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has this been done yet?

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 2 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 4,342

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here!

“Well, talking about awkward huh?” Dean laughed nervously as Sam only looked at him with a hard look.

“Yeah, very.” he said through pursed lips and Dean cleared his throat, avoiding looking at him in the first place.

“Honey?” it was your voice that broke the silence that had set between the two Winchesters “Can you come help me?” you sounded a little too eager and at your question Dean’s body stiffened and he felt his heart beat harder inside his chest. Gosh, how every fiber in his body just screamed for him to find you.

But he knew he had to keep himself, much less something from showing. He cleared his throat and shook his head “Well, this is gonna be a whole lot of fun.” he huffed.

“Definitely.” Sam mumbled and Dean instantly looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

“You know I’m just joking, right?” he asked with a deep frown but Sam wouldn’t even look him in the eyes.

“Yeah, when are you not?” he stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets and prefered to look at the things that were in the house instead of pay attention to his insanely increasing jealousy.

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I just love living in a constant tire fire, so this was inevitable. GTAV ruined me in a very unique way. This is only the beginning, you should probably unfollow.

persie-writes  asked:

Just out of interest, do you edit your photos before you post them? Whenever I try taking photos of my sketchbook they always turn out pretty grey, even if I have a really strong light.

I do! I use the edits tools available on Instagram. It’s pretty much impossible to get a decent picture of your drawings without editing, at least if you’re using a phone camera like me😅 Try increasing the brightness, contrast and saturation and it should look slightly better.

heres an before and after pic

anonymous asked:

That coffeshop AU and the actors AU are GOLDEN. I NEED that in my life now ;(

I can’t really write much for the coffee shop AU because I don’t have any inspiration for it but here are some extracts and concept writing for what the Actors Au would look like

Disclaimer - this is a fake au fic from the Rivals series. In universe it would be written by a Viktuuri fan and so is based on how that fans see umfb!viktor and Yuuri not as they actually are. It was also written as a joke on my phone in half an hour so please don’t take this as serious writing!

Original concept - no.5 of the ‘15 most popular fics in the Rivals universe alternate AO3’ - Original post here

Title: Before the Camera, Behind the Screen

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Actors, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Eventual Smut, they’re actors playing figure skaters for a big Hollywood movie, and they hate each other, at first at least, why do they not use body doubles for their sex scenes?, plot reasons that’s why


Sweat-slicked skin gleamed under the lights, two bodies moving as one as gasps of pleasure filled the quiet room. Katsuki had his head thrown back, eyes glazed as he rode out the sensation, thighs clamped tight around the warm body beneath him and hands fisted into silver hair…

“Cut.” Came the harsh voice of the director as the studio lights snapped back on, flooding the scene with a glaring brightness. “Take five everyone.”

“And you two.” he turned to the two actors who were both blinking in the sudden light and wiping the fake sweat from where it was lying stickily across their skin. “You need to get it together soon or this whole movie is going to be a disaster. You’re supposed to be in love for Christ’s sake! Katsuki, you look like you’re counting down the minutes until you can finish this scene and go and get lunch and Nikiforov, you’re just looking bored. You’re supposed to be actors! I don’t care how much you hate each other, you better act like you don’t or you’re both getting fired.”

Katsuki glared down at Nikiforov who was still lying beneath him, looking annoyed.

“You better step up your game.” Nikiforov drawled, looking disparagingly up at the man still straddling him. “I have a reputation to uphold and I’m not going to lose it to a bad movie because of one amateur, one-hit-wonder actor who can’t do his job properly.”

“Maybe it would be easier to do my job if you weren’t such an arrogant ass who can’t admit to his own mistakes.” Katsuki shot back, glare intensifying. “And stop acting like you’re such a big deal. You might be famous but you’re not that impressive.”

“I don’t know, I’ve been reliably informed by a lot of people that I’m very impressive.”

Nikiforov flicked his eyes to where their bodies were joined, only the smallest pieces of fabric separating them, eyebrow raised suggestively. Katsuki snorted in disgust, then rolled his hips in an unexpected movement that made a certain part of Nikiforov perk up in unintentional interest.

“I’ve seen better.”

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A Gift (Kihyun x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“Can I get a dom!Kihyun smut with riding where Kihyun is super needy, vocal, rough, and desperate but while 100% in control – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Kihyun x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, toys, spanking, slight language,
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: I went to a sex shop few days ago and I got inspired lmao. Also, we’re very sorry we haven’t been active, this week has been busy for the both of us!

Gif is not mine, Kihqun owns the gif.

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calfreezy - yoga challenge

REQUESTED:  “ Could you do a Calfreezy x reader story where they’re both youtubers and do the yoga challenge and their fans ship them?”

“Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel!”

Cal’s loud voice boomed throughout the apartment, alerting me to the fact he had started recording. I watched him make his introduction patiently from the floor where I sat cross legged.

“Today I am making a video that’s quite popular as of now, you may have seen Simon and Cal do it and I’m pretty sure even Zoella has done it at some point - it’s the yoga challenge!”

“Woooo!” I cheered. Cal smiled down at me.

“Obviously I won’t be doing this by myself, incase you couldn’t already tell by the high pitched giggles I have someone here to join me, do you wanna introduce yourself?”

Pouting, I pinched his leg before jumping up.

“My giggle is not high pitched! But hi everyone!”

He laughed as he wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I smiled and waved at the camera.

“Yep so I have Y/n here with me today, you guys know who she is, you’ve seen her before but her links will be in the description nonetheless.”

“Damn straight they will,” I interrupted.

“Shut it you. Anyway, Y/n has actually done yoga before so I’m hoping I have a lot to learn - would you say you’re a pro?”

