it is literally one of the most deadly animals in the world


“Take my believing heart!”

Little Witch Persona AU anyone? Phantom witches?? Witch thieves???

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Nine New Phantom Witches

character profiles, concepts and dialogues under the cut!

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Humans are space orc/ are the weird ones/ space Australians. So, I wanted to add my two cents to this tag, mostly because I love the ideas and partly because I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet.

We all know this, but I’m not sure anyone really mentioned this. Humans are violent. Really, really violent. What if we’re the only species that is like this, cause growing up on a death world called Earth is very kill or be killed.

Humans are a tribal, endurance hunter-gatherer race who have historically selected mates based off of certain criteria but has anyone given thought to the fact “human procreation is also kinda violent”? Yeah, sure humans have sex for the pleasure of it but thinking of the logistics and terminology of it procreation is weird. Especially if there are kinks involved or if a partner is a biter. “Rough sex” is kinda normal for humans (insofar as we don’t blanch at the thought of it, the whole thing is kinda ‘whatever makes you both happy, have at it’)

Then we have Contact Sports like Hokey, American Football, Boxing and the MMA, Fencing (where you are literally fighting people with scaled-down/ safety controlled deadly weapons), Football, Rugby, Hunting (GUNS! ‘MURICA!), etc. Humans get enjoyment from bursts of activity, bonus points if there is blood involved but not necessarily death, through injury and death is not wholly uncommon. 

And for those who are less physically engaged and might say, “well what about chess?” You’re enacting a game of tactics based of war. Most video games have some kind of violence to them. Even the innocuous ones for children have some type of voilence, like the Cartoon Violence parental advisory for content. And sure, we have puzzle gamess, but look through the top 100 best selling games on all platforms and take a percentage of them that don’t even meantion anything violent or realated to death.

We humans just accept these features as normal, but what if we’re the only species that does this? Humanity is an imperially-inclined, warrior-hunter race that is from a planet actively trying to kill us. Even if an alien race invaids, I’d bet that they’d get swarmed by humans and killed off pretty quickly, just because how unhinged and dangerous humans are, especially in large numbers. (Mob mentality). We also might be the most, animal-like of all the sentient anlien races just because of how intune we are with our instincts.

“A Person is smart; people are stupid, panicky, dangerous animals” –Agent K, MIB


Pokemon has many inspirations. We are going to look at Shinto Folklore and animism and how it has inspired many of our most beloved and despised little pokemon monsters.

Closed Captions  available

Transcript below 

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Things I’ve Learned from the Invader Zim Comics: Part 1

Issues 1-5:

  • The Membranes eat dinner together.
  • Zim thinks that petty crime is a reign of terror.
  • “From the moment I set my amazing Zim-foot on this sad little world, you’ve been there like a squak in my shmoopsquizz.”
  • Zim has GIR mow/tend to the lawn.
  • GIR loves keeping organics in his head. He had an entire poodle in his head once! Also a baby.
  • Zim will make mash-up words to describe Dib when he can’t come up with any good insults.
  • Zim’s got three Vortian children in his lab to ‘encourage’ Prisoner 777 to help him. Kidnapping? Pshhh, NBD.
  • Spacepants. Sentient freakin’ spacepants.
  • Dib can understand what Minimoose is saying.
  • The Tallest briefly forgot who Zim was because they presumed he’d died during his stint of silence on Earth.
  • Zim once ate too many black hole donuts and vomited in space. Out of his cruiser’s windshield.
  • GIR has officially been a ‘space ship’.
  • Zim knew that the Gargantis Array wasn’t a planet-destroying weapon and yet he still sought it out just to humiliate Dib in front of the entire universe.
  • Zim casually asked Dib for ‘a ride home’ after he humiliated the heck out of him, which means Zim’s quite possibly grown accustomed to living on Earth.
  • Zim is impressed by Horkus 6′s technological prowess but thinks that they were dumb because ‘they didn’t write with words’.
  • GIR can translate texts in “insane mode”, as he tells him to stop and translate the Star Donkey markings in ‘non-insane mode’. We can presume ‘insane mode’ is his normal state considering what all he says on a regular basis.
  • Depending on where Zim flew into Horkus 6′s orbit, he should’ve seen that the Star Donkey caused the planet’s destruction. But he didn’t. Good job missing the huge context clues about the Star Donkey’s functionality.
  • Speaking from experience, Zim pulls off the ‘eccentric artist’ schtik all too well when he becomes Shminvader Shmim.
  • Zim has told Dib to ‘shut his face-butt’ on at least one occasion.
  • Zim was egotistical enough to build flying robots that would destroy anyone opposed to ‘Shminvader Shmim’s’ ‘artwork’. This is one of the first times we see Zim using something to control the human population on a relatively massive scale, technically speaking. This happens again later on in Issue 12.
  • Irken Engineer Skrang has a PAK full of Vortian brains that are connected to his head. He surely must have the highest IQ of all Irkens!
  • Zim is able to easily trace the origins of wormholes, at least when the Tallest use them to send him the Nacho-Munchin.
  • No matter how stupid and/or potentially deadly a task is that the Tallest assign to him, Zim carries their orders out. He does this “FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPIRE!”.
  • He’s had a burst squeedlyspooch and lived.
  • No, really, GIR loves keeping organics in his head. Now there’s a chipmunk in there.
  • Zim made his base’s computer eject the chipmunk ‘intruder’ because said chipmunk “couldn’t be trusted”.
  • That means Zim was literally paranoid that a chipmunk would betray him. That’s actually sad.
  • Oh yeah, and guess who ramped up his paranoia? The Tallest. Because they’re jerks.
  • And then Zim ramped himself up even more. Poor thing.
  • At his most paranoid state, he trusts no one, not even GIR. He collapsed his base into a tiny cube buried deep underground to protect himself.
  • He caused half of the universe to explode, but not the half that the audience sees/ that the cast lives in.
  • Zim yells at ‘disobedient’ cats and presumably other animals like an old man yelling at kids to get off their lawn. 
  • In case you didn’t know already, Gaz has no tolerance for her brother’s jabberings about aliens, especially when he enters her personal space and yanks her headset off.
  • Seriously don’t do that. You’ll get sent to a nightmare world where you will suffer.
  • Dib wears space-themed PJs.
  • The Membranes likely eat breakfast together every morning, as we see Professor Membrane sitting at the table, and Dib coming downstairs to eat as well. Unless of course that scene was all part of Gaz’s simulation.
  • If it wasn’t, jeez! Membrane is brutal after Dib answers the door! He sold his son, whom he mistakenly called ‘Dub’, to spare Foodio 3000 (their chef robot) from getting taken away.
  • Professor Membrane initially hesitates to help Gaz create the machine that lets her travel through alternate realities because of what she wants to do with it, but as soon as she says it’s for science, he’s in.
  • Gaz nicknamed GIR ‘The Madman’.
  • GIR say himself that he’s ‘filled with chaos’.
  • He also finds exploding pants so funny he weeps tears of laughter.
  • The Membranes spend time gaming together.
❝ I’ve an eternity with you ❞

Plot: You’re Super Junior’s manager and all of you are vampire. But you and Yesung hate each other so Lee Sooman puts both of you in the same house. With the time both start to develop feelings and in the end he can’t stand the situation anymore and tells the truth.

Pairing: YesungxReader

Genre: Vampire!Au  

Words count: 5,3k+ 

For our cutie @vintage-misery16, (FINALLY!!) I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

The screen in front of you illuminated part of your face, while your mood became more and more black at every second that passed.  

You had specified to not reveal anything about the new project, indeed you had forbidden the most inclined to let slip information to literally keep their mouth shut. And yet there he is, on the screen, with his smile that openly challenged your impositions.  

You never knew how it was possible that Yesung was still alive after all that time. His voice sounded faintly in your ears when you took your headphones off, getting out of the door like a fury ready to sink your teeth into someone’s flesh.  

It had become unbearable to endure that man, his never-ending challenges, his faking to be a little angel when everyone knew how swaggering, arrogant and bad he was to the others.  

When the members of the group continued to attribute that behavior to the fact that he had undergone the transformation recently, you kept repeating that no, Kim Jongwoon, was a devil already before becoming a vampire.  

The transformation wasn’t an event that happens at all. More than five hundred years ago there had been a war and no one knew how, but some soldiers had developed a particular gene. All kept assuming that they had been experiments, covered by the Government, which had resulted in untoward results. The fact that some soldiers had become “vampires”, feeding on the blood of their comrades blinded by a violent thirst, could only be attributed to some kind of experiment. It wasn’t possible that the human population, suddenly, became a species of herd of hungry animals without control.  

With the passing of centuries, the remaining humans - or those who didn’t carry the gene - and the vampires had learned to live together, although the mutated population still had some difficulty in keeping their canine safe in their own mouth.  

