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Team RWBY and JNPR, what are your favorite jokes? (Asked by fallentitan88)
  • Blake, immediately: My life.
  • Ruby, throwing up her hands and storming out: WOW!
  • Weiss, sighs and follows Ruby: Way to just...kill the mood Blake.
  • Yang, groans: Uuuuughhhhh. I had so many good puns too.
  • Jaune, shrugging, to Blake directly: I guess you kinda saved us from those at least.
  • Nora, grumpily: Hmph. The first time we all get something together in such a long time and you crush it. Thanks.
  • Pyrrha, patting Blake on the shoulder nervously: Ah, if...if you ever need anyone Blake, give me a call.
  • Ren, shaking his head: Oh dear...
  • Blake, looking shocked: IT WAS A JOKE!

I just finished up a very special commission for my friend, @refrainbowno1:

An early Halloween themed Nicktoon drawing featuring Luan Loud, (dressed as Spongebob) telling a bad joke to Helga Pataki (dressed as Angelica’s Cynthia Doll). 

And yes– the joke is a reference to one of my favorite quips from the MST3K episode “Mitchell”.


hp x voltron crossover!!

(housing based off of @klanced‘s hp headcanons)


i’m…. sorry, but i had to.

i must say, i connie is my favorite character to make jokes about, she and her family are so fun to me with their quirks and personalities, i would watch a show about connie, just her normal life and every once in a while she haves a magic adventure with steven, watching anime with his dad…. anyways… sorry for the steven’s mom joke

here’s the summer camp au that @philosophium and i talked about like a century ago, hope you eNJOY!!

  • Andrew volunteers at a summer camp as a counselor and no one knows about this until Matt has to pick up his little cousin or some shit and
  • “Is that Andrew???”
  • so naturally Matt calls Neil
  • “Did you know about this?????”
  • Neil’s so casual about it like, “Yeah I go there sometimes too.”
  • seriously though Andrew is so good with the kids
  • he loves them because they’re so happy and nothing has tainted them yet
  • he doesn’t flinch away from their touches because they’re kids and they aren’t going to harm him, they just wanna show him their drawings they made for him??
  • Andrew coloring with the kids!!
  • making little flower crowns for them!!!
  • he keeps all of the friendship bracelets they make him!!!!
  • and he wears them all the fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • all of the children ask about his armbands and Andrew just sort of avoids answering by saying, “Well they match my boyfriend’s armbands.”
  • and the kids are like, “Ohhhhhhhhh.”
  • and then one day Neil shows up and all of the kids jump him screaming, “Hi Andrew’s boyfriend!!” because they know who he is immediately by his armbands
  • the kids run back to Andrew, dragging Neil along with them (Neil is laughing), and the kids are like, “Your boyfriend is so pretty!!”
  • Andrew kinda smirks and looks at Neil when he says, “He is really pretty isn’t he?”
  • Neil fucKING BLUSHES

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