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I was at self check tonight and this woman came through with her two young children. They were kinda misbehaving, but honestly weren't that bad. The mom got so mad at them though, for barely doing anything! She was screaming at them, cussing at them, swatting their hands and backsides, and generally manhandling them ROUGHLY. Everyone was staring at her because she was being so horrible. And of course she needed my help. She then had the nerve to tell me never to have kids. It was awful. Fuck.

Quick Saeran Sketch. 

I’m sorry for being too inactive here. I was busy these weeks. I drawed this Saeran and I thought that I could post it here. Is kinda bad, but I tried to do something more realistic. I need to improve my anatomy skills and learn a lot of colour, I’ll spent the next weeks studying colour palettes and bones and muscles inside the human body.

So we are all in agreement- if I throw magnets at the gentry (with the condition i don’t start a war) I will not be kicked out of the ‘no killing people or fighting the fey’ club?

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I totes get your feeling 100% but if that were true than how come Daisy feels comfortable liking romantic art of the two characters. Like I get creators support their fans but most creators get really uncomfortable when fandom ships two things that are kinda bad.

If nothing else, Official People™ liking Reylo content means that “the Reylos” aren’t as reviled as Tumblr likes to pretend we are. Which makes me happy.

ok i’m not sure if i’m wording this well at all dfigjncvclvnx but…i really like cartoons that are pretty silly most of the time but will still have some episodes that r really dark or sad a LOT more than i do when they’re serious or if they like… start out light and end up being Dark™ later on…

cause with the first any sad stuff actually has a big impact because it’s DIFFERENT…like even when you know it’s coming when the rest of a show is so lighthearted any really emotional scenes will have a big effect

but with the second thing you just. get used to it. it’s especially bad with the kinda stuff that does start out light cause for a while it’ll feel like the first thing i described and then it shifts into Full Time Serious Mode and…nothing feels really new…when they keep doing sad stuff every episode there’s never any change in atmosphere. it stops feeling sad and starts feeling just like a normal thing. 

i dunno how much any of that actually makes sense but…yea hopefully u can see what i mean…anyway this is why i haven’t cried over a single episode of su but i’ve cried literally more times than i can count over pinky and the brain

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Oh god can you imagine Naegi and Kirigiri buying fancy liquor with the intention to experiment with it? Naegi tries to make Kirigiri a bloody mary, misjudges the amount of vodka and gets her completely sloshed on the first glass. He'd probably feel kinda bad for it, but she's all "ish okayyyy..." (heck, maybe she realized and drank it anyway)

That sounds hilarious

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I think the main reasons Zuko acted the way he did was because he didn't understand between right and wrong, what do you think? Like his actions in Book 3 and in previous books.

Well, Zukos spirital awakening is one thing, but I think it’s kinda logical that he would still want to return home. Yes, he cares much about Iroh and he never turned his back on him like that but the plot have never brought up something that would let Zuko go home. All I want to say, I don’t think this “awakening” thing would change anything. He would still want to return home, even though he kinda knows that it wouldn’t be so bad to stay with Iroh in Ba sing Se.

I just cannot get on board with this. It doesn’t make any sense to go through a meticulous depiction of a spiritual awakening if the character doesn’t understand basic right from wrong. Spiritual awakenings are rare and they drastically change your life. They happen when you are at a very advanced point in your spiritual growth. If they wanted Zuko to still be conflicted, it was very stupid to give him such an awakening in Book 2. Essentially a waste of screen time. Zuko went through all of the stages of an awakening. The way he was written in Book 3 was like it never happened.

Stage 1

Trigger/spontaneous awakening. A spiritual awakening is often triggered by something experienced which had a deep effect in the mind of the person going through the awakening but an awakening can also happen spontaneously too. A trigger can be the loss of a loved one, a near death experience, a spiritual experience or some other event or situation that had a profound effect on the person going through the awakening. Most spiritual awakenings are caused through some sort of shock event or experience that had a deep effect on the person’s soul. The spiritual awakening now begins, brought on either through a trigger event or spontaneously.

Zuko had no idea that he was going to let the Avatar’s bison go that day. It was a sudden and unexpected act of selflessness that made him question everything he has been striving to do for the past 3 years.

