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It’s past 12 am and one of my close people stayed up with me and we kinda managed to fit things together about the cryptic shit that’s been happening as of late. This is the stuff we’ve seen through our point of views so just another wild theory.

Here we go woo boyy ur in for a hella long ride.

So to start off, both of us saw various other theories out there about FNAF, Darkiplier, the fact that Mark may have been kidnapped, etc. But the one that caught our attention was the one about Mark being kidnapped. We kinda realized that towards the end of our screaming but it fit well with the rest of our thoughts.

First we’ve been given the series of various letters and a single-number caption which seems to be counting down towards something else which I’ll get to later. He has only been giving us scarce, thin messages with what he has around him. Scarce scraps.

The person I yelled with suggested that the only thing she could spell out so far was “lier” and “help.” That already leads into a possibility that Mark may be asking for help? But in my eyes I could see “lier” as a part of “Markiplier” or just “liar” in general which we all know relates to our favorite ego:

Not like this is already spinning around him anyways (I’ll mention him later don’t worry) buT recently we were also given this spoopy ass picture:

(which I enhanced bc that’s important to the following details)

This picture compared to the first one includes a lot more forward detail. Something is clearly going on and if Mark is kidnapped he may be showing what’s going on through a limited amount of images and letters. Here, some of the FNAF theory also comes in; a certain amount of chances to look at what’s happening is given to you; hence the countdown in the letter posts. In this case it may be Mark. He is given chances. Where he is stuck at the moment, something is happening. Somebody is talking, there is action going on.

In the picture, though, between the two figures it looks as if they’re conversing about something, maybe even shaking hands or coming to an agreement about something. It’s very hard to see what’s going on with their hands, but something is being exchanged. The clearer figure that we can see has been commonly thought to be Dark, but with the hair action, I’ve been thinking otherwise. First, we can’t clearly see the figure’s eyes (which look like they are crossed out) nor his hands even, but his hair appears almost slicked back like some other ego we know rather well. What the front figure is wearing too does look like a suit, but also like the signature trench coat that The Host wears. The other figure, too, is wearing the same thing which is the only clear detail we can pick out about that other figure. That leads to the possibility that they could be the same person. As in the Host looking at the Host as in a reflection or a meeting. Jumping to something else real quick, the only thing directly under the word designation is the supposed “Host.” Designation literally means “the holder of an official position.” So if the Host does have some place to hold in all of this, it’s clearly something important. We do know that before he became the Host that he was known as “The Author” and wrote the stories of others. Although, later on something clearly happened and he was worn down into someone who only beheld what was happening. In the picture though, it looks, from my standpoint, that he’s handing something of himself over. Something small, though, something that is missing from what he is now; his blindfold, or bandages. However you want to interpret it.

He’s handing a previous part of himself over to someone else; the far figure. He’s handing his burden over to take on something else. The only idea I had towards why that figure is wearing a hat is because if you put on a hat, you’re clearly going somewhere. Heading out. The previous self that the Host was is leaving. So the front figure right now is the stronger one. The one left with the important role.

If we go to a video that was given to us recently, the brightest picture we have is of this:

I see it as various things; wood, an ear, or a cave. But from the sounds that played along with it, the thing that seemed to fit most was wood but also an ear. There was rain and thunder to be heard (hence the ear), but the picture was wood as in you were sheltered by something. What was given to us could’ve been something else from Mark; noises from where he is and a picture from the area around him. The only wooden place (background) associated with the other person that we’ve mentioned so far is:

(I did see this on a different post too and others have also factored into this wild thing.) This shed is the only place where the Host was his former, stronger self (the Author) and where people were held who didn’t go along with what he wanted.

But the Host with this name has only been beholding everything that has been happening around him. Then, something from a past video got my attention;

The “revolutionary” plan that Wilford spoke of.

Dark, there, was at the head of the table, running it all and close to him was the Host. They were all there for a certain reason, as were Dark and the Host near each other. The only thing that would give the Host the power to eventually change and become stronger would be something other than himself. Dark is always at the head of the table, as evident in the picture, so he does indeed have something to do with all of this. If he can control Mark, the body, he can control other parts of him as well. He did say they were the “heart and soul” of the channel that they need to “take back control” of. So Dark does want to be in control, and he IS in control. This plan has built up enough power for him to do so over time, and he hasn’t been working alone underground. He has learned that he just can’t. He always sinks back down. Dark’s eerie growth recently has been shown from Mark’s shadowy social media and strange evidence. Also, when Wilford said the plan was “for everybody” but he excluded Silver Shepherd, it was because he was best known as a “crime fighter.” Someone who was against wrong. I’m thinking that was kind of overlooked by most people. Nothing can go right with the spooky egos, it has to go beautifully wrong. Whatever is happening it’s clearly wrong, and Dark is all about that, but he knows that he couldn’t take back control without somebody else close to him; the Host. All goodness has to be extinguished.

