it is hard to see the other half

  • in sixth year, sirius and remus’s favorite passtime was to make james and peter uncomfortable.
  • they just love to see their friends embarassed.
  • so obviously it all starts with sex jokes
  • even if they aren’t there yet
  • so when james innocently say that a question for a potion homework is “a really hard one”
  • remus grins and winks at his boyfriend,and add “yeah, you’re not the first one to say that today.”
  • and sirius is half laughing half trying to hide himself under the table because “gosh moony, you were suppose to be the cute and awkward one in this relationship”
  • but the jokes go on and soon all hogwarts has a list of forbidden words
  • their other fav way to embarass everyone is too always pretend they were about to shag when someone enter a room they were in
  • even if really they were just innocently chatting
  • they even hide in broom cupboards waiting for people to come in
  • now everyone knock before to get in the dorms/bathrooms/classrooms/offices and yeah, even the cupboards
  • (which padfoot and moony will be very grateful for when they will really have sex )
  • but they soon realize that it isn’t the best way to embarass everyone
  • because everyone hate to see a couple getting all soppy
  • and the Nicknames Era had begun
  • “love” and “sweetie” clearly weren’t enough for marauders
  • “sweet ray of sunshine”, “thief of my heart”, “light in the darkness” neither
  • so you could hear in the middle of the common room
  • “you are the knife to my fork” “your eyes shine more than dumbledore’s beard” “you’re sweeter than chocolate” ( “cAlm DOwN HeRE pADFoOt YoU DOn’t JOKe wITh CHOcOLate” )
  • and they say it with the most serious look so no one knew if they were kidding or not
  • ( which was the perfect cover for the soppiest couple ever )
  • basically james and peter feared every moment they would be with the two of them
  • ( and james planned his revenge for when he will finally be dating lily )


  • after the prank, it took months to remus to finally call sirius with his petnames
  • and sirius died a little everytime remus would call by his name
  • and he cried a little when remus called him “love” again

└ You knew it was a losing battle you were fighting from the start Sho-kun…

Cr: VS Arashi 19.01.2017 Opening Talk

My kid got into Yuri on Ice by repeatedly walking in on the second half of episodes and refusing to leave unless I let them watch it with me. So we’re watching all the episodes from the beginning together. Here are some choice reactions so far:

First episode

“Yuri is sad! I want to hug him!“ 

"When does the guy he love show up?" 

"Ha! Butts are hilarious!" 

"But now Victor is going to be Yuri’s boyfriend right?”

2nd ep:

“Victor loves Yuri!" 

"Yuri is too cute." 

"I don’t like this other Yuri. He’s mean.” Russian Yuri sees the Tiger shirt “Oh he is cute and I love him and I want that shirt!" 

"Yurio is great name and he’s angry and cute!”

 "Yuri is too adorable!“

3rd episode (so far, we’re halfway through): 

opening bit where Victor is talking to Yuri about his Eros "So they are already boyfriends right?”

 "Yurio is beautiful.“ 

"Oh Yuri! You will win! You are already boyfriends with Victor!”

don’t fear the reaper

Summary: Legends tell of a valiant warrior, blessed by the divine, betrayed by the leader he fought so hard to serve, locked into an eternal half-life. Called goblin, this man lives forever, watching the years pass him by, until his fated other half can release him.

(It’s funny, Nico thinks. They say legends are always a little true.)

General Nico di Angelo is killed at noontime, under a sky as blue as his lover’s eyes.

It happens like this, like divine retribution for the guilt he keeps pressed between his fingers. He returns from the war triumphant and blood-stained, followed by a legion of adoring soldiers and whispers of divinity, of spirits, of death. His name has spread across the continent, passed between enemy lips, like a promise. A warning.

If the fates abandon you, and you meet the man with clothes as black as midnight and a sword red as blood, turn back, turn back.

You will not survive him.

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The Heroes Gambit

Juggling a long con, several disguises and a chance at revenge,  Vox Machina’s second casino night may turn out to be much more lucrative than the first

For the CritRole Reverse Bang, to match @curriebelle​‘s beautiful art

It turned out slightly longer than 2,000 words. For ease of reading it is also on AO3

The Luck’s Run casino was always bustling. In the five days she’d been staying there, she had yet to see it truly in a lull. Tonight, though, it seemed as if half Marquet was pressed together on the floor. The promise of a new performer and a duel in the fighting pits tomorrow encouraged all kinds of people to part with their hard won coin.

She, on the other hand, was afforded a little more breathing space. Being a high roller and a valued client kept a seat reserved for her at her favored game and a bouncer’s discouraging eye on the riff raff - which was part of why she looked up in surprise when someone pulled out the seat beside her.

“Is the Lady feeling favorable tonight?” the intruder asked, his accent smooth and sounding of somewhere far away.