And here you are, that you had undergone your transformation at only 16 years. Yes, all were born as mere human beings, without worries if they had within themselves the mutant gene. The age in which the change often occurred was in the twentieth; seldom it happened before. And it was this that surprised your parents, completely human, when they saw their daughter completely healthy become a monster.  

And it had been that the day when, after being kicked out of your own house, a gentleman with a kind appearance (perhaps too much, you would have begun to think after a few years) welcomed you into his home, gave you an instruction and everything that a person could even want. It was the 1940 and your immortal life began.  

“DAMN IT!”  

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anonymous asked:

Hello! My character suffered food-borne botulism poisoning, is brought to the hospital with troubles breathing and a start of paralysis, but the doctors have already been alerted. How would the healing go in the most optimistic way and how long would it take to recover fully? Does he feel any sensation or pain while paralyzed and/or react to pain or make small motions like moving fingers or looking around? And being on a ventilator at first, could he happen to be awake while on it? Thanks a lot!

Y’know, most of the time, one of my very favorite resources on medical things is a website called UpToDate, which a kindly physician granted me access to. 

But then I opened the “botulism” page, and it started talking about botulism neurotoxins as potential weapons of bioterrorism and the countries that may or may not have stockpiles of the shit, and I started going pale and breathing a bit quickly. I am therefore writing this answer with my metaphorical brown pants on. 

So foodborne botulism. Let’s  talk. 

Typically within 12-36 hours of ingestion, but in some cases up to a week after, your character will start to have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and/or dry mouth. This is the prodrome, the let’s-get-this-party-started phase of botulism.

The scary-deadly part of the disease typically starts with an issue with the cranial nerves, and will thus kick off with: blurred vision, inability to focus at distance, double vision (diplopia), nystagmus (twitch in one of the eye muscles), facial weakness or drooping, and difficulty swallowing (dysphagia). 

Then the paralysis moves down. Next up is the trunk and the upper extremities, which are then paralyzed. This is where botulism gets deadly: the character’s respiratory muscles become paralyzed, and they can’t breathe. 

You said the doctors know that this is coming in. So that’s an excellent thing. Because characters who die of botulism poisoning do so because of respiratory failure due to paralysis of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles. So the ER, or the ICU if they get admitted swiftly, will be there to watch them, keep an eye on them, and jam a tube down their windpipe and stick them on a ventilator. This will keep them alive. 

If the ER is new-fangled, or definitely in the ICU, the character will have a special type of nasal cannula put in their nose, which can also detect the CO2 in their exhaled breath. (This is called nasal capnography.) This is the single best way to monitor breathing, and staff will watch it like a hawk. (They may even get this in the ambulance if the medics are smart; EMS are actually bigger proponents of CO2 monitoring than the hospitals in many cases.) 

The Tests 

Blood tests for botulism will have to be run in a special lab, and your character’s hospital will have to contact their state to have the tests run. Yes, even if they get a “heads up” that this person has botulism. They may also detect botulism in their stool, vomit, or the suspect piece of food (if it’s available).  

The character will get the “critical workup”: Blood tests, urinalysis, continuous EKG monitoring, nasal capnography (as above) to watch for respiratory failure, pulse oximetry, They’ll have IVs in place. If their blood pressure is at all a question, they’ll put in an arterial line in the wrist or the groin; as it is, they’ll get a central IV line in the clavicle, the neck, or the groin. 

The Specialists 

Emergency physicians will manage care in the ER. 

Intensivists run the ICU, where the character will be admitted. 

Epidemiologists are interested in the source of the disease: the contaminated food, where it came from, etc. 

Infectious Disease doctors are the clinical side of epidemiology. Epidemiology cares more about populations; ID docs want to help this patient in front of them and separate botulism from, say, the ten other things it could be. 

And of course, paramedics will manage care in the field (if EMS gets involved) and nurses will manage the vast majority of the nuts-and-bolts of their care, because that’s how things work. Respiratory therapists will manage the ventilator. 

The Treatment

The good news is that there is indeed an antitoxin for botulism toxin! Equine serum heptavalent botulism antitoxin is its full name; I have no idea what the medslang for it would be – is effective for 7 of 8 strains of botulism (A-G; A-H are the strains: C&D only affect animals. Therefore, unless your character has C. Botulinum H, they’re doing well.) 

Of course, nothing is easy in this world, especially with something as rare as botulism poisoning, so there is literally none available in the US in any local hospital or pharmacy. It’s all controlled by the CDC in Atlanta. 

To get their grubby hands on it, your character’s doctors have to call their state health  department, and have them request it from the CDC. Theoretically this is something that gets super-duper-pooper-scooper express-shipped across the country, but also, it’s the federal government with all its associated bureaucracy. (Why is that word so hard to spell?! Oh wait, because it’s bureaucratic.) 

Now, let’s say your character gets the antitoxin. They’re completely out of the woods – right? 

Nein. Nyet. Non, mon ami. 

The serum comes with a hefty package of side effects. Such as: 

  • Anaphylaxis / anaphylactoid reaction
  • Edema (legs swelling) 
  • Pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs, e.g. drowning) 
  • Fever, headache, chills, nausea, sore throat. 
  • Skin rash. 
  • Development of a rash up to 3 weeks later, and/or possible delayed allergic reaction.

The most common side effect on that list is a headache, which only happens in 9% of cases, so it seems like it’s a generally well-tolerated medication. But also there are case reports of people going into asystole (a “flatline” cardiac arrest), so there’s that too. 

I hope this was useful…

and I’ll gladly see you later :) Bye-bye! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Finn the trickster hero

Finn is a lot of things–a military genius, a conscientious objector, a crack shot, an iconoclast–but beyond the realm of military and politics he also has mythological qualities in embodying certain archetypes, and to me the most prominent is that of the trickster.

Trickster figures are recognizable by distinguishing traits such as solving problems by wit and resourcefulness, actions that upset the social order, humor, crossing boundaries between realms, and physical transformation. Finn’s story contains all of these and more, with the effect that he plays the trickster’s role, a bearer of the unexpected and an agent of change.

A trickster is first and foremost defined by, well, trickery. Some tricksters are conspicuously lacking in physical force, such as Jacob in the Old Testament of the Bible in contrast to his stronger brother Esau. Some are depicted as smaller, weaker animals compared to their adversaries, such as Reynard the Fox in Western European fables in comparison to the wolf Isengrim, or Bre’r Rabbit of the Southern United States in comparison with Bre’r Fox. Other times martial prowess simply isn’t a big part of their story, such as Coyote of the Crow and Plains tribes’ mythologies and Prometheus in Greek mythology. Rather than physical force the trickster often uses some flaw in their opponent, such as vanity or cruelty, to get out of a tight situation or win the prize in a situation where they are at a disadvantage.

This is true of Finn, who made and executed a plan to steal a TIE fighter and rescue a Resistance pilot from under the First Order’s nose. In doing so he ingeniously exploited a flaw in the First Order’s organization by claiming it was Kylo Ren who wanted the prisoner–Ren, who reports directly to Snoke and is not a part of the strict military hierarchy that Hux so prizes, who has his own agenda and will act for it rather than his given orders, as he demonstrated more than once in The Force Awakens.

If Finn had tried to claim the prisoner transfer order had come from Hux or Phasma he may well have been required to verify the command, given that both these figures operate within the standard military system. But Ren? Who was going to question him and risk his explosive temper, short of Hux or Snoke himself?

In other words, Finn used the personal and organizational failings of his oppressors to brilliant effect in planning and executing his escape, and this planning made it possible for him and Poe to reach the TIE fighter without a single shot fired. Once they flew the TIE and hit a (literal) snag shots were fired indeed, in a sequence I have analyzed at length. A confrontation was inevitable at some point anyway, but it was due to Finn’s clever subterfuge that he and Poe were able to get so far without attracting deadly attention. This is itself a significant achievement that may have saved their lives when they were seriously outnumbered and Poe had endured physical and mental torture.

Finn also uses a subtle trick on the Resistance but of a different sort, which I will discuss near the end in the section about the trickster as communicator.

