it is love lyrics

‘Cause all I needed was some words to say
That all these feelings don’t mean shit to me
‘Cause its all just chemicals anyway
And I got way too many routes to take
To make this all just go away
And find another heart to break
So heartless with the words I say
Just saying what im supposed to say
‘Cause I had nothing for you
I can’t love when I cant even love myself
Things I would rather be thoughts at the back of my head
But im addicted to hurting
And I got these lungs
And I spent too many late nights
Thinking a hole in the earth

a quick break during commission work… sometimes i think a lot about Edge, and how deep down, he is a Papyrus - and had to live a life where he can’t afford to think about the what if’s of his world’s code. his front is all the world sees, because that’s all they can see, if he wants to live and protect his brother.

… but still, what happens late at night when it becomes all too much… and he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t like this, because maybe this angry, murderous front is all he really is, not just a way to keep him and his brother from being killed…?