He was handsome and pale, with aristocratic features and a shock of white hair that stood out starkly against his clothing. If his accent hadn’t marked him as an outsider, his clothing would have; no one in Marquet wore black in such a way. Next to his monochrome appearance, the vivid blood red of her dress stood out even more.

“Avandra’s blessings are fleeting this evening,” she replied evenly, unsure whether the strange man was worthy of her time. “The goddess’s favour comes and goes at no one’s will.”

“So it always is with gods. But it’s your favour I’m devoted to earning.” His smile was charming enough and despite her better judgement, she warmed a little.

“Devoted, hmm?”

“Of course.” He glanced at the table and back at her, his gaze pausing on the neckline of her dress just long enough to be flattering before he met her eyes again. “After all, if I wish to play, it seems I am at your mercy.”

She chuckled and shrugged the fur stole from her shoulders, leaving her decolletage invitingly bare. “I do like a man who knows his place.” Tipping her head just slightly toward the table and the poised dealer, she indicated he should sit. “For the moment though, you may as well join the game.”

She waited until he’d pulled out his chair before holding out a hand to stop him. “You have played before?”

Rather than pause, he simply took her hand in his own as he sat. “Played and won. Might I know your name? Or shall I simply refer to you as the Goddess of Beauty?

That was laying it on a little thick, but she permitted herself a small smile. “Countess Velora Whitewood of Kymal.”

The name rolled easily off Vex’s tongue after five days of constant use.

“I am Frederick,” Percy said as he bowed over her hand and pressed his lips to her knuckles through the gloves that Vex had worn to hide her archer’s calluses. “Delighted to meet you.”

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Relax (Jack x FemReader) short

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(A/n): Lmao if I had something intelligent to say I’d put it here

Request:  Hey hey! Firstly, your writing is amazing! I love your fics so much and I’m jealous of your talent. Secondly, can i ask for a story involving jacksepticeye x reader? Where they have a lazy day after a hard week and not being able to see each other?

Warnings: I believe there is swearing???


Saying you didn’t love your job would be a complete lie. You do; you do love your job. Like, more than life. But at times, it was both physically and emotionally demanding.

Being a (genre) youtuber was ninety percent hilarity smudged with experience and ten percent taxing. Though, you would never complain. If you didn’t have your youtube career, you also wouldn’t have half your cronies, humour, or your beloved boyfriend.

At times like this, you felt yourself submerged in that ten percent.

It’s been exactly nine days, fourteen hours and thirty six minutes. You hated yourself for consciously keeping track of the technical numbers. It was a disruptive habit of yours; a habit that would bleed through every time you were nervous, compressed, or antsy.

Though, your inside voice was shot repeatedly, you could still manage a groan when reaching for your stray luggage being sauced around the conveyor belt.

Turning to release yourself from the sea of travelers, you sped your (size) frame away from the bag claim.

“I already hate life,” you whined aloud “where is Sean? Little Irish bastard has to be somewhere…”

It wasn’t long before you were charming the airport corridors with desperate footfalls. It’s been a week of complete shit and treachery and all you wanted to do was embrace your lovely boyfriend and get on with a lazy day.

“(Y/n)!” a lone voice called, though you didn’t hear it. Didn’t hear it until it was being chanted and drawing near to your current standings.

“(Y/nnnnn)!” Sean cheered, crashing into you “God, I missed you so fookin’ much.”

You laughed in surprise and tumbled your arms around him “Is that so?” you questioned. The mood you had previously been in had been wiped away thanks to Jack.

“Yes!” he whined “No one to cuddle, no one to have coffee with, no one to rage with.”

You giggle against his layered shoulder, waddling back and forth in his arms; struggling to regain balance.

“It was only a week, lover boy.” you taunted.

“Nine days,” Jack scoffed back “more like nine circles of hell.”

Once after you both laughed heartily, you released each other.

“So, while I was in L.A,” You began. The pair of you began to walk to the nearest exit, planning on hailing a cab.

“I bought the cutest pair of sweats, and frankly I don’t know about you but I’d love to use them real soon.”

Sean laughed again and tied a comforting arm around your waist.

“What does that mean? Don’t you want to start planning your trip back to collab with Mark this time?” he commented.

“God no.” you breathed.

“So let me get this straight,” Sean sorted. You both left the airport and you strung up a hand, forcing a near taxi to pull over.

“You want to lounge on the sofa, snacks a blaze, netflix ready, with me dozing off with my head in yer’ lap?”

“Exactly it.” you beamed up at him.

Jack was kind, and opened the cab door for you first “Well madam, you may have just proposed yourself a successful plan.”


(A/n): Do you know how lazy I am right now? Very.