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RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

a/n: thank u so much for the one who sent the ask!! i made a re-do that’s why i lost the ask but you know who you are you beautiful person ;) omg i had so much fun with this request oops so i hope u have fun reading too! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


  • zen’s weapon would be either a real katana or a wooden sword
  • he’d be wielding a M1911 Pistol for emergency situations
  • i’ve always pictured zen to be knowledgeable about kendo ( it’s a japanese martial arts swordsmanship style ) since he was asked to practice it as a part of a musical acting script he once performed
  • he’s got a fast, smooth move and excellent wielding handwork of all types of swords
  • he would prefer a reversed-edge sword ( he will use the not sharp edge to knock out human threats )
  • but his sword is a tsurugi type so he’d just knock off those people by the handle of his sword
  • he’s also the one who stays fashionable out of everyone even when there’s an invasion of the undead
  • “Uhm Zen… we’re going to kill zombies not walk in a runway.”
  • “Whoa, hey now! I need to look good just in case we save the world!” somebody help this guy
  • he would be good on either offense or defense but he’ll be much more efficient on the defensive side of the team
  • he’s the one who can kill a lot of zombies in a horde attack
  • sometimes he’s on the front of the team or on the back ( he can be the tanker or the shield )
  • but sometimes he can be a bit careless too and a lil off guard of his own defense since he’s pretty busy protecting the group
  • he won’t even if it costs his life ever leave you
  • when you’re in danger, he won’t hesitate to receive all the attacks that’s supposed to be yours
  • he always has a medicine pack available for his own and an extra in case of an emergency
  • and he’s a bit oozy when it comes to blood ( his sword is always squeaky clean lolol )
  • and he’d sometimes yell while attacking a zombie, ( the rumors say it’s his battle cry LOLOL ) “Like I’d let myself look like you! It’d be a disgrace on my grave!”


  • she is on the support side of the team
  • she’d either wield brass knuckles or a knife-edged police baton ( customization with the help of seven ) she’s actually good with any melee weapons
  • she’s on an advantage when it’s a close to medium ranged combat
  • she’s pretty knowledgeable about judo herself and has a pretty good stamina so she’s perfectly fine with defense
  • ps. she’s also the one holding jumin’s extra ammo supplies
  • would always always want to wear leather gloves as to not stain her hands with blood ( also not to catch any unnecessary germs )
  • she be aiding zen whenever he carelessly lets his guards down
  • she, alongside yoosung will be the ones who tries out seven’s data experiment just to know what characteristics of zombies might be used in their own advantage
  • she’s the one you can run to whenever you’re short of ammunitions or you need a reality check
  • "Do you think we’re going to die, Jaehee?”
  • "Yes, we will. If you base it on a survival probability rate scale of 1-100, we are only on 3. Unless we find a cure then we can survive.” gee thanks a lot jaehee
  • she is also a medical support by helping out yoosung by always carrying extra medicine packs with her so whenever yoosung runs out of it he asks few from jaehee
  • she’s the one running first towards you, no matter how far you are from her whenever you need help aka being cornered by a horde bcoz nobody dies under momma jaehee’s watch
  • she’d be teaching you basic defense stances so u can take care of yourself properly ( she does not want you to become a damsel in distress )
  • "Don’t worry, Zen. The zombies might be attacking you because they find you attractive.” uhm that is exactly not helpful at all lol


  • totes the one wHO HAS AN ARMORY FULL OF GUNS
  • he had been going to shooting ranges since he was a kid and he got interested in guns and gun works since then
  • "What? You have a house here?”
  • "A resthouse.”
  • "How many houses are under your name in this country?”
  • “About 20 of them.” ok but WTF??
  • “W- What were you doing, buying houses that many??”
  • "My interests may have…slipped.
  • he’d be wielding four Glock17 ( the two other are hidden on his ankles *tied* just for emergency purposes ) and one Marlin 1894 CB ( since these has one of the basic firearms cartridge -ammos- available )
  • ps. he has the fastest handwork while switching guns on a zombie horde attack
  • he also likes using an AK47 7.62x39 mm assault rifle
  • second one to kill most zombies aside from zen
  • has perfect aim aka always shoots bull’s eye
  • "Assistant Kang, have you brought my extra firearm cartridges?”
  • “Yes, Mr. Han. How many boxes do you want?”
  • "Give me as many as you can. It’s time to put these maggots to their rightful places.”
  • "Where exactly is that, if I may ask?”
  • "On their grave, under my feet.” jumin still be slayin zombies with his sassy mouth
  • he once killed a zombiefied child without hesitation ( in which yoosung strongly disagreed with and cried because of it )
  • "It could have killed you if I didn’t kill it first.”
  • he’d be the best protector/guardian for you since he puts a lot of efforts to keep you under his watch ( jumin never lets you get out of his sight )
  • he’s excellent at both offense and defense but never in assisting
  • has strong sensibility even in the roughest times
  • u can COUNT on him through extreme measures
  • because he is mistah TRUST fund kid


  • the medical support of the group!!
  • he’d be the one carrying all your medical needs so he needs to be badly protected
  • ps. he’s the most excellent assist in a group
  • but don’t worry he can protect himself perfectly fine aka you don’t underestimate this cinnamon roll he can actually kill u
  • his best wielded weapons would be two Smith and Wesson 54s and he’d be an excellent melee wielder as well ( probably an axe )
  • he’d be seven’s partner in analyzing things about zombies aka finding out what caused the virus and how to cure it
  • he’s not afraid to lay his life just to protect you has the self-sacrificing shounen disease
  • will come running on your aid faster then u can shout for help
  • he’d always make sure you won’t have any wounds, you are sterilized and that you are properly taken care of
  • but ofc when all of this first happened, he was he one who cried the most because what has the world gone into
  • such a worrywart when he sees a member having a wound he’d immediately clean it
  • "Yoosung, it’s just a scratch.”
  • "But what if it gets infected??”
  • "No, really. It’s just a scratch.”
  • "But.. but—” cue puppy eyes
  • “Fine. So you will stop worrying.”
  • do not underestimate his handwork in guns he’s pretty knowledgeable about it too and he’s got perfect aim just like jumin
  • he kind of enjoys killing zombies or going on a killing spree in a zombie horde attack uhm yoosung this isn’t a game omg
  • would go bat shit crazy if someone from his group gets wounded by an attack ( expect a massive amount of zombie bodies killed by this boi )
  • sometimes when he sees animals going to be attacked he’d risk his life to protect it all life must be protected under yoosung’s watch
  • also when he found out that animals can get the virus too he got depressed


  • the virus probably came from his secret agency
  • the central intelligence of the team & a perfect battle formation planner ( totes would work well with jumin when devicing plans aka escape routes and how to go heads to heads with a horde )
  • the brain behind every successful zombie attack defense of the group
  • he has the most weird yet convenient weapons available
  • he’s gonna provide laser markers for everyone in different colors
  • “Do you like rainbow colors? I have a rainbow one.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “…yeah!”
  • he can fucking drive a military tank
  • “Ohhh! This is the infamous WWII Nazi Tank!! Ohhhh! This is so brilliant!!! I get to drive a vintage classic!” he’s squealing in happiness excuse him for a moment
  • “…just drive, Seven.” 
  • he once made weapons out of nail guns, nails and a magazine
  • also made a deadly weapon out of a baseball bat and an unused mop
  • he also helped jaehee and yoosung to level up their weapons aka customizing them according to their capabilities
  • he invented a zombie tear gas bomb where zombies becomes immobile for a few minutes if it you throw it and it explodes at them ( effectivity rate of weapon will be good enough for an entire horde )
  • he works hard to find a cure for the virus because he somehow feels guilty and has a gut feeling that the mania came from his own secret agency
  • would ask yoosung to be the tester ( a kind word for bait ) just to try out his theories regarding what senses are still active when a dead man becomes a zombie
  • would probably hack WHO’s data base just to get data they gathered regarding the source of the virus and how it has spread wildly in an instant
  • would test out his developed experimental cures with yoosung
  • he has secret armory of weapons he made way back
  • he may have anticipated for a zombie apocalypse to happen
  • he’s best in both assisting, attacking and defending aka he’s the real tanker-shield-support of the group
  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about guns too and kind of collects some of his own ( and probably modifies it to his own liking )
  • “Wow, Seven! How were you able to make such weapons?? These are all good!”
  • “I… may have always dreamed of having a Zombie Apocalypse!”
  • “…uhm, what?”
  • “You may not know but… I’ll let you on a secret~” whispers
  • “Gamers have been waiting for this day to come!” grins goofily you can even see stars on his eyes wtf LUCIEL
  • would literally die for you also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • totes knows how the virus came to be but keeps quiet about it
  • would try to solve the problem by himself aka giving his life to be a dummy in an experiment so they can find a cure
  • would do all sorts of things just to save you
  • just like jumin and seven, he’s good in guns too but he prefers close combat fights with melee weapons just like jaehee
  • his favorite weapon is a Nagamaki sword and a H&K .40 caliber Universal Service Pistol configured with a laser and a flashlight it comes very handy for him
  • he had gone under extensive training of self-defense
  • he can wield a sword and has good handwork with it like zen
  • aka the most versatile member of a group meaning he can be a tanker, a support or a shield
  • when the bus you were all riding crashed, throwing you out into the open and you got separated with the group because the bus exploded and they all came running to the other side to avoid it and you were trapped on the other
  • he came running after you
  • “MC!! MC, are you alright?!” and oh god did he sound so desperate
  • would probably be the most calm out of everyone he’s been through worst
  • would teach you how to heighten your other senses aka your hearing and feeling senses
  • “Listen… Not all things should be burdened to the eyes. When your eyes becomes a dead weight to you, your other senses remains active… you can strengthen them as well.”
  • he would teach you techniques when fighting in the dark since he’s the most efficient in it
  • the most secretive part of a group but still whenever a crisis arise, he’s the most dependable one
  • he has this crazy high will to save everyone
  • would work closely with luciel as a part of the group’s intel
  • probably knows more a lot about zombies than he lets on
  • has extremely good wilderness surviving skills
  • very efficient medical skills ( aka the fastest to provide first-aid to a hurt member )
  • also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • and a bit of martial arts here and there would probably be knowledgeable about judo and maybe small karate
  • likes to work alone, never does well with team work
  • would probably get irritated over jumin’s bossy attitude
  • “…who are you to order me around?” glares
  • “I am the one who’s trying to save your sorry ass.” glares back
  • lots of glares
  • his preferred gun model is a G27 and has extremely excellent gun handwork ( much better than jumin’s tbh )
  • is fond of using shotguns and is efficient in aerial/large scale combat
  • his favorite weapons are FNH PS90, FNH Police 12 gauge tactical shotgun and an AR 15 Rifle
  • the excellent assassin aka the hitman of the group
  • he can kill zombies x20 faster than everyone else if he’s aiming from afar
  • would probably be irritated by luciel’s goofy antics
  • “…who said you can change my laser marker’s color?”
  • “But green suits you!”
  • No. I don’t like it. Bring me back the original one. Don’t just change my things without my consent.” glares
  • luciel never listens
  • is p much cold blooded ( he keeps on arguing with yoosung; one day saeran immediately put a bullet to a just-turned zombiefied old woman’s head without hesitation; they were just talking to her a few minutes before the turning and yoosung was determined to give her a cure but saeran just… yeah )
  • “…a single hesitation can lead to your own death.”
  • “What did you just say?! They’ve been alive too! They had lives before everything!”
  • “You won’t last a day with that kind of mind set. Tch.
  • but he’s a v important asset to the group and sometimes he teaches everyone how to use a rifle and a shot gun
  • but becomes irritated if u ask questions u should learn it immediately the first time he demonstrates and this happens rarely
tripping over ourselves | jsw

