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We always say Jungkook is the golden maknae and I think a lot of people think of that as him being the golden boy: prefect at anything and everything, a quick study, a sweetheart, etc. But today, a thought struck me… gold, the element, is malleable and ductile. This basically means that it bends under pressure. But look at Jungkook. He’s not infallible; he relies so heavily on the other members (which is by no means a bad thing, he was practically raised by them since he was, what, like 15??). But he learns and he gets stronger and he adapts and just?? completing blows everyone’s mind bc he’s always working so hard and he rarely lets it show when he’s hurting (the other members have talked about this too) Anyways, my point is: he isn’t the golden maknae because he’s perfect. He’s the Golden Maknae because of all the effort he puts into everything he does (he takes bOWLING LESSONS for goodness sake). also, fun fact, gold is thought to be created from stars colliding into each other and most of the planet’s gold is probs in the core of the planet. Jungkook is the center of the world okay bye


Outlander | 29 June, 9pm, More4
This show dribbled out on Amazon Prime in 2015, but someone has finally realised that its berserk blend of Poldarkian swashbuckling and time-travel bafflement might just constitute a perfect storm of TV paydirt. The plot? A second world war nurse falls through time and finds herself surrounded by brawny, tartan-clad swains in 18th-century Scotland. - The Guardian

Yes, Sam, God bless the Guardian for that beautiful description :D

OMG. I’ve never felt so angry before. Never.
I UNDERSTAND that books fans aren’t so happy with the show. I understand that. But disrespects all of the actors work just because you don’t like it… I mean… Have you ever tried to act? Have you ever experienced the stress right before performing, endless rehearsals that lasted hours just because you wanted to make it perfect? Beceause I did. And seeing things like that… I can’t believe it…
What’s more you disrespects all of the work that the people behind the scenes (hairdressers, screenwriters, beauticians etc etc) did to make it feel right. Why people always tends to forget that?
But I can hear you say ‘but what about CC? She put a lot of work in those books doesn’t she deserves to be respected as well?’. Oh, please. She plagiarised her books from others, blocks fans for asking her questions that she doesn’t has answers for, put ppl to hate the showrunners and she doesn’t act like a fully adult woman in my eyes. She doesn’t discuss the problems that her books have, she just blocks them or is calling out the writers despite giving them the rights for her TMI books.
I mean, have you heard of Sarah Sephard? In case if not: she’s the author of PLL books. The books and the show are like two different worlds. But does she hates on the show? No! She supportes it instead! And the actresses doesn’t even look like those in the books! This is what I want from an adult writer! Not some moaning ‘what this show has done to my books omg, disrespectful, they doesn’t like me beceause I’m women’… Ugh, J.K. Rowling facepalms in the distance… So ending this rambling… Please, if you have a heart don’t tweet this. Think about others, not only about yourself.

“And…..CUT!!” “Good job everyone, especially you two.Wow you guys are perfect together.” “Well, we’ve been dating for 3 years plus our characters are very similar.” “Sebba, stop.” “What?! I’m just saying.”

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Why can people accept all the other characters development and forgive them for being young, but refuse to do the same for William and just refuse to even watch his clip?

None of the characters are meant to be perfect, thats the point. They’ve all fucked up, the shows called Shame for a reason.

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hcs Dating Thor

Dating Thor:

  • Probably super dramatic about everything to make you laugh.
  • Always takes you out on grand dates and tries to make everything as perfect as possible.
  • Loves to just swoop you up in his arms and give you a big hug and a kiss.
  • Doesn’t really get jealous because come on, he’s a God. 
  • Probably finds it amusing when others flirt with you.
  • Loves to show take you to Asgard and show you around.
  • Braiding his hair, which he finds relaxing.
  • Protective of you when you’re in combat, and is always keeping an eye out for you on the battlefield.
  • You finding it adorable about how confused he gets about things on Earth sometimes.
  • Going stargazing.
  • Says ‘I love you’ a lot, because he means it, and he wants to make sure you know it.

