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What if Rei is Easter Dave? 

Hear me out: We’ve never actually seen Easter Dave…who’s to say Thug!Nagisa has either? After all, a master mind like that would probably want to preserve his identity somewhat. Maybe Rei/Easter Dave wished to attend Iwatobi High in order to see how his accomplices are doing without them realizing? 

The dialogue in episode ten seems to suggest Rei’s not anywhere as innocent as he appears, to say the least. Plus, he has that cool demeanor necessary to preserve his cover but still has a temper, which could indicate his hidden nature. 

His thoroughly unimpressed manner at Nagisa’s avoidance of permanent incarceration could either be a cover, or genuine disappointment his associate hasn’t committed any crimes severe enough. 

Also, we haven’t seen him interact with Amakata-who’s implied to be doing Easter Dave a favor- yet, which is interesting. 

Who do you all think Easter Dave is? 

Last year there were no Hatiora (Easter cactus) flowers here at all, after the 2015 disaster. This year this single cladode, one of the survivors, is maybe starting to bloom (?) (see here all Hatiora posts)

El año pasado ninguno de mis Hatiora (cactus de pascua) floreció, después de que en 2015 hubiera un desastre con ellos. Este año este cladodio solitario parece que está empezando a florecer (?) (aquí se pueden ver todos mis posts de Hatiora)

Advanced Egg Hunting

Cara stood straight, hands clasped in front of her, trying with all her might not to fidget. This was her first time participating in the big girl’s Easter egg hunt, after all, and she needed to make a good impression. She wore a cute pastel blue sundress and had flowers braided into her hair, but below the beltline, she wore nothing. As her eyes drifted nervously around at the other girls, it seemed like they were all similarly dressed, cute and frilly but with easy access down below.

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Colmar - day 1

UPDATE: day 1 Imgur album is uploaded!

So, yesterday I finally arrived to Colmar. Getting there was rather complicated. I landed in Frankfurt Airport, then took a bus to Strasbourg, then a train to Colmar. When I arrived I found pretty much all businesses closed, despite the fact that it was a Monday. Little did I know that the French celebrate the monday after Easter by basically doing nothing all day. On the plus side, since Easter is for some reason associated with rabbits, there was rabbit-related stuff everywhere, which was pretty amusing.

Anyway, I haven’t done anything that day either, which brings us to today. Early in the morning I went to the only place in town where I could obtain SIM-card. I thought it was a good deal with basically unlimited data plan for 20 euro and it would work in Germany as well. But it was actually 30 euro (with extra 10 euro for SIM-card itself). Kind of a rip-off, but it was too late to turn back. That part of the town wasn’t in wooden-frame Gochiusa style, but there were a lot of cherry trees, in bloom. Like, there was an entire street lined with cherry trees. I thought it was weird how in Gochiusa there were suddently blooming sakura everywhere, but it’s actually realistic!

Anyway, later I went to the old town and just walked around randomly to get the feel of the place. It looked pretty great with all the wooden-framed buildings and there was even a canal with boats (one thing I noticed is that the bridges are too low for the boats to pass normally so everyone in a boat has to basically crouch to not hit the ceiling). Eventually I found the famous Season 2 ED bridge.

Find 10 differences:

Later I stumbled upon nicely decorated seasonal street market (which reminded me of brocante market in Gochiusa chapter from Kirara MAX 2016-03), there was even a stall with rabbit plushies.

They also had these pens with various animals, like chicken, ducks, geese, goats and yes, there was one with real live rabbits! At some point I went to Colmar tourist office, and saw a brochure that mentioned Eguisheim. The name sounded familiar, in fact I was pretty sure it’s mentioned in Gochiusa guidebook, along with Riquewihr, another village I was planning on attending. I looked up Eguisheim on the map and there it was, right near by Colmar. So I figured that I should probably attend it too.

Like when I was visiting Lake Toya, the issue of transportation reared its ugly head again. It seems that little villages like Eguisheim don’t get frequent bus service. Still, I was able to find a way to get there and back with about 45 minutes left for me to explore the village. One thing you might notice if you look up Eguisheim on Google Maps is how round it is. That’s because it used to be a fort and then the walls got somehow replaced with houses. It has narrower streets than Colmar with long rows of wood-framed houses and the businesses use elaborate signs like this one:

I also took Chino with me this time around, and took a photo of her in her natural habitat.