summary: jeong sewoon is your best friend. he also happens to be a vampire. you’re no expert with vampires, but there must be something about his immortality that keeps drawing you to him. no way is it just his cute personality on its own.

{vampire!au, friends to lovers!au}

pairing: jeong sewoon x reader
word count: 4k
warnings: blood mention (it’s a vampire au, i don’t know what else you were expecting)
a/n: happy birthday to the baddest bitch i know, @sihyun !!!! i love u so much and i wanted to do something special for ur birthday, so here this monstrosity is!!!!! i could make this authors note like 4k long if i wanted to bc i love u so much. on a side note, me writing for a pd101 boy is kind of a one time thing. soz.

There’s a lifeless, colorless bird on your windowsill, and it’s the first thing you notice when you step inside your shared apartment. The poor thing’s had the life drained right out of it; decaying, rotting scent wafting through the room. It almost looks peaceful, really, collapsed on its side like it just conked out after a very long flight, feathers fluttering softly in the breeze that runs through the flat.

Well, at least Sewoon had the decency to open the window to get the smell out.

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Samurai Jack Season 5 Review - Part 1 (SPOILERS)

So, for those of you not in the know, Samurai Jack had a final, conclusive fifth season this year that aired on Toonami/Adult Swim. It consisted of ten episodes which ran successively over 11 weeks (one episode being displaced by a Rick and Morty surprise season premiere). This is going to be a review of that season, with one section dedicated to each episode, and then a “closing thoughts” segment. This review will also be split into two parts since it’s so damn long, so hopefully that will allow more people to actually read it. The second part will go up tomorrow.

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Running with Subtext: Rethinking Korrasami

The case for Korra and Asami becoming girlfriends in 3x10, “Long Live the Earth Queen.”

Written with the help of queertoonqueertoons

Korrasami was censored. We ascertained this fact fairly quickly, given the lack of a kiss between the two women at the show’s end. It’s easy to get frustrated, but there is a distinct reason that there were limits on what could be openly shown in terms of Korrasami: LOK needed to be able to air in countries with heavy restrictions (namely China and Russia, two big/necessary markets) where explicit depiction of a romance between two women could be illegal (especially given LOK’s status as a “kid’s" show).

Knowing there was this inherent constraint…that certain moments/scenes simply could not exist, it is wise for us to look past the presented, explicit narrative and seek the implied. Bryke were restricted in their telling of Korra and Asami’s story. So they did what they could to help us out: they included mountains of subtext.

Thanks to a recent conversation with queertoonqueerstoons, I began to view the airship that Korra and Asami commandeer in the desert as an intentional a symbol in and of itself. The airship may likely have been a conscious effort on Bryke’s part evoke our “shipping” culture, and to suggest to the fandom that their romantic relationship had begun. What we are shown are the two women struggling to build a ship any way they can to escape the Earth Kingdom’s clutches, which in this particular case takes the form of a crew of all men led by a quasi-sexist captain. What does it mean? That this is the moment in time the S.S. Korrasami actually set sail…back in Book 3 Episode 10, Long Live the Earth Queen.

“This ship isn’t going anywhere. And neither are you.”

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Y’all are laughing at the fact that the Voltron handbook reveals that Keith’s favorite animal is a Hippo but, like, it totally makes sense. It’s misunderstood and literally one of the most deadly animals in the world??? You think sharks are dangerous?? or Crocodiles no NO Hippos kill more people per capita. Hippos don’t take any crap Hippos will eat your face and then go on with their day. HIPPOS ARE MAJESTIC AND TERRIFYING


Christmas is almost here, so what better topic to post on than the evolution of the whales!?!?

65 million years ago the earth was devastated by a catastrophic meteor impact that resulted in the death of the dinosaurs. Mammals back then had been slowly evolving but remained small and mostly nocturnal, yet when the dinosaurs perished they quickly took over abandoned niches in the skies, land and water becoming one of the most incredible dynasties the world has ever seen.
Some of the most beautiful of this diverse group are the marine mammals, the cetaceans (whales, dolphins etc). The ancestor of the whales left life on land to make the oceans their home. With over 86 species existing today of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals, they make up the order Cetacea which include the magnificent blue whale reaching a whopping 30 metres in length to the little known porpoise species, Vaquita reaching only 4.5 metres long.
The evolution of the whales is documented in an incredibly rich fossil record dating back to over 50 million years ago…

Pakicetus, 50 million years ago
Pakicetus is regarded as the most basal (earliest) whale. Although Pakicetus primarily lived on land, it is the first of the land mammals to show significant developments towards a future in ruling the oceans. Pakicetus is known from only a few incomplete specimens found in Pakistan but it is predicted to have been about a metre in length. Interestingly, Pakicetus was an artiodactyl (or even-toed ungulate, an order which includes the giraffes, camels, pigs and cows), however, Pakicetus shows some defining characteristics of evolving for life in the water such as elongation of the skull and body and the teeth begin to lose the heterodontus nature. The eyes of Pakicetus were also high on its head suggesting a capability to hunt not only on land but in water too.

Ambulocetus, 49 million years ago
Ambulocetus literally means “walking whale” and shows more extreme divergence towards an aquatic lifestyle. Ambulocetus shows even greater elongation of the skull and simplification of its dental morphology. Unlike the marine reptiles of a bygone era, Ambulocetus would have swam through the water with vertical motion. The morphology of Ambulocetus’ inner ear is also similar to that of modern cetaceans meaning it could probably hear well underwater. Ambulocetus also shares some similarities with modern crocodiles such as high nostrils, pointed teeth and a long skull, making it likely that Ambulocetus was a deadly ambush predator, a far cry from its gentle giant descendants.

Rodhocetus, 46 million years ago

Rodhocetus fossils are also restricted to Pakistan and beautifully depict a familiar whale like skeleton with much shorter limbs and elongated hands and feet (that were most likely webbed). The nasal openings of Rodhocetus has also moved higher up the skull and closer to the eyes. Again, Rodhocetus shows specific morphologies that are characteristic of artiodactyls, they have a double-pulley astralagus (heel bone) found in all modern even toed ungulates.  

Basilosaurus, 37 million years ago
Basilosaurus is probably the earliest skeleton that very closely resembles modern whales, the name means “king lizard” which is highly inaccurate but fits well when considering that Basilosaurus had a long and slender body that could reach an almighty 18 metres in length. Basilosaurus also shows an extraordinary reduction in limb size compared to its ancestors meaning it is in no way adapted to live on the land any longer. At the time of Basilosaurus’ existence it was one of the largest marine animals to have existed since the days of marine reptiles (such as Liopleurodon and Mosasaurs). The teeth of Basilosaurus had similar morphology to modern killer whales indicating they were highly active hunters.