The more I think about it the more I realize that if a show as amazing as Avatar: The last Airbender aired in this years (I must clarify and it STARTED AIRING in this years not like going long-runner) it would be incredibly criticized for being on-going (aka not having all the plots solved and ton of the character development and in general yeah the story kept going) and not being 100% perfect.

Just the idea scares me.

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Picture this: all the trainees come together and watch a Seoul Fashion Week show where Hyunbin will be the first to walk and he'll be super surprised but he's got his game face on; Kenta has a solo fanmeeting in Japan and all the trainees are in line for the meet & greet and he's like "so that's why majority of the audience sounded male"; and just everyone seeing each other during their free time and just adkja;kdfja; sorry I'M JUST HAVING FEELS BEC OF FRIDAY AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHO TO TALK TO

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS PERFECT- i’ve now accepted this as my religion. thank you for sharing this even if i responded 100 years late. I hope you’re doing okay after last friday~ Feel free to send me a private message if you ever need to talk bc im really really slow at answering asks sometimes ekrjkelwrj

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i dont know what's happening with the avalanche of main mod original quotes but i am sure liking it (some of them such as the seregenti one are perfect gems omg)

omfg…what happened is that I’m on summer break and can’t seem to get anyone to hire me to do some menial task until school starts, so I’ve been rewatching a bunch of shows.  I figured I might as well take advantage of my free time and beef up the queue a little bit instead of just relying on submissions!

So I just watched the National Theatre Live’s trailer for Angels in America and I can already tell that I’m gonna be disappointed as fuck by Andrew Garfield. (and I don’t care if this shows up in the tag his fans can fight me bc i’ve loved this play for longer than he’s been considered an A-list actor)   
Like yeah, Prior, as an ex-drag queen, should be a tad flamboyant, but it should feel… organic. That inflection of the voice should feel natural, which it does not coming from him. And the flamboyancy, the fabulousness shouldn’t overshadow how bitterly sardonic and angry he is. This is a man who has been dealt a death sentence, and who is now hearing voices, seeing weird visions and ghosts, he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on, but he puts it best when he says, “I can handle pressure, I am a gay man and I am used to pressure, to trouble, I am tough and strong” (last scene of Millennium Approaches) Prior sees his strength as not something coming from his own individual self and psyche, which is how Garfield sees it, but as something that he is because he is gay. For Prior, him being gay and him being strong are synonymous.
Like, as LGBTQ+ people, we are told over and over by society that because we are gay, because we are a “counter culture” that we are weaker than our cisgendered heterosexual peers. Tony Kushner sees that and says “fuck no, we have taken this hateful world that we have been dealt with and we have carved out our own piece of it with blood, sweat, and broken beer bottles, and that has made us stronger than you” 
And Andrew Garfield, as we can tell from this interview where he talk about Prior, does not understand that, in fact, I don’t think he understands Prior at all.
Like I can get why they felt the need to hire a pretty-boy celebrity- a very heavy, very American, very gay, and very very long play like this one could potentially be a hard sell. But Prior Walter should never be played by a straight, big-name actor. 
(Plus, as someone who goes in and out of the hospital, sick, short of breath, wheezing, and going blind Andrew Garfield certainly does not look it. And no one say “it’s hard to make people look that kind of sick on stage” because I saw Falsettos twice and you are wrong) 
Fight me.       

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hi Mister, my daddy and i don't have a perfect relationship but knowing i have him helps me a lot. something that i'd really like to change though is that when i tell him something like "i'm really sick today" or "i'm really anxious" he usually responds with "i'm sorry" and waits until i seem happy again to keep interacting with me. what can i do to show him that i want his help in those times and i'm not just telling him to go away ? thank you for the help!

Communication 101

Tell him what you need him to do.

If he doesn’t act upon your cues, or doesn’t take action when you need him the most it’s probably a sign of being immature or green as a daddy.