His blue eyes looked down at me. My mind was focused on the fact that his arm was still around my shoulder; I couldn’t help but stutter slightly as his long fingers stroked the exposed skin of my shoulder, where my tank top did not cover.

“A pro,” I repeated, realising I had not yet responded. “Well I wouldn’t go that far. But I’m very flexible!”

“Well that’s always good to know,” Cal looked up at the camera and I heard Harry laugh softly from behind it. “Well all of the positions have been chosen by none other than the wroetoshaw, and neither I nor Y/n have actually had a chance to see them yet, so here we go!”

I strolled over to the laptop balancing on the arm of the sofa. Cal filled the filming space with small conversation as I browsed through the photos - some I was familiar with, some seemingly impossible. 

“We’ll start with this one,” I called and Cal nodded. 

“Where do you want me?”

“Just standing up straight,” I continued to observe the photo in order to memorise the position. “It looks like you just have to hold me above your head.”

“That seems simple enough.” Cal shrugged, and I noticed Harry and Lux exchange a look behind the camera. 

I stood in front of Cal, the height difference more prominent than ever. He held out his arms and I leant back into them, instantly being lifted off the ground. One of his hands gripped firmly on my thigh, the other on the centre of my back. We held this for a couple of seconds before he placed me back on the ground.

“Well that was simple, what next?”

“Well, this is where it gets a bit more difficult.” My fingers tapped the laptop, scrolling through the many screenshots of poses. “I need you lying down.”

“Lying down?” he repeated, eyebrows furrowed and I nodded. 

“Yeah, lying down. And then I’m going to balance on top of you.”

“On top, right.”

He scratched the back of his neck, glancing at Lux before lying down on his back. I placed one leg on either side of his crotch before bending and placing my hands firmly on his thighs, causing him to squirm slightly. He cleared his throat. 

“I’m not gonna lie Y/n I don’t really know where to look right now.”

A laugh fell from my lips.

“Try not to get too excited, Cal.”

“Believe me I’m trying,” he responded under his breath, and I silently questioned whether or not I was supposed to hear it. I kicked my legs. Eventually I reached the final position, performing a hand stand on top of Cal. 

“I did it! I actually did it!”


“Thanks, man.”

As I attempted to graciously get down Cal squirmed again, causing me to lose grip. I reached out my hand in order to stop me falling and grabbed on to the first thing within distance - not, at this moment, realising I had just so happened to have grabbed onto his crotch.

“Jesus Y/n!” He groaned and I withdrew my hand, my jaw dropping. Lux and Harry erupted into fits of laughter from where they sat on the sofa, and I bit my lip at the camera. 


“You know what, I think that’s a great place to end this video,” Cal stood, keeping place behind me. “Thank you guys for watching-”

“You did two positions!”

“Shut up Harry, thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you next time bye!”

Cal ended the video and I gave him a questioning look.

“Cal. That was two poses. How are you gonna make a whole video out of that?”

He shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just won’t edit it. It’ll be like one massive bloopers video since the positions took us so long anyway.”

He left the room to go and upload the footage and I sat down on the sofa next to Harry. We engaged in conversation for a while, mainly consisting of him teasing me about Cal. Truth be told I liked him. We hadn’t known eachother all that long - only a year, when I’d met him through the sidemen - but I had developed feelings for him quickly. Nobody knew this, but Harry’s suspicions were soon growing.

Lux re entered the room and I hit Harry’s arm, signalling for him to shut up.

“Alright Cal? Y/n and I are just talking about how she’s gonna fuck Freezy.”


“Oh really, Y/n? It’s funny you should say that actually. Read the comments on the video.”

“It’s uploaded already?” I asked as Lux flopped down on the sofa next to me, handing me his phone. I began scrolling through comments.


“Go on, read them out I wanna hear!” Harry exclaimed, and I mentally cursed.

“Top comment: ‘Who’s betting he cut the camera off to fuck her?’ That already has one thousand likes?”

Both boys laughed.

“Second comment - I’ve never seen so much sexual tension in one ten minute video. The next four comments just say shit about us being in a secret relationship.”

“Keep reading,” Lux assured me.

“’Who wants to bet the next video we see of these two is a boyfriend girlfriend tag? This is like Zalfie all over again.’ Then someone just replied saying ‘they 100% are already fucking’…”

“There are some nice ones too!” Freezy interjected as he entered the room. I jumped. “The fans are shipping it, hardcore.”

“But…we’re not even in a relationship?”

All three boys exchanged a look.

Taylor Swift + dreams

Look What You Made Me Do: I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams

Ready For It: In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do / I know I’m gonna be with you

This Love: In silent screams, in wildest dreams I never dreamed of this

Wildest Dreams: Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams

Cold As You: You come away with a great little story, of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you

Sad beautiful Tragic: In dreams, I meet you in warm coversations

Stay Beautiful: If what you are is a daydream, I never get to hold.

Untouchable: In the middle of the night when I’m in this dream, it’s like a million little stars spelling out your name

Superstar: Good morning loneliness, comes around when I’m not dreaming about you

Fifteen: Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday but I realized some bigger dreams of mine

White Horse: I had so many dreams about you and me, happy endings

You Belong With Me: Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find, that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time

Tell Me Why: Why, do you have to put down my dreams, so you’re the only thing on my mind 

Back To December: Maybe this is wishful thinking, probably mindless dreaming

Speak Now: I lose myself in a daydream where I stand and say…

Treacherous: This hope is treacherous, this daydream is dangerous

22: It seems like one of those nights, we ditch the whole scene and end up dreaming, instead of sleeping

I Almost Do: And I confess, babe, in my dreams you’re touching my face and asking me if I wanna try again with you.