The whales of today are some of the most remarkable creatures to have ever existed. We often stand and stare in awe at the immense sizes of prehistoric marine animals in museums and it is easy to forget that we are living at the same time of the largest animals to have ever existed, past of present, the whales. We then often neglect to appreciate how magnificent these creatures are. Sadly this has led to a massive depletion in their numbers and diversity due to pollution, fishing and hunting. The whales and all other cetaceans have some of the most wonderful social structures known in the animal kingdom as well as incredible intelligence. In the last 50 million years this order has conquered oceans across the world and delighted humans all over. Cetaceans are fast becoming more endangered and if we do not act, in years to come our descendants will wonder how their ancestors let these wonderful creatures slip through their fingers.

HOO Superhero AU

This pretty much covers the Olympians. Percy, Annabeth, Frank, Hazel, Jason, Piper, Leo, and Nico. They only unite for large scale threats, like Kronos, an immortal time controlling warrior from the Bronze Age, Calamity, a woman who can shake the Earth to it’s very core and the one responsible for the destruction of the Atlanteans, and the Snow Queen, a woman who controls and creates a deadly form of ice that is poisonous even to the Olympians. She seeks to freeze the whole world over with her lethal ice and leave no survival for humanity.

Alright so I couldn’t keep this in. I cannot stop thinking of a superhero AU for PJO, and I’ll be damned if I take it to my grave.


  • His superhero alias is the Typhoon.
  • He can control water, it’s temperature, and has control over it’s two other states (vapor and ice).
  • He swims crazy fast. Like, 240 mph crazy fast.
  • He is strong enough to lift 25 tons above land.
  • He can lift 50 tons when under or submerged in water.
  • If the situation deems it necessary, Percy can create tsunamis and hurricanes.
  • On one scary occasion, he controls blood and poison. He has only used this ability once.
  • Percy has divinity over all sea animals. He’s pretty tight with the Loch Ness Monster, though.
  • He doubles as Percy Jackson, 20 year old lifeguard and college student majoring in marine biology.
  • For in those really tough spots, water heals Percy of almost any wound.
  • So basically, Percy is a way cooler Aquaman.
  • He wields an indestructible glowing bronze cutlass (a lil pirate theme) with blue Atlantean runes that glow whenever he uses his powers. It’s an ancient Atlantean sword found under the ruins  of Atlantis, only to be wielded by it’s king.
  • Percy’s been a superhero since the age of fourteen.
  • His role in the Olympians is the loose cannon/the glue that keeps them together. He sometimes takes charge in areas where Jason lacks the strength to.


  • So her name is totally the Silver Owl.
  • Annabeth has eidetic memory.
  • She had a genius level intellect with an IQ of 205.
  • She is an excellent strategist…so don’t ever go against her in chess. She can and will demolish you.
  • She is a pro gymnast and acrobat, with a ninth degree black belt in karate. She has peak human everything. So yeah…she kicks ass.
  • Annabeth can become naked to the human eye.
  • Later on, she also can become intangible, allowing for gruesome torture tactics on spies and villains that won’t talk. She rarely does this.
  • Annabeth engineered these awesome silver wings that are almost sentient.
  • They are synced up to her mind, so they react like extra limbs.
  • Her wings’ feathers are deadly and razor sharp. With a single thought, Annabeth can fire them machine gun style at an enemy.
  • These feathers are magnetic, so they return back to her wings once their uses are fulfilled.
  • These feathers can break through steel.
  • By day she is a part time librarian and a 21 college student getting her masters in Architecture.
  • She serves as the strategist of the group and the voice of reason.
  • She’s been at this superhero shit since the age of nine.


  • I struggled with this one, but the superhero name I came up with for him is the Crimson Beast.
  • Frank can turn into any beast imaginable.
  • Unicorn? Been there, done that.
  • Dragon? Please, don’t make him laugh.
  • Lizard with the butt of a donkey? Frank would hate to admit it, but he’s tried it before.
  • He is crazy strong. His limit is 75 tons.
  • Frank can telepathically communicate with any animal in existence.
  • He is honestly bulletproof.
  • For some reason, when I think of superhero!Frank, I think of a X from Magnus Chase. So yeah, berserker!Frank.
  • When you piss Frank off too hard, he becomes an invulnerable, nigh unstoppable force of nature.
  • He is one of the two legacies on the team. A legacy is a descendent of a superhero. Frank’s father, Berserker,
  • He serves as the muscle of the team.
  • Don’t worry though, he’s still a softie on the inside. He’s an 20 year old college student who majors in Veterinary Medicine.
  • Frank’s been at this doing his thing since he was 15.
  • Hazel
  • She is the Misteria
  • Hazel summon’s jewels to her aide, as well as being able to cause earthquakes.
  • Her eyes glow a golden yellow when she uses her “Mist” abilities.
  • Her “Mist” can curse objects and people with bad luck.
  • She can fire her jewels straight from the ground with some thought.
  • It eventually gets to the point where she can summon a layered and protective barrier of gems to protect her from most any attack.
  • Her mist control can also erase memories
  • A strong 40 tonner.
  • Hazel doesn’t even wield her sword. She controls it telepathically.
  • Hazel is a high school sophomore who just wants to prove herself. She lives with her half brother Nico di Angelo and their father, Hades.
  • She works at her father’s jewelry store with Piper.


  • Now presenting to you, the paragon of justice- Skybolt!
  • This dude can fly.
  • He can control the winds and storms.
  • Jason can fly at speeds up to 250 mph.
  • He’s pretty strong-a 40 tonner.
  • He can create a funnel of wind to misdirect most long distance attacks.
  • Jason fights with the use of his electrokinesis.
  • He’s a long ranged type of guy, who likes blasting his enemies from afar.
  • He is struggling with the concept of electromagnetism, while his older sister, Thalia, was bomb af at it.
  • He is much more comfortable with his air powers though, and can literally take one’s breath away. Tornadoes are his shit.
  • Best believe he is the golden boy and the leader of the Olympians.
  • He is known for keeping calm in tough situations.
  • He is constantly trying to live up to his powerful father, Captain Jupiter’s expectations.
  • He’s been superheroing ever since he was 6 years old and thrust into the role as Captain Jupiter’s sidekick since Thalia pulled a Nightwing.
  • Eventually he grows out of the sidekick role and owns villains on his own terms.
  • He is an 20 year old college student studying economics.


  • Her name is Nightingale
  • Her voice is appealing to anyone who hears it.
  • Like it takes the sound of whatever sound is most appealing to the person.
  • It lulls you asleep as your body takes over to whatever she wants you to do.
  • Her power is hypnosis, and she uses that to her advantage a lot.
  • This power has grown to the point where she can even control animals and mass (100-200) hordes of people before using up energy.
  • She also uses a form of precognition, in which she can see glimpses of the future.
  • She can also sense feelings. She has to touch the person first in order to gain this.
  • This indirectly allows her to find the most important tie to their soul (the person’s most powerful memory).
  • She can also bring the recently dead back to life. She can restart a heart and lessen pain intake with her sweet, soft voice.
  • By day she is an 20 year old, insanely talented journalist.
  • She often functions as the distraction in missions.


  • Leo is Infierno.
  • He, obviously, has pyrokinesis.
  • His white hot flames can mend steel.
  • Leo is very pissed that the Human Torch in comics can fly but he can’t.
  • He has found a way by inventing the F.E.S.T.U.S. Network, which can do a variety of things. Hacking into supercomputers, access to stoplight signals, records of all criminals; you name it, it can do it.
  • F.E.S.T.U.S. can deploy a fire proof hoverboard meant to clock in at speeds of 200 mph.
  • He can sort of glide without it by lightning his arms on fire as thrusters.
  • Leo keeps the F.E.S.T.U.S. network in a high tech red watch.
  • Leo is impervious to heat and has a high tolerance to low temperatures.
  • He is wary around ice, since the evil supervillain the Snow Queen wields it with malicious intent, and is dominates his only weakness.
  • Leo is a 20 mechanic who helps out in his dad’s workshop ever since his older brother, Charles, died.
  • Leo functions as the team’s technician, though is jokingly called by Piper the “Repair Boy” and by Percy as “Grease Monkey”.
  • Leo hates this. He will, however, answer to Supreme Commander Leo.
  • Leo has been a superhero since the age of 15.

