it is literally so amazing and idek why i only just found it now

Shoutout to all my mutuals (minus the people I know irl)

because I just installed an extension to chrome that allows me to easily check who I am mutuals with and who I’m not

@ariesdarling - idrk you all that much yet but I love your placements and we should like interact with one another more!

@rising-astrology - we’ve barely talked about you seem like a very nice person, we should talk more!

@transcendicalprosperity - You’ve gave some really nice commentary to posts I’ve made which is very lovely of you because you have such a vast knowledge of astrology! Honestly I just love your blog so much, I am not worthy of you following me!

@mercury7th - We haven’t really interacted with one another much but you seem really kind and we should talk more!

@astrorealm - you’re really kind and I love reading the answers you give to people’s asks!

@wizkhalibra - ok so I like didn’t even realize you were following me until I just checked and my initial reaction was “omg really?!?!” You have no idea how happy I am that we’re mutuals now omg I love ur blog so much 😭  Also your blag aesthetic is 10/10

@shycancer - you always seem to have something to say for every ask you get and that’’s amazing! Also you seem really nice we should talk more :-)

@voguestrology - I love your placements and the name of your blog! Also we should definitely talk sometime, I bet you’re awesome!

@plutty - you’re really cool in personality and such and you reblog such good posts! We should definitely talk more I bet you are extremely awesome!

@ayyries - w-what… I just found out that you are following me… o.m.f.g. I have no words. Thank you for following me I literally love your blog so much you’re so knowledgable and rational and wonderful and pretty and omg I don’t deserve you following me!! Ily and your blog!!

@neptuneandwine - you seem very nice and we should definitely talk more! Also I literally love your url so much :-)

@xocapstrology - I loooove your placements and the aesthetics you make are beautiful! 

@kawaiigemini / @yomeiko - Hey “astrological sister”! You’re so kind and we’re so alike in so many ways (I mean we do have extremely similar birth charts after all.) And I love getting asks from you! :-) It’s too bad that you crush was already in a relationship :-(  You always send such interesting asks and I love that, not to mention that you are soooo pretty!! And you’re super cute in personality!

@twelvehousemoon - You are soooo nice and such an awesome person! You also know sooo much about astrology and I absolutely love reading your posts! I honestly couldn’t be more honored that you follow mean and even talk to me occasionally!

@starllium - You’re probably very nice and we should talk more! 

@tarot-tricks - you reblog some really useful stuff! It’s very great that you do that :-)

@airypiscean - you reblog some really great posts which is amazing it makes it so much easier to see them so thank you for that and thank you for being such a kind person! 

@astrollusion - seriously why do people as great as you follow me? I’m like a fucking piece of shit while you’re absolute gold like I literally love your blog sooo much and your so knowledgable and I’ve sent you anons before and you always answer so well just I love your blog and you’re an absolutely awesome and amazing person. Not to mention you’re so pretty!! I am really so honored that you are following me! :-)

@ninthhousemoon - You seriously have no goddamn clue how happy I was when you followed me, I was smiling so much like omg. You are literally one of the most awesome people on here, and you are beyond beautiful! You definitely don’t deserve all the rude anons you get. You are one of the reasons that Libra has become on of my top favorite signs. Also I just love your attitude about things and cap risings are like my favorite rising and just overall you have amazing placements like you’re so lucky!! Just know that I think you’re amazing and I look up to you so much and I couldn’t be more honored that you are following me not even mentioning that you occasionally talk to me! 

@astrologyalien - alright you’re super cool and idek why you follow me like I’m not worth your time lol and you seem like such and awesome person we should definitely talk a bit!

@fortunestrology  - I get so happy when I see that you reblog my posts because you seem like such a kind and good person! You also just generally reblog such good posts that I feel honored when my posts get mixed in with those!

@rosyscorp - ok I love your posts and I love your blog’s aesthetic and I love your blog’s url like you are perfect u do u 

@virgopiscesleo - You seem like a really cool person and I haven’t spent much time on your blog but yeah you seem really cool!