On the way back, the bus also visited a village higher up the hills, and the views were really amazing with the entire Colmar being visible from above. The village itself also looked really interesting, and there was a castle up on the mountain. So much to see, but I’m only here for a few days…

Anyway, like with Hokkaido posts, there was supposed to be an accompanying imgur album with more pictures, but I don’t feel like making it right now. Lots of pictures to wade through and I already feel sleepy. But don’t worry, I’ll make it at some point. Until next time!


There that should do it! Hmm…

Sorry I couldn’t resist choco! It’s Easter after all ^^ Been meaning to reply to this one for awhile but felt this would be the perfect time for it!

On this day after Easter, I would like to share with you all one of my personal favorite Bible verses in dedication to The Obama family.  First Shenangians Chapter Two, Verse Thirteen reads as follows:

“Thine family whoeth slayeth together, stayeth together.”

I dunno bout y'all, but I’m a little sad that we won’t have any family portraits like this spreading across the web like wildfire after 2014.  Regardless of your politics, nobody can deny how completely fresh the First Family is.  Those little girls stay on point always and we already know Michelle’s favorite hobby is Stunting On Your Whole Life.  I do hope they stay in the spotlight here and there after Barack’s presidency is over.  I’m mostly just curious to see Sasha’s style keep evolving and what career she goes into.

@inspector-of-the-lotus continued 

                                      “Yuu’s face if all red!”

   Exclaimed the woman as she watched the heat rise to the others face. “Ne, are you getting sick?” Worry edged in her town as she stepped a bit closer with worry, completely unaware it’s what she is wearing to cause such a response. 


The kids were excited for Easter after all the Easter bunny was going to be bringing them lots of candy. Excited that’s all they could talk about. Wryli was a bit confused “you really believe in that? Guys the Easter bunny isn’t real” he said. The kids frowned when Wryli told them that, Dolton breaking out into tears.

I wish you all guys your Easter will be like a celebration after the last competition in Planica, “frohe” as Freitag is, calm as Stoch is and cheerful as every winner of FHT is. I hope you will have a good time like Lanisek everytime he sits on a gate. I also wish you a special spirit in your family like in a team Norway. And much time just to relax and put your slippers on your feet as Tande does! #sjf

potterlockianegalitarian928  asked:

Sherlock misses Molly while she's visiting her mother and shows up at her mother's house to see her.

This didn’t make sense. He pushed the gate to the house open, throwing away his cigarette. His footsteps scrunched against the gravel. The drive was longer, or felt longer, than he’d believed. It did not, could not, make sense. Molly Hooper was a friend, andhe’d had no trouble when she’d announced she was visiting her mother for the Easter weekend. After all, he was going to his parents (his mother had insisted, and after the fiasco of Christmas, he’d found himself with little wiggle room on the subject) and, on seeing her youngest son, his mother had smiled widely and drawn him into a hug.

“Happy Easter Sherlock! Mike’s already here, just through the living room – your father’s somewhere in the kitchen.”

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I See The Light Part II

An Episodic Tayvin Series 

Part I

Hello lovely readers, I do apologize for  the lengthy wait on this chapter. Thank you all for your understanding- I made this one a little longer than usual as a treat. I’ve had a tad bit of trouble with the timeline, as various sources say various things, but for the purposes of this story Easter weekend occurred after the HAIM concert. I hope y’all enjoy. 

The blurred lights of city traffic illuminated the interior of the car as it rushed down the highway. Taylor’s head was pressed against the glass, cooling her flushed cheeks as she gazed out into the darkness. She had left Abi’s birthday party slightly early, as soon as she had received word that Adam’s plane was descending into Nashville she had been out the door. Abi’s party had been a blast but there was one person she wanted to see tonight and he was currently sitting aboard a jet at the Nashville airport. Everyone had understood, most slipping in a teasing comment or two about the love-struck songstress. Abi had practically pushed her out the door. Her oldest friend could see just how important this new man was and she felt no qualms about ensuring that Taylor and Adam got to spend as much time together as possible. 