Stay Stay Stay: You took the time to memorize me: my fears, my hopes, and dreams

The Lucky One: And the camera flashes, make it look like a dream

Starlight: Don’t you dream impossible things?
We could get married, have ten kids and teach them how to dream

Blank Space: ‘Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Style: You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye

New Romantics: And every day is like a battle but every night with us is like a dream

The Escape Plan - Part 1

And here’s my awaited Zircon x Zircon fanfiction! I’m planning to do two parts of this. This first part has more of a story though and develops the relationship between the two Zircons. Part 2 will just be smut along with some fluff. That’s really it. There might be other stuff but I’ll see where it takes me. Anyway! Enjoy! If there are any canonical mistakes or seems a bit OOC for some characters I apologize and please don’t get mad at me! I did my best!

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Individual Success Part 2 (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

i strongly advise you to go reread part 1 to refresh your memory

“Miss Y/N, it is time you take your medicine.” The nurse from the nursing home said to the lady with the greying hair.

“I have to take medicine?”

“Yes, you do.”

“Oh, okay.”

“And right after you have a visitor.”

“A visitor?” Y/N asked perplexed, she could not think of anyone who would want to visit her.

“Yes a visitor. Shawn Mendes.”

“Who’s Shawn Mendes?”

And the nurse did not reply, just looking down at Y/N with sad eyes.


“Miss Y/N, your visitor will see you now. Would you like to go meet him outside or shall I get him to come in?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to go out?”

“Well, you don’t like the cameras much.”

“Cameras? Why would there be cameras for me?” Y/N asked.

The nurse led her out to the front door of the home, where two journalists were indeed standing.

“Y/N! Y/N do you remember any of your Hollywood days-“

“Now now, she is not in shape for questions gentlemen, quit wasting your time here.” The nurse said to them protectively.

“Hi.” A man approached Y/N, a tall man with kind eyes behind the wrinkles on his eyelids, and curly brown hair slightly greying.

“Hello.” Y/N responded, shaking his hand.

She couldn’t quite grasp it, but there was something in this man’s eyes when he looked at her that made her feel oddly at home.

“Shall we go in?” The nurse came in between them and walked them slowly up the steps into the garden of the nursing home.

The two sat down at a small table. Shawn merely looked at her, a small smile on his face.

“So. How are you today Y/N?”

“Oh I’m fine. And you? Um what was it again?”


“That sure is a nice name.”

“Thank you.”

As much as he smiled, there was some unknown pain in his eyes, Y/N thought. She wondered why.

“So, what brings you here?” She asked the stranger.

“Just came to visit you.” He replied.

“Have we met before?”

“Oh, it’s complicated.”

“Interesting. So what do you do?”

“I used to be a singer.”

“A singer! How fun.”

They sat there for a little bit, gazing at the afternoon sun.

“It’s awfully boring here.” Shawn huffed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you tell me a story?” Y/N suddenly asked Shawn.

Shawn looked at her.

“I can’t think of any.” He said.

“Anything, just tell me any favourite story of yours.”

“Well there is this one. It’s my favourite story of all times.”

“What’s the name? Maybe we have the book here at the library.”

“Oh no need. I know it by heart.” Shawn said with a twinkle in his eye.

“There once was this girl. Who was in love with a boy. They were very much in love.”

“I swear to God Shawn if you push me-“

Shawn picked Y/N up by the waist and leapt into the lake with her still in his arms. Y/N mounted to the surface of the water, sputtering and coughing.

“God, you little-“

But Shawn interrupted her probably inappropriate words by planting his wet lips on hers.

“Get a freaking room!” Aaliyah bellowed a few meters away, interrupting her water fight with her friends.

“That sounds very cute.” Y/N hummed.

“Oh yes. That couple was very very cute.”

“Did they end up together Shawn?”

“Oh, it’s very long and complicated. But we’ll get there my sweet Y/N.”

“So. They were very much in love. But they were both very very ambitious. The boy wanted to make it big in the music business. And the girl, wanted to become a successful actress.”

“The beginning of their relationship was amazing. They couldn’t be separated and they made each other so much happier. When they were with each other, smiles never left their faces.”

Y/N twirled in her deep ruby dress flashing her happiest smile to the cameras. Shawn, looking dashing in an all-black suit, stood beside her admiring his beautiful girlfriend.

“And now for some pictures of you two together!”

Y/N approached Shawn and smiled at him before turning to the photographers.

“Shawn can you look away from her for a second to look at the cameras?” A photographer laughed.

“C’mon you can take your eyes off me for a second, right?” Y/N giggled up at him.

“It’s nearly impossible.” Shawn said, holding her tightly as he kissed her.

Photographers shook their heads as they realized they were never gonna get that proper picture of those two, but couldn’t wipe off their small smile off their faces seeing those two together.

“They sound so cute.” Y/N smiled.

“They were.” Shawn smiled at her. Even with her greying hair and aging face, Y/N was still as radiant as ever.

“So, then what happened?” Y/N inquired.

“Well. Like I said both of them were extremely busy. The girl had about four auditions a day, and I- uh the guy, had a big world tour to plan. Soon, they found themselves away from each other for days at a time, speaking in only brief texts.”

“Oh, how tragic.”

“Yeah, well.” Shawn looked at her sadly. “They eventually decided to follow their own paths and see where that would lead. The boy went on tour for a year and a half, and the girl meanwhile landed a movie gig, which would eventually result in extreme success and recognition.”

“Did they find their way back to each other?”

“Not quite. Not yet at least. During this 18 months of touring, the guy played a dozen shows with his close friend. We’ll call her um C.”

Camila and Shawn hugged, as the audience clapped and cheered. Another successful show was over.

“They got closer and, eventually started dating.”

“And the girl?”

Shawn smiled.

