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Top 5 kageyama tobio moments? :0

 Hi there, anon! Thank you for asking for the top 5 moments of one of my favorite characters on Haikyuu!!

I sense this turning into another top 10 because I have absolutely no self-control.

Anyway, here we go (in no particular order):

1. “You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.”: This moment was really important to me. For Kags to come to this acceptance and even admit this must have been painful, but a true growing moment. That wistful look in his eyes, even in the anime, makes me tear up more than any conspicuously sad moment in the show.

2. This really cute dance (look at our baby so awk so adorbs): When they find out about the barbecue OMG.

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3. When he tries so goddamn hard: With the best intentions, but not always the desired results.

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4. Every jump serve like, hot damn: Like, I feel like half the show’s budget goes in making Kageyama Tobio look absolutely flawless in everything he does.

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gotta include another gif because seriously, hot damn.

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5. “As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.”: There’s always this talk about how Hinata is 100% trusting of Kags, but no one ever talks about how Kags puts so much trust in Hinata’s abilities (like, we were at “I’ll only toss to those valuable to the team” and now we’re at this moment). He definitely had to take a leap of faith to get here.

Yep, this is going to become a top 10 moments post OMFG

6. Every moment in which Hinata successfully riles him up: But this one is one of my faves because Hinata is actually imitating him here. Their push-and-pull dynamic always makes me laugh.

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7. This obvious lie: OMFG Kags, you gotta work on your fibbing skills first.

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8. LMAO that time he absolutely botched his line: They’ve gone from this moment to that moment in Season 3 when Tsukki verbally compliments Kags with “Really, great job, King.” My babies have come so far *wipes eyes*.

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9. Tobio in the car.

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10. Intense™ Kags: The ferocity with which he presses the vending machine button always makes me snort.

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+Bonus. His complete lack of self-awareness

Hope you like my top 5 10 moments! Have a good day/night! ^_^


I’m kind of amazed that this writer doesn’t have even more recognition, that she isn’t an automatic name when reccing canon compliant works or works in general. Not only are her fics freaking amazing, well plotted, fantastically original, and expertly characterized, she’s incredibly prolific.

If you want some excellent canon divergent series that will give you days and days of enjoyment I highly recommend you check out her entire profile.

I’ve recently started reading basically everything available:

Adrift - infuckingcredible.

The Memory Keeper Series -reading this now.

Dreamscape series - read the first part and will definitely be reading the second.

Mr. Jones so so good.

I don’t even really feel like I’m doing this recommendation justice. These are like the perfect fics: highly original, LONG, great world building, in character, clever magical devices, exploration of background relationships, original characters you don’t loathe. Like it’s all so good and she is probably one of my top 5 favorites ever.


My thoughts on the final episode of Season 4 of The 100. 

Praimfaya: So obviously the name means the fire that’s been coming for the whole season. The enemy that they have been waiting for.

Okay Clarke staying behind to help her friends was so totally Clarke, the whole season, we’ve seen Clarke in a more political place, but this episode brought back the old Clarke the one that would do anything to save her friends, and it was great. And when we see her after the time jump I just- like wow she looks badass she survived years on her own in the forest, and I just can’t wait for season 5. We’re going to see a different side of Clarke, and I think it might be a better side. But we’re also going to see Clarke struggle with getting to know her friends again, and with this new enemy. It’s going to be intense and I can’t wait. I have always liked Clarke but this episode is definitely one of my favourite Clarke moments.  

Bellamy in this episode just wow, okay he had to let Clarke go and they have always been together. Helping each other as friends and now he spent 6 years thinking she was dead, but also him saving echo, when she has hurt him and his friends but him saying no your coming with us is just- Bellamy has been trying to find who he is without Octavia, and I think he found himself. He cares for everyone. And this episode definitely showed us that, I’m hoping in season 5 he won’t be like in a prison because the new enemy has kidnapped them or something. But it’s the 100 so we won’t know until we watch.  

Okay raven was so cool, she thought that she wasn’t good enough to save them, that she wasn’t smart enough. Obviously that’s wrong, and Bellamy and everyone standing there saying yes you can do it was so cool to see, Raven has saved them so many times and she did it again. She has always been a favourite character of mine, we always see Raven strong. But in this episode we saw the vulnerable side of her. The side that needs reassuring. And her finally doing another spacewalk. Her being so happy that she could was nice to see. I can’t wait to see her in season 5, it’s going to be a blast.

Monty: Monty taking his gloves off to save the day basically was so unlike him, we saw a badass side of him. And Murphy and Bellamy going back to save him was like yess, also they hugged and it was cute. Monty really loves Harper, and his friends. We always see Monty saving them. And we saw it again, this season Monty has gone through alot, we see him in his ups and downs. But I hope in those 6 years him and Harper were happy, I can’t wait to see Monty kicking ass in season 5.

Although we didn’t see much of her, she was aweosme in this episode, we saw her worrying about monty which was cute. And i’m glad her survived, we also saw alot of different sides to Harper this season. And I want to see were season 5 takes her. She might be a minor character but she really is cool. Through all the seasons she’s been a strong character. 

Octavia: Octavia we also didn’t see much of her. But she’s stepping up and she is becoming or has become a leader, and from season 1 to now it was awesome to watch unfold. Her story isn’t done though, hopefully we’ll be seeing alot more of her in season 5. We saw alot of sides to Octavia this season too, not all good sides, but now she’s grown up. And season 5 Octavia is going to be a badass.

