sharing jokes and teasing each other. Halfway through the meal, Josh couldn’t help but start to ask where the dessert was, and that led up to begging Jenna to finally take the cinnamon apple pie out. Everything was perfect, just like those cheesy adorable Thanksgiving meals were shown on television, where everyone was smiling and eating food. But you wouldn’t have asked for anything else. You were having the time of your life, and for the first time you could remember, it wasn’t being spent with your relatives arguing about politics or your aunts and uncles pestering you about still being single. There wasn’t any fighting or embarrassment, awkward moments or being afraid to ask for your sibling to pass something to you across the table, nothing you didn’t like. Instead you were beyond happy, extremely excited yet still relaxed, and you hoped for more holidays like this, times where you could be yourself and just enjoy the day.

Jenna and Tyler didn’t take off right away, they insisted on helping you and Josh clean the dishes and help pack up the food. They even cleaned up some of the house too, vacuuming the carpet and cleaning off the table. It was a little late before they left, but you didn’t mind at all, actually you loved the extra help, and it was super kind of Jenna to stay with you all day and assist with everything. After giving goodbye hugs and sending them home with lots of leftovers, you sighed, tired and exhausted, joining Josh on the couch to watch a Thanksgiving special on television. You curled up in his arms, resting your head on his chest, pulling a fluffy blanket over the two of you.

“Thank you for everything today, babe,” Josh smiled, kissing your forehead lightly. “You did a great job with everything. Sorry I wasn’t the biggest help.”

“It’s okay,” you laughed. “Jenna helped me a ton, it was all good.”

“You mean so much to me,” he whispered, hugging you tight. “I hope you never forget that.”

“I love you, Josh,” you murmured, closing your eyes and getting lost in the moment. “Thank you, so much. For everything. This was the best Thanksgiving ever.”

“Just wait until Christmas,” he chuckled. “It’s going to get even better, my dear.”

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Oh no! I hear someone's not feeling to well! *pap* If it's fluffy requests, then uh.... how about some fluffy christmas/winter head canons of the voltron crew with their s/o?

Yes! Omg this is adorable!


  • He’s going to use this as an excuse to cuddle. And what’s better than cuddling under a warm blanket by the fire with the person you love?
  • He’s going to want hot chocolate 24/7 as soon as it gets cold out! It could be September and he’s still going to want it!
  • He’s going to have an ugly Christmas sweater party and no one can stop him. You’re going to end up wearing one whether you like it or not.
  • He has to decorate the tree. He will make one out of paper if he can’t find a substitute on the ship. And he’s going to want to put the tree topper on too!
  • You two are going to make an entire snowman family including their pets! You’ll be outside for hours and probably freezing when you come back inside, but it’s definitely worth it!


  • He hates the cold so cuddles in front of the fire are a must. Like every single night. It’s ridiculous.
  • He actually really enjoys making snow forts, despite hating the cold. He’ll stay out all day with you to make one and won’t complain about the cold until he’s inside.
  • He’s not really a huge fan of Christmas, but spending it with you and the other paladins makes him enjoy it more.
  • He’s going to almost cry if you get him a present because he definitely wasn’t expecting it. He’ll definitely thank you extra in private because it means the world to him!
  • You’re going to win every snowball fight with him, no one even stands a chance!


  • He’s going to knit you a sweeter and make you wear it all the time so that you don’t get cold. Don’t worry, it’s really soft and not ugly!
  • He loves snow, but hates the cold. So he’s going to be outside, but he’s not happy and he’s going to ask you how you’re feeling because he doesn’t want you getting sick in the cold.
  • He’s going to make Christmas cookies as soon as October hits and you can’t shouldn’t stop him. Your house is going to smell like cookies for months.
  • He’s the best gift giver ever, but yours will always be better than everyone else’s because he wants you to feel as special as you are!
  • He’ll take you outside during the first snowfall so that you can go out and be the first one to catch snowflakes on your tongue!


  • She’s wearing winter gear inside and will fight you if you say anything. She’s not even that cold, she just wants to wear it.
  • She does the best snow angels ever, no one else’s compare to her’s, they’re perfect and she just tells you it’s science.
  • She’s not too excited about Christmas, but she does enjoy it. She’ll make little robots that fly around and play Christmas music.
  • “What do you mean it’s too early for Christmas music? “IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!”
  • She’s also really good at making ice sculptures, but she usually gets distracted and never finishes them.