But good news for you, I have a ten day break coming up soon and shit am I going to write a lot then so just hang in there guys

HC At the clinic
  • A certain patient: Look, I can't sleep at night. I try really hard but after hours of tossing and turning hell I am still awake. It sucks more whenever I see shooting stars. It feels, you know, so LONELY. So I wander around at night and talk to an old photo of him once I'm home. Sometimes I whisper his name over and over again to calm myself down and while this does lessen the pain for a brief moment my heart gradually hurts more when I recognize his absence. And the more I think about it the more I feel like I'm missing the other half of my soul. Dammit doctor, why does it hurt so much to live without my FRIEND 'ttebayo
  • Sakura: Naruto, for the thirtieth time, can't you tell you're in love?

I hesitated about posting these pictures, but part of what keeps me on track and working hard is sharing my progress with others so that I’m accountable to someone other than just myself. 

There’s 5 and a half months between these pictures. That first picture was 9/7/16 and the second one is today, 2/24/17.

I know I’m making so much progress because I work hard and I weigh myself daily (That’s my choice. It’s not right for everyone.), but I didn’t realize just how much until I looked at this. I’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come! 

Those are the same shorts in both pictures (look at how those shorts fit now!), but the tops are different because that first one is way too big now. 

Also worth noting: My selfie taking skills have improved a bit and I’ve rearranged my bedroom at least once in the past 5 and a half months! :)

I am sorry, but am I the only one who can’t imagine George with Angelina? Really, I just can’t imagine… I just can not see it… Actually I see in a different way.

I see George going to work after the Hogwarts Battle cause he and Fred worked hard to build Wealeys’ Wizard Wheezes and he should not give up right now. I just see he doing everything to make it work, specially because Fred would like that, cause his other half loved to make everyone happy, include him.

I just imagine one girl going to the Joke shop every Wednesday, looking at every little thing there, with a small smile on the face, and always buying something little.

I can see it. I can see George being curious about her, cause who was crazy enough to go to one shop and at same day, every week, and buy little things always. So one day, I know, you know, that he’ll have the courage he will walk to her, and with a big smile will ask if she needs anythings.

“Nothing” She would say with a small smile, passing her fingers in everything she can touch, like she had never been there before. Like it was her first time.

And then, I just know, that he would talk to her every Wednesday, and he would wait for it, he would imagine what they could talk about, or he would just imagine her smiling to him. That way, he would be falling in love with her. I know it.. 

And after some months he’d ask her to go out and she’d smile, not any smile but the most beautiful smile he ever saw. And when the day comes, he  will forget everything but her… 

When she arrives, he will lose it… Cause she is so beautiful in front of him that he just could not think about his brother. He couldn’t not think about what he would say if he saw her. What would Fred say if he could saw the girl with red dress and a nervous smile on the face? Maybe the girl could like more Fred than him…. And would the girl be able to say who is who if Fred was alive? 

And then, it’s happen, the girl just hugged him, the girl would just say to him that would be okay if he doesn’t want to go out and George would notice that she was the right girl. Maybe, not the right girl for ever, but for now… Oh, for now she was THE girls, The one, the perfect one.

George would take her to his house, and they would talk about everything, include Hogwarts. She would talk about how incredible he and his twin were. And that she really admire them so much. George would be so happy, even if it’s still hurts.

He would ask which house she belongs to and she would say that doesn’t matter and he would not care. Probably she would belong to Huffle-puff cause she was just so cool.

But in the end of the date, before she goes, before the kiss, she would say, in low voice, scared, the she belongs to Slytherin. She was in the house everyone hated. 

George would say nothing, would do nothing but see her going away. What could he say? She was in the same house than the person who killed his brother. 

And after weeks not seeing her, He would finally wake up and see that he likes her… That he wants her even if she is a Slytherin girl.

He would look for her and when he finds her, he would just kiss her and say with the biggest smile on the face “I want you to be the biggest rule I ever broke”.

I just can see it… It’s impossible to me not see it… I am sorry if you don’t agree… But to me, George would be with the Slytherin girl.


The moment I settle in the back of the truck I regret my decision. I’m not this girl.  I’m not one of Negan’s many wives, but I’m not Paula or ‘Chelle either.  My mind is too active to just breeze into another community, demand their things, and breeze back out.  How Simon can do this regularly is beyond me as my thoughts race with every single way this trip can go bad, every way I could end up dead…we all could end up dead.

“Look at this, all ready to go!” Negan’s booms out over the yard.  “Gives me half-a-hard-on to see such dedication in my men!”  I keep my eyes down as I sense his approach.  “Hold the fuckin’ phone!”   It’s almost a cheer.  “Is that who the fuck I think it fuckin’ is?!”

I glance up, see Simon and the others stop to watch Negan swagger towards me.  My eyes flit around for help, but only Simon reacts with an encouraging smile.  The sound of Lucille hitting the underside of the truck causes me to jump, look directly at him.

