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daylightning  asked:

taem used one of your gifs during answer time! YAY you deserve it! <3

aaah I know ::;;;;;; and I’m so shocked and happy! ♥ it’s something I could never have imagined! ;;;;; I still can’t believe it tbh. Thank you so very much for your sweet message ♥


The part I worked on for the @tazanimated project 2017 with some friends.

Magnus, Taako and Merle animated by Darragh Herlihy -
Comp by Helga Kristjana Bjarnadóttir -
Additional coloring: Donna McAvoy & Sonia Naqvi -

Storyboard, character designs, backgrounds and Magic Brian animation by me: Sandra N. Andersen - -

happy birthday (part 1) to my favorite character ever, you deserve the world baby


Six of Crows, Teaser Trailer

I’m re-watching GF right now, and I saw a parallel between this scene from “The Headhunters”:

And this scene from the finale:

Both are crying over Stan who is “dead”, or more precisely, lost his “head” aka memories. T_T