it is just a haircut

Star be looking like shes about to file the divorce papers but she just went out for 8 hours and got a cute new haircut and ran up all of her husbands credit cards and ripped up all of the receipts to ruin his credit score

anonymous asked:

i love you 💖💕💗💜❤️💚♥️💛💝💓 choppy bangs anon ahihi

a) i love you

b) i love you


you fucking named yourself choppy bangs anon i’m crying that’s so cute but also so you wow goddddddd

uhhh also please look at lachasso’s new haircut she just cut her hair and upgraded her cuteness for like fourteen levels heLP

so fcuking cute i’m losing iT BYEEEE she’s too adorable

edit: she’s out to get us all

[EDIT : Fixed her nose]

Tonight, I realised I had NEVER posted any portrait of my guardian on my tumblr.

( I told myself it could wait a little, as I was studying when I thought about it…. No, obviously not. )

Anyway, there she is! Her name is Rimae (I was really inspired as you can see), and she is a proud Absynthe!

She doesn’t have a fixed hairstyle, she just has very long, red hair, and I like the Tilda haircut.

feel good things:

  • watch sunrises. somehow, this makes me feel like the beginning of something new, the birth of my better, stronger self. watch the way the sun rises, because just like that, you will rise and shine, too.
  • sing your heart out. dance until you’re exhausted. make art until you run out paint. write out your feelings. indulge in your passion and do it like you’re doing it to impress yourself.
  • relive your favorite, happiest memory. it is one easy guaranteed effective way to make your heart, your soul, and even your lips smile. no bias.
  • rewatch your favorite film. grab some chips or a bucket of popcorn and have a marathon of your most-watched flicks. don’t hesitate to replay your favorite scenes if you feel the need to.
  • aspire and try to be kind, always. being kind on a daily basis is possibly one of the most exhausting and draining thing to ever do but i promise at the end of the day, before you go to sleep you will realize: it is worth it. always.
  • take a shower. scrub off your creeping self-doubts, smell nice, and bask yourself with self-love. take your time to ponder about your life inside the tub. this is the best time to reevaluate and relax.
  • be spontaneous even just for one day. drive away from the city. get a haircut. go on a coffee shop hopping. sketch random places. let your heart and your thoughts wander. let your soul soar and be free.
  • treat yourself. it does not necessarily have to be something enormous or expensive. it could just be a new set of brushes or getting a thrifted second-hand book or buying yourself some bouquet of fresh flowers. it’s not about the tags, it’s about the thought.
  • rekindle your love for a forgotten passion. nothing beats falling in love with something the second time around. touch your dusty piano keys, change your rusty violin strings, and once again (just like the old days), let your ardor dance in harmony.
  • take a nap. because sometimes, the best way to temporarily solve something, is to do nothing. yes, it is only ethical to give yourself a break from the overwhelming society. and yes, taking a nap most of the time makes everything better.
  • if you want to or feel the need to, cry. there is nothing wrong with doing something that is inherent. this does not prove that you are weak, it only proves that you are a human being capable of feeling things. so really, do not ever plan to hinder yourself from crying. it’s often times therapeutic.
  • do something that you have never done before. no more excuses. just because there is nothing more empowering and satisfying than crossing something out of your bucketlist.

I don’t care what people say, he’s beautiful to me. Go suck an egg. | Redbubble

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