  • Don’t even think about walking around without socks on during the winter. He will track you down and physically put them on your feet for you.
  • You can even go outside without him bundling you up. It’s really bad at first, you can barely even move.
  • He looooves Christmas time and even he’s not sure why, he just really likes it. He’s 10 times happier during the holidays and it’ll definitely rub off on you and everyone else.
  • Watch out, because you’d think it’d be Lance with the mistletoe, which it is, but Shiro is sneaky with it. You won’t even know he has it until he smirks and looks up at it dangling from his hand.
  • He really likes looking watching the snow fall, it’s calming to him. He’ll cuddle with you in front of the window whenever it starts snowing!
I’m taking Christmas/Holiday Prompts!

Pick any of these, or give me your own and include a pairing!

1. Accidentally pegging the cute stranger with a snowball
2. We’re ice skating and I can’t stop falling, and you’re doing tricking tricks.

3. I’m caroling and you hate caroling but my voice/my face/my smile….

4. I’m a scrooge and you start playing christmas music in early november. which i can hear through the walls. Because I’m your neighbor.

5. We’re both minimum wage elves at the mall.

6. We’re stuck under the mistletoe but you can’t stop rambling about how red-berried mistletoe are actually quite rare if they exist at all and you can’t stop spewing mistletoe facts and I think it’s adorable.

7. It’s a masquerade christmas ball and wtf is that

8. We’re having a christmas movie marathon because you’ve never fucking seen ‘insert movie here’

9. Your friends decided to go to this resort in the woods and you got dragged along even though you don’t wanna go and you and one other person are the only two without a significant other and that means you get stuck in cabin 6 and oh whoops looks like your snowed in.

10. I was drafted into the army and after a few years I stopped communicating back and then a decade later I show up on your door and I’m singing ‘I’ll be home for christmas’ and you literally want to murder me.

11. We’re walking and I slip on the ice and you try to help me up but instead I pull you into a snowbank.

12. Both of us are on our way home for the holidays. We bump into each other at the train station, it’s been five years since we’ve seen each other.

13. We’re going home to meet your parents and I’m terrified what is christmas.

14. You want a date for christmas because your parents/family won’t shut up about tit and there’s like 30 cousins and RAHR and I offer to go as your date because I don’t have a family/don’t celebrate the holidays and yikes.

15. We’re walking and my scarf will NOT stay on and you keep fixing it and then it flies off and you go running through the street to get it, and when you get it you raise it in your air and look so proud that I can’t help but say I love you.

16. I come from a family where Christmas isn’t a big deal and this is my first time spending christmas with you/your family and there’s a seven foot overdecorated tree and tinsel everywhere and people constantly bursting into songs and random people stopping over and staying for drinks and trading cookies and I’m hella overwhelmed at first, but soon I really find myself liking the festivity.

17. I REALLY wanna have a picnic even though it’s snowing.

18.  We have a mutual friend but I don’t know you and I got your name for this damn secret santa and now i have to figure out what to get you.

19. I own a bakery and one day you run in crazy panicked and need a ridiculous amount of cookies in less than 24 hours.

20. We’re waiting at the bus stop and you’re obviously really cold so I give you my scarf.

21. I know we hate each other/are figting but it’s christmas eve and my flight was cancelled, can I please come in.

22. I live the floor below you and was watching the snow fall outside when I saw you fall out your window, why would you put up lights like that?

23. I slipped on ice outside your house and you came barefoot to help me up now you’re full on taking care of me and we’re cuddling, how did this happen?