@jupiteronic - another blog that I just realized is following me! I literally just gasped when I saw that and honestly so many amazing blogs are following me I’m starting to wonder if this extension I just installed to chrome is lying to me :/ anyways your answers to asks are always so good like honestly you are so knowledgable and I love you blog soooo much!!

@curvestrology - I got so damn happy when I saw that you followed me because damn you are definitely one of the sweetest people on here! Ily and I love your blog so much like honestly I don’t deserve to have you following me! 

@fifthhousemars - You have the same sun and moon sign as my sister! Also I love your blog so much like really

@basiccapricorn - Girl ur placements are everything!! Also u are seriously so funny!! :-)

@astrolofae - I love your writing so much like your poetry is easily the best I have ever read! You’re also so kind and know so much about astrology like I literally have your website bookmarked on my computer and I check it every few days or so because I just love your knowledge so. much.  Also I love every color hair I have seen pictures of you with so far like you are just so pretty!!

@venusianvirgo - Ok you are easily the nicest person on this damned website. You are so sweet and so beautiful and so mature and I just literally don’t have enough words for how friendly you are!! From the moment I first spoke to you, you were lovely, and that still rings true now! You deserve only the best and honestly I couldn’t be more happy and honored that you are following me!

@cutestrology - You really are just. so. cute!! And overall you are so kind and lovely and omg I love your blog sosososososoooo much!! I’ve seen your personal blog and you’re aesthetic is absolutely gorgeous! Not to mention that you yourself are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen~ Also I just love your posts so much, basically you are a fucking goddess. 

@astroshitology - You are so kind and I love getting asks from you! Just keep doing u because you are a great person, okay!

@geministrology - You are very cool and seem very nice, we should definitely talk some time!! Also low key I love to read the tags you add!

@astrology-addict - wait you’re following me?! You’re kidding, right?! I love your blog so much you have no idea!! And omg you’re so kind and I looove your placements so much!!

@compatibleastrology - you’re one of the first blogs I came to love! You’re so kind and sweet and absolutely gorgeous, not to mention that you’re blog is beautiful too!!

@caprifreak - you seem so cool and we should definitely talk more! And you reblog such great posts like omg!

Alright I’m pretty suer that’s it, so sorry if I missed any of my mutuals! have a good day/night!!

holy shit why’s my banner blue again

Hello peeps!

I’m back with my second follow forever. A lot of things have changed since my first follow forever, both positively and negatively. I have been heavily demotivated to continue this blog, due to certain things that have happened, such as the nsfw tag issue in addition to my emotional outbreak a while ago. However… a bunch of you have encouraged me that everything will be okay, and you will all be patiently waiting for my return if I do manage to take a break to cool out and let my blog rest for a bit. 

Lol but guys, I love making gifs THAT much. There’s basically no way I’m gonna give up this blog lmao. Content creating is an important aspect that brings the fandom together, and being able to be included in this community of content creators makes me feel warm and cosy. I love seeing my dash filled up with these exquisite creations. 

I just want to thank everyone who has supported this blog, and everyone who has appreciated my content. It really does motivate me to create better gifs for all of you. 

This follow forever would be a little different, it’s gonna be similar to a blog rec and I’ll be grouping blogs together based on their respective biases/who their blog is based more on. All the blogs I’ve included here are blogs I 100% recommend everyone to follow, as they’re run by dedicated people and they produce A+ content. 