Emori: Okay from season 3 when we first meet her, to now. Wow, she’s awesome and honestly one of my favourite characters, her being worried about Murphy was cute, and did you see her face when she saw raven floating in the spaceship? She was so happy to be in space, and her giving up her oxygen to Raven was so nice to see. She has a family now, a home. And I can’t wait to see her in season 5, she’s come a long way, and I’m glad she survived to see the stars.

Murphy: Him actually not just leaving behind Monty, he actually went back for him was nice to see, him being worried for Emori always cute, he has become one of my favourites and I really can’t wait to see him in season 5. His character development has been so pleasing to watch unfold, he went from being a jerk to being in love. How cute, it’s going to be interesting to see him in season 5. Can’t wait. 

Indra: She’s Octavia’s earth mom, and second in command now I guess, I would were she’ll be in season 5. I always liked her character so I can’t wait to see more, she’s always been a mentor to Octavia, and her character this season has been interesting.

Echo: Okay her wanting to kill herself because she thinks she doesn’t fit in, but then Bellamy telling her she does and okay so cool. Her going to space yes, she hasn’t been my favourite but I’m interested to see where they take her character. She is a interesting character, and her helping Bellamy to the vent, like yes.

My thoughts on this episode: one of my favourite episodes, the way they filmed it. The scenes are so intense and emotional. The feels it gives you, your heart is racing your nervous. Your sitting on the edge of your seat. You feel like your there with them. It was one of the best final episodes yet, they leave you wanting more. And it was interesting and it was just so good, we saw characters that don’t normally get scenes together have scenes together. And I can’t wait for season 5.

My thoughts on season 4: Season 4 was a good season maybe not as good as season 1 or 2, but it had so many different sides to the characters, it was interesting we saw the grounders fighting with other grounders. The scenes were great, the character development. The different locations. The plot was a little slow maybe, but towords end it got good. Really good, it had so many good scenes and conversations. And I really liked it, definitely one of my top seasons.

 My thoughts on season 5: it’s going to be intense, there’s a new enemy. The character development is going to be big, some of them haven’t seen each other for 6 years. There all different now, they have all faced different challenges, and they are going to face alot more, it’s going to be a edge of your seat kind f season. Your going to want more, new challenges new characters. It’s going to be a wild ride, and I can’t wait.

That episode gave me the feels, it was just so good. What did you guy’s think of it? Do tell me your thoughts. And correct me if I’m wrong. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. Also I hope you guy’s survive this hiatus. But like they say:

We will rise from this hiatus.

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I was tagged by @yourplisetsky (they are awesome and I’m in awe of their beauty) to tell 10 facts about myself and post a selfie.

1. I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. Volleyball is my definite favorite though!

2. I live in Texas and let me tell you it’s HOT here.

3. My walls are covered in stuff, almost top to bottom. It’s all random things like coloring sheets and shopping tags.

4. I used to ride horses in the summer and I would be now but they closed down the ranch I used to go to.

5.I hATE coke. My #1 soda is Sprite.

6. Cheese sandwiches are my passion, I LOVE THEM! Want to make me happy? Make me a grilled cheese.

7.My Spanish teacher gave me extra points on my final because I drew an eyeball and they liked it. 

8. I have two dogs: Prancy and Lady and I love them. 

9. I have like 15+ hoodies and I love them all. (one is too small and I deeply wish to send it to Vic

10. I get my hair dyed every summer

I have never posted a selfie but whatever fuck it. 

My hair has changed a LOT.