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Is it too early to request something with Jewish Chandler, either her bat mitzvah (ofc featuring the Heathers, Kurt and Ram, and maybe even a party crashing Veronica) or being annoyed with everyone and their Christmas bull?

it’s never too early
i was originally gonna do the first one but i really had NO idea how to go about it, so heres the next best thing

Now here is some more info she got from Prince’s bodyguard at the ‘86 American Music Awards & she ain’t never told anyone all of this before so consider your ass lucky, you the third ever to get this info! Sandy had to organise his limo (Prince & Susannah had a BIG fight that night & Prince didn’t bring her) & she wasn’t there, but her man at the time who worked security for Prince, James (BIG ass dude!) said that Prince was being followed backstage by DIANA ROSS & she was flirting hard with him, touching him & she kissed him! RIGHT on the corner of his mouth! BUT he was flirting back!! At one point, he had his hands around her waist & he was whispering something real nice & juicy in her ears too cause James said she was blushing & giggling real hard, & apparently after she introduced him live that night, he kissed her on the cheek, she pinched his ass!! He was laughing about it after! MY damn, I don’t even know what to think about this, I coulda sworn Diana was team Mike LOL! But Sandy ain’t never lied & the way she rang me up to tell me this all… Gawd I think Christmas came early as fuck this year!

Confessions of a previous employee of Prince’s ‘Paisley Park’ studio

I need to go back & watch the footage again! I always thought the way they were both acting towards each other when she gave him the award was a bit more flirty than expected. Yes @ this!

Molly Weasley and Fred II’s Christmas Jumper

  • Okay so this just occurred to me 
  • Everyone just kind of accepts that Molly Weasley knits family Christmas jumpers for her grandkids (and you know Scorpius once you know he basically becomes a member of the family) and I agree of course. 
  • But have we talked about how she’ll have to knit a jumper for Fred II? 
  • And Molly loves Fred II and she doesn’t see him as a mini Fred because he’s his own person and Fred is gone and after all these years she can accept that. 
  • But then autumn sets in and she begins to knit her jumpers and it’s almost November when she gets to Fred II (who is about 5). 
  • And she sort of stares at her knitting needles and thread for a few minutes, maybe goes to make herself a cup of tea, distract herself because she just needs time.
  • Then she puts all thoughts of her son Fred to the side because she will always love her son but she has over five more children to knit for and she can’t let her tears get in the way of her plan again. 
  • So she powers through knitting this jumper for her grandson and she is happily listening to Celestina Warbeck (because it’s never too early for Christmas music!) and she has half the jumper and most of the letter ‘F’ knitted when she stops. 
  • She places the wool to the side and stares down at this half finished jumper in her lap, tracing over it, making sure there are no holes because you can never be too careful. 
  • She hadn’t even realised it but the colours that she had used for this jumper were navy for the jumper and gold for the letter ‘F’. The same colours that she used for son ever single year.
  • Suddenly she’s thrown back so many years ago to shortly after the war. To Christmas time where knitting had been her distraction. 
  • She’d start as always with Bill (and Fleur), Charlie, Percy (and she remembers smiling so brightly when she knitted Percy his jumper that Christmas because he was going to be there to receive it and she wasn’t going to get it sent back to her unopened), George and then out of habit she would knit a second blue and gold jumper with the letter ‘F’ on it. 
  • Molly stares at the jumper in her lap now and then with all her strength, swallows down her tears and continues knitting because Fred would not want her moping over Christmas jumpers of all things.  
  • Two months later it’s Christmas Morning and immediately after Fred II opens his present, he runs to her and gives her a big, big hug. 
  • “I love it, I love it grandma! Thank you so much! Look Daddy and I are matching! We’re both wearing navy and gold!” 
  • And Molly smiles at him and looks up at George who is wearing his traditional blue and gold jumper from who knows how many years ago. 
  • Tears are shining in both of their eyes but then George smiles brightly and Molly instantly knows she made the right choice with her grandson’s Christmas jumper that year. 
  • And she can’t help but think that the colours really really suit her grandson. Maybe she’ll use them again next year.
TDM Christmas AU

-Chubs refuses to let anyone put up decorations too early

-Liam goes all out with the decorations (when Chubs deems it time)

-Zu dances around to Christmas music nonstop

-Liam pretends to still believe in Santa for Zu’s sake, not realizing that Zu already knows Santa doesn’t exist

-Ruby tries to bake Christmas cookies but ends up burning them 

-Vida tries to spike the eggnog at their Christmas party

-Chubs gets everyone monogrammed stockings

-Cate comes over on Christmas morning to give everyone gifts

-Vida gives every gifts wrapped in old newspapers and duct tape

One For The Road

Genre: Fluff, a bit of angst?

