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Male MC: Mystic Messenger Casual Route Third Day 7:30 + ZEN Call

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Zack tossed and turned all night waking up to annoying, stressful, nightmares of his parents looking disappointed, friends leaving him for learning he was gay, and the RFA suddenly blocking him for what he said about how he’d go out with Yoosung. He groaned overtime he woke up feeling his headache intensify each time he woke up. He was too exhausted to walk to the bathroom and get some Tiaranol!! and he soon resorted to pressed hi face into the coldness of his pillow trying to alleviate the pain.

He woke up at six and deiced to give up on sleeping no matter how bad his body needed it. He dragged his feet towards the bathroom taking the Tiaranol pill and chewing them and swallowing without any water. He grimaced at the taste and turned on the shower not bothering to turn on the lights. The room was completely dark but he knew where things were and wasn’t worried about falling. Finally the water warmed to his liking and lazily he took off his clothes leaning his body against the cold tile as the warm water rained down on his exhausted body. The sound of the running water was always soothing to his and slowly he felt himself slumping to the floor.

“Zack.” He looked up to see his mother. “Put your evening wear on we’re going to eat with the Hanks. Their daughter is majoring in Pediatrics you know.”
“Zack!” His father ran up to him. “This…attitude of yours is unacceptable! I’ve enlisted you into the army!”
“Zack!” He saw his old friends waving at him. “Hey let’s go play basketball!”
“Wait…let’s not invite him, I mean he likes guys.”
“Ugh…Yeah he’ll check us out.”
“Fuck off!”

“Zachary!” His mother yelled in anger. “They’re not telling you something. The pressure sensor will not go off now…it will not go off then…only one person will disarm it. You need to be safe. Secrets. They’re keeping secrets.” She bent down and suddenly Zack realized he was only a child now. “My poor baby…you shouldn’t keep secrets from your mother.” She grabbed a cup of tea and forced him to drink. He tried to push her away but she wouldn’t let up. “Drink your tea. I don’t care if you’re choking drink your tea!”

“Gah!” He gasped taking in a mouthful of water. He coughed and gasped reaching up blindly as he patted the tiled walls feeling for the shower handle. He yanked the water off and coughed louder trying to get the water out of his lungs. “Holy crap.” He barely managed to laugh. “Holy crap I almost drowned.” His hands and feet were pruney. How long had he been in there? Despite his strange dream he suddenly felt well rested. He wrapped a towel around his waste and walked over to his bed checking his phone. Damn he’d been in there for nearly an hour. Slowly he leaned back on his bed putting his phone aside.

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