I’m tagging @draco-rys @djblueberry @fatirechi and literally anyone else Im in a rush.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Top 5 favourite characters: in order: jake, amy, rosa, gina, holt
Other characters you like: I was annoyed by Charles at first but I actually like him now
Least favourite characters: um I don’t dislike anyone lmao. maybe Hitchcock and Scully solely because they’re really cheap comic relief as characters
Otps: obviously — peraltiago, and I’m still holding out hope that dianetti will eventually be together
Notps: um, no one? there’s like 2 ships on b99 that are vastly shipped anyway
Favourite friendships: jake and rosa are definitely my favourite friendship, closely followed by jake and gina. I also really like holt and jake’s father-son dynamic it’s so precious
Favourite family: the nine nine is one huge family lol so I don’t have a specific favourite
Favourite episodes: yikes. I really like 1.13 (the bet) but um probably Johnny and Dora if I had to pick just one? that episode is incredible and I’ve rewatched it more times than what is healthy
Favourite season/book/movie: fuck I love every single season equally I sound like such an opinionless person I just love everything about this show
Favourite quotes: fuck, maybe “Every time you talk, I hear that sound that plays when Pac-Man dies.” because it’s iconic
Best musical moment: I don’t think there ever was one?
Moment that made you fangirl/boy the hardest: EVERY PERALTIAGO KISS MAKES ME SPASM LIKE A MANIAC LMAO
When it really disappointed you: that dianetti haven’t had their love story tbh
Saddest moment: when holt left the nine nine — I cried
Most well done character death: have there even been dramatic character deaths at all am I forgetting something
Favourite guest star: Craig Robinson, who plays Doug Judy aka. the Pontiac bandit
Favourite cast member: easily Andy Samberg ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Character you wish was still alive: ??? does this even apply
One thing you hope really happens: like I said — give dianetti the love story they fucking deserve please and thank you
Most shocking twist: um, holt leaving the nine nine had my weak ass pretty shook. and the fact that he was eventually replaced by the vulture surprised me
When did you start watching/reading?: I’m not sure the exact date but only a while ago and I binge watched quite a lot
Best animal/creature: rosa’s dog, arlo
Favourite location: this is a tie between the bullpen and the ~iconic~ interrogation room
Trope you wish they would stop using: well this show is actually pretty good at avoiding typical tropes but there are a couple minor fat-phobic ones I could do without
One thing this show/book/film does better than others: diversity, well rounded characters, tackles hard issues while still keeping it light and comedic, a lot tbh
Funniest moments: okay every minute of this show is hilarious but two of my favourites would be when peralta played the guitar and screamed to annoy the perp into talking, and when he smashed the glass of the interrogation room and blamed Santiago for it. 
oh and every “title of your sex tape” joke ever
Couple you would like to see: since they already gave us peraltiago for which I’m eternally grateful, please give me dianetti
Actor/Actress you want to join the cast: I dunno man, the cast of this show is so perfect already.
Favourite outfit: any of amy’s pantsuits or when rosa wears that one purple shirt because it’s beautiful
Favourite item: the little gay pride flag on holt’s desk
Do you own anything related to this show/book/film?: no but I wish I did
What house/team/group/friendship group/family/race etc would you be in?: I dunno if I’m smart or frankly cool enough to be a member of the nine nine lol
Most boring plotline: idk, I liked all the plots of this show. I’m sure there’s something and I just can’t remember it right now
Most laughably bad moment: um, I can’t think of one lolol my memory is not working
Best flashback/flashfoward if any: every single flashback of holt is fantastic
Most layered character: um, maybe Amy or Rosa? but I also want to say Holt idk
Most one dimensional character: Charles. he’s pretty predictable and flat compared to the other characters. well if you ignore Hitchcock and Scully, who are solely there for cheap comic relief
Scariest moment: when I thought gina died lmao. I know they’d never kill her but nonetheless I was shook
Grossest moment: um I can’t think of a particular one at the moment
Best looking male: watching b99 comes with a really unpredictable crush on Andy Samberg lmao
Best looking female: fuck, every single female on this show is beautiful
Who you’re crushing on (if any): okay fine, well probably Andy and Stephanie Beatriz (who plays rosa)
Favourite cast moment: when Andy politely shut down a interviewer who asked a homophobic comment because thank you for this
Favourite transportation: jake’s dumpy car lmao
Most beautiful scene (scenery/shot wise): fuck, um probably every scene with peraltiago + lights in the background because there are like 4 or so scenes like that and they’re just really pretty
Unanswered question/continuity issue/plot error that bugs you: tbh I can’t really think of one
Best promo: ok this isn’t technically a promo but that one video with all of the times Holt insulted Wuntch is my favourite thing
At what point did you fall in love with this show/book: I think I went from casual fan to obsessed was at the episode where jake punched his childhood idol to defend his captain since the guy was homophobic. I was vastly impressed by the quality of the show and honestly wow?? I didn’t think a comedy that’s so lighthearted and easy to watch would be so gay positive, even with a gay captain? so I was happy about that

send me a show!

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If the leaks are correct and Jaime ends up North with Brienne in S8, how do you think their romance will develop? How do you envision their first kiss/declaration of love, maybe even consummation? Will it be a slow burn from spending a lot of time together or a sudden turning point if one of them ends up in danger in battle or what?

In my opinion the romance and sexual build up is done. They’re definitely at the top of this UST peak. Idk, even if you don’t ship it, I think you’d have to be fucking dead to not feel the tension there I mean I feel like I need to bang for them like I’m the one being teased ffs 

The build up has been happening since the end of season 2. THAT’S ALMOST 5 YEARS and for people who have read the books first LOL how are you alive for realz. I would have exploded from the accumulated energy by now. 

I think with the cast and crew straight up calling it love by now, Jaime doing the Heartkeeper thing, Tormund’s crush and sexual desire Brienne, Bronn straight up saying they’d fuck… I’m pretty certain they’re preparing us for a sexual reunion (and I can give loads of reasons/evidence as to why we are for sure getting a sex scene but that’s for another time) Yes, the characters don’t know they love one another, but I don’t think they’ll ever accept it before they’re physical. They’re so stubborn and constantly trying to convince themselves otherwise that with these two, their suppressed feelings are going to be like “ffs enough of this” and take the wheel of their brains before their conscious minds are capable of getting in the way. It’ll be after they’re laying on each other spent and naked that they’ll have to confront the reality of their emotions and how to move forward from there. So I really don’t see how there needs to be more set up. It’s really common to have characters declare their love for one another by showing it before they admit to themselves. 5 years is plenty, so sorry to you masochists who want more. They’ll probably bang, or become canon, within the first couple scenes they have together.

As for how I think it’ll go down? I’ve thought about this every day for the pat 5 years a bit. 

Scenario#1: Born out of an urge to comfort, Jaime slowly presses his lips to hers. They pull away, barely, looking confused and awkward. But their feelings are saying fuck you to the conscious self and they lean in again, this time kissing a bit harder. Eventually they surrender and the slow, tentative kisses turn into a passionate, heated battle as they blindly move towards a bed. Fumbling hands, clothes flying off. Once they’re on the bed the realization of what they’re about to do hits and they slow down again, back to nervous and awkward. Jaime kisses her again, down her neck. her body, back up to her lips. The continue kissing as they have slow and passionate love making. 

I think it’s really important they go slow for narrative reasons, because it’s a direct contrast to what he’s always known with his twin and Brienne is deliberately written to be the exact opposite of Cersei in every way AND… he’s a romantic. Being able to savor the moment is what he desires. It would also be beautiful, considering Brienne is this rough and hard woman yet in bed she’d be treated with such care and gentle touch, the opposite of how you’d expect someone to treat her, or how she probably thinks she’d be handled. 