Taylor reached for her phone and sent Abi a message, wishing her one last happy birthday and promising she would introduce her to Adam soon. Taylor thanked her lucky stars that she had as constant and true a friend as Abigail. A reply message popped up and Taylor scanned it, an open smile breaking across her face. 

Love you too T, now go get your man! I hope this isn’t bad luck but one of my wishes tonight was for you. You deserve every happiness. Don’t waste a moment. 

The knowledge that she had the full support of her friends in her pursuit of this relationship was endlessly comforting. Hopefully after this weekend she and Adam would have the support of her parents as well. Her parents and Austin had been excitedly nervous upon hearing the news of her burgeoning relationship. Her mother had been one of the first to know, her guidance indispensable in helping Taylor get through those early, uncertain days. However, her family had seen firsthand the devastation past relationships wrought, and Taylor knew they would be even more protective after her long stretch of singledom. 

Taylor tried to relax the rest of the drive to the airport, losing herself in watching the streets and lights fly by. It had been less than a week since she had seen Adam last, but regardless of the length of separation she felt a dull ache in her chest when they were parted. She knew he felt similarly, as they had called and texted constantly in each other’s absence. He had become an integral part of her life after only just entering it; she wasn’t sure how she could ever let him go. It was not that she had been unhappy before she had met Adam; it was just a different sort of happiness. She knew that she would never have achieved her current level of blissful exaltation if she hand’t first come to terms with her life and with herself. Adam merely multiplied her already found sense of peace and love. And now the world knew about it too. 

She had been worried about their first public outing, but having Adam breakdown in front of her, confide in her, had strengthened their relationship tenfold. She knew that he wouldn’t run and he knew that she would always support him. It was a partnership freshly discovered, a bond newly forged. She smiled as she received a text from him, saying that he had just landed. She fired back a quick response and directed the driver to the terminal. 

There were some perks associated with being a celebrity, more or less unrestricted airport access was just one of those benefits. The sedan pulled out onto the tarmac where Adam’s jet had landed, a private area away from the commercial terminal. Taylor was out of the car before it had made a full stop; she hear the chuckle of her driver as she slammed the door shut. Her eyes scanned the darkened area, searching for his striking figure. She saw that unmistakably tall frame climbing down the stairs from the plane and hurried towards him. 

They met in the middle of the landing strip, flashing lights from the airport casting an otherworldly glow over the pair. Their movements were synchronized, almost as one, as she bounded into his arms. No words were uttered as they intertwined, his face buried in her neck as she reacquainted herself with his earthy musk. After a few moments they broke apart, aware of their location and the lack of privacy it offered. 

“I missed you.” She breathed as he grabbed her hand and started walking towards the waiting car. He paused to place a light kiss on the crown of her head, breathing in the scent of her vanilla infused tresses. 

“How can four days feel like an eternity away from you?” He asked her, only slightly teasing, while they both climbed into the waiting backseat. 

“I don’t know, but I’m glad you’re here now.” The car, loaded with Adam’s limited luggage, drove off, headed towards Taylor’s loft. They sat close to each other, desperate for the contact after time spent apart. His fingers found the fringed edge of her crop top and started playing with the beads, tickling the sensitive flesh of her stomach. 

“How was Abigail’s party? You didn’t have to leave early just to come pick me up.” His accent was entrancing to her even after all of the time spent together. She had to blink a few times to clear her mind enough to answer his question. 

“Abi’s party was great, but I wanted to see you as soon as possible. I didn’t hear you complaining when I met you out on the tarmac!”

“Never.” He crooned as he leaned in for a sweet kiss, her arm curling around his neck as they melted together. Several minutes latter found Taylor leaning against his shoulder, his hand back on her waist while they caught up on the past few days. 

“Are you nervous about meeting my family?” She questioned as she wrote with her fingertips on his palm, spelling out words of love and contentment. 

“Not really. I feel like I know them already. Should I be?”

“No. I know they’ll love you, but I should warn you that all four of us together at once can be a bit much.” Taylor smiled to herself; her family certainly had a lot of personality. 