Word count: 2624 words

Warnings: Swearing, very brief mentions of alcohol and sexual content,

Prompt: Has anyone done the trapped in a car in a storm snow one yet i really want that even though its really cliche

A/N: This is really seasonally inappropriate but that’s ok


’Oh, Dan I have a great idea! Let’s hire a car and go for a road trip in the middle offucking winter!’”Dan mocked Phil’s voice, waving his hands in the air. He slammed the palms of his gloved hands on the steering wheel, and then sunk back in the car seat.

Phil stayed silent, his whole body tensed up. He wrapped his arms around his chest and didn’t look over at Dan, who was practically fuming. They’d managed to pull off to the side of the road before the car completely broke down, but now they were completely stuck.

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Hot Coco

Summary: You’re in a christmas mood, despite how early it is, and Dean catches you having festive fun in the kitchen.

Warnings: None. Is fluff a warning?

Pairing: Dean x Reader … Sorta? I mean, kinda, not really, but- oh just read it! 

Words: 791

A/N: This is just something that kinda happened, after someone told me I should write more. I was listening to christmas music and my fingers just started going. So, if this is as terrible as everything else I write, I sincerely apologise! It’s as unedited as all my other stuff, just straight from what I typed up, no added bits or anything! Anyway, I hope at least one person enjoys this, it was cute writing it! 


“What are you doing?”

I jump at the sudden voice from behind me, my heart racing at the scare, and I spin to see Dean leaning against the doorway with a look on his face I haven’t seen before. 

He looks amused, but there’s a softness in his eyes I can’t place, the green apple eyes of his are sparkling in a way I can’t put my finger on, a mix of a smile and smirk on his lips. He looks… Amused, and happy. And warm. His eyes are warm. My heart flutters into my chest under his stare, but a smile grows big on my face, and I can’t stop the giggle that tumbles out of my lips, and that only makes the tall, devilishly handsome Winchester chuckle, and the low rumbling sound travels through my body, making my skin tingle and my heart rate speed up. I know my cheeks are for sure probably bright pink, from how hot they feel.

“I-I was, uh, um, I was just, I have a c-christmas playlist and I, it, I was feeling, christmassy, and I, I was making hot coco and I-”
I stumble over my words like a quivering child, a mess under that gaze, that look in his eyes I can’t place. 

I always get so flustered when he looks at me too long, I start forgetting how to speak and breath and act. Like some 10 year old meeting her dream boy band crush for the first time. And he knows. He knows, the gorgeous smug bastard, so he always purposely looks longer at me, pays me extra attention when he knows I’m losing my train of thought,  and he just grins, smirks, and thoroughly enjoys watching me make a fool of myself around him. I suppose he’s used to women getting so flustered around him, and he obviously enjoys the effect he has on the female polulation.

He chuckles, shaking his head, a grin on his lips now. Those lips, jesus. He looks at me, walking over till we’re only a few feet apart, his hands in his front pockets as he looks down at me in my oversized sweater, shorts, and fuzzy socks. My hair is in a messy bun and I know I look like a mess. But his eyes soften, his gaze even warmer now, that strange look on his face again… It’s like… Affection? Tenderness? No, never. I’m just a little sister to him, like I am with Sam. A hunting buddy. Nothing more. I freeze as his long fingers reach up to brush some stray hairs out of my face, and my breath catches when his fingers linger for a moment, almost brushing my cheek. I feel myself blush even more, my heart almost jumping out my chest, and I focus my gaze on anywhere but him. After a second his hand falls, and his whiskey voice fills my ears again over the christmas music still playing from my laptop.

“It’s a bit early, ain’t it? It’s just the begginin’ of november… But… You’re cute when you’re all ‘christmassy’.Though, I gotta say, your singing ain’t the best, sweetheart, maybe stick to humming from now on”
 He bursts into soft, low laughter, and my scandalised face just makes him laugh even more. 

“Uh, excuse you, Winchester! I’m an excellent singer! I do an amazing cover of Santa Baby!” I can’t help but laugh and giggle along with him, a big smile on my face as I admire how perfect he looks when he’s smiling and laughing. He looks so young and innocent. The sound of his laughter is one of my favourite sounds. It warms me inside and out. 