I always think back on this quote from Jaime’s POV in AFFC when he’s giving Peck advice

Sweet words. Gentle touches. You don’t want to wed her, but so long as you’re abed treat her as you would your bride.”  

Scenario#2: Like the first, but instead of a shy first kiss, they are bickering or saw the other almost die or they’re about to go into battle and they just slam into each other, heated kisses right fro the start. But always ALWAYS slow sex for the first time. And, in any scenario, I’m pretty sure their first kiss will also lead to sex. I envision them to treat JB like Jon/Ygritte and Robb/Talisa

Now time to let my mind go fluffier


Jaime shows up North and pulls out Widow’s Wail and says, “it’s a twin sword.” And Brienne s all in awe again, totally clueless that Jaime is coming onto her and that the sword MEANS SOMETHING ELSE and then to mirror the Oathkeeper scene she says, “does it have a name?” and Jaime pauses, the corner of his mouth twitching up a bit, and says, “Maiden Fair” (or whatever Brienne related name you want to insert there) so then she has a sword she named after him and he has a sword he named after her and 

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Then she goes all red, he pushes her against the wall as their lips smash, they fumble to the ground/bed/table and they bang non stop through every S8 episode, into the final credits, and beyond 

Koro’s Top 5 Anime Of 2015

The end of the year is here and that means we should clear gear, dear… Just kidding, I was just trying to make that rhyme. Well, the end of the year means all kinds of “ Best ____ Of 2015″ so let me join the hype and create my own top 5.

TOP 5(+1) ANIME OF 2015!

While making this list I realized something: compared to previous years, I’m having trouble making a favorites list. I checked my 2014 favorite anime list and it was a top 10, A TOP 10! and it was full of anime that I love even now! plus honorable mentions! but this year I’m having a bit of trouble making a top 5(+1)! there’s something definitely weird here. You may also say that I just didn’t watch enough anime this year but I actually watched even more series this year than 2014, an amazing total of 56 anime series (Winter: 14/ Spring: 14/ Summer: 14/ Fall: 14), not including short anime, so that’s definitely not the reason. Maybe I’m just becoming a horrible anime elitist! Someone stop me before it’s too late! Now my top 5(plus one, yeah) :

#5- Hibike! Euphonium.

It’s not a secret that all of Kyoani’s anime are animation masterpieces, but this time Kyoani created one of the most aesthetically beautiful anime: Hibike!. I like music anime and I like Kyoani so this was definitely going to be part of my 2015 top 5 anime.

What Is This Anime About?: Hibike! follows Kumiko, a high school student who plays the Euphonium in her school’s brass brand. The intention of said brass band is to qualify for the national band competition but it seems to be impossible, given the fact that, well, most of the members of the band suck. As they try to achieve their dream, the members of the band grow as musicians and as people.

What I really like about Hibike! is not only the animation but also the fact that the interactions between characters feel really natural, like something that could actually happen in real life. The characters are not stiff, their voices are not “Anime Voices™” you know, the high pitched girly voices, I’m sure you have heard them before at least 100 times. Another thing I really like is Kumiko’s monologues, they make it easier to understand what Kumiko is feeling at the moment. Overall the voice acting is really one of my favorites of the year, it feels “real” and believable.

#4- Death Parade.

“Everybody! Put your hands up! Now we’re flying! We’ll become wings!” We have all seen Death Parade’s opening, I’m sure. That funky song, sick dance moves, upbeat rhythm and just happy feeling… but don’t be deceived! Death Parade is actually a heartbreaking anime, it will make you cry and cry and reconsider your own life and decisions so far.

What Is This Anime About?: When humans die, they’re usually sent to the “void” (yeah, pretty much hell) or they’re reincarnated, but sometimes, some souls arrive at Quindecim, a bar attended by Decim, one of our protagonists and an arbiter. An arbiter’s job is to draw out the true feelings of a soul to be judged according to them, they decide if said souls go to the void or if they reincarnate. This is Decim’s everyday, until a mysterious black-haired woman appears and starts to change Decim a little.

*SPOILERS!* I really liked Death Parade’s message: humans are not completely black or white, everyone is different and complex, making the system to judge souls not a good one. *SPOILERS OVER!*

Death Parade is a really deep anime that will seriously make you think twice before judging people and life. Plus! incredible animation and art-style (thanks MadHouse!)! 

*Warning: this anime includes dark topics such as depression, death and suicide*

#3- PunchLine.

I’ll be honest, I hate most types of fanservice, panty-shots and I absolutely hate ecchi anime, I seriously can’t stand them; so when my favorite T.V block, NoitaminA, announced PunchLine, an anime all about panties and fanservice, I lost it. I said to myself “Hey, you may be a NoitaminA fan but this is just too much, there’s no way I’ll watch it” but I still gave this anime a chance, and I’m glad because it turned out to be one of my top anime of 2015.

If I had to describe PunchLine using only 5 words it would probably be something like these: Panties, Ghosts, Meteorite, Cinnamon and Confusion (I mean, just look at that screenshot).

What Is This Anime About?: This anime is about Yuuta, a very special snowflake. When this guy sees panties he just gets so excited he faints right at the moment. One day, Yuuta gets involved in a car accident and his soul leaves his body, making him a ghost. how will he get his body back?

If you watch this anime because you like panties: Great, you’ll get tons and tons of panty-shots during the first episode but luckily (at least for me) the level of fanservice drastically drops after the first few episodes; now, if you like to watch ecchi shows for their “plot”: Congratulations! There’s actually a plot this time! PunchLine’s plot line is a bit confusing, so be sure to pay attention to everything if you want to understand what’s going on, expect lots of comedy, sadness, tears, drama, spirits and songs.