Negan’s smile is slow, cocky.  “Well, slap my ass and call me Sally, it is you.”  His voice drops, tempting me to lean forward.   “Swingin’ dick with the fuckin’ big boys now, huh?”

“I need the points.”

“I’m sure you fuckin’ do, darlin’,” he licks his lips, hangs on the edge of the truck.  “But, you know, there are fuckin’ easier ways than fuckin’ goin’ out into the Wild Fuckin’ West that is this shitty fuckin’ world nowadays.”

He thinks I’m going to fail and it only makes me want to dig my heels in further.  “You really wanna help me?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Something in his grin tells me he thinks he’s won whatever game this is.  I want him to regret that…

Crawling to his side of the truck, my smile relaxes with the rest of me.  “If I’m not back in time, can you make sure Kaylee gets her lunch?”

His smile stays, but his eyes squint in confusion.

“It’s just…” I shelf my upper body on the truck’s edge, present the best cleavage I can manage to him.  “She gets nervous with some of the servers in the mess hall, but I’m sure, if she’s got the Boss Man backing her up, she’ll be brave.”  I look down as I run fingers by his hand still gripping the side, before looking him in the eye with a grin.  “I’d hate for her to get so skinny some boy tells her to eat a fucking sandwich, ya know?”

Negan’s mouth closes, he runs a gloved hand over his beard, dissolving his smile in the process.  “Good luck out there, little lady.”  He leaves without so much as another smirk, heading to speak to Simon, then go back inside.

I pull away from the edge, go back to my corner of the truck bed, and question what I just did.  I challenged our leader, threw down a gauntlet, in front of others…If I was lucky enough to survive the trip beyond The Sanctuary, would I even be welcomed back?  God, sometimes I’m such an idiot…

This was fun to write because I didn’t expect “I” to challenge Negan like that, where she’s almost playing with him to the point not even he’s sure how to respond, haha!  I feel like this idea of her coming into her own - thanks in no small part to Negan and Simon both - will be explored further as things progress.  As always, the gif of the woman covers actions/mood, not appearance - the only consistent aspect of “I”‘s appearance is that she’s overly thin.

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Negan gif from: @mypapawinchester

Previous Chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Also before I start this, I fell asleep before it was announced that the boys had won their second award but I’m still really proud of them and they worked so fucking hard for it and they’re winning so many things this year and it’s making me so happy and proud seeing them be so happy, also the Yoonmin moments like how they stayed by each others side walking up there (also the walk up there was so fucking badass like idk how they make a walk look cool but they did) And now it is time for our amazing cutie pie, the first half of the Busan line, a shy lil bby with blushing cheeks and the cut e s t shy smile, Park Jimin aka chim chim aka angel