If there’s 🥑 beside your name, that means i have a little message for you under the cut ^^ 
avocados cuz woojin’s avocado shirt was so fucking cute, i was gonna actually buy it but they don’t ship internationally fml, and why does it feel like i’m writing a love letter to all of you lmao
+ the amazing WOOJINGLES™ fam, I’ve also got a message for y’all under the cut as well :P 

Yoon Jisung: @yoonjsung , @yjjisung
Ha Sungwoon: @sung-woons, @sungwoona 
Hwang Minhyun: @minhyum , @minhwangs 
🥑, @emperorhwangs  
Ong Seongwoo: @ong-seungwoo 🥑, @extraongdinary 🥑, @ongsecngwoo, @ongdan
Kang Daniel: @godkangdaniel , @danik-chu, @peachyniel, @peachgodkangdaniel, @kngniel , @kangdanielprotectionsquad 
Kim Jaehwan: @kimsjaehwan 
Park Jihoon: @jeo-jang 🥑  
Park Woojin (basically da woojingles™ fam): @woojinnies 🥑, @parkkwoojin 🥑, @perkwoojin 🥑, @woojiniee@p-arkwoojin , @darkpastwoojin , @woojinstinygf
Bae Jinyoung: @deer-jinyoung  
Lee Daehwi: @dearlydaehwi 🥑, @daehwi-protection-squad 🥑, @wannaoneioi 🥑, @daeswhis , @hitoritabi,  @idaehwi, @dae-hwee 🥑, @daewi 
Lai Guanlin: @lai-guanlin 
Im Youngmin: @im-youngmin 🥑, @cherry-youngmin 🥑, @swoojin   
Kim Donghyun: @dxnghyuns 🥑  
Jung Sewoon: @godsewoon , @seongwoos 
Takada Kenta: @jbjanti   
Kim Yongguk: @jinguos   
Kim Jonghyun: @minsbugi 🥑  
Kim Donghan: @donghans  
Multi: @yooneroos, @misswannaone, @produced101, @onqs

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in-her-wildest-dreams  asked:

Tell me about meeting Tay ;))))

well basically I still can’t believe it’s real because the whole thing seems like a dream and that kind of stuff never happens to me but somehow it did happen and was real. Also I must have been kind of in shock the whole time i was meeting her cause i literally only remember like 30% of it. I cannot express to you how unbelievably beautiful Taylor is. Like i walked into that room and almost fell over she was so beautiful, if you think she’s beautiful in pictures times 10 by a million and that’s how much more gorgeous she is in real life. Just absolutely stunning. And she was so down to earth, i have literally never met anyone as nice as her in my life. She was so so kind to me and no once did i get the impression that she didn’t want to be there. She genuinely wants to meet all those fans and 100% does not do it for publicity. There were about 2 other big groups and maybe four groups of two-three people so she had alot of people to meet but not once did I feel rushed even though it was quite late and she still had more people to meet after me. Somehow she already knew my name before I told her WHICH WAS CRAZY and it was so cute because she was like “your name’s Laura?” and I was like “yeah Laura” and cause of my aussie accent we pronouce a’s and r’s slightly differently to americans so Laura sounds kind of different so she said Laura back to me in an aussie accent the way I said it and I died. Also when I first walked in she was like “YAYYY WE FOUND YOU” like what even how does that even happen that Taylor Swift recognises you like what. I’m pretty sure i was so shocked that she was infront of me that i just nodded and smiled idek. I dont even remember if I hugged her when i first walked in ( i hope i did though). I don’t really have any memory of this but my mum said that Tay was telling her how we WERE FRIENDS from tumblr like what? like she’s liked some of my posts but I didn’t even think she knew who i was, it’s still so crazy and unbelievable to me. The next thing I remember after that was said “you’ve travelled along way” and i sid “yeah from sydney” and she said “ thank you so much for doing that” and i think I just said thank you back. She kept saying thank you to me and i don’t even know why like I should be the one saying thank you to her for being so amazing and kind. Then she asked if i wanted a picture and i said yes ould i please have a hugging one and she put her arms around me and hugged me and i will never forget that moment because that was all i had ever wanted to happen was happening. And then after we took the picture she asked my mum if she wanted one too (which was so nice of her because the TN lady said we were strictly only allowed one video each) so then we took another one with my mum and while i was hugging Taylor i remembered I hadn’t said I love you to Taylor because literaly the only words I ever wanted to hear before I died was Taylor Swift telling me she loved me too ( I have literally had dreams before that i met Taylor and I kept telling her i loved her but she wouldn’t say it back haha) and the without missing a beat she said aww I love you too and you have no idea how much it meant to me and still means to me that she said that back to me. I don’t remember much else after that except she said thank you to my mum for letting me fly to brisbane and stuff and for “condoning all of this” meaning me coming to brisbane and just my obsession with Taylor in general haha and while she said “condoning all of this” she did this cute hand gesture motioning to “all of this”. I vaguely remember saying bye but not really and once again I don’t remember if i hugged her goodbye or not. right after I met her I wrote in my phone that she called me babe once and buddy multiple times even though I have no memory of it:( I cried so so much before I met her and right before i walked into that room I felt the calmest I have ever felt and i didnt cry once, it was so weird talking to Taylor was just like talking to one of my best friends, her attention was on me the whole time and she seemed so genuinely interested in me and what I was saying. So i didn’t cry at all while I was meeting her but i walked out of that room and just bawled my eyes out and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed, I got all these weird looks from people outside cause i was sobbing really loudly haha. But i could not believe what had just happened,the moment I had spend hours at night thinking about for  years had somehow just happened to me and it was everything I had hopped for and so much more. I always knew that I would meet Taylor someday as it was practically the goal of my life but i never imagined it would happen so soon or that she WOULD ACTUALLY REQUEST TO MEET ME like sometimes i would fantasize about her requesting to meet me but i never ever thought it would actually happen. Before the lady came up to me and told me taylor wanted to meet me i had NO clue that taylor even knew who I was. I cannot tell you enough what an absolutely amazing incredible and kind person Taylor is. It used to make me mad before when people said bad things about Taylor but now it drives me crazy because I have seen myself just how incredibley special and kind she truly is. I will never ever forget what she did to me and the insane happiness she brings me every day, I will forever be in debt to her and I truly believe I will love her forever.]