*Warning: The plot is confusing so maybe you will have to watch this anime a second time to catch something that you didn’t notice the first time, also obviously lots of panties*

#2.1 (You Can (Not) MOE)- Non Non Biyori Repeat.

I’ve been a fan of Non Non Biyori since 2013 so you can’t blame me for including it in my top anime of 2015. At first Non Non was just going to be a honorable mention but I felt too guilty.

There’s no way of describing this anime without using the word “cute”, believe me. The animation and art style are simply beautiful and jaw dropping, every scene is as astonishing as it could possibly get. 

What Is This Anime About?:  Cute girls doing cute things, that’s it, this anime has even less plot than your average harem or ecchi. Non Non is about life in the countryside, there’s no Wi-Fi so everyone is bored and they just pretend to have a life, a job and friends. Renge is one of those bored souls, she and her friends have fun together all day long. They go camping, fishing, catch bugs, tell horror stories, it’s all good and fun.

What I really really like about Non Non is the calm feeling it gives, it’s relaxing and peaceful, no fights, no drama, no angst, pure moe calmness. This anime since the very first season clearly stated that there’s no actual plot so don’t expect this anime is gonna go somewhere because it isn’t. Heck, Non Non even makes the countryside look interesting, even if there’s no Wi-Fi.

*Warning: SLOW PACING, cuteness overload maybe*

#2- Yuri Kuma Arashi.

Shock! Kuma Shock! My second favorite anime of the year is also something I had never expected to like: Lesbian Bear Storm. The director and creator of the anime, Ikuhara Kunihiko, is well know for his same sex relationships in anime, and all of his previously directed series ( Revolutionary Girl Utena and Mawaru Pengindrum ) are believed to be masterpieces; Sadly I have yet to watch them, but if they’re as good as YuriKuma, then I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. 

What Is This Anime About?: As the title implies, YuriKuma is about lesbians and bears, sometimes lesbian bears, finding true love and kisses. Some time ago, there was an asteroid called “Kumaria” and well, that asteroid exploded. The little pieces of Kumaria rained down on Earth, making the bears become violent and attack humans. The humans build up the “Wall of Severance” to stop the bears, and things finally calmed down. Or so was supposed to happen….

My favorite episode of YuriKuma is episode 4, it tells the story of Lulu (my favorite character of the anime, if you have seen this anime already then you know the struggle), the princess of a Bear Kingdom, in the bear world, and her little brother, who loves his sister so much he would do anything for her, this episode, like most of the episodes, is funny without being a comedy but it’s also really sad, this one being one of the saddest episodes in my opinion.

YuriKuma is not only about the relationships and love of the characters, it’s a social criticism to the way homosexual women are excluded, specially in japan, it is a different point of view to same sex love, it’s a gorgeous story with beautiful art-style, it’s an anime you don’t want to miss, shaba-da-doo.

*Warning: if you don’t like same sex relationships, sexual imagery, bears, symbolism or guns, then this anime is definitely not for you*

#1- Kekkai Sensen.

If you have been following my tumblr for a while, I’m sure you saw this coming. Kekkai Sensen (also know as Blood Blockade Battlefront) is without a single doubt my favorite anime of the entire year, and also one of my top 3 anime ever. This masterpiece was directed by the genius Matsumoto Rie, who is now my favorite anime director. Every single episode of KS is full of action, colors, incredible animation, funny scenes and jaw dropping revelations. This anime has many things to tell in just 12 episodes (and one recap), so sometimes you will find yourself rewatching scenes to completely understand their meanings but even if the anime is full of all kinds of ideas, Matsumoto Rie is extremely skilled, making it possible to pack so much content in this anime without it feeling like a mess.

What Is This Masterpiece About, Koro?: Well… KS is about lots of things, from cute aliens eating hamburgers, to satan, demons and biblical references to the apocalypse. It’s a great show, indeed. As for the plot: One day like any other in New York City a portal opens to the “Beyond”, creating a door for monsters and aliens and all kinds of creatures to come and go as they please. It’s Libra’s (a crime fighting organization) job to prevent trouble and fights in this crazy melting pot of living things, trying to create a peaceful everyday life. The main character of the story is Leonardo Watch, a simple human with some sort of superpower, trying to help his little sister. He comes across Libra and that’s when things get hectic!

I’m in no way kidding you when I say it usually took me around 2 hours to watch a single episode of the anime because I kept rewatching and rerewatching the same episode over and over again just to be sure I understood what was happening, just to make sure I didn’t miss even a single detail in the animation, or to try to figure out the meaning behind a certain camera angle, but this is just me, it was a bit of an obsession, you see. Most of the watchers of this anime only watched it once and still understood what was happening, so no need to rewatch this anime 4 times to understand it.

I could spend hours talking about how much I love this anime and that still wouldn’t be enough time to express my love entirely; The animation, the OST, the plot, the characters (all of them. even the villains, even sonic), the seiyuu, the OP/ED, I love absolutely every single scene, every single thing… I love it.

*Warning: Epilepsy triggers here and there. If you are epileptic please be careful while watching this anime. Also some blood once in a while*

Honorable Mentions:

  • Osomatsu-San (Best comedy of the year)
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan
  • Akagami No Shirayukihime (Best shoujo of the year, yes I watched Ore Monogatari and I still think Shirayuki is better)
  • Gakkou Gurashi! (Oh, that first episode, someone hold me please!)
  • Shokugeki No Souma (Another ecchi anime that I surprisingly liked)

So there it is! my top 5(+.5+.5) anime of this year! I hope I’m not forgetting anything, that would be a disaster. I also think the reason I had so many problems this year making my top 5 (+2-1) is because compared to Kekkai Sensen, the rest of the anime I watched were not as good. Yes, I liked KS THAT much. Thanks for reading.