“She was very focused on her career.”

“So did they ever get to see each other again?!” Y/N leaned in closer, eyes wide with interest.

“Well, actually the first time they had seen each other was at an awards show red carpet. There she was, standing smiling at the cameras, when the boy saw her. Now, he had seen her every day while on tour. Not on purpose all the time, she was just in every magazine, billboard sign ever. But to see her physically there, standing not ten meters away from him made his heart feel something.”

“Then what?”

“Then, the smiled at each other. It was a smile of congratulations. At this, the boy thought it was over, that that smile concluded that they were happy for each other, no matter the bittersweet they both felt.”

“Then came another day. Completely random. They had both decided to go visit the café they had met in. They did not consult each other or anything, they just somehow both went at the same time, same day.”

Y/N got her coffee and tipped the young barista heavily. She knew quite well what it was like being in her place. Literally. Turning around, she saw the door swing open and in came a man. A silhouette she knew all too well.

Shawn stepped foot in this café he had not visited in three years. This was actually where he met Y/n for the first time, he thought. Lifting his sunglasses, he saw Y/N. He blinked, thinking he was just imagining her everywhere again. But she was still there, standing in shock.

“H-Hi.” Shawn approached her.


“How are you? Y/N.” Shawn said. Her name just rolled off his tongue and it caught him off guard how natural it sounded.

“I’m okay. And you? Shawn?”

“I’m good. Congratulations by the way, on um, well everything. Not a day goes by where I don’t see your face on a movie theater sign, or magazine cover.” He chuckled, however his laugh couldn’t hide the pain he felt from seeing her every day as he was trying to get over her.

“Oh! And congratulations to you too. You sold out 75 shows.”

“Yeah… Well, I’m glad you’re doing okay.”

“Me too.” Y/N said. She finally looked down from his forehead to meet his eyes.

Their eyes reflected each other’s wild pain from not having each other.

“Fuck it.” Shawn said, leaning down fast and locking lips with Y/N. Y/N relaxed into the kiss. Their hearts, after nearly two years, finally relaxed and were put at ease.

“So did the boy leave C?”

“Why don’t you guess.” Shawn winked.

“He did. And they spent the rest of their lives together, didn’t they?” Y/N said.


Y/N looked up at the stranger’s eyes. Behind his brown irises, she could sense a whole lot of admiration, as well as bittersweet pain. The cause of this pain, was a mystery to her.

“I think I’ve heard this story before.”

“Have you now?”

“Yes. And you. You look very familiar.”

“Hmm.” Shawn merely hummed.

He looked at her intently, as if waiting for something to happen. Y/N met his eyes and then lowered her gaze. Shawn held his breath.

“Well, I should be taking my afternoon nap now. Thank you so much um-“


“Shawn for the story.”

And at that, Y/N rised from her chair slowly and went inside the elderly center.

Shawn exhaled.

“Well?” Aaliyah asked at the entrance.

“Not today ‘Liyah, not today.”

“One day, don’t worry.” Aaliyah said, clapping herbrother on the back.

“I know. One day, she will remember. Remember me.” Shawn said, looking up at a window, the sun reflecting on his glassy eyes.

 the 3rd and final part is yet to come. If u want to be tagged comment down below or send me a NON ANONYMOUS message. 

Creepypasta #1241: I Found Something At The Library I Most Definitely Should Not Have

Length: Long

So it seems the formula here is to open up with some expository personal details right? I guess it wouldn’t hurt. Let’s call me John. I suppose someone could pretty easily hunt down my IP and figure out who I really am. And I’d be pretty naive to think no one will try to do just that. But I’m in way over my head now and at the very least, I need someone to listen.

Anyway, call me John, like I said. I’m a college senior and a lifelong victim of relatively crippling anxiety and depression. In case you didn’t already know, “college senior” and “anxiety and depression” make for a particularly excellent stress cocktail, so things have been especially rough lately. Up until the last six months or so, I’ve always known what I wanted to do with my life. It hasn’t always been the same thing, but I’ve always felt pulled in one direction or another. So, of course, now that it’s time to actually know what I want to do with my life, I’m at a loss. 

I do have an incredible support system however; my parents are totally understanding and compassionate when it comes to my anxiety. The same goes for my wonderful girlfriend. I worry I’m putting them in danger by writing this, but they probably were already anyway.

The one thing I’ve always enjoyed doing is writing. I had planned on being a journalist before I recently realized I’m petrified of talking to strangers. I’ve always liked the idea of screenwriting, for TV and movies and the like. I know I’ll still have to talk to strangers, no matter what I end up doing, but at least this way my job doesn’t depend solely on the cooperation of strangers. 

They say if you want to be a writer, you just have to start writing. Doesn’t matter if no one ever reads it, you just have to do it. That’s always been brutal for me. I don’t see the point in doing something for myself. I need the validation of others to be happy. Always have. So I guess I’ve just been a little scared to just sit down and write. I’m not scared of that anymore. Not after this morning. I’ve got much more to be scared of now.

I was at the library grinding out homework, around midnight. I spend a LOT of time there. We have little private study rooms called carrels here. Sometimes I post up in one late in the morning and don’t leave until after midnight. It’s a peaceful place on a busy campus. 

Once I finished, I decided I would finally start writing something. Instead I chose to procrastinate, which I excel at. I opened up gmail to take inventory when something caught my eye. I had a new email, except it didn’t seem to be from anyone. I shit you not, the space where the sender’s address usually is was instead just blank. 

The subject line read “A Little Inspiration”. I figured it was spam; I’m not too careful about streaming websites so it wouldn’t have surprised me if some sketchy site had gotten a hold of my email in the hopes of hacking me. I figured I could open the email and be safe as long as I didn’t click any links.

