it is just so great

this is a super weird thing to rave about but like, i bought these pencils when i saw wicked last week and they’re amaaaazig

so here we crumble (pt 1.)

@beauxbaton‘s requested a hucey breakup headcanon so you all have lyra to blame for this one :)) and this version of hucey will forever be @lepetitcomte‘s so major shoutout to my Jules // for @quidditchleaguenet‘s august challenge

  • Terence tells Adrian that he doesn’t love him on a bright and cold December morning, and there’s no addition of ‘anymore’ because Terence had never said he did in the first place
  • Adrian’s mouth dries even though he’d just taken a sip of tea - they hadn’t even had an argument, and yet here was Terence, staring blankly at him over their far too domestic coffee table
  • “that so?”
  • “yeah”
  • “okay,” Adrian says, because he’d told himself this - that if this didn’t work out then it’d be high time for him to move on. that he’d hung around long enough. that he deserved to love someone who loved him back, and Terence - Terence knows all this. 
  • “okay,” Adrian says, “then i guess that’s it.”
  • Terence doesn’t say anything, just watches Adrian put down his mug and head towards the bedroom 
  • their shared bedroom, which is laughable, now
  • and a large, choking part of Adrian wants Terence to say something stupid, something like “i was joking, Pucey, come on now” or “you really think I don’t? silly bastard” except Terence knows Adrian loves him - has loved him for far longer than they’ve been together and Terence knows that Adrian takes love too seriously
  • its not to be joked about. Terence knows that. 
  • Adrian realizes, then, that maybe he’s disillusioned himself, like all his mates had told him - “Higgs doesn’t stay, Adrian” except he’d been adamant, so damn sure that because he loved Terence so much and Terence had stayed, for nights when they should’ve been one night affairs
  • for awkward dinners with his sister
  • for sitting by Adrian at weddings, plus one persona glancing cynically at the newlyweds
  • the way Terence had held his hand, secret and quiet under the covers in their bedroom must’ve meant something, their recently furnished new apartment must’ve meant something
  • except it hadn’t, and Adrian is now packing his meager belongings (questionable, for living together, that Adrian only has his clothes and his toothbrush worth taking) into a random duffel bag that he’s not quite sure is even his anymore 
  • when he’s done, Terence is still sitting at the coffee table, cold in a way that only Terence knows how to be - like he’s looking right through you and couldn’t care less about it - Adrian fights the urge to beg for an explanation. 
  • he knows he won’t get one
  • Adrian makes to say something - maybe “I did, though” or “I think I always will” or “you’re so fucking selfish, you know that?” except all he says is “goodbye, Higgs” and then the doors swinging shut behind him, heavy and decisive, in the way it closes.

I so, so hope that Noel will be on the Big Fat Quiz this year, just to watch Jimmy Carr introduce the contestants and get to the end of the line with, “And Great British Bake Off host …? Noel? Fielding? ??? Noel? Care to explain?” And then all the other contestants giving him shit about it for the entire show.

You know the feeling you get after a long night, when you’re in the car home and just looking out the windows, admiring the view? The feeling when you’re singing along to the radio, laughing at stupid jokes, and just feel so… anchored?
Yet at the same time
You feel free
Well, that’s the kind of feeling you’ll have one day.
No matter all the hardships.
It’s gonna be ok
It’s gonna get better
And one day, you’re gonna look back and be glad you came this far.
I believe in you.
You can do it.


paladins in bows! bc thats cute! 

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Keith is heartbroken and upset Shiro’s gone, and he can’t just move on. When the team says that they need a new leader, Keith keeps reminding them that Shiro is gone. It hurts him more that Shiro is gone rather than Voltron not being able to form. 

So when he says  “You wanted me to lead Voltron? This is how I do it”, he’s bitter and pissed that the team has made him become the leader even though he’s mentioned time and time again that he doesn’t want to lead the group to Shiro because Shiro is the leader and he never thought that he would actually pilot Black because he never thought he’d lose Shiro again.


i love these two so much

please dont be mean to my gremlin daughter she does not deserve this hate