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How my friend taught me not to be an asshole

As a lot of other people, I tend to remember all the bad things I’ve done in my life and forget about the moments that I did something good. Because I’ve been having some stressful nights lately, caused once again by regrets and whatnot, I tried to think of something nice I’ve done for a change, and I remembered this moment from my childhood, something that I didn’t know was a good thing until a year ago when my friend told me. 

I want to take my time and tell you about a good friend of mine. This is nothing that special, it’s simply the story of an asshole and a nice girl who were very different people and became friends through sheer patience, and how  it affected my life in more ways than one. I’m writing this because I’m too embarrassed to tell her how thankful  I am in person, and I’m planning on sending this to her.

I write this because this story makes me feel good, and maybe it does the same for you if you’re having a rough day. You are welcome to ignore this though, as always :)

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