Okay, so, perhaps there are certain… Feelings. Reserved for the older Winchester brother. But, he’s too good for me. I’m just a friend. Nothing more. And I would much rather have a friendship with Dean than ruin it with my feelings and end up with nothing. So, I accept what I can get. And I’m grateful.

“Y/N? You’re always spacing out. God knows where that christmas brain of yours wonders off to. I said, you gonna make me some hot chocolate too? Or do I gotta steal yours?”
He chuckles, his eyes sparkling as he lightly teases, and looks down at me with a smile that no one can resist.

 I melt on the inside, giving him a smile.
“One christmas hot coco coming right up!”

(There isn’t a huge Jewish population in Japan, so I’m using Christmas traditions in this post, but Jewish headcanons are always great for these characters!)


  • Kuroo always gets a new ugly Christmas sweater each year at a thrift shop and takes great pride in his collection­ (despite it taking up way more than its share of his closet). He wears his sweaters around the house all the time well into February.
  • One year, Kuroo bought Kenma a pair of cat ears and a tail for a gag gift. Kenma turned out liking them so much that he wore them for a month until Kuroo made him take them off.
  • As soon as December hits, Kuroo has to get all the holiday drinks at coffee shops and glares at anyone who makes fun of him while delicately sipping a candy-cane mocha.
  • Whenever Kuroo is on holiday break and can’t go to volleyball practice, he’s paranoid that he’ll gain weight, and as a result does his mom’s pre-natal yoga VHS tapes religiously. Once Kenma walked in on Kuroo. When asked what he was doing, Kuroo told Kenma he was “centering his uterus”.


  • Because he’s so tall, Tsukki is always the one who hangs up the Christmas lights outside, and despite grumbling about it, it’s easy to catch him smiling and humming carols.
  • Despite claiming he doesn’t like Christmas music, he listens to Frank Sinatra’s Christmas crooning album and always sings along. One time, Yamaguchi caught him singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. It’s hard to tell who blushed harder.
  • One of Tsukki’s favorite things to do during the holiday season is to collect Christmas and Hanukkah ornaments to put around the house. It’s not even a religious thing for him. He just likes the way that they look (crows like sparkly things!)
  • Tsukki never wakes up early for Christmas morning. Someone has to drag him out of bed and force a big mug of black coffee in his hand in order for him to get up before eight. He always reasons that the presents will be there later, even though his family and teammates don’t feel the same way.
Best Christmas Jams of the 18th Century

What’s that? You said you wanted period Christmas music? Inspiration for that holiday themed drabble you’re going to write for your TURN Secret Santa? 

Behold, I bring you tidings of great joy – a small gathering of Christmas albums for TURN fans looking for some 18th century flair for their holiday musical selections. (Links lead to entire albums on YouTube.) There’s some old favorites in here, as well as a few songs that you’ve probably never heard before. Regardless, they’re all really good. 

An American Christmas: Joel Cohen and the Boston Camerata

A Baroque Christmas: The Boston Camerata

Sing We Noel: Christmas Music from England and Early America: The Boston Camerata

Colonial Christmas: Barry Phillips and Friends

Wassail! Wassail! Early American Christmas Music : The Revels Players

An American Christmas: Shapenote Carols from New England & Appalachia: The Tudor Choir

Songs for a Williamsburg Christmas: Colonial Williamsburg Madrigal Singers

On a Cold Winter’s Day - Early Christmas Music and Carols from the British Isles: Quadriga Consort

Winter’s Delights - Early Christmas Music and Carols from the British Isles: Quadriga Consort  

