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Alone Pt.3 (Connor McDavid x Reader)

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a/n: ALRIIIIGHT, and here I am finally with part 3! First off, I wanna apologize for taking so long. Terrible writers block, and then I actually ended up rewriting half of it today when I was honestly just supposed to be editing??? Also, I don’t normally state how much words these are, but this one is LITERALLY just under 6000 words long???? holy heck?? so I’m really sorry if I bored you guys with it. I also want to add that connor doesn’t really show up until the end, and I feel like you guys aren’t gonna like that… idk. Anyways, I’m taking a risk with this and I hope you guys enjoy?? idek dude.

Summary: You had finally been convinced to enjoy a night out with the wags that you had befriended before after a month of moping around in your home. It was a night that you had expected to end nicely– despite the differences set between you and Connor. Except your expectations seem to take a turn for the worst when face of someone you dislike, decides to make an unexpected appearance.

Requested: I’m pretty sure like half my followers wanted this.

Warnings: I would like to say a couple of swear words? But I feel like I went a little overboard with it on this one. A verbally collected yet angry reader. A smart (for once???) Connor. Panic attacks.

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First thing - recently i’ve seen lots of people literally shaming fans who joined the fandom because of (or rather THANKS TO) The Hobbit movies. So what? Is this a bad thing that someone loved the movies and they opened the world of Middle-earth for them? I also watched LOTR movies looong before I read the books and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We should all be happy that our fandom grows. It’s so freaking hypocritical when some people are like ‘aww a fan is never late in Tolkien fandom’ but then they behave like little pretentious shit and try to make themselves look better as the 'real very true tolkienist’. If you’re, for some reasons, negative or disappointed or whatever towards The Hobbit movies well cool but don’t make other people feel like worse fans only because they do! 

Also another thing, today I found out that being a fan of Middle-earth movies makes me a member of Jackson fandom, not Tolkien fandom. :))) Not that we can enjoy both, this option is forbidden since PJ is a very bad nasty person who desires to destroy Middle-earth by putting evil elven ladies of doom in his movies WHAT A FATAL DISASTER. No but seriously there are people out there who think that tolkienists = opponents of PJ’s movies and it’s the biggest bullshit i’ve ever heard in my life. OF COURSE movies are different, maybe by some changes and cutting out important scenes (btw why nobody talks about movie!Arwen, Grey Company, Beregond of Gondor hmm) we could call them 'worse’ than books but it still doesn’t mean that they are not amazing, in general. I wish with all my heart they would have included some important scenes and characters in lotr trilogy but they didn’t sooo… you know being a negative, hateful grump would change nothing, they are not there and they will never be, unfortunately. But maybe for once we shall concentrate and talk about things we have instead of things we don’t have???? And the facts are these: we have INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL PERFECT lotr trilogy and awesome 2 hobbit movies. I already made a post about Tauriel not affecting the major plot of the movie in any way so far but apparently people are playing seers and already hate her for destroying the final durins scene in bofa, which we’re going to see in december, sounds legit.

Okay so what I tried to say, everyone has a right to like or dislike things and nobody should make the others feel bad about their opinions. However, talking shit like 'jackson fandom’ is just unfair and ehh so rude idek I feel offended as a person who loves both Middle-earth books and movies as well as unfilmed Tolkien’s works.