The big question, though, is why there is a countdown after all? This has been rather challenging for me to figure out, but Mark is probably providing us, again, with what he has going back to “help” and “lier.” Something is bound to happen at the end of that countdown and we all can assume it’s not going to be anything good. The most obvious thing we can think of is that’s the given amount of time to rescue Mark from whatever is going to happen to him. Yes, that’s right. If he has already been kidnapped by the actions of the risen “Author” and Dark, they aren’t going to stop there. Dark wants FULL control. And he is not the most patient one out there.

The only way, I think, Mark would be able to give us hints would be through the person who writes it all; the Author. The Author does know that things have been changed not necessarily for the good, and this is where it gets hazy. In “Markiplier TV” we never heard the Host’s input because he was, in fact, the Host. He only explained the events that were happening. He had no part in them, but now he is his own mind again only changed by someone else. Dark might control him or he might not, but the Author may be providing Mark with (like mentioned before) chances to be saved. Each time, more evidence is given to us but if we can’t figure it out in time, something even worse may happen. On the other hand, Mark may be fighting to take back control over the chaos by himself, but in the overly dark situations, he is reaching out for guidance not only from perhaps one of the egos, but towards us if we can further decipher what he’s giving to us.

Somebody has teamed up with somebody else, guys. This is literal hell we’re talking about if it hasn’t been shown already.

Eventual photos and stuff might prove me wrong, but this is according to what we’re flipping the fuck out over right now.

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Michôd is finally back another thriller, The Rover, and it looks mighty impressive.

Up & Comers:
It’s just a teaser, mostly montages of starkly beautiful but disturbing imagery narrated by Pearce, but it looks fantastic.

The Film Stage:
While it thankfully doesn’t show off any plot, the enticing, dark imagery is enough to get us on board. A likely bet for Cannes ahead of a summer debut via A24 Films.

This teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much by way of plot, but there’s certainly a thick air of intensity surrounding the proceedings and Pearce appears to be giving a strong lead performance. Again, not particularly illuminating but this is definitely intriguing stuff.

Yes, it looks very much worthy of the man who created Animal Kingdom

The Playlist:
Four long years have passed since David Michôd shook up the cinematic world with his nerve jangling gangland drama “Animal Kingdom,” but it looks the wait has been worth it. The director is back with “The Rover,” and judging by the first teaser trailer, he’ll once again be putting you on the edge of your seat.

Based on a story by Michôd and actor Joel Edgerton, in short, it looks like our instincts were right in ranking this so highly on our 100 Most Anticipated Films Of 2014.

Huffington Post:
Michôd, who directed the acclaimed film “Animal Kingdom,” shot “The Rover” in his native Australia, and the first trailer is filled with the kind of beautiful and stark imagery that would be at home in “The Road Warrior.” This one looks great.

Film School Rejects:
The teaser trailer for the film is a struck match. Angry and desperate, it’s an aggressive introduction to a world built by men who have nothing left to lose. Enjoy it, and ask Pearce nicely not to beat you to death next time you see him.

First Showing:
Wow. A24 has released the first must-watch teaser trailer for the gritty new crime film from Animal Kingdom director David Michôd, an Australia existential western titled The Rover starring both Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. This is one of those perfect teasers that shows just enough, but not too much, hinting at a rather brilliant “near future” action thriller about a loner in the Australian Outback who goes off to find his car after it’s stolen from him. This is one of the best teasers since Interstellar – give this one a watch right away.
I’m a big fan of David Michod (and interviewed him in 2010) and can’t wait to see what he’s cooking up with The Rover. There is an entrancing, mysterious vibe to this teaser and I’m excited to see what it’s all about.

Empire Online:
David Michôd made a big impression with crime drama Animal Kingdom, and his follow-up, The Rover channels an even more intense setup.

Don’t go looking for anything in the way of plot, though, as this is much more of a mood piece. But what a mood!

The First Teaser For David Michod’s ‘The Rover’ Is Full Of Sweaty Gunfights Because Hell Yes!