Nico di Angelo

  • Nico di Angelo is the Night Wraith.
  • Nico serves as the team’s detective.
  • He can summon ghosts. He often uses them to find any leads on villains.
  • He uses a form of teleportation known as shadow travelling to get from Point A to Point B.
  • He later on finds that he can summon the undead to his aid and create his own band of skilled zombie soldiers.
  • His favorite thing to do is summon a huge ass T-Rex skeleton to do his bidding and ride on.
  • Nico is so skilled with shadows to the point that he can expand his own and use it to escape harsh situations.
  • Nico can solidify darkness into a lethal sword for him to use.
  • He can use the shadows as a portal to transport his undead army to his desired location.
  • This tires Nico greatly, and he often passes out after doing this act.
  • Nico also manipulates the darkness to create hands and claws to trip on-foot criminals.
  • Nico is the 18 year old son of Hadrian “Hades” di Angelo, the owner of a jewelry store and a successful funeral arrangement company. He lives with his half-sister, Hazel.
  • Nico’s weakness is intense, ultraviolet light. This can disorient and sap Nico’s power.
  • Nico’s been a hero since the age of 13.
  • looks absolutely terrifying
  • some people have trouble looking at him because they get so scARED
  • he has the coldest death glare that the world has ever seen
  • because he’s so scary and intimidating, he works really well being an interrogator
  • he’s also good to have around during a feud
  • the opposing gang is usually a bit more hesitant in starting a fight when taeyong is around
  • when fights do happen to break out, he is wildly talented in combat
  • he’s really fast?????? and subtle?????????? and strong????? so he catches tons of people off-guard and can manage to bring down plenty of gang members in a matter of minutes
  • because he’s so intimidating and frightening, being an interrogator is one of the most successful things he could be doing
  • hoNESTLY
  • he can just walk into a room and strike terror into a man’s heart
  • his presence just oozes fear and danger
  • but the worst part is that he’s really quiet. like really, deadly quiet. he doesn’t talk that much when he’s working, but when he does, his voice is so soft and meticulous.
  • people can’t stand it
  • it would be better if he were to yell or get angry or frustrated or violent or something but
  • he’s so quiet
  • ok ok he’s kind of a mystery to everyone and even his fellow mafia members know very little about him
  • but he’s really not that scary, and they might not know much, but they know that
  • little does everyone know
  • that he’s actually a gentle toaster strudel
  • who owns dozens of plants that he has secretly deemed his babies and cares for them with so much love
  • has a deep passion for plants (and animals)
  • no one has ever ventured into where he lives but if they were to, they would find hundreds of plants in perfect condition bc that is the only condition taeyong will accept
  • plus his entire place is so organized and neat and it smells really good
  • but nO of cOURSE heS haRDCorE
  • he has nEVER found a baby bird on the ground and nursed it back to health
  • nevER
  • but anywho yes he appears quite dangerous and terrifying but that’s just bc he’s good at looking like that and he sees no reason to stop being an interrogator so?????
  • the only problem with his facade is that he is not, in fact, a human representation of literal evil, and cares about the public and would never ever harm anything that didn’t deserve to be harmed
  • him caring about civilians led to him caring about your life
  • you were having the most mundane day
  • you were just walking down the road, not paying too much attention to your surroundings, just enough to function
  • when you pass an alleyway and hear really strange noises coming from around a bend
  • and you know that it would be in your best interest to ignore it, bc it sounds like a fight and nothing fantastic could really come out of that
  • but it was a bad fight
  • you didn’t need to see it to know
  • and you hear something mentioned about “do not let him get that gun!” and suddenly it’s too late and you are very much involved in this fight
  • bc everyone comes sprinting out, and you are a witness, and you’re the first person that they see
  • and this man sees you first and you’re like nOpE and you start hurrying away
  • you know that someone is close behind you but you’re just getting a move on
  • and two different people reach you at the same time
  • the younger one shoves the man out of the way, and then he stops you with an extremely gentle hand
  • “,,,, would you mind following me? it’s dangerous over here,,, i think it would be wise to hide for a bit,,”
  • you stare at this boy and he has so much concern on his face?? like he’s never met you before but he looks so profoundly worried about your life??
  • and he’s so quiet and sOFT
  • his features are all so gentle and soft
  • and you were going to hide anyways but you think that this stranger probably knows where to hide better than you would
  • you’re just about to agree when the herd of men catch up and try to yank the stranger away from you
  • he only gets pulled away for a moment before he rips away and practically fLINGS you over his shoulder and starts to sprint
  • and he’s like “oh my gOD I’M SORRY JUST GIVE ME A MINUTE”
  • it doesn’t really seem like he knows where he’s going and people are still following you but he darts into an apartment building and runs up the stairs and he shuts every door you pass through
  • and you guys had a pretty good head start so he takes you to the roof and locks every entrance up there and no one saw where you went so he deems this as being a temporary safe place
  • he sets you down and he looks sO APOLOGETIC OMFG
  • and this doesn’t seem like it’s his fault and you’re about to tell him that it’s ok when you see that he’s hurt??
  • there’s a thick cut on his temple and some blood is dripping down his face but all he cARES ABOUT IS YOU
  • and you’re like “it’s fINE”
  • and you squint and look at the cut and you’re just like “!!! you’re hurt???”
  • he shakes his head and is like “no it’s ok,,”
  • but nevertheless you make him sit down and you try to get the blood off of his face and he blushes the entire time bc wOw you’re a cutie and you’re being incredibly nice to him
  • so you spend your time on the roof, and you figure that you might as well hide up there for a while
  • and you end up having a great time bc this mystery boy is really nervous and cute and flustered and he’s really interesting and funny
  • but eventually it’s almost dark and you have to go home and before you can part ways he’s just like
  • “wait!!!! here’s where you can contact me……. for safety precautions, you know………………. or if you ever feel like going out or something……”
  • you end up calling him, but not for safety precautions (-:
  • taeyong was a bit nervous and worried in the beginning (he was v v worried about your safety and how your relationship would connect you to the mafia) but as time went on, he relaxed about the situation
  • he professed his love to you by accident
  • “i’ll protect you, ok? no matter what, i will protect you, because i would never want you to be scared, because i love you more than anything else in the world.”
  • and his enTIRE FACE WENT WHITE
  • “that was nOT HOW I PLANNED TO TELL YOU”
  • and you leapt forward and hugged him and you were just like “i loVE YOU TOO”
  • he drops romantic speeches on a daily basis
  • is so cutely protective over you
  • like never in a smothering way
  • he would never want to interfere with your regular life
  • he’s really observant and thoughtful
  • when he gets home late, he’ll always scoop you up and hug you really close for a really long time and just sort of sit there bc he’s happiest when he’s right next to you
  • you are his entire life and he adores you so much
  • he still can’t believe how lucky he was to meet someone who could make him feel so warm and happy without even knowing it
  • (has a polaroid picture of you sitting next to his shelf of plants bc it has the two most important pieces of his life in it)
how Disney finally got it right with Moana, a post by me

well, it took the better part of a century, but with Moana, Disney appears to have, at long last, created the quintessential ur-text of what’s required of a princess movie

disclaimer: i’m an east coast Jewish girl, so any claims one way or another about the depictions of Pacific Islander culture are way out of my lane. would love to hear the thoughts of any Polynesian followers!