some "Danny/Laura are both dumb and adorable" headcanons
  • Danny runs really warm at night and is constantly throwing off the blanket because she overheats
  • Laura runs a bit cold at night and hugs all the blankets and sometimes ends up in a blanket burrito in the middle of the bed
  • And sometimes Laura’s weirdly cold feet will come into contact with Danny’s calf and the shock of it will nearly send Danny rolling out of bed
  • Laura discovers that Danny is a spectacular baker (and not just the kind who bakes cookies, but the kind that watches The Great British Bake Off and actually takes notes) and all but promises sexual favours in exchange for some of Danny’s baking
  • (that’s a lie, she definitely promised sexual favours)
  • (everything was worth it for a taste of Danny’s Chocolate Amaretto mousse cake)
  • They have not been able to wash dishes together a single time without it turning into a soap bubble fight
  • They go camping together once.
  • Once.
  • Laura giving Danny a massage that she kind of plans on leading to more, but then Danny starts snoring (just a little, when she’s really tired) and Laura rolls her eyes fondly before changing into her pajamas and snuggling into Danny
  • Danny basically freaking out that Laura had never had a s’more before, so she creates a bonfire in the backyard of the SumSoc house.
  • Laura ends up as a big fan of the s’more (no big surprise), but she’s an even bigger fan of the way Danny looks in firelight
  • They’re both basically the worst when they’re sick
  • After the first time, they agree to bring Perry in as backup in the future
  • Laura agreed to join in the annual Summer Society vs Zeta Omega Snowball War.
  • It was a bad choice
  • She should have guessed that they’d take the “war” part of the title very very seriously
  • She is escorted to the campus clinic for a black eye by a very worried Danny and a very sheepish and apologetic group of SumSoc girls and Zeta boys
  • Laura discovering that Danny actually wears glasses and basically being “???” and Danny looks kind of uncomfortable and says that she hates how dorky she looks with them on so she always wears contacts but she forgot to refill her supply
  • She doesn’t get to finish her thought before Laura all but tackles her to the bed with a kiss
  • Danny wears her glasses a lot more after that
  • Laura has never felt so short in her life than when she visited Danny’s family over spring break. Seriously, even Danny’s 10 year old little cousin was taller than her
  • There was a lot of pouting involved
  • Danny finds out that she’s possibly allergic to cats (Carmilla laughs about this for hours when she finds out) when she visits Laura’s house over the summer
  • Her eyes water and she can’t stop sneezing even as she’s trying to say hello to Mr Hollis. He buys her some benadryl.
  • Danny being very *frowny face* when Christmas music starts playing in early November, and at first Laura is concerned that Danny actually dislikes Christmas. But once it hits mid-December, Danny is wearing a Santa hat and singing Jingle Bells. She loves Christmas, just at the “proper time”
  • Laura just rolls her eyes and smiles
  • Danny shoveling snow at the SumSoc house and she throws a particularly heavy pile of snow over the little mountain she’s accumulated only to hear a very high pitched squeak from the other side
  • She peaks around to see Laura standing there, absolutely covered in snow
  • Danny can’t stop laughing until Laura stuffs a handful of snow down the back of Danny’s jacket
In Sin and Error

The first of a few Christmas ficlets for some special peeps. This one is for @pecanpiedean. If you know Chandra, you know why.

Dean/Castiel. 1.6k words. AO3. Christmas Fluff.

Long lay the world, in sin and error pining,

‘Til he appeared and the soul felt it’s worth.

“And now, another holiday classic to get you in the mood for tomorrow…”

The opening chords of “Oh Holy Night” were always a a fraught few seconds, Dean thought. Would it be Nat King Cole? Maybe Sinatra? Or, ugh, Josh Groban. Dean’s stomach lurched when the dulcet tones of Avril fucking Lavign assaulted his ears. He swatted the mute button so hard the pens on his desk shook.

“No thank you,” he muttered to himself, turning back to the spreadsheet currently filling two monitors. His vision was swimming a bit from staring at the thing for hours, but it was a good distraction from the fact he was working on fucking Christmas eve.

“Um, hello?” a hesitant voice asked as his office door was pushed open. A very tired looking delivery girl was holding a package and squinting. “I usually leave these at the front desk but…”

“Everyone left early, wanted to beat traffic or whatever,” Dean sighed. “Is that for me?”

“Suite 407?” the girl asked as she strode in.

“Sounds about right.” Dean took the pack, which at first glance looked looked like it had to contain a text book or something. “So what’d you do to end up on this gig?” he asked, absently turning the package over.

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Sparks Fly

I originally started writing this for another prompt but it sort of morphed into it’s own thing so I decided to post it separately. 

Set during Beca’s second year at Barden - Beca finds herself alone with Chloe for the first time since she broke up with Jesse and realizes that maybe he wasn’t ever the one she wanted, after all.

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