The email read as follows:

Writer’s Block, eh?

I’ve got something very special for you, Johnny. I think you’ll like it very much. Maybe I’ll have something more for you later.

5th floor. 917.23.



Anyone who knows me knows better than to call me fucking JOHNNY. This was some weird-ass spam. I shrugged and deleted it. I didn’t have time to blink before another email, apparently from no one, appeared at the top of my inbox.

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anonymous asked:

adena actually does start a new project starring kat (i'm not creative enough to come up w what that project could be so i'll be that in your capable hands), and kat's reaction when adena shows her the proofs

Kat is sitting cross-legged in bed, comfortable in a soft gray t-shirt and cotton panties while she sips at her coffee, when Adena walks back over to the bed with her own mug.

Kat sets down her drink and reaches her hand out for Adena, pulling her toward the warmth and comfort of the duvet.

“Wait,” she says, smiling when Kat pouts and tugs at her shirt. “Can I get my camera and take your picture?”

“Right now?”

She looks down at herself and then gives Adena a look, knowing her curls are all over the place and her face is still free of make-up.


Adena looks so happy and excited that it’s impossible to say no.

She’s on the other side of the room, getting her camera, when Kat says, “These better be just for you.”

“I promise.”


“Can I show you something?”

Adena is nervously holding her laptop and Kat frowns, patting the spot on the sofa next to her. “Of course. Everything okay?”

“Yes. I, ah, I may have found some inspiration for a new photo series.”

Kat’s eyes light up, suddenly excited. “Are you gonna show me?”

Adena stares for several seconds, biting at her lip, and then sits down, handing over her laptop without a word.

There are three images in black and white, lined up together on the screen, and her breath catches.


“I know. I know I promised they were just for me. And they can be. I don’t have to share them with anyone.”

All three of the pictures are of Kat, from that morning in bed a few days ago. In the first picture, her face is relaxed, eyes smiling and legs crossed in front of her on the bed. In the next, her head is tipped back, laughing, from when Adena had made a joke and distracted her. In the last, she is laying down, hair splayed out on the bed around her face while she looks into the camera with quiet intensity.

She knows exactly the moment that Adena took this one. She’d kneeled over her, knees on either side of her hips, and Kat had forgotten the camera entirely, too focused on the passion and affection in Adena’s eyes.

“These are…these are so beautiful.”

She doesn’t know that she’s ever seen Adena look this vulnerable, giving Kat a soft smile and saying, “You like them?”

Kat holds her face, brushing a few stray hairs behind her ear. “I love them. Thank you for sharing them with me.”

Adena smiles, full and genuine, and Kat kisses her, just because she can, laptop trapped between them.

Husband Tag

Originally posted by fightbrendonurie2k17

Request: Can I have an imagine where the reader is married to Brendon Urie (4 years)and she’s a famous YouTuber (she tells funny stories) and she invites Brendon to do a wife and Husband tag!

A/n: I’m sorry I haven’t posted. I have the worst writer’s block sometimes. Also, I almost died last night so I just decided to finish this one up. It’s kinda short, but it’s hard to make fluff super long

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So was he smiling or frowning in that photo??? Idk

(Also I hope you’re having fun on vacation!)

bahaha i totally noticed this when i watched this ep and meant to comment on it but forgot to.  it’s a pretty big continuity goof :”D  

the picture in the manga was so small that it’s impossible to know which one is truly canonical, but i could be down with either.  in the top one he just looks like “lol fuck you, u can’t touch me” meanwhile the bottom one’s like “how dare a dirty marine point a camera at me while i’m on a mission” and i can easily accept both of those sentiments from him tbh

Who are you? - Andre Burakovsky (Part 2)

A/N: Hello! This was extremely requested back when I posted the first part, so i decided to write a second and leave it open for a third. You guys let me know what you think about it!

Word count: 1494

Warnings: swearing.

Part 1

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“What’s going up?” I hit Andre’s arm and he chuckles at my confused face.

“They were off sides so…” he tries to explain but I cut him off before he can even get to the point.

“What is off sides?” I’m stressing out because I want to enjoy the game but I can’t quite follow.

“Do you see the blue line?” he points at it and I nod frenetically, “the puck has to cross that blue line first, before anyone of the attacking team. If someone crosses the blue line before the puck does then it is off sides and there is a face off”

“A face off is when the ref drops a puck in one of those big red spots and two players fight for it, right?” he had explained it for me at least a hundred times by now.

“Yes, it is” he laughs and I look at his adorable dimples, “you are learning fast”

“Ugh, I’m too stupid to watch hockey” I lean back on my seat when a horn blows and I straight my back, “what was that?”

“End of the first period” he says and I look at him horrified.

“First period? Over? Are you serious?” he is so amused that I have to sit on my hands so I don’t punch that handsome face.

“Twenty minutes” he shrugs and I pout a little.

I have to admit, I am having so much fun despite the fact that I don’t understand the game and Andre uses every chance he gets to make fun of me. We have a suite all for ourselves since my security crew has decided that it wasn’t safe for me to sit on the lower bowl. The view is great, but I’m kind of disappointed since I wanted to see the action up close.

“Do you want anything to eat?” I offer him, getting on my feet.

“Whatever you are having is fine” he says and I chuckle, “what?”

“Nothing… I just eat a lot” I respond and he looks at me unimpressed.

“I’m a hockey player, I eat a lot too” I nod and walk to the door where my bodyguard is.

“Hey Tommy” I say and he turns around, “can you get us some food, please?”, I know better than just try to go myself.

“Sure thing” Tom says and I give him a warm smile, “what do you want?”

“You know me, the greasiest the better” he nods walks away.