  • Visuals are up first to help paint the image for the rest of this
  • I mean orange hair Jimin is pretty fucking beautiful so I think I’m gonna have to go with that bc it’s such mermaid material it just looked so soft and pretty I lo vE
  • Also the silver hair is also really fucking ni Ce but so is black hair chim and so is blonde chim just all the chim it’s all ni Ce bc Jimin is so fucking pretty and he’s one of my aesthetics fuck me uP
  • Okay so we have two options for shirtless mermaid!Jimin, both of them are equally ni Ce so you can see him with either one
  • We’ve got abs!Jimin which is obviously v v pretty and he’d be so confident swimming around and it’s just forever being flirty bc even though chim is shy Jimin is a flirt
  • But we’ve also got tummy!Jimin which is also v v pretty and soft and cuddly but also ni Ce (I love chim’s tummy look so fucking much happy!chim giggling and patting his tummy is my faVORITE)
  • Both choices are amazing tbh bc it’s chim and he’s amazing overall
  • Side note we’ve seen chim all wet and shit and that was such a good look I just wanted to bring it to mind bc damN 
  • His tail would be really really pretty just like his everything else
  • It would be red but it’d have some oranges and a few yellows and golds and they all blend in together so it’s not like hey here’s some red here’s some yellow here’s some orange it all comes together nice
  • It’s mainly red but then there are hints of the rest of the colors and sometimes the gold will shine a bit so you can see him swimming from above the water but it just looks like something shiny was at the bottom of the ocean
  • Little did the humans that would always jokingly comment on how a pirate must have left his treasure down there know, it was actually Jimin, trying to listen on a conversation to hear what the humans sounded like
  • It was muffled and unintelligible of course bc he was under water and they were above it but it’s the thought that counts
  • He’s s o shocked when he finally gains the courage to swim up to shore and pop his head out of the water bc holy shit what is this all these land mermaids have legs ??? why how the fuck are they supposed to swim without a tail how are they breathing without water are they okAY
  • In his defense, he’s only like eight when he first swims to the beach so he’s still trying to learn about his own species let alone the people with weirdly shaped tails that look more like arms than a fin
  • You two meet when he’s still eight (although if you ask him he’ll tell you he’s eight and a half)
  • He’s re all y shy especially bc you’re not a mermaid so it’s like extra !!! bc he’s never spoken to a human before but you’re getting so close and he can see you’re about to fall in and he’s worried your weirdly split tail won’t be able to save you bc the waves are pretty strong and even he’s being moved around a bit under the water
  • So when he sees you fall into the water, he’s immediately swimming over and making sure everything’s okay
  • Your friend, Taehyung, is already racing over to the end on the dock to see if you were okay as Jimin’s helping you swim over
  • You of course have to thank him for his help bc everything happened so quickly and no one’s really sure what just happened at all but the three of you somehow end up talking for a solid two hours
  • Jimin tells you why he has a tail, you tell him why you don’t, he explains his webbed fingers and you explain your toes
  • You don’t see him again until his tenth birthday and that’s when Tae tells you about how he visits Jimin and another mermaid named Jungkook after school
  • He invites you to come along since Jimin had asked why you don’t visit as often and Tae has to tell him that you live on the other side of the city and it’s harder for you to get to the beach when your house is so far away
  • But since you’re gonna be sleeping at Tae’s house that night, it’s the perfect time to visit
  • Jimin’s face lights up when he sees you and he gets this huge smile on his face and Jungkook is just mentally writing all of this down to tease chim with later on but for rn it’s kinda cute to see how happy Jimin gets seeing you
  • There’s zero awkwardness between any of you, it feels like all of you had been best friends your entire lives, even if you hadn’t seen Jimin in over a year it still felt natural
  • You see Jimin on and off for the next few years, every few months you and Tae use the excuse of you coming over to his house for the night or sometimes the weekend so that all four of you can hang out
  • You get to see both Jimin and Jungkook go from boys to men bc every time you see them, they’ve grown more and more and it’s just woW bc they were adorable as kids but now they’re becoming grown ass man and it’s just oh okay
  • By the time Jimin’s 18, he’s grown into his features, his jawline is more pronounced, his arms are more muscled from swimming around all day, when he has his human legs, they’re really fucking pretty
  • But despite the physical changes, he’s still the same shy goofball you’ve known for over ten years with the really cute giggle and the eye smile and he still laughed to the point of tears at shitty jokes that were so bad they were actually kinda funny
  • You two start dating on his eighteenth birthday, almost a decade after you two first met 
  • Taehyung and Jungkook happened to need to go the store to “get more ice cream and cake” leaving you and chim alone on the beach and it was actually kinda romantic bc the waves were gentle and the sun had already set so it was really peaceful and you had built a lil bonfire to roast marshmallows over to make smores (one of Jimin’s favorite human food)
  • You and Jimin had already been cuddled up for warmth and you were talking and one thing led to another before Jimin revealed that he had never kissed anyone
  • You’re kinda surprised bc Jimin is a good looking man with an amazing personality and so much talent, how has he never kissed anyone
  • “Well I’ve kinda had a crush on someone for a while… if you can call ten years a while”
  • “oh my go D are you in love with Tae”
  • “No!!!!!!”
  • “Then who is it?? Jungkook??”
  • “No, it’s you”
  • Needless to say, you start visiting the beach a l o t more often and he definitely comes up to the shore more after that night and now tae and kookie are forever crediting themselves as the ones that got you two together
  • “We’ll be sure to mention it in our speeches at the wedding”
  • “We’ve been dating for two weeks”
  • “You’re taking this shit slow then I’ve already got my tux”

You know what there needs to be more of???

Virgin Junkrat.

Like, I understand Junkrat would of probably in canon done something in his life in the wasteland for something (food, water, ammo) but like, just for a moment, what if he didn’t? Like he got all of his things by stealing or paying with money or something else other than his body? Like, not many people found him attractive so they didn’t really see like a blow job or anal as a good enough payment.

But then here come Roadhog, half ton of a fucking truck. And of course our little rat fall head first in love with him. Big, muscles, soft, HARD CORE, HIS VOICE


Everything about him is like perfect and he’s just all over this sucker. And then the day comes where Roadhog returns his feelings and it’s like in a cheap motel or some abandoned barn and Roadhog decides to act on those feelings. Like, all they had done were little pecks and some short cuddle breaks and Rat was cool with all that. Because he was also nervous that he might not be enough for Roadie or that he might be too inexperience and turn him off.

So roadie is like trying to get into some good kisses and Junkrat is trying hard to follow along but he’s completely failing at it so roadie pulls away and just plays it as nerves or he’s just too excited.

So down to business he goes and tries to take off Jamie’s shorts and Jamie FREAKS! Like, accidentally smacking his peg leg against Mako freaks. And so tension falls and Jamie is all curled up and looking really scared and on the verge of tears and everything clicks in makos head.

