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Oh my god OH MY GOD so I have to tell u this okay so someone I know (friend of a friend type thing) was watching vld w me and some buddies and he was like "not gonna lie, Pidge is pretty fuckable" and we were all like "omg PIDGE IS 14 WHAT IS WRONG W YOU U FUCKING PEDOPHILIC PERVERT" and he was trying so hard to defend himself and basically the friend whose house we were currently at kicked him out and told him he was never allowed back there and we just calmly went back to binging vld the end

Good Ending Achieved

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Literally After touken became canon all the haters rises or more like they become even more aggressive. I was in naruto and bleach fandom before and it was hell, too much hate especially right after the pairing became canon. I just want to enjoy tg in peace and now in the tag i see those haters/antis since i follow tg and touken tag

Honestly Anon, I really hesitated to answer you (no offense) because I have no idea why you chose to complain to me about those haters. :/
Still no offense, but I hope you also realize that the more you openly complain about them, the more you give them what they want because you show that they’re getting to you, and so if you really want to enjoy TG in peace, well, you should simply do so, by starting to ignore them.

If there is one thing fandom experience should put into your head with a hammer, it is that you will never be able to make everyone agree on anything, especially on the matter of ships for the main characters.
Starting from there, why do you even care about how haters act or what they say? Why not simply enjoy TG and the development of Kaneki and Touka with other open-minded fans, instead of focusing on the ones who don’t agree with you? 

I know and I understand why it’s hard sometimes to simply close your eyes when it’s making you mad, but try to think of bloggers who aren’t just bothered in the tags but also in their askbox. If it’s just the tags, you have means to deal with it, starting by blocking all the hating blogs if you can’t ignore them.

TG is not your first fandom experience apparently, so just learn from what you’re experimenting and complaining about, because all the fandoms are similar: one day, TG will end and the tags will die. Until then though, people will keep on complaining about every little thing that they don’t like (be it characters, ships, writing) because that’s just how Western fandoms are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I cannot stress this point enough though, it is the same thing in every fandom  and as much as I can understand how annoying haters can be, if you don’t start to ignore them instead of complaining, then you’re playing right into their hands and you’ll be bothered for the rest of TG, as well as for other series that you’ll discover later. And I don’t know, I’m not you, but I’m not sure that it is what you want your enjoyment of a series with a fandom to be like.

Finally, I must say this, one reason I really dislike this kind of asks (not that it’s your fault, you couldn’t have known, but just please hear me out for next time) is that it’s easy to complain about haters when:

  • Some Kaneki/Touka fans can be as disrespectful towards other ships or characters or plot developments as these haters you are complaining about and I find this to be really ironic and hypocritical.
  • Some fans complain about hatred everywhere and how unbearable it is, but I follow the ‘Kanetou’ tag that I often check on mobile (so no filter) and I haven’t seen hatred in there since even before ch122 (maybe I’m jinxing it with this answer though xD).
  • Haters aren’t everything to this fandom and by acknowledging them you’re basically ignoring all the great blogs that managed to detach themselves from the annoying content in the tags -> so if the tags are hard to live through for you, then simply leave the tags for a little while and focus on following cool and respectful people.

I hope you understand that I’m not angry at you or anything, it’s just that I really couldn’t care less about those haters. My dash has been haters/hatred free for a long while now and I follow many different people for many different series which all have a part of the fandoms prone to hating, so it’s just about learning to make your blogging environment what you want it to be. 

Anon, you gotta learn to coexist with them within the same fandom because, no matter what you do, they won’t disappear until TG ends, but acknowledging them is basically just giving them the feeling that their hating posts are working so… bad idea. xD

Go enjoy TG in peace Anon and don’t bother with haters. ;)

my friend met this girl on tinder and he was like ‘aw shes really nice i want you to meet her.’ so we go and it turns out it’s my ex girlfriends sister….awks

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Do you think Eric and Donna got back together after the finale? Like, do you think they'd be able to commit to a relationship again after everything? I really wanted them to get back together, but I'm also trying to think realistically...

Well, I think they did when we left the show. We do see them kissing and kind of making amends between them, the next scene with them, they are donw the basement in the circe and they are together, looking okay.

Now, if they actually make it in the long term is another story. I think Eric needed to go as much as Donna should had, too. At some point, what he did of deciding to leave without consulting it with her at the beginning, may come out in a fight. I think it’s a theme, alongside him leaving her at the altar, she not leaving for Madison when she should, and they NEVER talking why they broke up in season 3, will eventually explode.

What’s important here, though, is that I belive they love each other enough to endure this fight and eventually talk. Eric is pretty difficult. He is stuborn in the way he doesn’t want to see things different, he wants thing to be as he seems them and that’s a way of being controlling. 

But I think once he can see this, he could be able to change/start changing, and I’m sure Donna can help him on that. Especially once she realizes she can’t also put only her needs and desires as the only ones that matter in a relationship.

Once they can come out of this, they will be able to be together for the long term. 

The other day someone pointed out to me that there are only two sets of traffic lights in my county

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Do you journal?

Nope! I’ve tried a few times to keep a journal but it never stuck. I’m more of a fiction writer than non fiction anyways!