Tom has always been my favorite bodyguard. He was just a couple years older than me and knew that the more he tried to have me isolated the more I was going to run away. We have this little understanding where he lets me do whatever I want and I agree to have him around.

“Food is on its way” I say to Andre and he smiles like a happy puppy.

I go back to my seat and Andre starts explaining more of the rules to me. I try to focus on what he is saying, but I find myself admiring his accent and not paying that much attention to what he is saying.

“…so yeah, if you get into a fight you are sent to the penalty box for five minutes” he finishes his explanation about penalties and I come back to reality on the right moment, hearing the fighting part only.

“I can’t believe they let you fight” I state, shaking my head.

“It is a physical game. Sometimes you get so worked up that you can’t help it but to drop the gloves” he speaks like punching people is the most common thing ever.

I still don’t get it, but I don’t say anything else. Maybe I’ll learn to enjoy hockey fights if I keep learning about it. Andre has said that hockey is a mental game as much as it is a physical one, frustrating and getting under the skin of your adversary is as important as getting a good hit or scoring a goal.

“Food is here” he sounds like a kid on Christmas day and I turn around to see Tom and a huge eagle walking in, carrying what it seems it’s a lot of food.

“Bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a diet coke” Tom hands me the cardboard tray and I give him a beaming smile.

“You are the best” I kiss his cheek and Tom grins, “wanna stay and watch the game?”

“You know I can’t” he steals a fry from me and walks out the door.

I look over and I see Andre joking around with the Eagle, who has ‘Slapshot’ written on the back of his jersey. He has a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a waffle on his tray.

“Why do you have a waffle and I don’t!?” I demand an explanation.

“Slapshot knows that I love waffles” he brushes it off and I look at the eagle with a pout.

“I wanted one too” I say and Slapshot runs to me and squeezes me, apologizing.

“We can share it, don’t cry about it” Andre mocks me and I stick my tongue out to him, grabbing my phone from my back pocket and throwing it to him.

“Take a picture of Slapshot and I”

The picture ends up being a whole photoshoot of the three of us taking dumb selfies. By the time the game starts again I have around fifty pictures on my camera roll and my fries are cold.

“Second period, here we come” I scream and Andre laughs beside me.

We stuff our faces with food while watching the second period. No one has scored yet and I find myself getting really excited when the Caps have the puck and really nervous when the other team does.

“What’s the other team?” I ask and Burakovsky snorts.

“You have watched half of the game and you don’t know who we are playing against?” he looks at me like I have just told him something impossible.

“Pretty much” I shrug.

“New York Rangers, (y/n). They are the New York Rangers”

I nod, but they could be the New York Rangers or the Kentucky Chicken Nuggets and it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

The second period ends and the game is still scoreless. Andre and I entertain ourselves taking selfies with snapchat filters and posting a couple of them so everyone can see what’s going on.

“What happens if no one scores?” I wonder.

“Then they’ll go to over time. Five minutes, three-on-three, first one to score wins” he tells me and I frown.

“And if no one scores?”

“Shootouts. Just a player and a goalie”

“It sounds stressful” I state and he nods.

Both teams are back on the ice and the second the ref drops the puck two pairs of gloves are dropped and two men are throwing punches at each other.

“God dammit, Willy” Andre says and I look at the screens to get a better look of what’s going on.

Tom Wilson and a guy named Kreider are holding each other jerseys, throwing around punches. It is quite intense, but I find myself cheering for Tom as I grip Andre’s healthy arm in excitement. Tom connects a fist and the other player falls on the ice. I get on my feet and scream like a crazy lady.

“Someone is getting into it”

“This is fun” I just say, sitting back on the my seat.

The last period is definitely the most exciting… or maybe it is because I actually understand what’s going on most of the time. The teams are quite even on shot on goal and I’m sure that I have bitten off my nails. Thirty seconds left on the period and the first line is on the ice… I think. Backstrome gives Ovi a great pass and the captain just needs to push the puck in the net. The whole arena erupts and Andre and I hug each other, bouncing around and laughing.

The game ends and Andre grabs me by the sleeve of my jersey… or his jersey… or my his jersey… and drags me around the Verizon Center, straight to the locker rooms. Everyone is happy and cheering when we get there and Andre pretty much runs to Ovi.

“Hey there, Barracuda!” everyone yells and I stand on the door shyly.

“Uh uh, c’mon here, superstar!” Tom throws an arm around my shoulders and guides me to the middle of the room, “guys, this is (y/n). Tonight’s has been her first hockey game”

I smile shyly while all of them applaud.

“You should come with us to celebrate” TJ Oshie says from his little space.

“Uhhm I don’t know” I mumble and Andre’ smile falls a little.

“You really should come, it will be fun” he assures me, walking towards me.

He looks at me with his beautiful eyes and I just can’t say no, so I nod and everyone cheers again.

We don’t like each other tag || Danisnotonfire

A/N: So this is an idea I had some time ago. I decided to write it and upload it today. I think it’s the longest imagine I have ever written. I hope you don’t mind.

Word count: 1,8 K

Summery: Dan and Y/N are both youtubers who meet again for a very special video. Love/Hate 

“Hey lovelies” I smiled and waved towards the camera that I had set up in front of my bed. It was my usual filming location but something was different today. I still wasn’t sure if my idea was a terrible or an incredibly good one.

“Today I have a little different video for you.” I excitedly exclaimed although my stomach was twisting and turning. I was so nervous I thought I’d throw up right onto the lens of my Canon.

“I have a special guest here. It’s someone who you would have never expected to see on this channel. Believe me, I’m kinda shocked, too. Anyways please welcome Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire” I announced to my viewers.

Dan suddenly jumped into the picture frame, smiling towards the camera.

