it is in retarded order


Nobody on here knows this, but I bend kydex as an extra source of income. I don’t market it really, because I try to limit my clientele to legit gun guys and also because I only really do local business. But I’m coming out right now saying that I’ve adopted the John Willis business model. If you are a fucking dumbass, do not try to order from me. I will refund your money and tell you you’re a retard. Do not tell me how to make the product you ordered from me. If you could do it, why are you fucking paying me to do it?

Yu Ha Min's Nickname dictionary

Tablo = Tab

Taeyeon = ByunGoddess

Seohyun = Angel

Gikwang = Whale

Sungjong = Sung

Hyunseung = Roomate 

Victoria = Noona♥

Luna = Goddess 

Haebyeol = Princess

Tiffany = Perfection 

Himchan = Himy

Jia = Love

Jaejoong = Cat lover / Food hater / How are we even related? 

Dongwoon = Bro

Onew = Oh you!

Jiyeon = Dovey

Jeongmin = Gunpowder’s boyfriend

Yongguk = Gun powder 

Yoona = Dear

Sunny = Bunny

Zelo = Cherry tomato

Changmin = Ditzy Doo number two

Younha = Tell me the password ಠ_ಠ 

Nana = Pretty lady #2 Nana

Krystal = Pretty lady

Myungsoo = Myung

Hyuna = Beautiful

Jonghyun = Dino

Minho = Frog

Youngmin = My child -cough- What? -cough-  Child ಠ_ಠ 

Jessica =  Sergeant Sica 

Hyeri = Hyeri

Karam = Squirt? Friend? Karam ಠ_ಠ