“I can’t wait to meet them Tay. I am fully expecting nothing but nonstop stories about you as a kid. Do you think your mom will pull out the photo albums?” Taylor groaned and buried her head in his arm, she knew her parents would be thrilled to show Adam all of the embarrassing photos of her as a young teen. 

“Oh god, promise you won’t hold anything you see or hear this weekend against me as blackmail?”

“No promises.” He laughed as he stroked her sleek hair, fingers tangling in the styled locks. 

Soon enough they arrived at her familiar loft, Taylor barely holding off yawns as they reached the door. She moved through the motions of locking up for the night and feeding the cats. She entered her bedroom and smiled as she saw Adam emerge from the bathroom already dressed for bed. He moved through her home comfortably, as if he belonged there as much as she did. It made her heart ache with sentiment. She walked over to him and turned, indicating the zipper on the back of her lacy top.

“Help please?” She asked, already feeling the heat of his hands on her back. 

“What time are we going over to your parents tomorrow?” His fingers deftly moved the zipper down and helped her shift the shirt off, fingers moving towards the skirt next. 

“I told my mom to expect us around nine. My mom loves Easter so she’ll probably have some big to-do planned.” 

“Sounds perfect.” 

They slipped into bed in that quiet space between sleeping and awake, roaming hands and sloppy kisses until they drifted off. 

Taylor was awoken by the feeling of soft lips pressing into her neck, brushing her sensitive skin. She sighed contentedly and curled back into Adam’s chest, his arms incasing her in warmth. 

“Good morning.” She murmured, her voice heavy with drowsy sleep. She felt the scruff of his chin against her face as she turned to see him, his gaze connecting with hers. It nearly took her breath away, the manner in which he looked at her. His eyes conveyed a softness and a contentment that ignited a warm glow in her chest. He looked like a man in love. 

“Morning. As much as I would like to stay in bed, you said your mom was expecting us at 9:00 and it’s already quarter past eight.”

“What?!” She pushed away from his arms, trying to untangle herself from the bed sheets. She managed to get her legs loose and headed for her closet. Her mom had said that it was casual, but for Taylor that still meant at least a crop top and cute flats. 

“Taylor what are you so concerned about? It’s your parents we’re going to see, shouldn’t I be the one panicking?” She poked out of the closet and shook her head at him, consumed with thoughts of what to wear. 

“Shut it mister. I need time to get ready.”

“Its your family, I doubt you in sweatpants is something they’ve never seen before.” Taylor set down the shoes currently clutched in her hands and massaged her temples, realizing he was right. 

“You’re right. Why are you always right?” She sighed as she tried to calm her franticly beating heart. She guessed the panic had stemmed from her nervousness about Adam meeting her family. She wanted them to love him as much as she did. And they would, she reminded herself. They had to. 

“I guess I’m just perfect.” He smirked while pulling on a pair of jeans and one of his ubiquitous grey t-shirts. 

“Says the man whose entire wardrobe consists of t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes.” She threw back, a teasing smile at her lips. She actually appreciated his more laid-back style; it reminded her to relax and provided many opportunities to steal his ridiculously soft t-shirts. 

“Hey! I thought you liked by clothes.” She smirked at the fact that he looked genuinely upset. 

“Love them, actually. Don’t be surprised if you’re missing a couple of those t-shirts.” She had already pilfered two of his shirts, one for each of her houses they had stayed at together. She had pulled one out the night before last, breathing in his scent as they texted until she fell asleep. 

“You can have as many as you want. Just leave my sock collection alone.” She laughed and met him in the middle of her bedroom, still undressed except for her undergarments. Their lips met in a searing kiss, she could feel his chest rumbling with contented laughter. They broke apart and she ran a hand through his short hair, smoothing it out. 

“I still need to get ready.”

“Go, I’ll make you some tea.”

“Thank you.” I love you, her brain supplied. It felt so natural, the words that appeared in her mind. She loved him. She shook herself out of her love-induced stupor and crossed to the dresser, finding some printed leggings and a soft top. When had she fallen in love? Had it been the first time their eyes connected and she felt her heart rate pick up? Or had it been on their first date, when he made her feel like the most beautiful and cared for girl in the world? Or had it been last night, falling asleep in his arms as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear?