Wow that was really long sorry haha :))


First thing - recently i’ve seen lots of people literally shaming fans who joined the fandom because of (or rather THANKS TO) The Hobbit movies. So what? Is this a bad thing that someone loved the movies and they opened the world of Middle-earth for them? I also watched LOTR movies looong before I read the books and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We should all be happy that our fandom grows. It’s so freaking hypocritical when some people are like ‘aww a fan is never late in Tolkien fandom’ but then they behave like little pretentious shit and try to make themselves look better as the 'real very true tolkienist’. If you’re, for some reasons, negative or disappointed or whatever towards The Hobbit movies well cool but don’t make other people feel like worse fans only because they do! 

Also another thing, today I found out that being a fan of Middle-earth movies makes me a member of Jackson fandom, not Tolkien fandom. :))) Not that we can enjoy both, this option is forbidden since PJ is a very bad nasty person who desires to destroy Middle-earth by putting evil elven ladies of doom in his movies WHAT A FATAL DISASTER. No but seriously there are people out there who think that tolkienists = opponents of PJ’s movies and it’s the biggest bullshit i’ve ever heard in my life. OF COURSE movies are different, maybe by some changes and cutting out important scenes (btw why nobody talks about movie!Arwen, Grey Company, Beregond of Gondor hmm) we could call them 'worse’ than books but it still doesn’t mean that they are not amazing, in general. I wish with all my heart they would have included some important scenes and characters in lotr trilogy but they didn’t sooo… you know being a negative, hateful grump would change nothing, they are not there and they will never be, unfortunately. But maybe for once we shall concentrate and talk about things we have instead of things we don’t have???? And the facts are these: we have INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL PERFECT lotr trilogy and awesome 2 hobbit movies. I already made a post about Tauriel not affecting the major plot of the movie in any way so far but apparently people are playing seers and already hate her for destroying the final durins scene in bofa, which we’re going to see in december, sounds legit.

Okay so what I tried to say, everyone has a right to like or dislike things and nobody should make the others feel bad about their opinions. However, talking shit like 'jackson fandom’ is just unfair and ehh so rude idek I feel offended as a person who loves both Middle-earth books and movies as well as unfilmed Tolkien’s works.