thoughts under the cut, to protect from spoilers

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Conquering a World: Part 6

Chapter 6 on AO3

I groaned and grabbed for my phone. “What time is it?”
“You wanted to meet half an hour ago.” Chad cleared his throat.
“Shoot! I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine, I’ll wait downstairs.”
I scrambled out of bed as the door closed.
Two months had flown by. We had finally experienced some of the weather: rain and splattering. The latter is when all of the rain just falls down at once. It’s like getting a bucket of cold water dumped on you. Perfect way to end a hot summer-like day and permanently cool the weather so that it was in the fifties and low sixties.
John Ledford had been keeping record of when the sun rose and set, and he told us that though the days had been increasing, they were decreasing as of four days ago.
Everything had been a little strange. We had received our shipment and were forced to place our next because they had discovered that it would take three months to fill and return shipments. Three months.
Thankfully our first shipment had been a large one, and everyone was starting to get comfortable with working together. Ava oversaw the organization and kept the collective inventory, as well as made sure that the kids were learning stuff. We were all still trying to figure out what to do if this place had a cold winter.
I had been able to completely determine three things that were edible, and I was almost certain that a fourth was sitting in my lab. There were also two plants that were edible as long at they were cooked in some way or other.
Patricia and her son, Kevin, were working on capturing animals (sometimes alive, sometimes dead) and testing them. The dead ones were dissected and tested for edibility, most of these were birds and smaller animals. The live ones were studied, and then released.
The giant, dolphin-rhino creatures were the easiest to study without hindering. They passed through on the strip of purple grass between all of the houses, always heading west.
And they really liked tomatoes.
I headed downstairs, twice after I had to go back to get my backpack and knife, and waved Chad down.
He carefully excused himself from his conversation with Ava and followed me outside. “Took you long enough.”
“Couldn’t figure out where Ava hid my clean socks.”
“She hides your socks?”
“It’s one of our things. I hide her bras, she hides my socks.”
“I didn’t…oh, why did I ask?”
“Because you still haven’t learned, apparently. The conversation you were having with Ava seemed…intimate.”
“Shut up, it wasn’t.”
“How does it feel to be the only eligible bachelor?” I asked in my best TV show Hostess voice.
“Like I want to go to Disney World.” He sounded a little grumpy.
“You okay? I did say I’m sorry for sleeping in, right?”
“I’m fine, and I do not blame you one bit. I probably would have slept in too if Dad hadn’t been up and at’em.”
“Doesn’t know how to be quiet? My dad was like that.”
“Refuses to be quiet.”
“Ha ha. Now seriously, are you okay? You seem…agitated. You know I was just teasing about Ava, right?”
“I’m fine and of course I know.”
“Okay, you ready for a different question?”
“You’re going to ask one anyway.”
“I never asked, but…did you have a girlfriend?”
“Oof,” He muttered. “Did not see that one coming. Um, no. My girlfriend dumped me for my best friend, who then kicked me out of our apartment.I had move back in with my parents while I tried to figure things out. That almost a year before this all happened.”
“You were still living with them? A year after?”
“Yeah, I mean, I paid a little rent, and I live in the basement. It’s got it’s own kitchen and everything. Plus I was working for Dad and it just made it…convenient. I was actually getting ready to move back out, into an apartment again. Packing everything up. And then this happened. Part of me is glad I hadn’t moved out yet, because I would have lost my family. Another part of me wonders if my moving out would have prevented them from being chosen.”
“And still another part of you wonders if surviving is even the right choice at this point?”
“No, on that front I have no doubts. Don’t you die on me.”
“Have you noticed how jumpy Traaiillooon has been getting?”
“Think he’s feeling the pressure from his bosses?”
“Something,” I agreed. Then I stopped, watching a catlike creature that was in the trees. It glided to another like a flying squirrel would, slowly getting closer to us. It had fur that was mostly blue with a green tinge, and darker spots, toes, and in something of an upside down T on it’s muzzle. All the others I had seen like it had purpleish blue fur with blue spots. But this one also had different colored eyes. One was pink and the other green. It’s long bushy tail swayed back and forth behind it. It’s ears were rounded instead of pointed.
And I had definitely seen it before, lurking around my tent in the evenings.
“Well, you’re a curious thing,” I murmured, carefully moving closer.
Chad didn’t move, he was looking in a different direction.
I glanced that way, then did a double take. “Is that…”
“Big.” He nodded.
“I was going to say deadly looking.”
“That too.”
I let my gaze go back to the little cat-like creature. “Here, kitty.” I held my hand out to it.
It inched forward and sniffed my hand, then deftly walked across my around and sat on my shoulder, it’s bushy tail wrapping around my neck like a scarf.
Chad glanced at me, then started shaking like he was holding in laughter.
“Let’s move out. We’ll have to get samples later.”
The deadly-looking thing roared.
“Run,” Chad announced, pushing me forward.
I pushed my way back out of the forest and into the yard. “You have a gun, don’t you?”
“It isn’t loaded.”
“What good is an unloaded gun, ya freak!”
“About as much good as a security dog that doesn’t do anything besides bark!”
“They’re deterrents!”
I ran until I got to the house, then turned to look. “It didn’t follow us.”
“It. Didn’t. Follow. Us.” I breathed each word.
Chad just started laughing.
“And yet you still brought something home.” Ava was standing in the doorway. “What were you two yelling about?”
“There was this thing in there, deadly looking. And it roared. So we ran.”
“And the thing on your shoulder?”
“It’s my squishy,” I said in my little kid voice. I started stroking it’s tail.
She gave me the mom look, “Aren’t our pets enough?”
“Feel squishy’s fur.” I continued in the same voice.
“Fay, stop it.”
“Feel the squishy’s fur!”
“I swear you’re five!” She reached forward cautiously and gentle stroked the thing’s fur when it didn’t seem like it was going to bite her. “It’s very soft. You can’t keep it.”
“I’m not keeping it, it’s keeping me. Literally, it just kind of climbed on and now it’s not letting go.”
“It’s true,” Chad piped up.
“We’ll have to figure it out. Apparently the whatever domain gave Traaiillooon an ultimatum. They said that if there aren’t signs of mating and or reproduction in the next week that they’re going to—and I’m quoting Traaiillooon here—pull a Sue Sylvester-Klaine style intervention, but that they won’t release the chosen two until a child is concieved.”
“A what intervention?” Chad asked, looking seriously concerned.
“I’m not sure. It sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t place it. I know it’s something that they got from Earth.” Ava frowned at the patio.
The thing on my shoulder chirped.
I was a little frozen. “They’re going to lock us in a room with only a bathroom, send in meals. Prison style?”
“You know that reference?” Ava asked, looking a little nervous.
“Glee, it’s from Glee. That show you refused to watch. The one I started watching for the music. Klaine is Kurt and Blaine. Sue Sylvester is the devil’s less-evil and sometimes awesome assistant. The intervention involved Klaine getting locked in a fake elevator with a bathroom, they were fed meals. Sexual stimulants were threatened to be pumped into the room, but it didn’t come to that.” I shuddered.
“I vote no.” Chad looked nervous. “No no. No, no, no-no-no.” He started hurrying toward his own home.
Ava looked extremely concerned. “And you watched this show?”
“Don’t judge me, I’ve seen your Netflix watchlist,” I retorted. It was the best I had at the moment.
“You’re aware that one of us will be the one that they take.”
“I’m aware, Ava. I’ve been aware since the first week or so. It’ll probably be you.”
“Me? No way. He’s not my type.”
“How would you know, you’ve never dated!”
“Neither have you! Are you saying that he isn’t your type?”
“I don’t know! And frankly, right now I don’t even care. I want to know that we’re going to survive.Right now we’re in this mad dash to try and preserve what food we do have so that if there is a winter, we don’t get killed by it. You’ve stopped collecting eggs?”
“Don’t change the subject.”
“But have you?”
“Lobelia is broody, she’s laying on a bunch of the eggs right now. Audrey is also broody, and she’s sitting on top of three eggs, hers.”
“Fingers crossed. Didn’t expect them to get broody this late in the season.”
“I couldn’t explain it to you. Dang it, Fay! I said don’t change the subject.”
“You make it too easy!”
“Fay, do you like him?”
“I don’t know. I don’t even remember what it’s like to have a crush. I haven’t had one in years. I get along with him. We have similar senses of humor. I don’t know, Ava. I don’t. I told you, my mind is still in survival mode. I haven’t had a moment to myself, I haven’t listened to music in over a week, I…” Every thought flew out of my head.
She was examining me with a passive look. “How much sleep did you get last night?”
I blinked a couple of times, counting in my head. I had still been unable to sleep at four fifteen…woke up at seven thirty…
“About three hours. A little over.”
“Three hours? Fay! I know you didn’t get much more than that the night before. You need to sleep.”
“I can’t. I’ve been trying. I’ll be absolutely exhausted and I won’t be able to fall asleep. My mind starts racing and I start panicking…” I closed my eyes.
“Go see Beatrice. Tell her you haven’t been sleeping. Go, Fay.”
I sighed.
“Now, Fay.”
Man people liked to tell me what to do. I just wanted to rebel against it. I’d always been that way. The more someone told me to do something, the less likely I was to do it. Or the more insistent someone was that I do it one way, I would more insistently do it my own.
But something had to give.
I passed her and went through the house, off to go see Beatrice. I needed a good nights sleep and I didn’t know any more ways of trying to get it.
Traaiillooon intercepted me. “The Ava has informed you?”
“Yes, and I get the reference made. What do you want me to do about it Traaiillooon? It’s Chad’s choice. Whatever he decides we’ll go with, I guess.”
Traaiillooon studied me (he did that often). “Are you feeling well, Fay? Or is the creature on your shoulder causing you harm?”
“No, I’m fine. I just didn’t sleep well last night. I’m on my way to talk to Beatrice. Is there anything else?”
His whiskers twitched. “Is Ava in your abode?”
“Backyard, I think she was playing with the dogs.”
His ears seemed to perk up and his antennae vibrated slightly. “Good greetings, Fay.” He loped off.
“Good…greetings…” I sighed, forcing myself to let it go.
He was pretty advanced when it came to speaking our language, it was unfair to hold his slips against him.
Beatrice was talking with Chad when I came in, but she came over when she saw me.
Chad disappeared out the back.
“What is on your shoulder?”
“I’m sorry I asked. What’s up, hon?”
“The past week, I’ve averaged about three hours of sleep every night. I’ve tried epsom salts, I’ve tried night time pain killer, NyQuil, Benadryl…I don’t know what else to try and it’s getting harder to think. And function. My patience is…not fantastic. And I’ve been getting migraines again.”
“I suffered severe migraines all through my childhood and teen years, when I started college they backed off, but they’re starting to become more frequent again and I think it’s because I’m not sleeping, but I don’t know and I just…I just hit a wall. Did you see it?”
“Oh yeah,” She came over and supported me. “Come on, let’s get you to a bed and see if we can’t get you to sleep.”

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Deku/Ochako Family Headcanons part 2

So last night we got kinda skype-happy with Deku/Ochako headcanons (including their son Tohru who’s a ray of sunshine) and now there is a  l o t more. Lengthy headcanoning under the cut

Chrissy  also im trash but i really want Ochako and Deku to also have a healing-quirk child.