You were my very first internet friend from way back in our Quotev days (let us never speak of such dark times lmao). We’ve known each other for what…5+ years now?? Being able to be a part of your writing journey has been crazy amazing. You’re definitely one of my biggest writing inspirations and one of my favorite authors. I truly believe that you will be a successful published writer someday. On top of being an extraordinary writer, your edits are breathtaking! Like, I want to get on your level. You’re just goals in so many different ways. I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me and for supporting me through all of my creative endeavors. I will forever be grateful to you because you’re the whole reason I have a tumblr (remember when I used to be scared to get one), and I’ve met so many other internet friends that are just as important to my life as a result. I’m so glad that we’ve been talking more lately because I love you so much, babe <3 


I just finished watching Tamako Market and Tamako Love Story… and it’s definitely one of my top 5 animes.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance

If you’re the type of person who likes cute love stories without too much drama, then you’ll adore this show. It’s sort of like Romeo and Juliet… but instead of rivaling families, it’s rivaling mochi shops. There’s also a talking bird that pops in, but let’s not focus on that right now.

The world has a lot of troubles right now, and many people seem to only notice the flaws in others. But Tamako Market explores how love, friendship, and most importantly community, can really make an impact on someone’s life and personality. Tamako Love Story, the movie sequel to Tamako Market, follows the same characters. However, it deepens the understanding of how the characters feel and what their anxieties/troubles are. Simply, it tells us that we are much better off confronting our problems than trying to avoid them.

So if you have some free time, give this anime a try. Especially if you need something bright in your life.


heads up; I have no chill, this will be a long one. 

My dad is visiting from home, so I pulled my ass out of bed at the crack of 9:30 to be a good tourist and show him a day on the town. We went to chinatown, we went to get deep dish. And by 4:00 I was DONE. I tried to convince him to let me go home and nap, but he was being all “whatever you want to do, my lovely daughter” aka “I came all this way and we’re going to go to your apartment to nap?” so in a last ditch attempt to be a good hostess, I decided to take him home by way of the riverwalk. On the riverwalk I found a suitable patch of grass, and sat my ass down to nap as he went around taking photos. An important thing to note is that my dad has one of those large ridiculous cameras, that are so not subtle, and he loves taking candids of me (which I love that he does too). So I’m laying on the grass and a guy with a camera walks up and sits next to me (there’s not a lot of grass where i was sitting, there’s just a bunch of weird benches and grass and shit). I completely ignore him, assuming he’s a newscameraman or something. Then suddenly there’s a bunch of people, all lounging about and chillin. 

My dad comes over and signs “hey what’s going on here?” and I translate, turning to the chillest looking mother fucker in the group, to ask “hey whats up?” And the conversation goes as follows;

“We’re shooting for a tv show here, it’s called Sense8; it’s on netflix. Have you heard of it?”

“YES I mean, yeah-” I turn to sign/talk to my dad (note that I’m very verbal when I sign”) “it’s that show we were watching last night, they’re filming it.” 

“Yeah this is our 3rd of 4 locations.” 

“Which actors are going to be here?” 

“I can’t tell you that, but you can hang around for a bit until we clear everyone out.”

So of course, I turn to my dad and sign “we’re staying here until they kick us out.” 

I figure it’d be best to be chill and not take a million photos (I do have photos but they’re on my dad’s camera). For the 30 to 50 min that they’re setting up, I just get increasingly anxious and nervous. And then LANA WACHOWSKI SAT NEXT TO ME. part of me wanted to shout “I LOVED JUPITER ASCENDING” but I forced myself to not say anything (mostly for fear of throwing up) 

then TUPPENCE MIDDLETON AND BRIAN J SMITH SHOW UP. which you know, makes sense. It’s on the chicago riverwalk. As soon as I heard that they were filming I figured it’d be a make out scene by the river (spoiler alert; they were filming a makeout scene by the river)

Chillest motherfucker comes back and asks me if my dad and I want to be an extra”if you guys just want to sit in the background and sign and stuff.”

to which I say “YES”

He gives us a place to sit on the terraced  steps. near some other extras. For a minute I thought he was only making us sit there so I wouldn’t be staring from so close up. As the place he sat us at meant we couldn’t see SHIT. But then he let us move up further. 

At this point, my dad is getting annoyed. We’re sitting in the sun, very visibly not on camera at all, and I keep freaking out. So he whips out his huge camera and starts taking photos. The extra behind me is an annoying mother fucker who calls Lana a “transvestite” which JUST NO BUDDY. he also won’t shut up about chicago med/fire and another show that he was on. NO ONE CARES BUDDY. BRIAN J SMITH TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT NOT 20 FT AWAY FROM ME. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT SENSE8 RN.

Chillest motherfucker returns and says “hey, apparently they’re not turning the camera this way, want to walk with all the extras?” To which I drag my dad down. The first time we fuck up epically, and kinda just walk a bit and get confused. The second time we walk right in front of the camera- btw I’m looking rough as fuck. my hair is a mess and I have farmer’s tan like no one’s business. BUT I WALKED LIKE TWO FEET FROM THE PAIR OF THEM. 