“Have you been with anyone before?”

And Jamie is like

“W-wot, of course mate! Tons!”

But mako isn’t buying it so he just scoops up his scared little boyfriend and talks with him about it. Mako is so patient (sometimes at least; at least when it’s important)

Yeah so, Virgin Junkrat would be hella.

(Honestly, Virgin Roadhog wouldn’t be too bad of an idea either. Lonely pig farmer before explosion, merciless killer afterwards, teams up with post explosion 25 year old who’s done some shit just to stay alive. Yeah, not much there to really squeeze.)

for @polliniaa for the @aftgexchange! i chose to do the neil getting a tattoo prompt :) hope you like!

As a general rule, when Neil set his mind to something, he followed through.

When he decided to keep the foxes safe, and stay with Andrew, and keep being Neil Josten, he followed through. Sometimes it’s just reaching that decision that’s the hard part.

His most recent one was getting a tattoo.

He’d thought about it for a while, but seeing Kevin’s queen tattoo has kind of set the ball rolling. He’d been weighing pros and cons in his head, half of him worried it was too noticeable, and wouldn’t help him blend in, but the other half saying, that maybe he should just get something permanent, because he wanted to be permanent.

He reached his conclusion after a long, bad day. He;d already woken up from a terrible dream, in which his fathers face loomed over his own, constantly flickering into his own. But he made the mistake of glancing at the mirror as he was heading into the shower and froze.

Not only did his face seem to look even more like his father’s, but one look at the scars marring his torso made him feel disgusted. He hated the scars most of all because he didn’t get to choose them. He’d had no say in anything that’d happened to him or to his body.

Setting his jaw stubbornly, he decided he was going to change that. And right then and there, the tattoo plan was formed.

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But when the two men returned to the lagoon habitat, Remus found, much to his annoyance, that the other shipwreckers had made themselves right at home. Seeing them swarm around his homestead like that made Remus’ blood boil with anger - HE was the one to find the Lagoon first, dammit, and these leeches couldn’t just show up all willy-nilly and expect him to peacefully move aside while they reap the benefits of his hard work.

He had half a mind to tell Hugh Bailey and his crew exactly what he thought of their intrusion (and probably send them to certain, uh… places in the process), but Rhinehart managed to stop him just on time, before the blonde could let his Scorpio temper flare. The professor suggested that alienating the group probably wouldn’t be the best course of action under the given circumstances, and that Remus would do much better if he tried to get along with the others, at least for the time being. So Remus had really no other choice but to extend his invitation for lunch to the whole group. On one side, he wasn’t exactly crazy about sharing his food with them; but on another, he knew that it’d be unfair of him to blame them for wanting nourishment and shelter. Yes, him and the other castaways had a bit of a rocky start, but everybody deserves a second chance. Who knows, maybe these guys won’t turn out to be so bad once you get to know them.

The food was served and everyone was happily stuffing their faces. Remus tried chatting to each member of the group, but soon found that the initial unfavorable opinion he’d formed about them was perfectly on point. Between their constant whining and entitled fat cat behavior, these people were utterly unbearable, and Remus desperately hoped that they’d piss off back to their own beach once they were done gorging on his provisions. 

Fortunately for him, the uninvited guests did just that. Now that all food was eaten, they suddenly found the lagoon much less appealing, so they simply left without even as much as saying ‘goodbye’. And of course they didn’t thank their host for the meal, either. What a bunch of asshats.

 The professor hung around for a while longer, but after nightfall he too took his leave, promising  that he’d visit again when he comes up with a solution for the sail.


“(Y/N), no, no…”, he mumbles into your ear sobbing, but you are already gone. Minho can’t and won’t believe it that you died in his arms. Desperately he closes his eyes hoping that you would be still alive when he opens them again. You saved Chuck’s life, but it doesn’t change anything for him.
“I’m so sorry, (Y/N). So sorry”, it’s hard for him to hold back his tears. The others just stare at your limb body in his arms. Minho doesn’t even notice them anymore. The only important thing in his life was you. Everything he ever wanted and cared about.
It was his task to keep you safe, but Minho has failed. His better half is gone without a goodbye. Ripped away from his side, because your heart is made out of pure gold. He would never see your sweet smile again. He would never make you laugh again. He would never enjoy is life again…

In the first moment he doesn’t know what’s happening, when you fall into his arms bleeding. “(Y/N)”, he whispers your name shocked and scared at the same time. Softly he lies you on the ground with your head in his lap. A slight smile appears on your lips for the last time, then your beautiful clear (e/c) eyes lose their loved shine.
Newt puts sobbing a hand over his mouth not progressing the fact that you are gone forever. “Please, no! Look at me, (Y/N). Everything is going to be alright”, he isn’t quite sure who he is comforting. Your limb body in his arms or himself.
They almost made it out of the Maze, but the price was too high. You maybe saved Chuck’s life, but who should save Newt now? How is he supposed to live without you by his side? Tears escape his eyes as he presses you against him. He always loved to hold you in his arms, but it’s different now. Everything has changed…