Screen Crush:
We don’t envy the work Robert Pattinson has to do to shed the vampiric shadow the ‘Twilight’ franchise cast on his career, but the actor has done a remarkable job, so far. He’s being smart and working with visionary directors like David Cronenberg on ‘Cosmopolis‘ and David Michod (who directed the fantastic 2010 movie ‘Animal Kingdom’) on the upcoming film, ‘The Rover.’
Today, we have our first look at ‘The Rover’ trailer, which co-stars Guy Pearce (‘Iron Man 3‘) and looks like an impressive, intense thriller.

There’s something about the intensity of this trailer that gives, what amounts to a pretty simple premise, a lot of weight. In fact, the film has been compared to ‘Mad Max’ (Australian outback, dystopian future, cars, gangs, etc.), but Michod says to expect something even more menacing than that film. More menacing than ‘Mad Max’? OK, we’re sold.

Robert Pattinson is ready to get his “Mad Max” on with veteran Guy Pearce in the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller ”The Rover,” from ”Animal Kingdom” director David Michôd.
A tense, atmospheric new teaser reveals the film’s futuristic Australian setting, where society has collapsed and guns, fists and cars seem to be the extent of social interaction.

“Animal Kingdom” was a masterpiece of tension, and Michod seems to be working much in the same vein here. The teaser offers gorgeous twilit widescreen vistas, some spooky piano music, a brief car chase and Pearce’s rich voiceover.

Flicks & Bits:
The slow-burn thriller…

Bleeding Cool:
Animal Kingdom was an incredible feature debut from David Michod in 2010, so it’s exciting to finally get a glimpse of his follow-up film. Judging by this first teaser trailer for The Rover, it’s just as dark, gritty and intense as his first.

There’s just brief flashes of scenes with a Pearce voice-over here, but what we do see looks really great.

Slash Film:
These days post-apocalyptic films are nearly a dime a dozen. But none of those have the pedigree of The Rover, written and directed by David Michôd, the man behind 2010 crime drama Animal Kingdom.

Just some impressive visuals and Pearce and Pattinson as you’ve never seen them before.

The trailer doesn’t tell us much, but the look of the film and gravitas of actors are certainly intriguing. Michôd is filmmaker to keep an eye on and this sophomore effort has some huge potential.

Other than the style and tone of the film, you’re not going to get much in terms of plot from the trailer, but it’s enough to get me interested.

The film marks Pattinson’s first role since the conclusion of The Twilight Saga back in 2012, and we can’t wait to see him opposite Pearce in Michôd’s second feature. Pearce looks exceptional when you see him voicing the monologue voice-over, thoroughly convincing as a man who’s been alive for a decade after the collapse of society.

The trippy preview gives just a brief look at the bleak, bleak vision that is “The Rover.” The Australian of the crime drama resembles something closer to the “Mad Max” series than the modern world.
The project gained attention early on, not only because the world is so eager to see what Pattinson does with his post-”Twilight” career, but also because he’s continuing a streak of working with serious talent. As a follow up to Pattinson’s work with director David Cronenberg on “Cosmopolis,” “The Rover” features a few names that are sure to get film geeks’ hearts fluttering.
This is David Michôd’s follow-up to “Animal Kingdom,” the 2010 crime drama that helped launch the careers of Oscar nominee Jackie Weaver and Joel Edgerton, who also wrote the story for “The Rover.” If you haven’t seen “Animal Kingdom” yet, you really, really should. It’s very good and a great way to pass the time until “The Rover” hits theaters.

The Movie Pilot:
The Rover looks pretty damn good.

R.Pattz appears perpetually surprised—and equally terrified—in every shot whether he’s shooting at the bad guys, gazing intently at Guy Pearce or simply sitting pensively in a car before an action scene begins.
We should also note that there are shots of both Pattinson and Pearce shirtless, ensuring there still may be some eye candy in the gritty drama.

David’s Michod’s futuristic thriller, The Rover, finally has a teaser trailer and it looks to be an intense and violent thriller.

We know that Pearce is capable of holding his own n gritty crime thrillers like this. Just typing that gives me an itch to watch him in Memento, and soon. The biggest question mark is Pattinson, who is still looking for his niche in a post-Twilight universe. Nothing that he has done to date suggests he has the chops to blast his way through an Outback-set gangster picture. But Michod’s Animal Kingdom was SO good, I’m willing to bet he saw something in Pattinson that made him worth the roll fo the dice.