it is like a dream

My actual husband Mat Sella from @dreamdaddygame

I don’t see enough fan art of this guy and he’s so wholesome, I decided to make my own! He’s so handsomeeeeee


you know what forget what I said and just  t a k e  t h e m

I was planning on making these mobile backgrounds simpler but I got distracted (which is a very normal thing) and I ended up spending more time on them than intended. XD (the dreamswap bros one, at least, the Blueberry one was easier)


Just a reminder.
Just because I like a character who does or has done something awful or shitty to any extent does not mean I forgive them for the things or wants to come up with excuses or think what they did was “cute”


dream girl

“I love you,” she whispers, kissing his clothed shoulder.

Harry’s face flushes, but for some reason, he responds with, “I love you, too.”

And he doesn’t feel like he’s lying.

Or: The one where Harry dreams of a girl he’s never met, but somehow, he feels like he’s known her all his life.

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Headcanon that MC likes clinging to Hugo's back like a koala /everywhere/ they go, he'll just randomly do it and not give any shits who sees, bonus points if he convinces Ernest to do it too so Hugo has no choice but to walk around with a grown ass man on his back and his son on his front. There are a /lot/ of pictures on Dadbook.

my dadsona is actually p short so it works lmao ~Vic

Incorrect NCT Quotes #1
  • Mark: You have been known to 'act out'.
  • Haechan: Like when?
  • Mark: You drove the lawnmower into the living room.
  • Haechan: By accident!
  • Jeno: You filled our swimming pool with lobsters.
  • Haechan: To make money!
  • Jisung: Should I mention the stink bomb at my sister's wedding?
  • Haechan: Oh, come on, even you hate your sister!

Come visit the forest-y town of Camomile; where everything is blue and bright. Enjoy the goodies left around town for you to find. The town may be blue but you won’t be!

💙 DA: 4C00-0063-3DF7 💙

Y’all are having superpower gate and I know I talked a little bit in bbcan5 about having psychic dreams (i had at least two right dreams about who would win HOH) but I have them in real life a lot and okay so my grandpa passed away a few months ago and I’ve had a lot of weird dreams about him since and maybe a month ago? i had one where I was in this house with him and my Uncle but i didn’t know where we were bc it wasn’t their current house. and so my sister’s closet collapsed like two days ago so she had to dig everything out and we were going through some pictures we found and I found one of my grandma that i hadnt seen before and I was like wait wtf that the exact house that I was in in my dream so I asked my mom and it was their old house that burned down way before my parents had even met so i’ve obviously never been in it and it’s fucked up bc I could tell my mom the layout of the house that wasn’t shown in the picture just based on my dream and i’ve literally never seen a picture of it before yesterday and it was weird and i just felt like sharing it sdkfjskldfj