Your name is the only thought that’s in her head as you collapse on the ground. The bullet wasn’t meant for you, but with your golden heart you couldn’t let someone else die. “(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)”, Teresa whispers your name over and over again to get your attention, while she strokes your head softly.
The beautiful (e/c) she has loved are dull now. The life run out of your body and Teresa couldn’t do anything against it. You were the best thing that happened in her life, but good things doesn’t last long. This nightmare of a Maze claimed your soul just a few steps away from freedom.
Thomas puts his hand on her shoulder friendly to show her she isn’t alone with her grief. But they don’t understand how it feels to lose the love of your life. Teresa’s only hope was to live a normal life with you away from the Glade and the Maze. Now she is alone…

“I’m so sorry, (Y/N)”, he whispers the words, while he tries to hold back the tears. They escaped the Maze, but Thomas couldn’t keep you safe. Everything he has worked for is worthless now. He doesn’t want the god damn freedom anymore when he can’t have you by his side.
Just a little moment destroyed his life. Just a little step closer to you, then you would be still alive. The bullet wouldn’t have killed you and ripped him away from him. Of course Thomas blames himself that you died in his arms helplessly. He couldn’t save you, just whispered sweet nothings in your ear to comfort you until your heart stopped beating.
That was probably the worst moment in his life. Without a word he wipes the tears away. Even simply reminding your name feels like a stab into his heart. What is he supposed to do with freedom when he can’t share it with you? It’s going to be a lone and sad life without you…

“That’s your fault! You killed (Y/N)!”, he points his gun at Thomas. It was his job to keep you safe and sound, but you went with Thomas and the others into the Maze. Secretly Gally blames himself that you died. He should have stopped you. That’s the price he has to pay now. Dealing with your death.
“She sacrificed herself”, Thomas explains almost crying. It wasn’t his plan to leave you behind, but there were too many Grievers. “Why her? Why (Y/N)?”, it’s the only question in Gally’s head. The only person he cared about and loved. To see your limb body in the Maze was worse than anything else.
Tears are running over his cheeks. You were his princess. You belonged into his arms, but fate has ripped you away from him. Gally doesn’t really care what’s going to happen with him. The only wish he has is to be with your again. Even if death has to claim his body like yours. He’s ready…

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Hey could you do NextXReader about Newt comforting an ill reader? Like feel free to write whatever you want. I practically live for this blog xx

Well, thank you kindly for checking my stuff out ❤️ I’ll do my best! So…I’m on an angst roll, so I’m going with terminal illness…ah.

Master list

-“Please don’t stop smiling, my love.” You spoke weakly, reaching out towards Newt’s hand from the side of your hospital bed.
-The hufflepuff stood at the doorway, looking at you with a solemn expression. But, your smile was enough to force him from his spot.
-“You’re the reason I smile…” He spoke, trying hard to fight back his tears. He knew he was supposed to be the strong one right now, but seeing you, his always strong other half, hurting broke him to pieces.
-“Don’t be silly, Newt. You have Pickett, Dougal, all of them to make your life perfect.” You tried your hardest to ease his suffering, because as far as you were concerned..Newt still had a whole life ahead of him to make things work.
-Newt just laughed softly, taking your hand in his as he took a seat on the chair next to your bed. “I love you.”
-He said it with as much emotion as his tired heart could muster, but for your sake he had to toughen up.
-You were the one in pain, after all. And as your longtime boyfriend, he owed you that much. He rubbed the back of your cold hand with his thumb, kissing it gently and gazing back up at you.
-“I love you, Y/N, and I will be here until the very end. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.” He promised, leaning forward and laying his head on your stomach.
-You laughed loudly, running your free hand through his messy hair. “Tell me, has anyone ever believed you when you say that?”
-Newt would close his eyes at the comforting touch, and smile. “Always.”
-The whole time you were in the hospital, he’d be by your side, day and night. Whether it be caressing your arm in comfort, or kissing your forehead with love, he’d never stop.
-Your voice would wake him instantly, and he scramble from his chair and sit on your bed. “I’m here, darling. I’m here.”
-You’d smile and kiss his hand. “Just checking.”

Hope that’s ok? Lol

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Imagine Patsy had been hit by the car instead of Delia...