Give him some help by communicating your needs.

“Sometimes I have anxiety attacks and when that happens…”

We all get our comfort in different ways. He may be interpreting your needs the wrong way or just scared of doing the wrong thing.

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Random thought but Jungkook's waist is actually really thin and despite his broad shoulders, he's slender. It might be because of his height but I think his proportions are A+ and I can just imagine Jimin constantly wrapping his arm around Jungkook's waist (which he seems obsessed with, have u seen how often he touches him there) and just smugly showing him off.

Oh my gosh yes!?!?! Jungkook looks so broad but his waist and stomach are super slender and fit, and it’s perfect for cuddles and backhugs~ Also Jimin’s quite slender as well, so both could be A+ cuddle buddies!

For the past few weeks I’ve noticed that they show each other off, and it’s so cute. Sometimes istg Namjoon or Hoseok are going to b.l.o.w. up because of Jikook’s interactions haha! Are they jealous? Or are they trying to hide something…

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I saw your ask from a while back about Jonas being Jewish and I just wanted to point out that no one's religion can be assumed by the way they look. Just like Sana assumed that Yousef was Muslim, but he wasn't. The only reason people are saying that he's Jewish is because of his characteristics, which are literally things Nazis made up as evidence that the Jews are a different race. I'm just so sick of Tumblr and the Skamily pretending to be liberal but not calling out all types of bigotry.

Yeah I totally agree angel. I think the anon was just saying they heard somewhere that he was and i think i’ve heard that too but you’re right maybe I just read a hc someone made based on his appearance which is not okay. 

honestly no one is perfect and i think tumblr shows that in people a lot haha 

and so does skam! 

I saw Anastasia tonight.

Let me tell you something…

It was one of the most enjoyable shows I have seen in a very long time. It wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but it was so damn fun to watch.   

But the best part was that my best friend knows Derek Klena so we got to go backstage and hang out with him for a little bit.

That man is just as good looking from 1 foot away as he is from 50 yards away.  And he is the fucking NICEST person you could ever want to meet.
The best TV this week: Preacher returns to its comic roots | The Guardian

Outlander | 29 June, 9pm, More4

This show dribbled out on Amazon Prime in 2015, but someone has finally realised that its berserk blend of Poldarkian swashbuckling and time-travel bafflement might just constitute a perfect storm of TV paydirt. The plot? A second world war nurse falls through time and finds herself surrounded by brawny, tartan-clad swains in 18th-century Scotland.

I would like to compliment Starz for the great promotion to this show. Here’s how it’s seen outside of the fandom bubble. Wow!

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You are amazing. Your characters are amazing and their development is the best. Your art is goals and just shows how hardworking you are. Those haters must be feeling threatened by how amazing you are, that´s how I feel. Stay the amazing person you are because you are perfect just like that. Kisses <3

Omg thank you so much 😭😭😍😍❤❤❤ You make me so happy, your words are too kind 💖💖💖😚😚😚

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Alright, another episode in the books! I REALLY liked this episode! I love Connie. I think she’s the perfect balance to Steven, and I think they make a great team. I reallyyyy hope she’s in more episodes. We also got to see Steven learn a new power! Bubble shield! I love how slowly we’re seeing Steven learn, and learning ourselves about this show. It’s really nice pacing. The animation in this episode was pretty good; the bit with the rose when the bubble formed was really nice (and also an indicator he inherited this power from Rose Quartz… I just realized that). This episode’s monster was pretty unique looking too, and the scene with the glowstick had a really nice aesthetic. The music was all back ground really, but it set the mood well. This episode gave us a perfect amount of learning, laughing, and feeling.

I rate Bubble Buddies an 8.5/10, and rank it as my new #1 above Laser Light Cannon!

Well, I won’t be able to do another episode tomorrow, so you will all have to wait until Saturday for the next one. Feel free to flood my ask box though, I love hearing from you guys!