I don’t want to post any spoilers (other then the one about them making out) but they basically filmed the same thing over and over again. Where they’re talking to one of the other sensates they alluded to. It was hot as balls (my farmer’s tan will definitely be replaced with a burn). Brian J Smith was wearing a sweater (and Tuppence was wearing a weather appropriate tank top) and they kept taking breaks to wrap a wet cloth around his abs (and I was THANK YOU EVERY MOMENT THAT LED TO THIS ONE). My dad thinks Tuppence has a “Really expressive face” and now he’e excited to watch the show. Getting him to watch 5 min last night was like pulling teeth. And now he’s sitting here watching the Lito fuck up his lines. it’s great. 

Anyways. Tl;dr I spent two hours hanging around set to be an extra. I probably wont be on screen. Photos to follow. 

loveniaimani  asked:

Explain Caskett to me. I know it is a ship on Castle but I have never seen the show. I reblogged that audio post without reading the comments & automatically got Olitz feels of desperation but for you, I will dive into this Caskett thing & see what clips I can find to make a video. I'm not saying it will be soon. I probably have to watch the show first & get a feel for the two people but I will make the video.


External image

YEEEESSSSSSS!!!! Caskett is my favorite ship. I don’t even know where to start.

But it’s Rick Castle and Kate Beckett

External image

and Beckett is a detective and Castle is a world famous mystery writer. They meet because Beckett is investigating a murder that is a replica of a crime scene that Castle wrote about in one his books so he tags along to help solve the case and the chemistry was totally there.

So Castle decides to make her the main character of his new book series, Nikki Heat, which is completely inspired by her and their adventures together so that he can shadow her. (These are also real books that you can buy in really any bookstore.) And he dedicates them all to her. The opening can give you a brief overview.

And that’s how they start their partnership. For the last six seasons he’s been shadowing her for “inspiration” but we all knew that 

and eventually they started a relationship together. During all of this though, Beckett was struggling with trying to solve the murder of her mother which was unsolved and she ends up of getting shot because of it.

External image

They eventually catch the guy who was responsible for her mother’s death, no joke like 3 episodes ago, in season 6.

External image

This show is basically a clusterfuck of gooey feelings because, for the most part, it’s incredibly lighthearted and definitely not as serious and dramatic as Scandal.

Now, that song that you reblogged is I Just Want You which was composed by Robert Duncan and he scores Castle. That song was used for the season 4 finale where Castle and Beckett FINALLY get together after a huge fight and has also been slightly rescored, depending on the mood, for other Caskett scenes after this. But originally it was for this amazing moment.

I was so excited that I literally bit my knee trying to keep calm because I was screaming and crying and flailing. It was serious business. You can watch that scene here and an example of rescoring here in the morning after scene beginning season 5.

There has been six seasons but like every show there are a few fillers that aren’t really necessary so instead of watching a bunch of episodes, I suggest that you watch Still which is one of the last episodes in season 5. Technically it was a filler episode, and their one low budget episode of the season but it is definitely in my top ten of favorite Castle episodes because it’s literally their entire relationship in 42 minutes and I just

So yeah. Castle. Clearly I like this show a lot. This blog used to be a Castle only blog. But now I’m in my feels so instead of writing Scandal fanfic like I was going to, I’m going to go watch Castle until I’m curled in a ball and crying because I just remembered 

But I hope that I haven’t overwhelmed you and that you like it and that you really do make a Caskett video because you were glued to them like

External image

and in the end you’re like

External image

(Also, sidenote, Darby Stanchfield plays Castle’s ex wife Meredith and she’s great)


First Love

As I’ve said before,I’ve been rewatching Teen Wolf lately, and I’ve just gotten to the flashback episode telling the story of Derek and Paige. It’s actually one of my favorites (definitely top 5). The actors that play Young Derek and Paige were just so good! Their chemistry rivaled that Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed in my humble opinion. Anyway, while watching, I got this idea. I hope you like it! :)

You and Derek had been together for almost an entire year now, but there was still so much that you didn’t know about him, and that was something you had learned to accept about Derek. You knew that Derek didn’t keep things to himself to hurt you. He didn’t even do it to protect himself. There were things in Derek’s life that were just too painful for him to talk about. You understood that, and you were fine with giving Derek his space.

On the other hand, there were some things that you’d like to know about, just to understand your boyfriend better. As much as you understood that he needed his space and privacy, you also wanted to feel close to him and be there for him. You wanted what you and Derek had to last. You loved him, but lately, there was this nagging voice in the back of your head telling you that you’d always be his second choice, that for some reason, Derek couldn’t be with the girl he really loved.

One afternoon, you and Derek are sitting on the couch in his loft. You’re leaning against one end of the couch, a textbook in your lap while your feet are stretched out and sitting in Derek’s lap. He’s resting a book on top of them, and he’s completely concentrated on the piece of literature in his hands. 

You watch as that all too familiar wrinkle of skin on Derek’s forehead, the one right between his eyes, appears. You had learned that crease only appeared when Derek was in deep thought, often while thinking his most vulnerable thoughts.

“What was her name?” You gather up the courage to ask Derek.

The man looks up from his book and towards you. “Whose? What girl?” He questions you, his green-blue eyes drop and fixate on your own.

You close your textbook before leaning the side of your head against the back of the couch. “The girl who broke your heart.” You reply simply. This wasn’t an interrogation. It was just a lazy conversation. Derek had the option to stop the conversation before it started if he wanted to. He always had that option, and he knew it. He also knew that you wouldn’t hold it against him. He loved that you didn’t push him to talk if he didn’t want to.