She ran a brush through her hair and finished her basic routine, forgoing any makeup or products. It hadn’t even been two months, how could she love this man? But then again, if Taylor had learned anything from her past relationships it was that strong feelings and love didn’t always need a long time to form. If the person and the emotion were true it didn’t take very long at all to discover that one was deeply in love. That’s why it was so easy to get hurt. 

“Tay, we have to leave if we’re going to make it on time. I’ve got your tea and I fed the cats.” Taylor finished lacing her tennis shoes and straightened, headed for the entryway. 

“Thanks babe, I’m ready.”

“You look ravishing.” He said as he swept her into a minty-fresh kiss. 

“Now I know you’re just trying to suck up before you meet my parents.” He didn’t respond, only smiled and led her out the door. She had teased him about his comment, but his eyes had shined like he believed it was true. Like natural, just out of bed Taylor was more beautiful than any red carpet ready version of herself. 

Taylor drove to her parents, a change for them, as Adam was usually the designated driver. She knew the route by heart, though, and could focus most of her attention on him. She asked about his family’s Easter traditions and wondered if she would get to meet them soon. Her palms started to sweat at just the thought of it. In no time at all they arrived at her family’s Nashville home. She remembered being so scared to move out on her own, even if it was just across the city. It felt like a different lifetime. 

“Ready?” She asked him as she unbuckled and prepared to exit the car.

“Almost.” He pulled her in for one last kiss, his tongue plundering her lips. She would have thought that kissing in the car in her parent’s drive would have felt juvenile, but instead it felt like a declaration of emotion. One last assurance that everything would turn out ok. They exited the car and walked hand in hand up to the front door. Taylor knocked but didn’t wait for anyone to answer, turning the handle and leading them inside. 

“Mom? Dad? We’re here!” She called, deciding to head in the direction of the kitchen. She pulled Adam along with her, not giving him time to look at the multitude of embarrassing framed pictures hanging throughout the entryway. 

We’re in the kitchen!” She heard a familiar voice call back. Taylor squeezed Adam’s hand as they prepared to enter the room, one last comfort before what was sure to be an onslaught of questions from her parents. 

“Hey guys.” She smiled as she turned the corner to see her brother sitting at the island while her mother stood by the oven. Her mom moved towards the pair quickly, a radiant smile lighting up her face. 

“Oh, you must be Adam. We’ve heard so much about you.”

“Gosh Mom, it’s nice to see you too!” Taylor joked as her mother practically pushed her into the counter in order to greet her new boyfriend. 

“Go say hello to your brother and let me talk to Adam.” Taylor looked up at Adam, verifying that he was ok talking to her mom alone. He offered her a smile and a short nod and she smiled back in return. 

“Oh go on. I won’t hurt the boy!” Taylor laughed at her mom’s antics and walked over to Austin. They chatted about his upcoming graduation while she observed her mother giving Adam the third degree. Soon enough Austin joined in on the fun as well. 

“So what’s with the whole Calvin/Adam thing?” Austin asked as he popped another Peep into his mouth. Taylor was always amazed by Austin’s ability to ingest sweet in the morning, especially on holidays. 

“Austin. Don’t be rude.” Andrea chided while moving to pull the basket of candy away from him. Adam crossed to Taylor’s side, standing next to her barstool. 

“No, it’s alright. Taylor asked me the same thing on our first date.” Taylor blushed as Adam pulled her under his arm, burying her face in his side. She heard her mom sigh with delight and the blush continued to spread. 

“Where’s dad?” She asked, surprised he hadn’t made an appearance yet. 

“He’s finishing setting up outside. We thought it might be fun for you and Austin to have an Easter egg hunt, like old times.” Taylor’s eyes brightened at the thought of a competitive race against her brother. 

“Prepare to loose big sister. I am the far superior Easter egg hunter, as we found out last time.” 

“Oh, you are going down Austin.” She teased with a suspicious amount of intensity. Taylor and Austin always brought out the competitive sides in one another, so a competition was bound to get interesting. 

“You’re welcome to join, of course, Adam.” Andrea smiled at the towering man; nearly bursting with glee when she saw the way he gazed down at her daughter. 