Stage 2

Shock and upheaval. The start of the spiritual awakening will be a huge shock to the system especially if it was triggered by an event such as the loss of a loved one or a near death experience. The person going through the awakening will experience a revelation and a realization which may be very overwhelming emotionally for them and the person will start to become aware in a way they never were before. They will now begin to question things in a serious way such as life and death, the afterlife, God, spirituality, their own life and lives of others, the world they live in and themselves and the event that triggered their awakening. Awareness is now activated and the beginning of the awareness process now starts in stage 2 of the spiritual awakening.

Zuko let his Blue Spirit mask go and then he went into a state of shock and passed out.

Stage 3

Chakras begin to open. In stage 3 of the awakening the chakras will now begin to open one at a time as energy pulses through each of the 7 chakras, the energy centers of the body. The opening of each chakra will now cause the symptoms of the spiritual awakening. The symptoms can either be mild or life affecting and it is in stage 3 where people may begin to even question their own sanity due to the intensity of the symptoms. Stage 3 of the awakening is the hardest of all the stages because of the affect the symptoms can have on the person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Stage 3 can be dramatic and traumatic and can take its toll on the mind and body and It can be a very confusing and disruptive time. It is in stage 3 that you will really need to take care of yourself, take lots of rest when possible and eat and drink well. If the emotional and mental symptoms of the awakening is too much to bare because of old and difficult memories cropping up or because you are doubting and worrying about what is happening to you it may help to speak to someone who can help you deal with these feelings. Stage 3 is when you will start to take a deeper look at yourself which for some may be very hard to cope with if they already have low self- esteem, confidence and a negative view on themselves and also this stage may cause upsetting memories to resurface which may be too painful to deal with by self. Awareness continues as the chakras begin to open one by one causing many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual symptoms.

This is why he got sick.

Stage 4

Healing process begins. Once the difficulties of stage 3 are almost over the person going through the spiritual awakening will now go through a healing process of the body and the mind. After all the disruption of stage 3, stage 4 will be a welcome relief. It is in stage 4 when the person will now start to accept who they are, their past, their life, their experiences and they will begin to love themselves because they will now be learning acceptance not just with themselves but with life in general without feeling bitter and resentful. They will also start to lose all the anger, hurt, pain and judgments that they have been carrying around not only at themselves but towards other people too. They will begin to see themselves, others and the world they live in, in a whole new and positive light and they may now start to change their views and opinions on life and on others that they had previously before. They are continuing to become aware and will go through a huge and positive transformation in this stage. The symptoms from stage 3 have now started to calm down but there will still be many symptoms but they should be easier to handle now as the body goes through the healing process. Awareness continues as the healing process now begins.

He was already in the fourth stage. You don’t just go backwards just like that.

Stage 5

Spiritual awakening completed. In stage 5 the spiritual awakening has now completed and the person now has awareness like they have never before. This stage is a wonderful stage to be in because it will turn a person’s life around in a complete and positive way. The person will now feel happier with who they are and will accept and love who they are, they will not be quick to judge others but will now have compassion and empathy towards other people, animals and nature. In stage 5 they will have now realized that they are connected to every living thing on this planet and beyond. They will realize that nothing and no one is separate and that we were all created together by the same source, and that even though people may have different names for that source, it is still the same source which we all came from and will go back to eventually. The spiritual awakening process is now completed and although the person is now awakened they will continue to become more aware as they progress through their life learning new lessons and developing their soul but now with a new and different prospective than they had before. This spiritual awakening may reflect on them in their future lifetimes and they may find that they will be quite spiritually aware at a very young age in their next lifetime.

I believe it was Ehasz’ intention to show Zuko completing his awakening process just in time for him to return home to his old life. That is why the episode was called The Awakening and why Zuko seems so sad and lonely in this episode. It was supposed to be ironic that he gets to go home right after he stopped wanting to go back. This would have made for an interesting twist of fate for Zuko. I just don’t think it makes sense for him to struggle with basic right and wrong after he already completed his awakening.

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Ive had a crush on this guy for a long time (like 3 years) and now im 19 and hes 30 and we're talking none stop but he's in a bad place rn with his depression. But he kinda flirts but he won't get too close ik that. He'd help me so much if he'd just get close.

Being with someone with depression is very hard, u either stay and support them or you make the decision to leave and start over and wish him all the best because your only 19 girl you don’t need to put up with that if you don’t have to! It’s not gonna be nice waking up and wondering if his gonna talk to you today or not, it’s not worth the heart ache in my eyes but it’s how you feel 💗