Derek lets out a sigh while closing his book and setting it aside. “She didn’t break my heart. She died.” Derek pauses, and in the way that his eyes shift, you know that he’s remembering, probably reliving whatever happened. “I killed her.” Derek flashes his eyes back to yours.

You sit up and scoot closer to Derek. Now, your legs are bent. Your feet on one side of his lap while your bottom is nearly touching the other side. You wrap your arms around your legs and rest your chin on your knees. You face is only eight or so inches away from Derek’s. “I’m sure that’s not true.” You tell Derek, still looking into his eyes.

Derek had expected that his response would scare you, not bring your body closer to his own. Then again, Derek should have known that you would surprise him. You always did. You were so caring. You accepted that there were sides of Derek that would never be considered happy-go-lucky, or even innocent for that matter. “It is, in more ways than one.” Derek softly tells you while reaching a hand out and resting it on your legs.

“Tell me what happened.” You whisper to Derek. Although it was phrase as a statement, it really was more of a request.

Derek ponders your request for a long, quiet moment. “Her name was Paige, and I was a sophomore when I met her.” Derek looks back at you again. “From the moment I met her, I was infatuated with her.” Derek lets himself smile, just a small bit, at the memory of teasing her with the basketball and then playing the triangle just to learn her name. Then, after just a few seconds, the smile disappears. “She was…” 

“Your first love.” You finish for Derek.

Derek nods his head. “Yeah, she really was.” Derek takes another deep breath, letting his chest puff up and then letting it deflate slowly as he lets the breath out. “But, I got scared… Of her finding out what I was, of losing her… of just not being with her.” Derek shakes his head slowly. “I was young, and I was stupid. I let Peter manipulate me, and because of that, she died.”

“Good ol’ Uncle Peter…” You mutter under your breath. You had only had the unfortunate luck of meeting him a handful of times before he was committed to Eichen House’s secret wing, but that had been more than enough times for you. You had never liked Peter, and you hated the way he used manipulation to get what he wanted from Derek and the rest of your friends.

“There were packs of werewolves in town, and one of the packs lost a member. He was killed by hunters.” Derek looks away again, and you know he’s back in time again, reliving each painful second of his memories. “Peter convinced me that the only way to be with Paige forever would be if she were a werewolf, too. I wasn’t an alpha, and my mother never would have given her the bite. But, the killed werewolf’s pack needed a new member.” Derek clenches his jaw as he thinks about what he did next. “I begged Ennis to turn Paige. I knew there was a risk of her body rejecting it, but… I just didn’t accept that it actually would.”

“But, she did reject the bite?” You ask. You knew it was true. You also knew that after a person was bitten, they’d either become a werewolf or they’d die. There were only two options. As you continue to look at Derek, you see all of the pain running over his face.

“I was there that night. By the time I realized it was wrong, it was too late.” Derek’s eyebrows furrow at the memory. “I tried to save her, to stop Ennis, but by the time I got there, he’d already bitten her. It only took minutes for me to realize that the bite was killing her. I took her to an old cellar, where the nematon is, and I held her while she was dying.” As Derek continues to stare off across the room, you can see the tears forming in his eyes. “The pain… It was just too much for her. I… I couldn’t watch her go through that. She was struggling to survive.” Derek turns back and locks eyes with you again. His blue eyes look crystal clear, as if the tears had helped clean the irises of anything blocking their natural beauty. “I didn’t want her to suffer anymore so I… I did it. I stopped her suffering.”

You knew what that meant, and you weren’t going to make Derek say another word about it. “Derek, she was in agonizing pain, and I’m sure she knew what that pain was doing to you.” You lean forward and hold Derek’s head between your hands, softly running one of your thumbs over his cheek. 

“She asked me to do it… But that doesn’t change that the fact that I’m the reason she’s dead.” Derek clenches his jaw again as his throat tightens.

“Derek, I may not have known Paige, but I know that she knew how much you loved her. You may not believe or like it, but you wear your heart on your sleeve.” You pause to let that sink in. “Your eyes give your emotions away, and I’m wiling to bet that Paige loved you just as much as you loved her. She’d forgive you, and she’d want you to forgive yourself.”

“I can’t.” Derek shakes his head while slowing turning your body so he could stand up. He was starting to feel too vulnerable, too afraid. Thinking about the past did that to him.

You stand up and grab Derek’s hand in your own. “Well, regardless of your past, I love you now.” You pull on his hand, and Derek’s eyes jump to look into yours. “And, you deserve that love, Derek. You deserve to be happy just like everybody else. Paige would want that for you.”

Derek locks his jaw while letting some of the emotion he was feeling pass. When he feels composed enough, he looks back at you. “You make me feel happy, more than I ever thought I could be.” 

“You make me feel happy, and you make me feel loved, Derek.” You step closer to him and rest your free hand on his side. You wanted to feel close to him, but you also wanted Derek to feel like he had someone to lean on when he needed it. 

“I do love you, Y/N.” Derek tilts his head downwards and rests his forehead against yours. 

You don’t say another word. You just stand on your tiptoes and kiss Derek lightly. There were times for words, and there were times for actions. Derek had never been one for talking so this time you just let your actions speak for you. You were sure that Derek could feel your love through the kiss and through your hold. If he didn’t, you’d spend the rest of your life proving it to him. You’d spend the rest of your life proving to him that he deserved it.

He may never let go of the scars of his first love, but you’d make damn sure that the wounds left open, even still after all this time, would mend and be stitched back up. He’d be whole again, maybe scarred and fractured, but whole nonetheless.

Ah, there it is! I don’t know why, but I’m nervous to post this one… Is it too much? Did I get too sappy?