“Hello Internet.” he said, trying hard not to cringe.

Stupid nostalgic signature phrase. Dan sat down on the bed next to me, careful to not let our bodies touch while doing so. I took a quick glance at him. He was wearing a jumper with zippers on his shoulders. What a dump invention. It seemed like he got even taller since the last time I had seen him, but that was impossible. Freaking giant.

“So the reason for our surprising collaboration is that I came up with a new Youtube video idea.

It’s called the ‘We don’t like each other tag'”

Dan couldn’t hide a slight smile as I said that.

“Great idea.” Dan sarcastically whispered under his breath, knowing well enough that I could hear him. Loud and clear. Asshole.

I shot him a warning look before I continued talking to the camera.

“What you don’t know is that me and Dan have known each other for a really long time. We actually went to the same kindergarten, primary school and high school.” I told my viewers.

Dan nodded. “Yeah, we have sadly known each other for that long.”

I snorted through my nose, enraged. He just sat there and cockily grinned.

“Right. So during all those years Dan got taller and even more arrogant but one thing didn’t change.

We never liked each other.” I explained.

Although that wasn’t entirely true. There was a time when we could stand each other quite well. That moment lasted for 10 seconds.

“Didn’t like is such an understatement. We hated each other.” Dan added, like the know-it-all he has always been.

For the split of a second I felt hurt sting in my chest, like a mean bee had made it’s way to my heart.

I shook it off and reminded myself that I had hated him too. I still do.

“So I have prepared a few question that we are going to ask each other. I thought they’d be fun or hard to do. It’s basically like the ‘Best friend tag’ just played with your biggest enemy.”

I had written questions on slips of paper and put them all into bowl. I gulped hard as I took the first slip out.

“What’s your favourite physical feature about each other ?” I read out loud.

Why I’m a doing this ?! That’s such a stupid question. Why did I write that down. Oh yeah, because I wanted to know his answer to it.

I eyed him up and down as if I had to search for something decent looking about him. I had spent my whole childhood with him. His chocolate brown eyes, his fluffy hair, or his damn dimples, yes I was well acquainted with those features.

“I guess your face is alright.” I answered nonchalantly, although I was actually sitting on needles. My hands were sweaty and my heart racing. Alright was such an understatement.

“Thanks.” Dan smirked and started to check me out.

I felt his streaking eyes travel over my body. His gaze made me feel vulnerable and insure, just like the shy me back in high school. Dan’s eyes landed on my chest. Although I wasn’t showing a lot of cleavage his eyes were glued to my breasts.

He cheekily grinned.

“I guess my favourite physical feature of yours have to be your boobs.” he told me completely unashamed.

Dan took a last glance at my chest before he said. “Boobs, yeah definitely.”

I rolled my eyes, totally infuriated.

Now it was his turn to reach into the bowl and pick a question.

“We don’t you like each other ?” He read out loud,with his posh British accent that reminded me of our home town.

Well that sounded like a question that could simply be answered, right ? Wrong.

I breathed in deeply.

“Your oh so sweet danisnotonfire ripped all my doll’s heads off in kindergarten.”

I stated jokingly, knowing that it wasn’t a legit argument.

Dan couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the memory. His laugh sounded through my Londoner apartment, it hadn’t changed a single bit.

“Your revenge was to push me into some bushes on the way home, remember?” Dan asked still laughing and I couldn’t help but join in. But things got way too serious way too soon again.

“In primary school Dan told everyone I had a contagious disease and nobody talked to me for a week.” I hissed, remembering all the pointing fingers and disgusted faces my friends made. He has always been mean and I never knew why.

“Wow, I was a genius even back then.” Dan said with a smirk. “Let’s not forget that you poured water onto my lap and told everyone I had wet myself a week after.” His voice sounded hurt. I bet his week wasn’t really amusing either, having everyone thing he still wets his pants.

Well, looks like I wasn’t the nicest little girl either. My actions where always based on revenge though. Never had I ever started one of our fights. I just made sure that Dan wouldn’t run over me completely. Compared to high school those years where the easy ones. Our biggest rivalry hadn’t even started yet.

As soon as we touched the topic we started shouting all of the things we did to each other in high school into each others faces. That list was long and I still hadn’t forgiven him for some of his actions.

We were both in wild rage. If we were not in our twenties I bet we would have already picked a physical fight.

“You embarrassed me in front of my crush.” I shouted, my cheeks flustered.

“He never talked to me again.”

“Oh really ? Because I heard you blew him in the bathroom stall two days later.” Dan spat into my face.

My eyes widened in shock. Sudden disgust filled my veins. Blood was rushing to my cheeks. I evilly glared at Dan who was sitting opposite me now.

“How dare you accuse me of that, you stupid prick. Who the fuck even told you that ?” I hissed,my eyes were formed to slits by now.

“You didn’t ?!” Dan suddenly asked completely surprised and dumbfounded.

I shook my head in disbelief.

“Of course not. You were the one who always told me that I’m a lame prude !” I shouted on top of my lungs. Anger was pulsing through my veins. I should have really named it 'The we hate each other tag’  Yes, I did hate Dan Howell, everybody’s favourite Youtuber.

Dan had grown silent, although I wasn’t done yet. I was way to mad to notice that the camera was still recording. I didn’t notice that the way he looked at me had changed either.

“Do you actually know what hurt me most ? Do you even realize why I actually hated you in high school, Daniel Howell ? It fucking hurt when you kissed me behind the bike shed but invited my best friend to prom.” I wasn’t even screaming anymore. My voice was low and reproachful. Tears were welling in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that I actually, after all those years, opened up and told him.

“It was such a dick move of yours and it hurt so bad.” I whispered tears streaming down my face.