•Delia finding out at work and sprinting to Patsy’s ward, only to find out she’s not allowed to see her

•Trixie falling asleep on Patsy’s bed that night

•Delia turning up at Nonnatus House 3 days after the accident, sobbing and saying that she “can’t go back to the flat”, and Nurse Crane bringing her in and sitting her down with a cup of sugared tea and comforting words

•Delia moving in with Trixie

•Barbara taking over half of Trixie’s workload “by accident” because she knows that the other midwife is having a hard time

•Trixie bringing Delia up Horlicks the first time she goes to see Patsy in the hospital

•The midwives, nuns and Delia talking about possible treatment options for Patsy over breakfast

•Trixie and Delia fighting tooth and nail to let Patsy stay at Nonnatus, but ultimately losing

•Delia not returning to work at The London, and instead becoming a district nurse at Nonnatus

•Trixie waking in the middle of the night only to find Delia sitting on the floor, going through the things in Patsy’s box, and having to lead her gently back to bed

•Barbara struggling at clinic without Patsy’s support and help

•Sr Julienne accidentally telling someone to “ask Nurse Mount” before she realises what she’s said and feels ill

•Trixie finding herself still expecting Patsy to walk into the kitchen whenever the door opens, bright eyed, announcing the birth of another mother and baby doing well

•Trixie being unable to sleep and bumping into Nurse Crane, who has just arrived back from a delivery, and sitting down and talking with her over a cup of Horlicks

•Barbara finding the first letter and sprinting into the kitchen to announce the news through her tears

•Patsy turning up on the doorstep on Christmas Eve, having not told anyone she was coming, with an almost-spotless bill of health

•Delia not leaving Patsy’s side all of Christmas Day, because she still can’t believe that’s she’s HERE, and that she’s safe and healthy

•Trixie enveloping Patsy in a tearful hug on Christmas morning and murmuring “I missed you” into her ear

•Barbara bouncing about all day and filling Patsy in on everything that happened since she was gone, only to be scolded by Nurse Crane because “you’ll hurt the poor girl’s head, she’s still not quite up to you wittering on in her ear yet.”

•Patsy heading straight to Sister Julienne’s office and immediately being wrapped in a hug by the nun

•Sister Evangelina grinning at her with a “we’ve missed you, Nurse Mount,” which Patsy can only reply to with a beaming smile

•Sister Monica Joan softly cupping Patsy’s face and announcing “She has returned! We are whole again,” and all of Nonnatus thinking that they couldn’t have put it better themselves

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: If the rumors about Lena Luthor dying a villain is true then all of the character building they've done over the past few episodes will be for naught just to give us a half-baked plot twist that no one asked for, she deserves so much more than this lazy ass writing after all the shit she's dealt with, and Kara Danvers for all of the searching she's done for someone to actually find her amazing and appreciate her for who she is (besides Alex of course) and not just because she's Supergirl deserves to be loved by Lena. for the love of God just let them be happy with each other it's not that hard to do, it's already there, you can see it by the way they look at each other. the chemistry between them is so strong as well goddamn it let them be
Brief FYI

Today, I’m heading to my teacher’s funeral (maybe the burial service, if I can handle it and it’s not private). I should be leaving for that very soon. Apparently, it’s going to be open casket, at least for the visitation.

I’m nervous as hell, allow me to admit. I want to remember my teacher as she was; happy, gentle, passionate. But, it’s just as hard to not go and see something of her, one last time…

But, I’ll spare other details. I just thought I’d let you all know why I’ll be suddenly quiet within less than half an hour.

Thank you all for understanding. I’ll be back soon.

Crew headcannon samples:

To get you guys familiar with my writing style, I thought it would be cool if I gave you guys some of my head cannons for the crew. For now, just one for each crew member, but if you guys want more, I’d be happy to oblige:)

Luffy: He would get into the habit of finding beetles instead of picking flowers for his s/o, because it’s easy to find flowers but it’s hard to find a super cool Hercules. Who wouldn’t want that?

Zoro: If his other half was having a bad day, he would meet them in the bathroom and wash their hair as they bathe and talk about what was bothering them. He’d get pulled in eventually ;)

Nami: She would be really demanding in a relationship as a defense mechanism to see if they could handle her. Once they get passed the “go buy me this, go do that, what are you doing you’re so stupid” phase, she’d gradually cool down, deconstructing her initial walls and let them in.

Usopp: He’d have an entire sketch book of pictures of his s/o smiling, because that’s his favorite thing they do and there’s just so many smiles they have that he wants to never forget.

Sanji: The first thing he asks about his better half is what their favorite foods are so he can figure out the best way to cook and prepare their food to perfection. Nothing is too good when it comes to his s/o

Chopper: He would talk for hours to his s/o about medical terminology and the different healing herbs, so that if he wasn’t there they could heal themselves

Robin: She would have a part of her garden dedicated to whatever her s/o’s favorite flower was.

Franky: He would secretly love it when his partner in crime would help him fix the ship. It always gave him ample time to tell them all about his passion and all about what Tom taught him.

Brook: He’d never ask to see his s/o’s panties. Not even as a joke.