“I think I may just watch this one.”

“Scared, huh?” Taylor questioned playfully while glancing back up at him. 

“I would be a foolish man if I wasn’t. I’ve seen how competitive you get over Scrabble, I imagine this will be worse.” She shoved his arm, not denying the fact but a tad embarrassed nonetheless. Taylor couldn’t help her competitive nature, it was uncontrollable. 

“You’re a wise man.” Taylor turned and saw her Dad come in from the patio, his eyes kind. Adam immediately left her side to greet her father, introducing himself while they shook hands. Taylor walked over to stand by her mother and observe, trying not to laugh at her father’s attempts to be serious. Her Dad was a goofball but she could tell he was trying to make sure Adam knew that he would have a problem if any harm came to his daughter. 

Austin reminded everyone that there were Easter eggs to be found so soon enough Taylor was scampering around the patio, trying to keep all her limbs in coordination as she searched for eggs. Both her and Austin took the competition seriously, and as she slammed his side with her egg-collecting bag she heard Adam’s laughter join in with her parents in the background. She paid it no mind as she hurried to collect more eggs, determined to be the winner this year. 

A frantic five minutes later and she was back in the kitchen with Adam, cozied together on a couch while her mom counted the eggs to determine the winner. 

“So, are you ready to run for the hills yet?” She asked as she snuggled into him. 

“Hardly. Although, I don’t want to be on the receiving end of your wrath if you loose.” 

“Not to worry, I definitely won.” She grinned before leaping to her feet as her mom finished counting and prepared to announce the winner. 

After a substantial period of gloating Taylor ended up in the living room with her mom while Austin, Adam, and Scott were off doing god knows what. The mother and daughter had been lightly chatting about the ACM awards when Andrea drastically altered the subject. 

“You love him, don’t you?” Andrea questioned while leveling one of her disarming stares at her daughter. 

“Mom! I’ve only known him for two months. Don’t be ridiculous.” Taylor deflected while trying to ignore her mom’s pressing gaze. There were disadvantages to being so close with her mother, one of them being that her mom could see right through her. 

“Taylor Alison Swift, I know you too well for you to try and pull that on me. Now stop lying to yourself and admit that you love that boy.” Taylor tried to laugh off her mom’s comment but found that she couldn’t. It was the truth, as she had discovered just that morning. 

“Mom, I’m scared.” Andrea pulled her daughter into a hug, rubbing soothing circles into her back. 

“I know darling. But I can tell that he’s different. He loves you too, you know”

“Do you just know everything?” Taylor teased, trying to brush away the prickling feeling that she might burst into tears at any moment. 

“Just about.” Andrea smiled and released Taylor from the hug, reaching to brush the hair back from her daughter’s eyes.

“Don’t deny what you’re feeling baby doll, you’ll regret it if you do.” Taylor nodded and pulled Andrea in for another hug. 

“I love you mom.” 

“I love you too. Now come on and stop moping, we’ve got an Easter lunch to put on the table.” 

Taylor and Andrea finished preparing the meal with occasional ‘help’ from Austin while Adam and Scott bonded over old pictures of Taylor and their shared appreciation for guitar picks and brightly patterned socks. The family came together for the meal, Scott continuing to show Adam the hundreds of pictures he had of baby Taylor and Austin. Adam fit in seamlessly, his dry but goofy sense of humor meshing with the lively dialogue of the Swifts. Taylor couldn’t stop watching him as he interacted with her family, too happy to bother hiding her stare. Occasionally his eyes would meet hers and he would gently brush her hand under the table. 

They left as the day faded into dusk, with Tupperware full of leftovers and promises to come over again soon. Adam drove back to Taylor’s apartment while she fell asleep on his shoulder, still not fully rested from their late night the previous evening. They ended the day together on the floor of her living room, she trying to decide which videos of the Easter egg hunt to post to Instagram and him mapping patterns between the freckles of her back. Taylor daydreamed about future holidays and how maybe one day it would be their kids hunting for Easter eggs while they laughed form the porch. Her daydream didn’t seem so far away. They turned in early, a quiet ending to a day that felt like it had changed everything and nothing.