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So this is about a week late but I found out we shared birthdays and I thought that was kinda cool and I just wanted to say happy (extremely late) birthday. Love what you do! :3

Thanks, hope your birthday was good too ;)! 


I imagined an AU with young Moon and River as humans.

Moon is well behaved, proper, and smart. She enjoys reading and tennis. She keeps her emotions in check because a proper lady doesn’t lose her cool. Though, when the situation gets a little extreme, she’d get worried, scared, or angry. Even when it comes to River. She can’t help but worry about him when he’s hurt or laugh when he does something funny.

River is carefree and full of energy. He’s crazy, likes fighting, and going on adventures. He tries his best to behave sometimes, but when he sees an opportunity to fight or escape to go on adventures, he takes it. He sometimes feels bad for making Moon worry. When she’s sad, he would try to cheer her up. He’s not afraid to express his feelings.

As for story. I imagine their families are rich, though Moon’s family are richer and more important. Their families are staying in a rich hotel. Moon and River would sometimes spend time together and explore the building.

persona arcanae explained
  • the fool: disaster kids with incredible destinies
  • the magician: no. no, don't do that. I SAID DON'T DO THAT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD -
  • the high priestess: i know they seem calm but if you fuck with them you're dead
  • the empress: classy ladies who have probably killed a man
  • the emperor: they seem cool but they're all extremely eccentric
  • the hierophant: they're gruff but they care! honest!
  • the lovers: adorable pink-loving teenage girls who will destroy you for daring to think you have the right to look at them
  • the chariot: ALRIGHT CHUMS LET'S DO THIS!
  • justice: adorable children (and katsuya)
  • the hermit: vidya games (and a fox)
  • the wheel of fortune: pretty boys with secrets of varying severity
  • strength: they are your bro, they are there for you, one of them is a dog
  • the hanged man: jesus shitting christ that's an unhappy backstory
  • death: they're creepy but really nice, except eikichi, he's FABULOUS and really nice
  • temperance: ha ha no persona steve (i seriously think we have never met a persona-user of the temperance arcana)
  • the devil: no
  • the tower: you have issues and your arcana reflects that
  • the star: i know they seem sweet but they are hiding something
  • the moon: let's be positive to hide our crushing emotional issues
  • the sun: surprisingly troubled but will never talk about it
  • judgement: we're all in this together (and elly)
  • aeon: short-haired nonhuman girls who are extremely eccentric because they are nonhuman
  • the world: god in a school uniform
Each MBTI Type At Their Best

xNFx - Idealists

INFJ: Gives the extremely good advice that can manage to change your life or outlook on a problem. Extremely analytic and is quick to read people and their emotions and to react accordingly. Organisational skills are though the roof. Extremely charismatic and magnetic, makes everyone think about how peculiar and cool they are. Able to (to some extent) semi-accuratley play out how different choices will trigger different consequences.

ENFJ: Charisma is absurdly high, to the point were people who hate them start doubting why they are even hating. Always try to help people and (although not used much) know what to say or what to do to get people to do what they want. Always eager to give advice and guide their friends through rough environments. Becomes extremely analytical and more organises.

INFP: Filled with hope and dreams is able to illuminate and inspire many people live’s. their charisma level is off the charts and is very likely to be confused as a happy enfp. The INFP is extremely aware of his/her emotions and is surprisingly able to control them to some extent. Extremely creative, to the extent that it becomes absurd how many ideas they are able to conceive. Better organisational skills and better optimistic skills.

ENFP: Extremely excitable and funny (more than normal) makes you laugh every time he/she speaks and becomes way more thoughtful and deep when talking to other people. Also gives really good advice which may shock others. Extremely good at making other people how they could be better and is extremely optimistic. Emotionally, ENFP becomes way more stable and tolerates much more. Organisational skills go from extremely poor to average. Charisma is limitless, makes people who hate them, love them.

xNTx - Analysts comming next so stay tuned :)                 have a wonderful life :)

*if you would like to see ‘’each type at its worst’’ please comment so ;)*


~ The lovely spring town of Twinleaf ~ 6E00 0026 FF82 ~

Twinleaf finally has a new dream address!! Theres been several changes, but mainly the houses had a massive change thanks to all the new items (❁´◡`❁)
I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and tag any visits with #redbeanjean (or just tag me anything is cool!!) I’d be extremely flattered  (ꈍᴗꈍ) 

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Yo, warning to my fnaf followers, TLT’s new song is really really good and the animation is cool, but it is extremely graphic and made me sick on my stomach, there is also a lot of flashing lights.

I suggest an audio post rather than a video post

theres also a distrubing scene at the end of Ennard stabbing the purple guy.

be safe!!

Ok, I’m not a fan of liveaction stuff based on animated series/movies, but I need to say, at least in this picture, the cosplay looks totally cool.

Now I’m extremely curious about how Myoga and Jaken will look. XD

(I’m still secretly dreaming for more nice stuff regarding InuYasha’s 20th. anniversary… Nendoroid figures… *screams and cry in the corner*)

Source: Anime News Network