Deku’s worried that he and Ochako have a 50% chance of having a quirkless child because he’s technically quirkless, and he’s afraid of raising a kid in a superhero household who just realistically can’t be super… Turns out that gap in quirkiness is exactly what allowed a variety of new and different quirks to develop back when quirks were new. Deku’s afraid his daughter is quirkless until one day he and Ochako are in the hospital getting bandaged, and Deku like slams both his hands down on the bed and whips his head to Ochako “IVE NEVER EVER HAD TO KISS KAIYO’S BOOBOOS”

And Ochako’s just “????” so Deku starts spinning his hands “Okay so yeah Tohru was more banged up as a child with his quirk so he always had bandaids somewhere but have you EVER had to put a bandaid on Kaiyo!?”

And Ochako thinks about this just “……. !!!!! !!!!! ”

So they get home, pay the babysitter (with whatever arm isn’t in a sling) go nudge Kaiyo awake like “Honey….have you ever gotten a booboo?” Bleary eyed, this four year old little girl wakes up “Huh…Mommy? ………Yeah I get booboos but I don’t like them so I make them go away.”

She’s just extremely confused while both Deku and Ochako are crouched there in the dark room going “ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” at each other

Fast forward a few years and Kaiyo takes up the responsibility of being her parents’ first aid kit. (First aid kid haaaaaaaaaaah anyway). Like Deku comes home after going way too far with One fo All and his arm is smashed to pieces. Ochako’s telling him to go to the damn hospital but he’s “wait a minute honey I wanna give Kaiyo a chance to shine.” She looks at him, with all her 6 year old sass she rolls her eyes and goes “Daddy you’re such a dumbhead.” And touches his arm. Does it heal all the way? No. Does it get a hell of a lot better? Yeah.

Recovery girl is still alive and kicking cuz she’s Recovery Girl, and years down the line she takes Kaiyo as an apprentice
Chrissy  AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAY so thats what i had to say
Becca  good name picking btw
Chrissy  i looked it up this time

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Gangsta: The Ideal Anime for your Inner (Elder) Fujoshi

Ah the Fujoshi. Or as they use to be known Fangirls. A predominant part of anime and manga consumerism, the fujoshi’s all vary, but they’re typically known for their love of stories about Pretty But Tormented Men Who Might Be Gay for Each Other.

But as the fujoshi gets older, so do her tastes (one can hope at least), and the fujoshi starts to crave stories with more nuance and deph than their average swimming anime. That’s where Gangsa comes in.

Much like Hannibal, Gangsta is for the older fujoshi who demand some style with their pretty boy/angst/they might be gay subtext story telling.

Gangsta is set in the fictional city Ergastulum, clearly inspired by the cities of Italy (Not the first time a manga writter has been influenced by Italy. Check out Gunslinger Girls and the 5th arc of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.). Ergastulum is full of mafia, prostitutes, and cops on the take. Ya’ know.. DARK AND GRITTY stuff. The story follows two men known as Handyman, who, like all good protagonists of stories that take place in a corrupt society, Take on the Hard Jobs No One Else Can Do.

The two handyman in question are Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown. With his missing eye, long locks of hair, dark traumatic past and ladies man attitude. (Worick’s primary job when he’s not doing handyman work is as a male prostitute) Worick fits a lot of the typical fujoshi bingo architypes. Slightly less typical is his partner Nicolas. (also referred to as Nic or Nico) A short man of Asian descent, Nic is a twilight or a ‘tagged’ which is Gangsta’s way of asking“what if crack-babies, but crack-babies have super powers?”.Which allows to some fantastic fight scenes as Nic literally bounces of walls and slices and dices with his sword. Normally the “silent but deadly super abilities and bloodlust” character would be fairly boiler plate as well, but along with being born with super-human speed, strength and agility. Nic was also born deaf and spends the series communicating either by sign language (Japanese Sign Language to be precise, different from ASL), or by talking with a deaf accent.

Many disabilities in Japanese (and western) culture have been treated with an almost condescending mythos, (yeh yeh, he’s blind, but he has SUPER CRAZY SENSES HE CAN HEAR EACH RAIN DROP THAT LANDS) and it’s refreshing to have a character who’s disability happens to be a part of who he is, and not something that gives him a crazy edge in fighting. (that would be the crack- I mean celebrer).

As this is a pretty fujoshi show, the two men share a dark and tramatic childhood past and are just trying to make their way in a city that offers little support and fears what Nic is.

Along with the two main characters, the show includes an elaborate assortment of side characters, from Alex, a prostitute Worick and Nico save from her abusive pimp. (I know I know..), Dr.Theo a skilled physician and Nina, his young imoto architype nurse. There are other cops and gangsters too, along with a faction of Twilights and some Big Bads we have not had the privy of being introduced to yet. My only big concern with the other characters is I still have a hard time telling who’s who and what all their motives and affiliations are, but as we’re only six episodes in, I’m hoping that will all get sorted out.

Animated by Manglobe (of Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy fame) and directed by Shuko Murase (who also directed the stylish as fuck, but mostly forgotten Witch Hunter Robin). What Gangsta lacks in budget, it makes up for in style. Which is good ‘cause with out such a stylish flare, the lower budget of the show would be MUCH more noticeable. Did I mention it’s stylish? The opening credits are the best opening credits of any anime this year. Yes, I will fight you on that.

Gangsta could have very easily been a fun, if not a bit  eye-rolling over the “edginess” of it all. Oh look, it’s a dark world where bad men have to do what they have to do. Here’s another dead prostitute. But the story itself is told with enough sympathy for it’s victims (Though Alex, the rescued prostitute, has little to do so far, an issue when the few women in the show haven’t had any true moments to shine) and enough nuance to focus more on the story and less about showing off this dark (hookers!) corrupt (hookers) and merciless (hookers!) world, which prevents it from turning into some bad Frank Miller anime.

The original manga writer Koshk, admitted that she isn’t hugely influenced by other anime and manga, but mostly western media and that shows in a lot of ways (Both Worick and Nico are in their mid 30’s, which is refreshing for a medium where hardened gundam pilots, ninjas and titan slayers are all under 16, and where being in your early 20’s, makes you a grizzled old man, ready to be euthanized like Logan’s Run). All and all, Gangsta might not be a great anime, but it sure is fun, entertaining and is able to avoid many of the more stale anime and even fujoshi tropes, while happily embracing the most lovable ones.

Gangtsa is currently streaming on HULU and the manga is published by VIZ.

Ok but what about

like the council wins and instead of the Avengers we get a winter soldier esc group of superheroes.

Steve gets thawed out and thrown into a cell. He is force fed for weeks about everything he missed before being thrown back into “cold storage”. When Bucky is bought from the Russians in the 90’s he is wild and gets loose. SHEILD sends in cap to kill him only for the two to cause one of the most deadly incidents in SHEILD history. They are restrained now at all times.

Tony hacks the wrong place and gets picked up by SHEILD. They can’t risk him telling so he is put into a cage, literally, bars and steel because anything mechanical seem to find itself dismantled and integrated into his next escape plan. That is until they threaten good old Steve with a gun to the head does Tony drop his tools and hold up his palms. His smirk looks more like a dagger each day.

The old timers are Natasha and Clint, have been stuck in that place since Clint made a different call and SHEILD couldn’t risk them defecting. Natasha and him trade soft words in languages they made up, late at night in the two minute block where the guard on duty goes to refil his coffee. They want nothing more than to escape. Nat wanted to clear the red in her ledger but the shaved head and scars on Steve’s head, the bleeding scabs on Tony’s fingers, the snap of the whip over Clint’s shoulder, all tell her a few more drops might be welcomed.

Thor was human when they caught him, ignorant to the world and only too eager to tell them about his wonderful brother who was powerful and kind. They capture Loki a few months later with technology Thor explained. He killed his guards the day after and is restrained now, calling for his hammer he can feel is buried deep in the hull.

Loki is gagged and bound, facing the brother he sent here. They scream at each other hours, wordless grunts and wails ending with choked off pleas passed between their eyes. Ever day Loki can feel his bound magic swirl under his skin and wonders when it will one day eat him alive. He wonders if Thor might get there first. Bruce is in another cage medicated to the gills with only slits between his bars. He mumbles things in his sleep sometimes, bloody things that make the others wonder just how SHEILD caught him. Maybe the escape, Tony gets into the mainframe, Thor gets his hammer, Loki explodes into a Frost Giant rage, Steve and Bucky tear the cell apart to get to each other, they all escape, run away and hide. Maybe they settle down, but a large farm for Clint and fill it with animals and warm blankets and sense of safely for people who have never felt it before. Or maybe they want blood. Finding others like them, powered and impoverished and fleeing, and build something dark to take down something darker. The Avengers might even be a fitting name.