Dan stared at me like a lightning had hit him. His mouth was slightly opened, as if he was searching for the right words to say.

“Wait, you liked me ?!” Dan asked plain panic written all over his face.

“You idiot ! Of course I did, why else would I push you into the freaking bushes?!” I shouted between sobs.

“That doesn’t make sense at all !” He exclaimed, his eyes worriedly flickering to the salty tears that rolled down my cheeks.

“Wait again, so when I kissed you behind the bike shed you actually.. like wanted me to ?” he asked confused. As my hot tears had reached my chin I wiped them away with the back of my hand.

“I had waited for you to kiss me since I knew what kissing was. What for god’s sake made you think I didn’t ?” I confessed for the first time in my life. Damn, yes. I wanted him to kiss me so bad.

Dan started shaking his head. He ran his huge hands through his fluffy brown hair.

“No, no, no. You can’t be telling me that you liked me ?! I still remember when I finally found all the courage to kiss you that day. You had to stand on your tiptoes to reach my face and it was our first kiss ever. I was shaking so hard that I nearly missed your mouth. Afterwards I was so scared. I thought you hated me for kissing you ! I’m sorry, I should have never asked your friend out. I just thought you were way out of my league.”

Dan was totally devastated when he realized what he had done and what future he had destroyed. He buried his head into his hands, whispering “I am such an ass.” again and again.

“Daniel, I would very much enjoy kissing you.” I heard myself say. Seconds later Dan’s head shot up and he looked at me with wide eyes. I shot him an assuring smile before he carefully cupped my cheeks with his large palms. My eyes shot close and then finally he crashed his lips onto mine and set fireworks off in my body. They exploded in my chest and the pit of my stomach, sending a tingly feeling through my inside. I had seen and felt that overwhelming firework before. About 8 years ago, when we kissed for the first time behind the bike shed. Since then I have waited for that sensation to return. It finally did.


DAY 3362

Malta                   June 11/12,  2017               Sun/Mon 12:17 am local time 

Many wishes and reminders come from the Ef, in particular the archival chief Moses, for films having completed some years of release .. DEV, Mr Natwarlal, Te3N .. and I pay my respects to these films and the makers .. each film is a massive labour of love determination and belief .. a belief of the maker in what he wishes his creativity to express .. his thoughts, his thoughts thought by the mass and his thoughts thinking for the ultimate acceptance in its mirrored imagery ; the results of the box office .. 

Thank you for the remembrance, for the joy of having seen them and for the extended love that is shown even to this day ..

But today is sent on platforms of social media a picture of ‘Saudagar’

A film made with great compassion by director Sudhendu Roy, who was really an art director for films .. designed sets and settings for the look of the film .. but he wished to direct the film and he did ..

The producers were the famous RajShri Production house, the Barjatia’s .. famous for making family oriented films, and successfully too  … today’s generation would identify them with films like ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ and ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun’ because of the presence of Salman and Madhuri and the massive successes these films had .. ‘Saudagar’ did not .. but it was acclaimed for its story value, written and taken from the story called ‘Ras’ as in juice, written by a famous Bengali writer ..

I did the film for two reasons .. one, I had no work and any that came was readily accepted .. and the second I shall not disclose ..

I admired the interest and detailing that the Producers took and the care they gave me despite the fact that I had no standing at all .. 

Shot on location in Calcutta, on the out reaches where the business of the actual juice from the date palm is conducted .. and on a set put up at China Creek in Mumbai .. I have always wondered why it was ever called that .. it never seemed to bring any relation to either the country or the language .. but there ..

Calcutta, it was then Calcutta was a tough schedule .. up by 3 in the morning and on location by 4-5 am to be able to take those early sun shots in the best lights .. the location being some distance .. the climbing the palm trees was real and the atmosphere at shoot was filled with grave apprehension for me .. I never knew what I was doing and whether it was being done correctly, a concern that haunts me to date ; even here on the sets of ‘Thugs of Hindostan’.

Nutan ji a huge star and my colleague in the film was a dream .. admired by millions and now an opportunity to be in the same frame as her, simply unbelievable moments .. 

She was a picture of grace and professionalism .. China Creek is a good 2 hours from the centre of the city, but she would be ready with make up and on set sharp at 7 am !! … beating everybody to it ..

It was a poignant story .. and had many hidden subtexts in its writing .. 

Sudhendu Da was a very quiet, composed patient and calm individual .. never raising his voice and never showing any frustration or disappointment if he felt so .. his daughter now follows in her Father’s profession as set and art designer !

Nutan ji was dedicated and focussed all the time on the set .. Padma Khanna ji, my other colleague on the film, an I were more vocal .. we exchanged a lot of Uttar Pradesh together .. especially with her Mother, a delightful and most affable soul .. such are the memories of the times .. and those memories never fail .. nor did the make shift tent that I had carted along with me to the location to spend the warm hot afternoons in .. I had contemplated, seeing the punctuality of Nutan ji, to spend the night on location in that tent, but better sense prevailed and I did not ..

China Creek has been the location for a huge number of films .. for me several too .. Abhimaan, Great Gambler, Toofan and many others .. the Creek is vividly remembered for the GG shoot .. doing a chase sequence, .. patching work done in Amsterdam .. in a speed boat .. Shakti Samant the director sitting at the rear end of the boat and operating a hand held Arriflex camera, he operated the camera often, and me driving the boat at speed, hitting a wave, getting thrown about disbalanced, looking back to find Shakti Da, thrown in the water with the camera .. turning quickly back and around to rescue him .. the camera lies at the bottom of the creek .. he had to leave it or would have been pulled down in the water with its weight .. swimming with clothes and shoes on with a camera in hand is an impossibility ..

Memories … 


Amitabh Bachchan